Skinny Dipping With My Cousin

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This is a story about skinny dipping with my cousin. We didn’t fuck, but we sure had a great time. I’d appreciate any feedback you have and thoughts on what you read. I’m looking to exchange stories of true life adventures with family members. Forgive me for any short comings as a writer but this is the first story (erotic or otherwise) that I’ve ever written.

All of my cousins are females and they are all gorgeous. I’ve had a crush on every one of them at one point or another growing up and to this day I still find them all extremely attractive. This is the story of when I went skinny dipping with my cousin Mandy. She is 4 years younger than me, and when we were growing up I remember checking out her cute little ass in a bikini wishing I could see her naked. What teenager didn’t do that with his beautiful cousins. Anyway we were never really close and didn’t really spend much time together when we were younger.

Mandy and I re-connected at her sister’s wedding when I was 26 and she was 22. She was as beautiful as ever and looked amazing in a bikini. After the wedding her and I stayed in touch and a couple of weeks later she came out west to visit me for 4 days. I have a pool so needless to say we spent the entire weekend drunk and in the pool. I spent 4 days with a raging hard on just staring at her beautiful white bubble butt and nice firm tits in her bikini. There were even a few times that I got a chance to see down the back of her bikini while she was adjusting it and all I could think about was sliding my hand between her beautiful butt cheeks.

My pool parties were kind of wild back then so there were always girls hanging out topless or naked in the pool. One girl I was seeing at the time was an absolute freak. The last night Mandy was in town this girl knew I had been hard the entire weekend without a good release and she decided to tease me about it when no one was looking. Mandy had gone into the house to get a drink with one of my friends and Jennifer (the freak) decided to pull my cock out and slip it in her cunt while we were sitting at the patio table. Mandy and my friend came back out and sat down with us and we spent the next hour student sex parties porno chatting and drinking while my cock was firmly lodged in Jennifer’s cunt. Anytime someone told a joke or a story Jennifer would make it seem like she was bouncing around laughing hard or leaning in to hear the story better, the whole while fucking me. I came inside her and my cum was dripping out of her cunt all over the patio chair the rest of the night. I tell this part of the story as the lead in to the skinny dipping.

A couple of months later I was talking with Mandy about I don’t even know what and somehow we ended up on the topic of sex. For some reason I decided to tell her about Jennifer and I fucking in front of her. She was not surprised because I had shared with her how much of a freak Jennifer was but she said she definitely didn’t know we were fucking right next to her. She then told me about going on vacation with a friend of hers (who I had a major crush on) to a nudist resort where to two of them spent the entire time topless and she ended up fucking her scuba instructor. Remember this is a completely true story. She even showed me some pictures of them at the nudist resort (unfortunately not the topless ones). Mandy had tickets to come out west to see me again a few weeks later so we started talking about skinny dipping and that we both enjoyed it. I told her the first day she was out there that we needed to work on her all over tan (she has a very pale complexion). I’m not sure if she was serious at the time, kidding around or just placating me but we decided the first day she was there was just going to be her and I getting drunk by the pool skinny dipping. The only rule was we couldn’t take pictures and we couldn’t tell anyone (oops). That morning I woke up around 10am and it was already hot enough to hit the pool. I grabbed a beer, took off all my clothes and jumped into the pool with a semi hard cock. I live in an actual neighborhood development so to this day I don’t know how none of my neighbors ever missed all the nudity in my backyard (or they just didn’t care). Anyway I was swimming around for about 10 minutes and Mandy was submissive cuckolds porno in the kitchen which overlooks the pool. I’m not sure if she was watching me but I could see her in the window a lot. After 10 minutes I went inside and told her it was time to go swimming and get drunk. She grabbed a beer and came outside in her bikini (and yes my cock was still out and I know she was looking). She jumped in and we started talking a little before I went over to her and untied her bikini top. I told her we were supposed to be skinny dipping. She said ok, she’d take her boobs out but wasn’t going to take her bottom off. That was good enough for me. Her tits are a solid 36C (I know because I checked her bra), creamy white with perfect pink nipples like eraser tips. She of course made a show of putting sunscreen on her tits paying particular attention to her nipples. She knew I was watching and getting hard because I was sitting on the edge of the pool next to her while she was doing it. We spent the entire day me nude, her topless in the pool. A few times I remember vividly is when I was sitting on the stairs in the pool and she was reading a magazine while standing next to me and her tits were draped over her arm making a perfect shelf. Or when she got out to lay on the lounger face down so I went over to her and pulled her bottoms down her ass and slipped an ice cube in her beautiful pillowy crack telling her she needed to cool off. She laughed it off as me goofing around which I was but at the same time I just wanted to see her ass. As the day wore on we were in and out of the house with my cock out and her tits out so we could each see the other. At one point we were in the kitchen and I just straight up asked her if she liked my cock. She laughed and said she didn’t know because we were cousins and she “wasn’t looking”. I called bullshit and she finally admitted she was looking at it and she liked it. Kind of nice considering I was ½ drunk and definitely ¾ hard. And I didn’t hide that I was staring at her tits the whole time. She knew and didn’t care. I told her she was perfect (which I still think today, 10 years later). Just before taboo heat porno the sun set I brought my camera out because we were both drunk and I figured she wouldn’t complain. I snapped a couple of pictures of her sitting in the lounger with her tits out, her turning around to hide her tits and face so I got a picture of her bubble butt in her bikini and I even caught a little side boob of those beautiful tits hanging down when she was picking something up. I didn’t hide that I took pictures and of course she told me to delete them so I showed her I was deleting them and we laughed it off. However, I didn’t delete all of them and had 3-4 to jerk off to over the next couple of years before a computer crash finally deleted them for her. I’ve only told 1-2 people about this story but now I’m telling the world because I think it’s hot, I love reliving that day when I’m playing with myself and every time I see her I can’t stop staring at her beautiful smile, great rack and sweet little bubble butt.

A couple of months after this encounter we had another family wedding to go to. Since we were both single and going alone we decided to share a hotel room together. I met her at the pool when I got to the hotel and there was that gorgeous ass in a bikini just waiting for me to stare (which I did). We went up to the room to change for the rehearsal dinner that night. We had both been drinking so I’m not sure if this was an accident or on purpose (I think the latter) but she went into the bathroom to put her dress on and left the door open so I could see her in the mirror. I got to see those gorgeous tits one more time. We locked eyes at one point and she moved a little so I couldn’t see her tits anymore but she never closed the door. When she came out of the bathroom looking beautiful in a sundress, she decided to tell me she was going commando. I have no idea why she told me that other than maybe to tease me. I told her I didn’t believe her so I reached up under her dress and grabbed her ass. She didn’t complain and it wasn’t a lingering grab. I just said nice ass, I guess you aren’t wearing panties, let’s go get drunk. I also said if she met someone she was more than welcome to use the room but I was going to watch. Needless to say we both came home drunk and passed out in our own beds. I haven’t seen her naked/touched her since, but every time I do see her I make every effort to look down her shirt. God I miss her beautiful body. And to be honest I’m completely in love with her to this day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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