Nick Is All Tied Up

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Nick fought at the restraints that tied his hands feet to the wooden frame. They wouldn’t come free. He jerked his arms tightly but they wouldn’t budge. He was tied with his arms and legs spread wide as he lay in a large bed. He had been stripped naked and blindfolded. He could only see a faint glow of a light above him through the fabric covering his eyes.

He felt movement on the bed. Someone had climbed in from the foot of the bed… It seemed as if someone was standing up at the foot of the bed. He then felt a something slowly brush up his right leg. It lightly touched his skin and move slowly up his legs stopping as it reached his pelvis. He breathed slowly. Then it brushed its way up his left leg. Making slow circles as it moved up inch by inch. When it reached the end of his leg he felt it move slowly across his pelvis to his cock. Its soft feather like texture moved around his shaft to the tip and then moved a slowly down to his balls. If teased them briefly before it was removed.

Nick felt the figure move to the center of the bed straddling his chest. The feather then brushed circles around his nipples briefly before it to was removed. They moved to the top of the bed and Nick felt the feather brush against his lips and then down his neck. The feather was removed and he felt the weight shift esenyurt escort above his head. And then he felt someone removing the blindfold. .

When the blindfold was removed Nick saw standing over him women. But more than that she was straddling him. She was holding her pink pussy inches from his face. He breathed in its intoxicating scent. She was naked from head to toe. He glanced past her pussy upward. Her large breasts hung firm with hard nipples. Her face was framed by long black hair. He stared into her blue eyes. She looked down at him lustfully.

Slowly she lowered herself down. He watched as her pussy inched closer and closer. She stopped at the tip of his nose. The sweet aroma of her scent filled his nostrils. “Lick me.” She commanded.

Nick flicked out his tongue and brushed it against the wet pink lips. He pushed the tip of his tongue inside them and tasted her juices as he ran his tongue toward her clit. She moaned as she lowered herself further down. His tongue pushed deeper between her lips. In a moment she was siting and his face and he ran his tongue around her clit. Flicking it with his tongue.

She moaned several times and her breathing became heavy. “Fuck me with your tongue. Eat me, Lick me.” She moaned as she gyrated on his face.

Nick avrupa yakası escort had no choice but to comply. He dove his tongue down from her clit and pushed it inside her wet pussy. Running it in and out of her wet warm hole. She moaned and began lifting herself up and down. Nick used the few seconds to take a breath before she pushed her pussy into his face again.

“Yes, oh god yes” He began sucking hard on her clit as she moaned louder. He ran his tongue up and down from her clit to her pussy and back up around her clit. Tracing circles around it. She fucked his face faster as she groaned in ecstasy.

She let out a load moan and quickly stepped of his face. She untied his right hand “if you want this to continue don’t untie your other hand.” She turned back to him and again lowered herself down. She straddled him on her knees and pushed her pussy back to his face.

“Eat me til I cum, Fuck me with that free hand and I’ll give you something to enjoy.”

She pushed he pussy to his lips. Nick spread her lips open with his hands and slid a finger inside her warm pussy. He sucked had onto her clit.

She arched her back as she moaned. Then with her free hand she grabbed his cock and pulled it toward his mouth. anadolu yakası escort She wrapped her lips around his tip and sucked him as she jerked up and down his shaft.

Nick moaned and sucked harder on her clit. The harder he sucked the harder Nick noticed she would suck his dick.

She let out muffled moans as she moved up and down his cock. Her mouth was warm and she let her soft lips glide up and down his wet cock. She reached for his balls and cupped them in her hands.

Nick moaned, sliding a second then a third finger inside her pussy. He fucked her hard with his fingers as he traced circles around her little magic button and she moaned loudly with his dick deep in her mouth.

She then bite gently down on to his shaft and sucked hard on. She quickly moved her head up and down moaning. She slide her hand under his ass and slid an finger inside. The sudden intrusion into his ass sent him to climax. He began filling her mouth with hot cum as she fucked his has with her finger and sucked his cock. She began to buck as her body began to spasm. She let his dick fall out of her mouth as she cried out. Drops of his

“Oh yes, Don’t stop, Yes, Yes, I’m cumming. Fuck me more Don’t stop.”

Nick felt her pussy fill with warmth as she climaxed to his licking and fingers. Cum dripped out of his dick and down his shaft. She licked it up and put the tip back in her mouth and she sucked him dry.

When she had finished her orgasm she rolled over on to her back and slid of the bed. She walked toward the back of the room.

“You have been a very good boy. You are free to go when you are ready.” She turned and left the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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