Paris in the Rain

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This is a work of fiction based on a real encounter in a real city. Do not reprint without my permission. I like to receive criticism and comments on all aspects of my stories. I hope to be improving my writing for your pleasure. Please vote and comment.

He awoke early under the gray rainy skies of Paris. His first thoughts were of the gaudy streetwalkers they had gawked at the night before. Driving along the edges of the Bois de Boulogne they watched the girls flashing their bodies to get the attention of the speeding motorists. Standing almost in the street, their garish outfits displayed bare breasts, and some more, to all that passed. They were trying to attract the attention of those looking for a quick thrill. Stimulated by the spectacle, he had made vigorous love to his companion of the night.

He reached for her now with his left hand and made contact with her warm naked breast. As he caressed it, and gently pinched her nipple, she moaned in her sleep. Encouraged, he continued his stroking. Her tit became erect as she slowly emerged from slumber. She reached for him finding his manhood and pulling it gently. She amazed him, as she had the night before, by her sensuality and her hunger for physical contact.

They had met at a party, given by friends, welcoming him to Paris. Many stunning women adorned the chic surroundings, yet she had attracted his gaze instantly. Even though she was short, her splendid body and long legs made her seem much taller. Because of her vibrant personality and bright smile she was the center of attention. Therefore, it was a surprise when she accepted his invitation to continue the evening with him. They ate a delicious dinner, during which he found they shared many interests. She was extremely bright and taught him a lot about Paris and the French in her conversation. He was astonished, but thrilled, when she told him to take her to his hotel.

In the elevator she kissed him deeply. She held his ass in both hands, and pulled his hips against her belly. “I want you.” She said in a husky voice. As they entered his room she almost devoured him while trying to undress. She stepped back and pulled her short black dress over her head. This revealed a pair of high, round, smallish breasts with large areolae and erect nipples. Her legs were encased in nylon to the waist with no panties he could see. She displayed a hunger matching his, and soon they were both naked. She inflamed him as she ran her hands along his thighs and ass.

His mind was torn from the images of the tacky hookers. Her hot body drew him in like a candle to a moth. He could feel her desire and it inspired him to attempt to increase her arousal. How could he inflame her? He caressed her tits and pinched her nipples. He buried his head in her groin and sought her lips with his tongue. Holding her thighs apart, he licked her from anus to clit, spreading her wetness over the entire area. She tasted delicious, salty and sweet, making him hungry for more. He spread her lips and his tongue slid up her channel. She thrust her pelvis against his mouth to rub her clit against his nose. He continued his exploration of her sex with his mouth, licking and sucking all he could reach. Her scent drove him wild, and her movements told him she was approaching her peak. One finger, then two, slid deep into her channel trying to find her Gspot. He rubbed toward the front of her canal while sucking on her clit. She rewarded him by bucking against his mouth and hand while climaxing noisily. She held his head in place while she calmed her breathing and let the tension flow.

“I want you in me, now!” she breathed in his ear.

He slid up her body and pushed into her slick slot. Slowly he found a rhythm and let his desires take over. Her warmth and aroma drove him upward toward his peak. No longer did he think of her reactions, he was too far-gone. His body moved at it’s own pace and he was lost in the sensations. Suddenly he exploded and pumped his seed deep into her core. He was about to stop moving, but she bakırköy escort pushed him onto his back and rode him frantically. She pulled his head to her left tit so he began to suck and bite her nipple. This gave her the stimulation she needed to take her own orgasm while she rocked on his belly. She finished satisfying herself, as he became soft inside her. She fell onto his chest and soon they were asleep.

The rainy skies helped him decide he was in no hurry to go out; he had no appointments so he wanted to experience a long session with her. He hoped she would desire the same. As he caressed her tits and gently fingered her pussy, she responded slowly but with enthusiasm. He was encouraged, and planned a long morning in bed. Under the rainy skies of Paris, he hoped the two of them would endlessly discover the sensual pleasures of their bodies.

She continued to fondle his straining manhood as he kindled her desires with gentle strokes along her cleft. He kept the pace deliberately slow not wanting to hurry the conclusion. There was no reason to rush this morning but only to discover the sensuality this woman could teach him. She slid on top of him and gently inserted his lance into her sheath.

“Don’t move.” She ordered him, and he complied. She caressed his face and hair while nibbling his ears. Her hips were still. She showed no signs of desire only tenderness. He was puzzled not knowing how to react. He decided to let her lead and hopefully he would understand later. He ran one hand through her hair and gently stroked her back with the other. He was not used to such intimacy but he found it very pleasant. Slowly he was falling under her spell feeling real warmth toward her. They kissed and gently played with each other’s hair, but their bodies never moved. He felt comfortable deep in her canal. She kissed his mouth and gently sucked his lower lip. She nibbled on it and let her tongue run its length. He responded by darting his tongue to meet hers. She released the lower and sucked upon the upper in the same manner. Although she was very soft and gentle he was finding her actions extremely erotic so he hugged her to him.

“Doucement, slowly,” she said. “We have plenty of time; let me get to know your body.” She continued to caress his hair and suck his lips, but never moving her hips. He could feel contractions deep in her canal from time to time but otherwise he only felt the intimacy of her hands and mouth. He wanted to rub his cheek against hers but he knew his morning stubble was not soft so he buried his face in her tresses. She smelled slightly of jasmine and sandalwood. Everything seemed so sensual and exotic he simply let his senses take in the all the impressions and let them flow over his body and mind. He let his hands roam along her back and the sides of her ribs. Her skin seemed so soft and warm he began luxuriating in the feelings his fingers transmitted.

Slowly he became aware of many more sensations than simply having his cock deep in her soft woman’s channel. He knew she was teaching him to enjoy all of the tenderness of their desires. They had quenched the roaring fires the night before and now she wanted to become truly intimate. He was learning to savor the tastes, the smells, the sounds, and the touches of their coupling. He had lost the sense of urgency and was becoming enthralled by the flood of new sensations. Her slow caresses and soft moans were awakening his senses and allowing him to explore all of her. He had never been as aware of his mate’s smell. Nor had any woman ever felt so soft in his hands. The textures of her back and shoulders were new and exciting. The soft hairs on the nape of her neck enthralled him as if he had never felt them before. He could feel the texture of her thighs along his and the suppleness of her breasts against his chest. He inhaled the aroma of her hair and tasted the skin behind her ears. She cooed softly in French, a lovely singing sound that calmed and engrossed at the same time. beşiktaş escort Her hands stroked his back and sides gently waking each nerve making every inch of his body participate in their love play. He realized he didn’t know what to do. He let her lead and simply plunged into the sensations she provoked.

She covered his mouth with hers and softly probed its edges with her tongue. She took his head in both her hands and increased the pressure of their lips. As he let his tongue play with hers she sucked it into her warmth and became more assertive. He could feel her legs squeeze his and her belly tense. She moaned into his open mouth as he felt the insides of her channel throb rhythmically against his rampant staff. He knew he should not move but simply revel in the sensations she transmitted. She relaxed her grip on his head and fondled his hair while kissing him delicately on his eyes and face. He could still feel her pussy pulsing against his rod. The stimulation was becoming difficult for him to resist. He wanted to pump his hips in answer to her rhythm, but he didn’t dare.

He knew she would lead him to his zenith in her own manner. Her hands slid along his sides until they were caressing his hips. Her touch was light, tantalizing him and increasing his inability to hold back. He wanted to pound into her but she had control of his mind and even his desires. He knew that if he followed her lead she would introduce him to new passions. Her fingers slipped in-between their bodies and gently rubbed his groin without touching his cock or balls. The feeling was electric causing him to sense his sperm rising in his prick. He still did not move his hips but concentrated on feeling her throbbing pussy squeezing and releasing his rod. He could feel her milking along the whole length and every nerve responded. He caressed her hips and ass as lightly as she caressed him feeling the little goose bumps on her butt. Suddenly the pumping squirts of his climax were splashing his cumm into her depths. He still did not move his hips yet his explosion incorporated his whole being. She let out a little cry as his sperm hit her cervix and she squeezed him as her spasms matched his. He pumped for longer than he ever remembered as her insides milked him of his seed and his energy.

Gently she rolled off his body, she stroked his hair and asked him “Did you like that? It is such a nice way to get to know someone.” He could barely answer he was so drained and excited. He tried to explain how wonderful the experience had been and how much she had taught him. He couldn’t find the words to tell her that she may have changed his outlook and understanding forever. He caressed her hair and whispered in her ear, “Merci, mille fois, merci.” He owed her the thousands of thanks but he could not really express his thoughts.

She leaped off the bed and called room service. She ordered coffee and croissants, looking to him for approval. “Do you have many appointments today?” she asked, “Or may I show you the art of Paris? There are some wonderful shows you must see.” She told him. He was thrilled to answer that he had the whole day free and wanted nothing more than to spend all of it following her lead.

The hotel delivered their breakfast. She took the tray from the bellboy. As she turned to carry it to the bed the towel she had loosely wrapped around her body fell to the floor, giving the bellboy a full view of her back and magnificent ass. He remained, as if glued, in the open door until she told him to leave. “I guess we don’t have to give him a tip.” She laughed. She placed the tray between them on the bed and sat cross-legged pouring the coffee. He could not stop looking at the moist fur at the junction of her thighs. He was not accustomed to women as relaxed with their bodies and sexuality as she. Even as they ate their croissants she taught him new worlds.

Breakfast finished, they showered together washing away the traces of their passion. He helped shampoo her hair beylikdüzü escort and she shaved his face as they played under the stream of water. As they dried she asked him if he had a pair of jeans and a shirt she could wear for the day.

“I only have my black dress and I don’t want to wear it during the day. I could go to my apartment and change but let’s pretend the sexy American boy has abducted the little French girl and he must take care of her. Okay?”

He was slim enough for the jeans to fit her quite well, though way too long, and she tied his shirt at her waist to appear as if she had planned to dress that way from the onset. He remembered he had been told how chic the French were and here was the proof. She was wearing his clothes yet she was ravishingly feminine. The evening heels added a touch he adored but he knew she would need something else for the museums.

They spent the day together laughing and discussing art. They did buy her another pair of shoes and ate in a wonderful little bistro on the left bank. After lunch they bought a huge umbrella to stroll under in the rain. She led him to the Maillol Museum where he fell in love with the sensual sculptures of round nudes done by Aristede Maillol. She told him she knew he would love the carvings and giggled because he could not stop himself from touching them.

Her next stop was to take him to the Rodin Museum, a brief stroll down the rue de Varenne. The rain continued but they enjoyed being huddled under the umbrella. The museum is a mansion in a beautiful park with sculptures in the garden as well as inside. They wandered through the park admiring the works. Some were powerful pieces and others were sensual, even erotic. Almost no other visitors were in the garden so they experienced the art at their leisure.

In a corner far from the mansion she kissed him passionately inflaming his forgotten desires. He propped the umbrella in the branches of a tree and took her head in his hands to return the kiss. She pulled his shirt out of his pants and slid her fingers up his chest. Her mouth never left his as her tongue danced on his lips. She scratched his nipples and his sides awakening every nerve to her touch. Her hands dug into his trousers and clawed his buns while squeezing him against her body. He untied her shirt and groped for her breasts knowing she wore no bra. Tugging her nipples and fondling her globes he ground his pelvis against hers.

She unbuckled his pants, right there in the garden, but he didn’t care, he was on fire. His pants were pushed down by her foot and her hand grabbed his balls roughly. She shoved her own jeans off her hips, stepped out of the right leg, and guided his lance into her wet velvet sheath. Standing on one leg she wrapped the other around his waist and clutched him as she rode him at a frantic pace. He picked her up and pushed her against the tree under the umbrella and pumped passionately into her. She hooked her ankles behind his ass and met him thrust for thrust. They were stimulated beyond caring attacking each other with prick and cunt. She began to release little cries, oblivious to all that might hear, as she pulled his shirt up so their bare breasts would meet. He felt an explosion rising in his groin he could not control.

He moaned in her ear “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” She only answered “Oui.” Then she went over the top with a cry. He pumped his craving deep into her belly and they collapsed onto the wet gravel. She lay on top of him and kissed him deeply while telling him that she knew he would appreciate the art of Paris. Then she got up and tried to make herself presentable putting on the mud-soaked jeans and shirt with bark on the back. He did the same with the same results. They looked as if they had spent the night sleeping in the gutter. She laughed, and told him that Rodin would have been pleased to see them make love in his garden, for he was a true satyr.

They walked towards the Seine looking for a cab to take them back to the hotel and a warm bath. They laughed, they kissed, they groped, as the walked to the river ignoring all around them. With the beautiful Parisian on his arm he realized why people say Paris is so romantic in the rain. He was completely enthralled by her and by the enchanting city. As they climbed into the cab he made a silent wish for it all to never end.

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