North Pole HiJinks

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My name is Eric and I am an elf. I am the Chief Elf at the North Pole. I keep records of everything that ever happens here day or night.

This is my journal about what happened the year we almost missed Christmas.

As usual, it is a human story, while almost human anyway, it’s about love, sex, men and women. So what’s new?

Anyway, this particular Christmas started out badly from the get go. It doesn’t happen very often but even the North Pole can have production problems. It happens, and Mrs. Claus better known as “Mom” around the place was royally pissed off at her hubby Santa. Due to production delays and other things, they hadn’t had any quality time in weeks.

Yeah folks “Quality Time” Santa was getting a little old even for an immortal for “Quality Time”. He could however when called upon still perform, and the newest Mrs. Claus loved her quality time, and tended to get cranky when she didn’t get her share.

There was no excuse of being to busy either for him He wiggled his nose. (Hey where did you think that television witch learned that trick anyway.) It was more his carelessness and neglect that got him into hot water than it was work, or age, or anything else you could name. Oh yes, another one of our problems that year was Elf Sandy.

Elf Sandy was a pert little redhead about 150 years old but that’s teenage for an elf, and Santa and her were tight that year, if you understand what I mean to be telling you in this tale.

The big trouble started the night Santa didn’t make it home to sleep at all. Violet, that is to say Mrs. Claus tried to talk to him but he was busy laughing and talking with Elf Sandy. He told her to let Godfrey handle it. Godfrey, is the Chief Elf administrator; he troubleshoots where needed to keep things flowing smoothly. Handles trouble for Santa. Violet was definitely trouble.

Unfortunately for Santa, Mrs. Claus had heard, ” let Godfrey handle it” once too often and so she set out to do just that for one night. Let Godfrey handle it, and since the problem was her and her quality time. I leave you to contemplate the trouble this was going to cause.

Mrs. Claus was set to teach Santa a lesson he would never forget. She was the fifth Mrs. Claus and if nothing else by studying those that had gone before her, she knew how the operation worked.

The next night the does in the reindeer barn, arranged for Santa to be there for a long time. The does understood her problems. They had seen Santa and the little elf on several occasions and were on her side. She called Godfrey and invited him up for dinner in her suite to discuss business. This was the kind of business, she explained that would require Godfrey’s most expert assistance. Godfrey and dinner arrived at the same time. He took one look at Mrs.Claus in her attire and knew as his cock grew hard and long it would be a very long night.

The one thing nobody knew but Godfrey, was that he was in love with Violet and hated the way the big boss treated her, wanted to take her and make her happy. Violet, who was wearing a pale lilac teddy with it a translucent white eyelet covering had trouble opening the wine, so of course Godfrey had to help. Walking behind her and moving his arms around her, he showed her how easy, the wine was to open. Violet smiling leaned back into his arms and cooed her gratitude. By the time dinner was over, they had gone through three bottles of Santa’s best French wine and were calling each other by their first names.

Godfrey, who Violet was happily calling Terry, kartal escort was beside himself. Wonderful food, Great wine, and the woman of his dreams lying in his arms on her settee calling him Terry.

He got brave, told her how much he loved her, and wanted her and it would be all right if she banished him after tonight, if only she would make love to him. Violet giggled a lot and then leaned into him and kissed him. Long and deeply, wiggling her tongue into his mouth and placing her hand on his crotch. Godfrey being a very smart elf kissed her back hard.

Violet breaking the kiss smiled shyly at the elf; ” I have been so lonely Terry”. Godfrey knowing a good thing when he saw it and afraid there would never be another opportunity figured why not go for it. “A lovely lady like you should never be lonely or sad. Let me make you happy tonight?”

Violet hiccuped and said, “all Santa ever tells me anymore when we talk is let Godfrey fix it .Can you fix this Godfrey?”

She picked up his hand and placed it upon her heaving breast. Godfrey caressed it softly and lowered his head to suckle on its nipple. “Yes my love I can fix it, lay back now, and let me.” Violet with a soft moan did just that for the wonderful caring elf. ” Make me happy Terry”

Terry though as he carefully and delicately undressed the lovely lady “how could Santa ignore such a luscious lady”, then he quit thinking as Violet placed her hands inside his suit and started to caress his cock.

He groaned, ” Oh Violet I will never last if you do that, “she stopped, and then he was shocked to feel her warm and wet mouth surround his now loose cock. This was Mrs. Claus sucking his cock and very well, he must have died and gone to heaven.

He did manage to turn them around and unhook her teddy so that he could also feast on her. The taste of her was so sweet, to him that it seemed to Godfrey to taste like fresh warm peaches on a sunny day. Violet brought him to his edge repeatedly and kept him there. He did the same to her until finally they gave each other the freedom to come and it was wonderful. Terry thought he had never given anyone so much juice before and Violet sucked and swallowed it all down not missing a drop as she shook and trembled and came for him repeatedly. She did not leave him go once he was soft, but continued licking and sucking until he was rampart again and ready for whatever was coming next for them.

Terry wasn’t passive, his hands and his mouth were everywhere he could reach. He feasted on her skin and her warm shaven pussy and her wonderful soft warm tummy licking and sucking her juices out of her deep belly button This caused her to moan and wiggle very nicely. He also licked, sucked, and nibbled her warm soft curvy ass, the cleft between, and her beautiful rosebud of an entrance to her ass. He was in heaven or as close as he was likely to get it seemed at this time. She moaned and shoved against him and he kissed and sucked and pushed into her lovely ass it was so open to him so ready for his touch as he returned to her dripping pussy. He inserted two fingers inside and as he ate her to another astounding climax, he fucked her ass at the same time. She screamed his name when she came this time. His name! After that they took a long wonderful shower, and returned to bed. Terry was hot and ready to make love again and so it appeared was Violet.

He mounted her teasing her lips and her clit and her entrance with just the head of his cock. Waiting for a sign that bostancı escort she wanted him and now. It came as winding her arms around him when next he teased the entrance, she pulled him in and he slid home deep into her ready pussy. It was everything he had imagined it would be. Violet no offence to Santa had never had a cock so hard, so long or so wide before inside her body. It was wonderful all she could do was moan in happiness.

“Terry/” Yes my love may I be on top please? I want to see your eyes feel your hands, your mouth, see your enjoyment. He helped her mount him, groaned from deep inside as her pussy covered his shaft and head caressing him with its muscles. “Violet play with yourself for me.” She started to pull and twist her nipples with one hand and play with her clit with the other as his hands made the pace for both of them.

It made him shiver with lust and groan with desire to see this beautiful woman on top of his cock playing with herself for him. He felt her climax start deep inside her, saw her shivers of passion, felt her wetness. Pulling her close and down to him he shoved hard and fast inside her riding her wave, taking her higher and then joining her on the top to ride the wave of passion together. It was almost the end of the world for them it felt so very good.

Later that night once again in his own bed. He could only wonder, did it really happen. What might tomorrow bring? The next morning found him abed when there was a soft knock on the door.

“Godfrey Sir? It is I Ralph”; I have an urgent note for you.

He opened his door to receive the note and the flowers Ralph was holding. Someone sure must like you Sir giggled the young page elf before slipping quietly away. The note read Thank you for the most incredible evening of my life and was signed “V” He grinned from ear to ear .It had happened, it wasn’t a dream and she had liked it.

Still standing in the door as Santa came crashing around the corner; he quickly wiped the grin off as Santa bellowed. “GODFREY!” Santa’s large rumbling voice filled his ears. ” Here Santa right here”. “You’re on duty with Mrs. Claus today see what you can do to make her life happier”. He then went bounding off “Yes Sir, my pleasure Santa” he grinned.

Godfrey hurried to dress and reach the suite as soon as he could. When he rang the bell, he heard Santa say, “Godfrey is here on my orders to help you all day.”

She launched herself at him with big tears streaming down her face. He didn’t come home again last night Godfrey. What am I to do? He drew her close comforting her and kissing her tears away. ’Oh Violet I am so sorry.” She smiled”; thank you, dear. Now Godfrey will you come to the reindeer barns with me. “Certainly but why are we headed there right now?” asked Godfrey of Mrs. Claus. Violet smiled. “That’s where Santa was last night and the does wish to speak to me at once.”

Once at the barns, the does filled Violet in on the antics of Santa and the elf Sandi .No detail was left out.

Mrs. Claus was out for blood by the time the story was told. Elf Sandi was in trouble for sure and Godfrey wasn’t to certain Santa could handle the fallout for this one.

First thing Violet did was use the barn phone and invite everyone to the Community Center after work for games and music and food and gifts for another job well done. She told them there would be a big announcement. She then led Godfrey into the barn keepers quarters and sitting on the bed patted the place maltepe escort next to it. Godfrey sat.

“Terry I have to know did you enjoy last night?”

“OH YES Violet”, he took her hand and placed it on his heart. “Feel how hard my heart beats just cause your near.” He placed it on his crotch, “feel how hard I am just smelling your female odor and thinking of last night”.

Violet took his hand and placed it under her skirt and next to her pussy. ” See how wet I am being near you.” He moaned with desire. “My lovely lady do I have time to make love to you?” She chortled “No! But a quick fuck would do us both good.”

Godfrey remember is one quick elf. He tossed her backwards threw her skirts up and was inside her before you could count to two. Balls deep and thrusting like mad Violet meeting him stroke for stroke and caressing her own breasts as he worked her clit. It took about ten strokes before they were both yelling out in the middle of a massive climax. Once they had recovered Violet wrote him, and the reindeer wives a list of things to do and they were on their way.

Santa entered his suite about six to change clothes for the party. He was irate. He had wanted an evening with elf Sandi. He knew he was bad and would probably be busted but it was as if she had a spell on him. He didn’t even like her; He loved his wife with his whole heart and soul where had he gone wrong?

Just then, Mrs. Claus sauntered into the room in a towel. My god the woman was breath taking. Glowing and vibrant her long hairs cascading down her back, her pert breasts supple and full with nipples outstanding for his inspection. Just as sensual as the day they were married. Maybe her tummy was a little round. Was she finally getting fat? Nah! Not Violet the only other possible reason was He sat down hard.

“Buck up dear you will only be 650 years old when he is out of school and ready to come into the business full time.”

“You’re expecting?” Santa asked ” How?” “Yes she smiled I have been trying to tell you for over a month but your always too busy. Remember that night in your sleigh?” He nodded.

“Oh Violet I have been so bad!”

“I know my love me too!”

“ You too?”

“Yes with Godfrey, but in the scheme of things neither him nor Sandy really matter do they?

Make love to me Kris?” Santa mouth hanging open reminded her of the party. She smiled at him. “Oh yeah! I forget sometimes.”

He wiggled his nose and time stopped for everyone but them. They were alone in a liquid honey slow motion world where time did not exist and orgasms went on until you were exhausted. She undressed him and greeted her long lost friend by kissing him gently before sucking him into her waiting mouth. : The sight of his woman making love to his cock always made Santa hard as a rock and it worked tonight just as well.

Let me show you something new Kris She mounted him and rode him like the merry-go-rounds of her childhood up and down in and out causing dizzying pleasure to both of them as Santa worked her nipples and clit. Never had he been able to watch her at play. Never had he seen her so aroused. She smiled you haven’t seen nothing yet Santa and climbing off got on her hands and knees.

Fuck me Santa make me come all over that cock of yours. Santa rose with a HO, HO, HO, and set to work.

He was just beginning to believe it would take another hundred years to understand this wife. That’s when they climaxed together. This was a first for them and he hoped that when he finally recovered not the last time it happened.

When recovered they went to the party and solved their problems. They arranged for Godfrey to manage the new South Pole Operations and sent Sandi with him as his assistant. So Christmas came full circle and remains for all of us unto eternity or the next crisis.

So ends Eric’s Journal

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