Off the Wall

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They had said their goodbyes in a crowded airport with a long and memorable kiss. Nathan couldn’t resist the urge to feel the curve of Jessica’s ass before she boarded the flight back home and took all the time he could thrashing his tongue in her mouth. Before she could get completely away from him to board the plane, he gave her ass a slap that left a hot tingle long after the plane had taken off.

Four months later, they had agreed to meet at Science World as it was close to Nathan’s house and a bed. After all they had a lot of catching up to do and both had surprises in store for the other. They didn’t say much when they met. There was a long hug and a big sloppy kiss and talk of the flight and the weather. As they agreed to go back to Nathan’s house he did something unheard of and so out of character that he even surprised himself with the gesture; he motioned in the direction to his street with his right hand and simultaneously grabbed Jessica’s hand with his left. The reaction from Jessica was a giddy bewilderment that sent Nathan’s heart pounding, but not as hard as it would be later. They arrived at the house with some talk of a good dinner and even better tastes from their erogenous zones. They walked into the house and Jessica put her bag down and went to the window to check out the view. She had her back to Nathan and he took the opportunity to start undressing himself. He started with his shirt and hat. She turned around and found him taking the first of his legs out of his jeans. When she started to move toward him, Nathan stuck an arm out.

“No,” he said. “Stay right there.”

He finished stripping and went to his bedroom without any indication for her to join him. He returned with a plain white dress that was cut high above the knee and low around the neck and a pair of white stockings. He told her to go and put them on and join him in the bedroom. He pointed to the bathroom and told her she could change in there.

As she opened her mouth to say something he quickly silenced her with a gesture and said, “and I have one rule. There will be no talking.”

She closed the door to the bathroom and began to change. Her mind was racing with thoughts of what was in store. The sternness in Nathan’s voice meant that there was something good coming. It occurred to her that there were no undergarments of any kind included with the clothing he had given to her. She very much doubted that this was an oversight and opted to wear only what she had been given. After she finished changing, she admired herself in her white dress and stockings.

“Damn, I look hot in this,” she said and realized she had just broken the only rule for tonight’s festivities. She told her self in her mind that she didn’t need to talk to communicate what she wanted and wondered who would be the first to break it again once they began.

She walked to the bedroom and opened the door and saw Nathan on his knees on the bed, one hand stretched out waiting for hers and a black cloth tied around his eyes. He must have heard the door open because he gestured for her bostancı escort to come join him. She met his hand with hers and he pulled her in to embrace her and kissed her slowly on the mouth and began to caress her neck and the small of her back. She gasped at the kisses on her neck and began touching his face. He pulled her in closer so that her legs wrapped around him and she sat on his hard cock, immediately feeling the heat of his shaft through her dress. She wanted his heat inside her and writhed on him to communicate this but he held her and wouldn’t allow it. She was panting hard by the time he began to pinch her nipples. They were soft at first but it wasn’t long before they were aching under her white dress. She made no attempt to pull away even when it was almost unbearable.

She began rocking her hips on his member and thought that she would soon soak through the fabric of her dress. It was wet enough now that she could put out any fire created by the force and friction of her rocking. Nathan pushed her shoulders away from him and put his hands on the small of her back and held her there as he teased and sucked her rock hard aching nipples through the fabric. She moaned loudly and began rocking more forcefully on his cock. He moved his hands to her arms where she was trying to tear the fabric at the base of her dress out from underneath her and allow the two of them to meet. He moved her hands to his neck and left them there as he moved his to her ass which he stroked and grabbed hard with both hands. She could feel the warmth and wetness between her legs intensify now as she stroked his ears and neck. He was unrelenting in his oral attention to her breasts.

He lifted her ass a few inches and immediately let her go, letting her weight thrust onto him as his sucking and tonguing moved up to her neck once again. He pushed her up and released over and over splitting the lips of her pussy wide open under her dress but still not allowing her the satisfaction of penetration. Feeling what she was sure would be her first of many orgasms begin to grip her, she let out a loud gasping breath of excitement at the fast pace of the movement of her weight on his hot shaft. Nathan began to grip her ass harder now as her moaning and gasping grew louder. He had begun to feel the waves of euphoria rip through her body into his own with each push up. She was startled by the sudden force of upward motion and opened her eyes to see that she was now five feet in the air with his member still touching the same spot as before. He had picked her up by the ass and was now moving off the bed toward the wall beside the door.

He lifted her higher as he approached the wall and she instinctively put her legs to rest on the tops of his shoulders. He pushed her gingerly against the wall and began to tease her clit through the wet fabric with his tongue. She was surprised to feel how warm and wet this made her and was well on her way to her next wave of total orgasm before he even began entering her with cloth and tongue. She had his sancaktepe escort head to hold onto but realized she was pushing him deeper into her. She gasped with every poke of his tongue and wanted to tear the dress free but didn’t dare disturb him. Instead, she began dragging her nails down his neck and over his shoulders. He teased her clit through the cloth and brought her through one orgasm and halfway into another. Jessica had never had two overlapping orgasms before tonight. It was incredible. She felt like it may never stop and hoped for all she was worth that she was right.

Nathan was enjoying the taste of her juices through the white cloth taking time to suck it through the fabric after each push with his tongue. He had wanted to hold Jessica high above him as he ate her as if in some gesture of how he felt about her. She stroked his hair and pulled the knot tighter around his eyes as he fucked and sucked her through the dress he had given her. Suddenly, she was moving down. He slid her down the wall until her socked legs where resting on his forearms. He leaned in and kissed her as he pushed his cock against the sopping fabric covering her warm mound. He pushed harder and harder, forcing the wet fabric slightly into her. They ravaged each others mouths, tasting each other, biting each others lips. He pushed harder with every nibble. He eventually pulled away from her kisses to kiss her thighs and legs covered in the white stockings He leaned in and began kissing her neck and earlobes which sent Jessica into a frenzy.

She started clawing his back with every thrust. Waves upon waves of ecstasy were rushing through her. She was unable to make any noise other than a high squeal when she exhaled, which had begun to quicken dramatically. She thought his manhood would rip through the fabric soon, or hoped it would so she could feel all of him slide into her. Sensing her anticipation, Nathan pulled the inch of cloth and himself out of her. When he was completely free, Jessica’s hand gathered up the dress and pulled it up to the bottom of her full breasts. She waited for him to push all of himself into her. She wanted it more than anything now and waited, staring at his clothed eyes. His pulsating hardness was an inch from her sopping red pussy lips and remained there, not moving. He waited there in anticipation for Jessica. She stared at him through the cloth and her heart rate sped up as she reached for the blindfold and slowly removed it. Nathan didn’t move and seemed to want to see her, to look into her eyes for this coming together. When the blindfold was gone there eyes met.

“Hi,” he said, smiling.

“Hi,” she replied breathlessly.

He leaned in to kiss her as he pushed all of himself into her wanting pussy. He pushed harder and was half way in when their lips and tongues met again. When he was completely inside her, he felt a warm shot of her juices on his legs and stomach. She was unable to make any noise during this and it seemed to Nathan that she was unable to do anything but tense up and zeytinburnu escort take those amazing waves of pleasure. He marveled at how strong they must be. He was also aware that she was unable to kiss back and took the opportunity to tease and suck on her hard red nipples once again, causing her to inhale sharply. Slow and steadily he pushed his cock in all the way and drew it all the way out, again and again. His pace never slowed, never quickened, only became more and more forceful. He pushed into her long after he was all the way in and pulled it all the way out till only a thin strand of Jessica’s juices clung to both of them. He did this over and over till Jessica was stuck in a perpetual orgasm. He pulled he away from the wall and began lifting her up by the ass and letting her weight do the fucking. He pushed up with his arms and let her go again and as he lifted her up again he noticed her eyes had rolled into the back of her head and the expression on her face was a gaping trembling. He held her up there waiting for some sign of life. “Are you okay?” he asked.

At this point she finally regained her senses. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Don’t ever stop! Fuck me!” she cried, never wanting to let go of what she was feeling at that moment.

At this point he began to turn around and laid her on the bed and laid into her as hard and fast as he could. He thought to himself that that was the hottest thing he had ever heard someone say to him and was unaware that he was fucking her with hard thrusts and slow pullouts. He was close to coming with her explosive request still fresh in his mind. He decided to fuck her as hard as he could. He leaned up on his toes so that all that was touching Jessica was his red hot cock going in and out of her. He pushed into her and all he could hear was a wave of moans coming from Jessica.

He yelled, “I’m going to come!”

“No! I want you in my mouth, I want to taste your cum,” came Jessica’s desperate reply.

She wriggled out from underneath him and grabbed his shaft and began sucking him hard and as fast as he had been doing her, relishing in the taste of herself mixed with him. She squeezed his shaft hard and pushed his cock down her throat, which made Nathan’s whole body quiver. She was sucking him fast and going down as far as her throat would allow. He extended his pelvis toward her and sat up high on his knees and said an almost unintelligible “I’m gonna come,” as he looked down at Jessica’s eyes and remained locked with hers as he began to explode in her mouth.

The first shot went down Jessica’s throat. The second managed to squeeze past her lips grip on his cock and wound up on her chin. She was moaning appreciatively while she swallowed the rest. Nathan matched her moaning and he could feel her throat squeezing him with every swallow. He collapsed into a heap on the bed and tried to catch his breath. Jessica was busy not letting any of his juice go to waste and promptly wiped her chin and sucked her fingers clean. They joined each other in an embrace and kissed each others cold post-orgasmic mouths. They laid there and kissed and as Nathan was looking really drowsy in his afterglow, Jessica’s wide eyes met his lidded ones.

“Let me know when you wanna do that again. You can fuck me forever,” she said.

“Give me 10 minutes,” he responded. Five minutes later, they were asleep in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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