Opposite Worlds Ch. 06

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As always:

Thanks to “Alpineskier” for editing.
Thanks to “Doc” for story consulting.

All characters involved in sexual acts are at least 18 years of age. (So get your mind out of the gutter!)

Ch. 6: Can Anyone Forgive Anyone?

Nick sat back, smiling as if he were a starving man who just got led to an all you can eat buffet. He had one sexual experience before, if you can call 45 seconds an experience. He had just entered his closest female friend when her parents came home. But today, Candice Montgomery, a cheerleader, one of the hottest girls in school, fucked him, and it was glorious. Breaking his reverie was an unusual sound coming from upstairs. Was someone crying or should he say, wailing?

Nick got dressed quickly. As he finished, he noticed Chelsea walking with her head down out the front door. Suddenly the realization hit him and images of what had transpired flashed before his eyes. Jason was drugged, and worse yet, he gave it to him. Nick bounded up the stairs and found his friend lying on his bed, shirt unbuttoned, and his pants around his ankles. He rushed to Jason’s side. Hoping he wasn’t dead, he took his pulse. He was alive! Oh thank his lucky stars. Now what to do? Call the police? No, he’d be arrested. Call Dad? No, he’d rather call the police. He’d just have to ride it out and pray for the best.

Chelsea was at a loss. She had no idea of what to do or where to go. She lost all her “friends” when she chose Jason, she lost Jason when he chose Ally, and she definitely didn’t want to go home. Her mother would just lecture her that she was right, as always, and Jason wasn’t good for her. She just drove around the city aimlessly. Chelsea was missing her senior prom and didn’t care. How could Jason do this to her? She pulled over, and as she had been doing for the past couple hours, she cried until there were no more tears to shed.

* * *

Darkness settled across the city. Nick was sitting in his office chair, next to his bed and a passed out Jason. In seven hours, neither had moved from their positions.

Groggily, Jason’s eyes were fluttering open to a room draped in blackness. “Where am I?”

“My house and I’m sorry.” Nick took a deep breath, relieved that his friend awoke.

“What time is it?” Jason wiped the sleep from his eyes.

“7:30 and I’m sorry.”

“7:30! Shit, we got to get to the prom. Chelsea’s going to be pissed.” Jason spun his legs off the side of the bed and suddenly stopped. “What the fuck? Why am I naked from the waist down?”

“Jason, I don’t know how to tell you this, I’m really sorry, but I, I…”

Jason started getting dressed. “You what? Oh no, I’m naked and you’re sorry. You didn’t, um, just tell me you didn’t.”

“I didn’t.”

Jason let out a sigh of relief.

“But Ally did.”

“Ally? How? When?” Jason was confused.

“It gets worse.” Nick added.

“Worse? How can it get worse?” Jason was on the verge of yelling. “I’m in a relationship with the woman I love, who is probably pissed thinking I stood her up at the prom and you’re telling me that I cheated on her with one of her ex-friends and a person I happen to loathe? I don’t remember any…” Jason stopped and let out a snicker. “You’re messing with me right now. Stop trying to be funny right now. I have to get to Chelsea.” Jason finished tying his tie, completing the wrinkled tuxedo.

Nick shook his head. Jason’s small smile he had, turned to outright anger.

“What the fuck? I know if Ally jumped on top of me, I would’ve remembered it. I also would’ve remembered throwing that slut off of me immediately.” Jason was adamant. “If all this happened, why don’t I remember?”

Nick lowered his head to his hands. “Because they drugged you.”

“What? Who? When?” Jason looked perplexed.

“Look, Candice arrived right before you did. She was all over me. All she wanted me to do is hand you a drink. I knew she added something, but she got me so worked up, I would’ve tried to charge the White House with intent on overthrowing istanbul escort the government at that moment.”

Jason threw his head back and closed his eyes, not wanting to believe what he was being told.

“After you drank it, I came down and Tiffany and Ally were here. I started to question why, but that’s when Candice pushed me to the couch and fucked my brains out. Tiffany and Ally went upstairs. Ally was wearing a red wig. I’m really sorry man.”

Jason lowered his head and looked back at Nick. “And you helped them?”

“Yes and that’s not the worst part.” Nick had a completely defeated tone to his voice.

“There’s more?” Jason was exasperated.

“Yeah, Chelsea showed up.”

Jason grabbed his phone and headed for the door, punching numbers in with each stride. He turned his head momentarily and glared at his alleged friend, wanting nothing more than to beat him senseless. Nothing more except the need to be with his love, Chelsea.

* * *

Chelsea was sitting in her car in an empty parking lot to an abandoned restaurant that closed down three years ago. She was desperate for clarity. Since she left Nick’s house, she became cognizant of two things. She still loved Jason and all she wanted was for that love and current heartache she was feeling to vanish. Her struggle was with the ‘how’. How can she expunge him from her thoughts when her heart yearns for him? Amazing even herself, she began to cry again.

Chelsea’s tears were halted as the muffled sounds of one of her favorite songs filled the car. Startled for a moment, she realized her phone was underneath the passenger seat. She felt a twinge in her heart when she looked at the call screen and it said “my man”. She contemplated not answering before hitting the accept button.

“What do you want?” Chelsea was barely audible. She wanted to yell, but was emotionally drained.

“Beautiful, please.” Jason begged. “I can explain.”

“Explain? Explain how you can fuck Ally? And you don’t get to call me beautiful anymore.”

It was obvious to Jason that Chelsea was crying, and by the sound of it, crying for a prolonged period of time. “I don’t even remember it Chelsea. Nick said…”

Chelsea cut him off. “Our love was so insignificant to you that you had sex with a whore and don’t remember? Well I was there Jason, and I remember it vividly.” Chelsea’s voice was finally increasing in tone as anger filled her body as she recalled the scene.

“Chelsea, please, hear me out.” Jason asked desperately.

“No.” Chelsea replied coldly.

“Nick admitted to putting something in my drink and the only memories I have from being at his house is helping him with a bowtie and an image of you punching yourself. That last part was probably a dream.” Jason said bluntly, hoping to get it all out before Chelsea hung up. Jason was expecting to hear a dial tone, but no sound came through his phone. Each second felt like an eternity. “Chelsea, I love you. Please tell me where you are at so I can see you.”

Part of her wanted to scream fuck you, we’re over. The other half wanted to apologize for believing he would intentionally cheat on her. At this point in time, there was only one middle ground. Chelsea hit the end button, terminating the call.

Jason knew she hung up. That wasn’t a dropped call; she hung up. Could he blame her? If this was reversed, he would have a hard time believing her. After seven hours, two friends could definitely devise an excuse. He needed a confession. No, he didn’t need Nick; he needed Tiffany, Ally, or Candice to come clean. Besides Nick would end up in the hospital if he saw him right now. He had to get to the prom, immediately.

* * *

Jason pulled into the Regency Gardens limousine parking area. His escort stuck out like a sore thumb, but he didn’t care. It was closest to the door. He rushed in and began searching through the sea of people. At last, he spotted Ally in a red, very revealing dress. She was avcılar escort heading to the punch bowl. Jason came up behind her and pulled her left arm behind her back.

“You look like you need some air Ally. Let’s go outside.” Jason said through gritted teeth.

“Please don’t hurt me.” Ally was frightened.

When they hit the doors outside, Jason used his free hand to reach in his pocket. He hit the call back button and left the phone in his pocket. When he heard the muffled sound of Chelsea saying “What?”, he began.

“Why did you do it Ally, huh? Why?” Jason was loud and clear, determined to have Chelsea hear this conversation.

“You better let me go; John will be looking for me.” Ally pleaded.

“I don’t care. I would rather John kill me than have Chelsea believe I cheated on her.” Jason seethed. “And since I don’t remember, I want you to fill in the blanks.” Jason added more torque to her arm.

“Owww, you’re hurting me.” Ally’s eyes formed tears.

“You’ve hurt me far worse. Now talk and speak up.”

Ally caved. “It was Tiffany’s plan to get back at Chelsea. Tiffany got the drugs. Tiffany told Candice to seduce your friend. Tiffany told me to get a red wig and fuck you. Tiffany called Chelsea so she could witness it. Please let me go.” Ally implored.

“One more question. “Why? Why the hate for Chelsea?”

“At first it was Chelsea’s rebellion against her. Tiffany said we had to teach her a lesson. Now I think she is jealous of Chelsea and your relationship. She’s not going to stop. To her it’s a game and she wins when you two are broken…”

“Hey, let go of her!” John, a 6’4″ linebacker who has a scholarship to play football at a division one college in the Fall, called out.

Ally crumpled to the ground as Jason let her go. He then took off in a sprint around the building as his car was unfortunately on the other side. He reached in his pocket and took out his phone. “Did you get all that Beautiful?” Much to Jason’s dismay, the only response was a dial tone. “Fuck!” Jason screamed and returned the phone to his pocket. Ten yards away from the parking lot, Jason was tackled from behind, right on the edge of the grass.

“Ah!” Jason exclaimed at his body’s upheaval and subsequent planting into the ground. He braced for his pounding from John. Instead, hard kisses found his neck and side of his face. Jason rolled over and found that Chelsea was on top of him.

“Oh Baby, I’m sorry I doubted you.” Chelsea kissed him again.

Jason stopped Chelsea and held her head in his arms. “You have nothing to apologize for. We suspected something last night and I put myself in that unfavorable position, so I apologize to you for the suffering I caused you. I love you.”

“Oh Baby, I love you too.” The couple’s lips locked and tongues intertwined.

Jason stood and held out his hand. “Beautiful, may I have this dance?”

“Oh no, I can’t. I don’t have my dress and my hair is a mess.” Chelsea’s hands went immediately to flatten her hair.

“You are at your most magnificent right now. C’mon, I promised I would take you to prom and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Chelsea embraced his hand and the couple marched into the banquet hall, Jason in his tux with grass stains on it and Chelsea in a v-neck t-shirt and jeans. They went straight to the dance floor. The two danced for the remainder of their senior prom, all one and a half songs of it.

Jason walked Chelsea to her car and opened the door for her. They had agreed to meet at Jason’s so he could change, grab his overnight bag and Chelsea’s three bags, and go to the local all night diner for some food. As Jason reached his car, there was something under his windshield wiper. He had got a parking ticket. He looked at his phone and noted it was 11:59 pm. He gave a quick chuckle, grateful that in one minute a new day would begin.

* * *

Jason and Chelsea finally made it to the hotel room. Jason dropped their bags by the dresser and went to use the restroom. şirinevler escort Chelsea was tired, but she really wanted the evening to end on a high note after the Hell they have been through that day. Besides, she had a surprise for her man. She stripped her clothes off, pulled down the comforter, and settled in the bed. When Jason walked out, he was going to see her in all her glory. She waited patiently.

Jason wasn’t in the bathroom long. After washing his hands, he slipped out of his clothes, leaving only his boxers on. After the emotional rollercoaster of the day, he was tired but wanted to be ready for anything from Chelsea. Whether she wanted to just fool around or have animalistic fucking or the sweetness of making love, he was prepared. One thing he learned is he never knew what to expect when they are alone. She was a chameleon. Her style always changed.

Jason came into the room, still smiling at his previous thought when he saw the most phenomenal picturesque sight. Chelsea, nude, lying on the bed peacefully sleeping. He took off his boxers, turned off the light, and gently pulled up the blanket to cover his precious love. He carefully slipped in next to her and wrapped his arms around her body. The edges of Chelsea’s mouth curved slightly upward with the embrace. Jason just stared at her with his own grin, thinking after all of Tiffany’s efforts, he was ever so grateful that they were here, together, and still very much in love. Jason knew if they can get through today, they could survive any deplorable circumstance the future may hold. Then the thought of the fact that they were actually going to sleep together hit him, a rare use of the literal meaning of that word. He was going to wake up with her still in his arms. That excited him as his eyelids became heavy and closed.

Jason was excited indeed. He was dreaming that Chelsea was on top of him, riding him slowly, as if she was trying to savor the feeling. She felt different from any other time they had sex. He could feel her all around his manhood. He felt the velvety smoothness of her depths and it was better than anything he ever imagined. He felt her womanly juices soaking and coating his shaft. He felt her relax and constrict around his pole, trying to milk him for all he’s worth. Every time she was completely impaled, she gave a circular grinding motion that made him believe he was in heaven. The feeling was intense. Wait. Could it be? Afraid he would wake from this dream if he opened his eyes; he lifted his hands and found the familiar nubile body of his love.

“I was wondering when you’d wake up, Baby.” Chelsea moaned out.

In the moment it took Jason’s eyes to open, Chelsea’s lips were attached to his with devotion. Chelsea sat back up and increased her speed. The two were on different rhythms that worked together in perfect harmony. Jason was caressing all around her tits and gently pinching and pulling her nipples with one hand and lightly playing with her clit with the other. He was thrusting slowly, one for every two she was giving him. Chelsea, however, was going at breakneck speed. She was attacking his cock with reckless abandon. She had a consistent stream of unintelligible words filling the air until it became one elongated moan. She shrieked in ecstasy. It was as if a tsunami flooded over Jason’s dick. Jason then put his hands on her hips and slammed into her with one final push, his seed pouring into her. Their fluids crashed together as if they were cymbals marking the end of their symphony.

Chelsea collapsed on top of Jason with her head on his chest. Jason kissed her forehead.

“You didn’t put a condom on me, did you?” Jason’s voice filled with concern.

“Nope.” Chelsea answered as if Jason asked whether it was going to rain today.

“Morning after pill?” Jason hoped.

“Nope.” Chelsea responded just as mundanely.

“Beautiful, I don’t think we are ready to…”

Chelsea lifted her head and flashed Jason an amused look.

“What?” Jason asked.

“I went on the pill the day after your dad caught us. I wanted to surprise you last night, but I fell asleep. Sorry. So I figured this morning is just as good. I hope you liked your surprise, Baby.”

“You never cease to astonish me. I love you Beautiful.”

“I love you too Baby.”

Coming soon Ch. 7: Individual Days Spent Together

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