One Magic Night

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Clit Clamp

All characters are over twenty-one.


Rachel folded herself into her favorite corner of her overstuffed couch, in her cozy apartment. She had a new book in one hand and a hefty glass of wine in the other. She wasted no time at all and eagerly delved in.

Several minutes later Rachel had to put down her book and fan her face with her hand. “Wow. Now that was a sex scene… I need more wine.” She took her empty glass to the kitchen for a refill. Upon return, Rachel plopped back down in her reading spot and plucked her book from the coffee table and returned her attention to titillating words on the pages.

The world disappeared. Rachel became the sensuous goddess losing herself to the pleasure the handsome knight’s talented tongue. As she read, Rachel snaked her free hand under the loose waistband of her pink, cotton pajama pants to her aching clit. She slid her fingers around the engorged bud, mimicking the rhythm and pressure of the gifted knight from the story.

Rachel bucked her hips against her fingers, as she felt the tension drawing her muscles tight as bow strings. Wave after wave of ecstasy rushed over her skin to her dripping pussy. Release was just within her grasp, but the lust inside her would not be satisfied with fiction and fingers. Tonight Rachel needed a hard male body with an even harder cock.

“Uugh, for goodness sakes…” Rachel carelessly tossed her book onto the coffee table and threw her head back against the thick armrest. “This is ridiculous. I need to get laid, by a real guy.” She expelled a deep sigh and stared at the ceiling. “Screw it, I’m going out!”

Rachel oozed sex appeal in her grey halter dress and naughty red bottom heels. She had found herself at the most notorious night club in the city, The Turn. The club was steeped in scandalous myths and legends. The very name was the magic of any great illusion. It was rumored one could simply manifest their deepest desires. Rachel was skeptical, probably just good timing and great lighting. She would later learn those rumors, and more, to be very true.

Rachel walked nervously up to the huge double, mahogany doors with hand carved scrollwork swirled along the top and cascaded down the sides. They looked like they belonged in an art gallery with the witty title, Door to the Other Side. She was about to caress the deep wood in admiration, when they parted for her like the Red Sea.

No one checked I.D. There was no line or velvet ropes as one would expect. The doors either opened or they didn’t. If they didn’t, it simply meant one did not need what lay beyond. Rachel heard the giant doors close softly behind her, and stepped tenuously into the lounge. The lights were turned down to a gentle caress, bathing the whole place in a warm luxurious glow. She could feel the beat of the music pulsing on the other side of the wall. The space was nice and quaint with clean lines and neutral tones throughout. It wasn’t a large room but the bar ran the length of it. A few low sitting, cream colored, leather ottomans dotted the cozy space. It was not what Rachel expected to find in the legendary Turn, but found it oddly soothing and strangely seductive.

The area was meant to be a taste to wet one’s appetite for the main course. One was not meant to plop down at the bar and drink watered down, cheap booze until the wee hours of the morning. This was The Turn, not Joe’s Bar and Grill.

The bar tender, a petite brunette with a pixie quality to her greeted Rachel with a warm knowing smile, “First time?”

“Yeah, can you tell?”

“Virgins’ first drink are always on the house. It helps with the nerves.”

Well, if its on the house I’m getting the expensive stuff. “Ok, I’ll have a Bombay and tonic Please.”

“Honey, dressed like that, and the fact you were able to walk through those doors, says you are looking for something with a little more bite. How bout I whip you up something wickedly strong, and sinfully delicious?”

Rachel smiled and nodded in agreement. Rachel watched her twirl, shake, toss, pour and perform incredible feats with numerous bottles. The woman pushed a martini glass filled with an emerald green liquid fading seamlessly to sunset gold, garnished with a royal purple spiral of delicate sugar.

“Be careful with that, one to look, two to partake, and three to forget” she winked at Rachel and made her way to the other end of the bar.

“Three to forget, damn this must be one hell of a drink.” Rachel took a sip, and was shocked to find it exploding like PopRocks candy on her tongue and just as sweet. Ooh, this is fun.

Each patron who came through the grand doors perceived The Turn differently. It showed the person what they needed to see to feel comfortable, welcome and most importantly sexy. As their mood and desires changed so did the ambiance. No one ever directly noticed the changes.

Rachel was no different. The neutral tones started to deepen, became rich chocolates pendik escort and warm caramels. The clean lines began to soften to sensuous curves. The airy bamboo floor darkened to a rich cherry.

Rachel continued to nurse her potent cocktail, each sip melting the nervousness and shyness away. She felt like she was ready to take on the world. Rachel gently placed her drink on the granite bar top, tussled her thick hair, smoothed out the imaginary wrinkles of her dress, took a deep settling breath, grabbed her glass and sauntered to the partition.

The music was deep, full of bass with a rhythm made for sex. The floor was midnight with constellations, seeming to haven fallen straight out of the heavens scattered across it. It was like dancing in the stars. It smelled of dark, decadent chocolate and light, fruity champagne. The lights moved in time with the sultry music casting teasing shadows, revealing and cloaking the club’s naughty secrets.

Rachel was on sensory overload and enjoyed every second of it.

She took one large swig of her drink, which should have drained the glass but didn’t reduce it a drop, and finally made up her mind. Ok, Rachel you’re not here to idly stand around and watch, you’re here to get laid. Now let’s go find someone to fuck. At that moment, the moment she decided to ‘partake’ as the bar tender had said, her drink changed from emerald to ruby and the club came alive.

The stardust floor glided effortlessly into new abstract shapes and patterns, the music grew louder and more urgent. The notes of the guitar turned to a throaty snarl, thrumming their way into her soul. The rhythm was made for passion and no longer for foreplay. It was like a living thing, drawing out the hungry, sexual beast within her. The lights illuminated intimate niches along the outer walls veiled with gossamer. Some were more opaque than others.

An aerialist drew Rachel’s attention to the ceiling. The artist was clad in black lace panties, stilettos, and nothing else. She moved with the grace and ease of a jaguar. She performed gravity defying twirls, dips, and flips with nothing more than a mile long piece of blood red satin. She manipulated the flowing ribbon as if it were a solid dancer’s pole.

The aerialist raced the length of the wide strip, headlong to the dazzling floor. Rachel gasped into her finger tips. As if by magic, the lithe acrobat abruptly halted her decent, centimeters from her demise, platinum tresses skimming the earth. She had the nerve to wink at Rachel before coiling herself back up to the ceiling where she continued her dance.

Dear Jesus, that was awesome!

Rachel gazed at the mesmerizing show, when she felt a warm breath and soft lips, brush the side of her neck. A husky voice rumbled in her ear, “Hello, gorgeous.” A rush of pleasurable tingles danced over her skin. Her clit surged with excitement and her knees almost buckled, from his voice alone.

Rachel was caught off guard to find the very definition of tall, dark and handsome mere inches from her. The standard biker uniform only accentuated his very masculine frame. He was every bit the victorious Roman gladiator as he was the dangerous biker. Power and sex, radiated from him as if it were part of his DNA. “Oh, hi. I’m, um… I’m Rachel.”

“Kirin.” A cocky little grin tugged at the corners of his mouth. He watched the red hot desire mixed with just a touch of fear, dance across her beautiful jade eyes. Kirin knew exactly what reaction he caused in women, and loved every minute of it.

Rachel took a fortifying swallow of her drink, which now tasted like honey and fire. Its magic swirled across her brain making her uncharacteristically bold and brazen. It was imperative to her very being she touch him. Her drink vanished from her hand.

She reached out, put her palm on his chest. It was meant to be just a reality check kind of touch, but her hands had a mind of their own. They slid up under his jacket and along every hard muscle of his body.

Kirin’s jeans tighten around his growing erection. Images of exactly where he wanted those hands flashed across his mind: her wrists pinned in his iron grip above her head making her breast perfect round globes, how small her hand looked wrapped around his thick shaft, her nails raking down his back as she screamed his name…

“Like what you feel?”

Plucked out of the potion induced haze by his devious quip, Rachel quickly dropped her hands as if she had just touched a searing pan, “Oh God! I’m so sorry to feel you up like that. I don’t know what came over me. I just wanted to make sure you were real and when you were, well, I… I didn’t want to stop.”

Kirin closed the space between them with half a step. With heat in his Caribbean eyes, he grabbed her hand and placed it on the hard bulge in his jeans. “Don’t apologize, I didn’t mind” Rachel’s insides turned to molten lava.

She was helplessly kartal escort wet and dizzy with lust. His intoxicating cologne and his very maleness clouded her brain making her want to lick, suck, bite and taste every inch of him.

“In that case” Rachel smiled suggestively up at him and traced her fingers over the hard outline.

Kirin’s big hands skimmed along the curve of her slender waist, over the generous flare of hips, and around to the small of her back. Rachel’s nerves were deliciously on fire from his touch. My goodness… This is so much better than fiction. Kirin pulled her against him. Their bodies fit perfectly with each other.

Rachel stood slightly on up on her toes, lightly nipped his bottom lip with her teeth, flicked the tip of her tongue across it, and winked at him.

Kirin grinned, flashing brilliant white teeth, “My my, aren’t we a naughty little vixen.”

“Well, I didn’t come here for book club.”

He gave a sexy little chuckle. “Sweetheart, book clubs would turn to the Bible if they saw what we have to offer here.”

Rachel missed the ‘we’ in his statement, as if he was part of the club as well.

“Hey now, not all books are mushy, love sagas. Some are pretty graphic, with smoking hot sex scenes that can get a girl off pretty easily. I’m talking passionate, hard, may or may not leave bruises and or bite marks kind of fucking,”… She feigned damsel in distress with a shoulder shrug and peered up at him through long lashes, “but alas, ones own hand and even the best vibrator can never beat the real thing.”

“Bite marks and bruises, huh? On you, or me?”

Rachel’s slight blush hinted at darker fantasies than her reserved demeanor portrayed.

“Oh, you caught-“

Before she could finish her sentence, Kirin crushed her mouth with his. Rachel gasped in surprise but quickly opened her mouth to receive his tongue. Their tongues dueled back and forth, their lips moved against each other in seamless harmony. It was as if the others lips, tongues, their very breath, was the glass of water to the stranded soul in the Sahara. Everything else melted away leaving them the only two people in the world. Nothing mattered except their hunger for each other.

Rachel couldn’t get enough of him. She wanted more, needed more.

Kirin tangled his fingers in her thick, dark tresses as Rachel shoved her hands under his jacket and eagerly pushed it off his broad shoulders. Never breaking their kiss, Kirin wrenched his arms free and let the discarded garment fall silently to the floor in a heap. He grabbed Rachel’s tight round ass and jerked her against him.

Rachel groaned into his mouth as she shamelessly ground her aching pussy against his hardness.

Without conscience thought, his magic swirled around their feet as a fine grey mist. He effortlessly guided them to an alcove, feet centimeters above the floor.

He breathed in her unique scent of jasmine and honeysuckle as he nuzzled into her neck. He trailed his lips, across her jaw to the soft spot under her ear and made lazy circles with the tip of his tongue. Kirin planted tiny kisses down her jugular and nipped the smooth skin with his teeth making her pulse jump.

Rachel arched her neck to give him better access, and pulled him closer, “Oh, that’s making me so wet. Don’t stop.”

Kirin growled low in his throat, grabbed under her ass and lifted her onto him. Using the wall as leverage, he wrapped her long legs around his hips. Rachel felt her inner muscles clench in anticipation. She felt like a horny teenager at a high school dance. Whats wrong with me, I don’t even know this guy. This is so wrong… Oh God, I don’t care. He’s incredible.

Kirin pushed her tight dress up her silky thighs exposing the piece of black lace covering her sex. He grabbed the front of her panties in his fist and simply tore them off her. He tossed them aside without a second thought. Panties served one purpose: to be ripped off the body.

Rachel yelped in surprise, “Wow. That was hot, but those were expensive.”

“Don’t worry Sweetheart, I’ll make it up to you.”

As Kirin continued to lick and nibble along her neck, he teasingly slid his rough finger up and down her slit. He dipped into her slick depth, eliciting a sigh of ecstasy. Kirin felt every inch of her as he pulled out devilishly slow, and circled back up to her pulsing clit. He glided his fingers through her juices and plunged two back into her.

“Oh my god, keep doing that and I’m going to come right here.”

“That’s the point,” he growled, voice thick with desire.

He traced his lips across her exposed cleavage and tugged at her dress with his teeth. He couldn’t wait to taste those hard little nipples.

“But, aah, we’re in public,” Rachel feebly protested.

“So.” He nipped the soft flesh dangerously close to her nipple. “Let ’em watch”

Kirin’s blatant disregard for privacy maltepe escort was nearly Rachel’s undoing.

She caught her bottom lip between her teeth as silken muscles clenched his fingers. She raked her short nails across his covered shoulders as waves of climax radiated through her body. Rachel squeezed her thighs tighter around Kirin’s lean hips, forcing him deeper. Her moans increased as her body spun out of control. Her ample cleavage heaved with each ragged breath. She rocked her hips, hard against his hand. Orgasm tore through her without warning causing brilliant orange stars to exploded behind her closed eyes.

“Wow,” she panted.

“Sweetheart, I’m just getting started.”

Kirin moved his hands under her firm ass, pressed her tight against his hardness and toppled them both onto the dense mattress. He landed smoothly between her splayed knees as the seductive music continued to thrum against their senses.

A girlish squeal bubbled from Rachel’s lips at the rush of falling.

Kirin supported his weight on outstretched arms, muscles corded from the effort and drank in the site of the most exquisite woman, pinned beneath him. Her dazzling smile reached her eyes, illuminating her entire face. Rachel’s chestnut mane fanned around her head creating a dark halo. Her jade green eyes seemed to glow against the obsidian sheets. She looked like a Goddess.

Kirin smoothed the backs of his fingers across her cheek as he ground his imprisoned cock shamelessly against her exposed sex, “You’re so beautiful. I want you so bad.”

She reached up and ensnared his neck pulling him down to kiss her, hard. She welcomed his weight pinning her to the mattress. All of her wanton fury poured into that kiss. It was an epic battle of lips, and tongues. Soft moans moved from her mouth to his. Rachel reached between them, snatched the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up and off his body in one swift motion.

Kirin yanked the halter over her head and shoved the dress to her hips. He growled with delight and frustration at the site of a black lacy bra covering her creamy breasts. Kirin ran his rough hands under the band circling her ribs, wrenched it over her head and tossed it aside. Thats so hot, no awkward fumbling with the clasp, just yanks it off.

Rachel’s insistent hands reached for the simple black belt. She quickly filleted open the buckle and twisted apart the single button of his jeans.

Quick as a whip, Kirin seized her wrists and pinned them above her head with a force that took her breath away, “Not yet.”

What the hell?! Is he serious? “But…” A disappointed pout popped her lower lip.

Kirin leaned down and sucked the plump morsel between his own and quickly let it bounce back. With his devious smirk firmly in place, “I want to watch you come first.”

Holy shit! “Oh…”

Fiery lava coursed through Rachel’s veins.

He keep her wrists secure with one hand, while the other moved to her full round breast. Kirin’s callused palm brushed across the erect peak causing sparks to dance a direct path to Rachel’s pulsing clit. He firmly squeezed, bringing her nipple front and center. As he cupped her, he dipped his head and sucked the little pebble into his searing mouth. Kirin sucked, swirled his talented tongue, and sucked again.

Rachel arched against him, pushing her nipple deeper into his mouth. She drew in a sharp breath through clenched teeth, as she felt Kirin’s teeth sink into the tender tip. She relished the sting. She tried in vain to wriggle her bound wrists from his iron grasp as she ground her hips against his hardness to relieve some of the ache in her wanton pussy, “Oh God, Kirin.”

A deep rumble of desire escaped him at the sound of his panted name.

Rachel filled the air with soft moans as she hovered on the brink of shattering into a thousand flaming stars. The hint of what Kirin’s gifted mouth and nimble fingers could do left her head spinning. She involuntarily lifted her hips against him, desperately wanting to feel his tongue on her clit.

Sensing what she needed, Kirin released her wrists and trailed his mouth down the valley between her breasts. He slid his body down hers, coming to a stand at the end of the bed. He pulled the bunched dress over her ass, down her long legs, and over her shoes letting it fall from his fingers. Kirin held her ankle and examined the black leather and naughty red bottoms, “The shoes can stay.”

Rachel flexed her foot, rolled her ankle and pointed her toes as she admired too, “Damn right they can stay. Heels are meant to fuck in, not walk in.”

He let out a little chuckle, “Duly noted”

Kirin planted tiny kisses and skimmed his whiskered chin up, from the exposed top of her foot, across her ankle, and further up the inside of her thigh. He nipped the soft flesh covering her hip as he greedily watched the mini twitches and shivers race across Rachel’s body in anticipation. He loved to see a beautiful woman turn to putty in his hands.

“Want me?” He planted feather light kisses along the top of her hairless mound as he peered up at her, mouth agonizing inches from her sex.

He’s killing me. Rachel’s body was wound tight as a spring making her voice a whisper, “Yes.”

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