Out On Friday

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“I go out on Friday night and I come home on Saturday morning.” The Bossanova style cover of The Specials classic reminds me I’m supposed to be having fun. It is Friday night after all!

I sneak a surreptitious look at my phone. The digital readout says that its only 21.45. The evening is dragging. It’s not that the company I’m in is boring exactly, just not very stimulating. Veronica is saying something about the management structure at the company she works for. I didn’t quite catch all that she said. Something about who gets the use of the coffee machine I think. The bar is beginning to fill up a little more now and the clatter and hum of people having a good time has got a little louder. Perhaps I could feign a headache, say that I have to go home.

“Don’t you agree, Phil?” the longer than usual pause that follows the question jumps me out of my reverie.

“Yes, maybe,” I hedge. Four quizzical faces turn my way. Rhonda raises her eyebrows.

“If you don’t think he’s cute then why have you been staring at him like a slim fast virgin with a cream bun? Anja looks sideways at me. ” If you’re not interested then I certainly am. I could do with a toy boy!”

” I wasn’t . . . I mean, er, I didn’t,” I stutter lamely only now looking at the supposed object of my attention. Although having said that, if I wasn’t I should’ve been. Standing by the bar, taller than the average with the kind of looks I like, he smiles, raises his glass a little. Embarrassment floods my cheeks with warmth and I look away, aware that my knees feel a little weak and that my face isn’t the only part of me that feels a little warmer than normal. The girls all laugh and agree that the guy at the bar is indeed cute.

” Go on! ” Rhonda says mischievously. ” Go and chat to him.”

“You go girl!!” agrees Aimee, the American.

“What’re you waiting for?” demands Veronica.

I look down coyly, shaking my head. ” I can’t do that.”

“Ah, go on,” Veronica says. ” What’ve you got to lose?” I shake my head again.

“It’s just not me. Besides I don’t think he’s really my type.” The girls give a collective sigh. “Does anyone want another drink?” I ask hurriedly. They all nod enthusiastically.

“Yes, same again”

“Vodka tonic for me”

“I’m ok I think – ah skip that, I’ll have another one.”

Rhonda raises another eyebrow at me as Aimee tugs at her arm and asks how the plans for the new house are coming along. Anja remembers that Veronica met a guy last weekend and asks if he’s rung her yet. I slide off my seat and decide to visit the ladies room before getting another round of drinks in. The bar is really packed now and the guy I was staring at seems to have moved. It’s funny how you can be a confident, intelligent person and just be rubbish at the whole dating game. At least that’s how I think of sarıyer escort myself – intelligent, confident.

The ladies toilets are unusually empty. I smile slowly at my reflection in the mirror and add a slick of lip-gloss to my lips. It has to be coincidental I tell myself. There’s no way they could know. Rhonda knows vague details about a secret lover, but she thinks that was all over so long ago. The others are only recent acquaintances and really only know me as a kind of subsidiary friend to Rhonda. I joyfully cup my breasts running my hands against the silk of my top feeling my nipples respond to the stimuli. Perhaps if I wish hard enough I can conjure you up right now! The door clicks shut and suddenly there you are. Pulling me to you, pressing your lean frame against my curves and kissing me fiercely.

“I wondered when you were going to extricate yourself. You took your time!” you say. You don’t give me time to answer lifting me up, your hands grabbing at my ass as you pull me closer. You walk me backwards into one of the cubicles, kissing me fiercely pressing your hips to mine. I feel weak with desire. Reaching behind you, you slide the latch on the door locking us into our own private universe of lust.

We kiss again: a rush of emotion and lust, fulfilled fantasy. My hands are fumbling at the your belt, my fingers are all thumbs as I pop the buttons on your jeans. Smiling, I sit on the closed toilet seat sliding my hands around you so I can push your jeans down. Mmmmm dark colored jersey boxers stretched tight across your semi hard cock. I lick my lips in anticipation and pull you closer mouthing obscene words against the fabric. I feel you jump as my hot breath and moist lips move across the contour made by your hardness. Your hand is stroking my hair and you give little moans each time I press my lips against you. My head is filled with only one thought: I have to taste you; I have to have you in my mouth.

“May I?” I ask. It has to be a superfluous question. ” I want to feel you in my mouth, please?” I reach in and set you free. Your cock is firm and warm to my touch, springing to eager attention.

“Please” I say again. Bending I kiss the tip of your cock open mouthed, tasting the sticky saltiness of precum “mmmmm . . .” my moan of pleasure is vibrating against the smooth taut skin as I slide my mouth further and further down.

Your cock is shiny with my saliva as I move my tongue around and around your shaft. I love the way your cock feels warm and satisfying in my mouth, the way it feels sliding across the sensitive inner membranes and the flat of my tongue. Back and forth I move my tongue spiraling up and down. You pull me clear, your cock released from my eager mouth with a pop. Gently, holding my head you feed esenyurt escort your fat cock back between my lips fucking yourself in my mouth. I am wet with desire, my eyes closed as I take as much of your length into my mouth as is possible. Opening my eyes I turn to look up at you, at the pleasure you are taking from my lips.

“Mmm, good girl,” you murmur, stroking yourself in and out. ” Such a good little slave.”

I close my eyes again, sucking my cheeks in as I slide up your length. You moan and I know that the extra friction feels good to you too.

” Ah ah, not so fast little one,” you say. Dropping to your knees in front of me, catching your fingers in the straps of my top, sliding them down my arms, as your hands round the contours of my shoulders. I feel light headed, my cheeks flushed with lust and my heart pounding. My pussy is aching for you, aching to be filled by your warmth, your hardness. Your hands are sliding further down my curves cupping my breasts. They feel swollen and heavy with arousal. Peeling my hot pink bra away, you free them, bending to suck first one hard nipple then the other.

“Such beautiful breasts,” you whisper. Your hands fondle my breasts as you lick around the nipple, then nip gently. That feels so hot – but you know that. You know what I want and how to give it to me. Circling my aureoles, ever closer and closer, then a gentle bite. It brings the blood rushing to the skin and makes the breath catch in my throat. You straighten up leaning in to kiss me, our tongues dancing, your mouth tasting mine as you slide your hands under my skirt. Tracing the line where my stockings end and the soft skin of my thighs becomes supersensitive. Rubbing your thumb along the taut line of the suspender, around the inner curve of my leg kissing me the while…

There is noise in the toilets. A gaggle of girls have come in to use the mirrors and freshen up. Their exited chatter covers the sound of my deep-throated moan as you cup my mound, gently squeezing. You must surely be able to feel how hot and wet you’ve made me. Still kissing me you slide your fingers inside my panties. Your fingers are cool against my hot skin and I moan again. My legs involuntarily open to allow access to your hand. I’m so horny; my hot little cunt feels so empty and wanting.

“Please,” I whimper “Please?”

” Tell me what you want,” you say, your mouth close to my ear. “What does my little slave want? You want me to play with your clit like this?” You flick your tongue against my inner ear in an obscene replication of the way your finger is playing with my clit.

“Tell me,” you order, grazing your teeth against my neck sending goose bumps across my already sensitive skin and making my pussy throb.

“Please,” I say. I want your cock.”

“Bad little girl! avrupa yakası escort Where do you want my cock?” Your fingers are sliding along my pussy lips, opening me up. Spreading me. ” Tell me! I want to hear you say it!”

” In my cunt,” I moan. “I need your cock in my hot little cunt!”

I pant into your ear, “Ohhhhhhhh fuck!” I nearly shout, as you push not one, nor two, but three fingers into my very wet, very open hole. I arch my back rising to meet your fingers as they pleasure me. You pull your hand away, pull me up and spin me around. Pushing my skirt up around my hips you hold me firmly as you slide your cock against my panties and my pussy lips. My panties are tied at the side and you pull the bow to the left so that they hang off my right hip.

“Such a horny girl,” you hiss in my ear, your breath hot against my neck. My hands are braced against the wall as you lean in to me, your hands kneading my heavy breasts, fingers pinching and twisting at my nipples. You press close to me grazing your teeth against my neck and I can feel the heat from your cock against my ass as you tighten your arms around me.

” Please, please,” I’m moaning through clenched teeth, “I need you. I need you inside me. Now!” Loosening your grip on me you slide your cock against my pussy lips. I’m so needy right now that I’m pushing back into you, rubbing my ass against your groin in an attempt to get some contact, some satisfaction. Leaning back you slide your hands the full length of my body and on along my arms. Using one hand you hold me in place then leaning back you guide your cock to the entrance of my pussy, massaging the head against it. I feel lost, out of control, unable to reason beyond the need for you to fuck me. Finally in one swift move you bury your hard fat cock in my aching depths. It feels so very good to be stretched and filled like that.

“Listen,” you say your mouth close to my ear again. ” Listen!” The chatter of girls gossiping seems so far away. ” They don’t know you’ve got your pussy filled with my fat cock.” Teasing me you slowly withdraw until only the head remains inside my hot cunt.

It’s too much. “Fuck me, fuck me,” I pant, “fuck me … FUCK ME!!!” You push your cock all the way in, pull out again, shaking my body with each thrust, my heavy breasts swinging.

“Yeah, mmmm fuck yeah,” you mutter. Plunging in and out of my pussy, one hand on my hip, your balls slapping against my ass.

“Uhhh uhhhh … uhhhhh.” My cunt feels likes it’s on fire as we fuck. I need release. You drop your other hand to my clit massaging it. I want to tell you to stop, that the feeling is too intense, but all I manage is a wail.

“Ohhhhh fuck, I’m, I’m cumminggggg!” I moan raggedly.

“Cum for me Phil! Cum all over my cock! Ohhhhhh such a good girl,” you say. My cunt clenches sending a waves of pleasure through me again and again … like tiny electric shocks. You continue pumping your cock into me, bursts of pleasure ripping through me.

“Yeah mmmmm good slave. Oohhh fuck … I’m cumming!” You cum. Your body spasming against mine, lost in a world of sexual satisfaction.

I go out on Friday night …

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