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“Hello, Jack? Ehrr, hi…this is Tanya. Ummm, I know that this is all sudden…and that it’s late…and this is somewhat strange…ooh, this isn’t coming out right…but…if you’re not doing anything…could I come over?”

Although the request was unexpected on a rainy Friday night of a three-day weekend, it was not unwelcome. Tanya was a Eurasian sports medicine intern who started this summer at the gym where I exercise regularly.

“Sure, just let me put my pants on…ha, ha…then I come and pick you up. It’s pouring cats and dogs over here. Is it over there?”

“Aah, Jack, I’m standing just outside your walkway…and yes, it sure is pouring out here!”

Flinging my front door open, I quickly ushered a soak-wet Tanya into my house. “What the heck are you doing out in this lousy weather?”

“I was bored so I when for a jog…yes, yes, I know what you’re going to say, Jack…but who would want to molest a sweaty ugly stick-like girl like me? I am not ugly? Why thank you, Jack. Anyway…I got to the turn-around point when the sky just opened and drenched me to the bone. I would have run back to my dorm but look what happened to my old running shoes in all this water. Look.”

With that, Tanya lifted her right leg to show me that the sole has separated from the rest of her shoe. However, because her leg was so slender, her baggy jogging shorts easily opened to reveal her wet liner-covered camel-toed pussy. Stepping forward to look at her shoe (and her pussy) I also noticed how her wet thin top was plastered to her flat chest, enticingly molding to two very noticeable nipple bumps.

“You’re shivering and will catch your death of cold if you don’t get out of your wet clothes. Why don’t you take a hot shower to warm up? You’ll find a fresh towel in the bathroom linen closet. I’m sorry that I don’t have any female clothing for you to wear but I can get you a comfortable t-shirt if you don’t mind.”

“A t-shirt will do just fine since that’s all I wear when I’m in my dorm room. Brrrrh, where your bathroom? I’m making a puddle on your wooden floor and my teeth are beginning to chatter. Just place the t-shirt on the doorknob. I’ll get it when I’ve dried off. Don’t worry, Jack. I’ll try not to shock you too much with glimpses of my scrawny body.”

While Tanya was showering, I recalled the time we met at the turn of summer. The first thing that struck me was her six-foot height… towered six-fricking-inches over my height-challenged stature. The second thing was how super-skinny Tanya was…like pancake-flat, no-ass, and very slender legs. This made me feel bummed since I was the rolly-polly type. But what really shocked me was when I found that Tanya was only nineteen-year-old…some fifty years younger than me…half-a-fucking-century!

So, there we were – the out of shape, short, chubby, old fart and the fit, tall, skinny teenager. As the oddballs of the gym, it was somehow natural that we were drawn together. Tanya helped me with stretching and exercising, and I helped her take the theory of sports medicine into real-life practicality. In the process we gradually became friends, sharing, talking and texting each other about the silliest things, and looking forward to seeing each other at my next session.

We could do this because I was a widower with a wife who passed away decades ago. My two kids had moved away long ago with one in Boston and the other in Tampa. They got jobs, married, settled down, and had kids whom I seldom see. While I puttered around my house and had my routines, life had become tedious, and without meaning or much happiness. Tanya who was a strange mix of naïveté, quirkiness, and candor was a breath of fresh air in my otherwise musty and dim existence.

For Tanya, she was unattached and alone since both of her parents had tragically passed away in a car accident when she was a young girl.

“I can remember being forced to live with my father’s bitter parents on their pig farm and can still smell to stink even to today. They constantly reminded me that their precious son had disobeyed them by marrying some ‘foreign bitch.’ They didn’t mind him screwing her or even knocking her up, but they didn’t want him marrying the slut and definitely not bringing her half-blood brat home. To them I was just another farm hand whom they didn’t have to pay. I quickly learned that “mixed-breeds’…as if I was some sort of dog…were an unwelcome oddity in their vanilla society in the heartlands of America.

“Tanya, you’re part-Asian, aren’t you? You have high cheekbones, slightly almond-shaped eyes, and ivory-toned skin.”

“Yes, my mother was a Japanese national who met my father, a tall lanky white country boy, while they were attending UCLA. They fell in love, married much to the ire and disdain of my father’s family, and had me. As you may have guessed, I got my height, physical build, and this light brown hair from my father.

“I also inherited his athletic drive, but quickly discovered that I was terrible at team sports…too skinny, very uncoordinated, istanbul escort not aggressive enough…and deemed more as a liability than as an asset. Long-distance running turned out to be my thing. Running enabled me to be by myself…run as fast and as long as I wanted…and most of all, escape my troubles…my grandparents, their pig farm, the small community mentality, and my nasty classmates. I quickly became an endorphin junkie.

“Well, to make a long story short, I move as far away from my grandparents and their pig farm when I graduated and move to Hawaii. Although my parents left me a good-size trust, I couldn’t touch it without the consent of my grandparents until I reach twenty-one. Just to be spiteful because they had lost a free farm hand, my grandparents refused to use the trust to support me. My twinkling eyes are brown because of the all the shit I had to put up with to pay my way through colllege. I cover my tuition and fees with student loans, but my dorm and the local cost living are really killing me. Somehow I have to hang on for the next two years.”

“Why, honey-child,” I drawled lecherously, “you could always move in with me…pant… pant…I’m a lonely widower with a three-bedroom house with only me rumbling around in it…pant… pant…drool…drool…”

At first, Tanya was startled by my comment and accompanying sound effects, then a big tooth grin brightened her narrow pretty face as she caught on that I was teasing her. “Why, Jack, I never knew you were such a dirty old man…”

“I’m a very old, old dirty old man and don’t you forget it,” I quickly added to kid Tanya some more, “especially when it comes to a cutie like you…pant… pant…drool…drool… slobber…slobber…slobber…”

“Hmmm, well, you better watch it, you perverted gramps. I may just appear on your doorstep one day…ha, ha! I may seem really nice on the outside but you don’t know how really, really wicked I am on the inside.”

“Ooh, I hope so…I hope so…”

“Hey, Jack! I’m all warm and dry,” Tanya called from the bathroom, yanking me out of my memories and into the present. “Ready or not, here I come!”

I had to stop myself from uttering a gasp as Tanya stepped out of the bathroom. With her damp long hair fell about her shoulders, she looked absolutely stunning in my white t-shirt. Her t-shirt was so big that it hung casually off one shoulder, causing the V-neck opened to a wide neckline. Its hem fell to her mid-thighs like some bedroom mini-skirt, and the thin material tantalizing molded to and highlighted Tanya’s pert nipples.

“Ta-da!” Tanya exclaimed, throwing her arms up and causing the hem of her t-shirt to rise dangerously up her thighs. “Hey – I look alright, don’t I,” she quickly said when she saw my astonished look, not knowing just how incredibly sexy she looked.

“You look unbelievable,” I murmured before lightening up what I had just said with “for a scrawny mangy mutt fresh out of the rain.”

“Ah, you’re so sweet. Ehrr…hey Jack…I know that I’ve imposed on you already…but I’m absolutely famished and thirsty. Do you have anything for a tall, malnourished college co-ed could eat and drink?”

Ushering her to the kitchen, I quickly whipped up a couple ham and cheese sandwiches, the first of which was devoured before I could finish the second. “I don’t have much to drink except vodka which I’m drinking, water, orange juice, and milk.”

“Hmmm, I’ve had enough water for one night, thank you. I’m lactose-intolerant, and you would not want me stinking up the place. So, hmmm, vodka or orange juice? My grandparents forced me to drink orange juice all the time so it’s not my favorite drink? But I have never drunk alcohol so I don’t know what vodka tastes like. Could I have a taste of your drink?”

I held out my glass of vodka on the rocks which Tanya promptly took and sipped. She instantly gasped and push the glass back to me, saying, “Oh my! That’s like drinking pure alcohol! What? Vodka is pure drinking alcohol? No wonder, my lips are numb. But do I want to really drink orange juice instead? What do you think, Jack?”

Now although I tried, albeit not very hard, not to be a dirty old man, Tanya had a way of bringing that degenerate aspect out of me. “There is a drink that mixes vodka and orange juice and that a lot of people like. Here, let me mix just a little vodka with some orange juice, and stir it well. Try it, Tanya, and tell me what you think? Trust me (said the big bad wolf to the sweet innocent lamb…heh, heh.).”

After cautiously sipping her drink, Tanya took a deeper swallow. “You know, this isn’t bad. I can barely taste the vodka and it seems to reduce the acidic taste of the orange juice.” With that, she proceeded to finish her glass and ask for another which I just happened to make a bit stronger.

“Ooh, I feel flushed…and suddenly I’m warm but from the inside…and…relaxed. What is this drink called, Jack?”

“It’s called a ‘screwdriver.’ avcılar escort I don’t know the exactly why, but I know that if you drink too many of this drink and too fast, you get ‘screwed.'”

Tanya stopped gulped down the drink in her mouth and blurted, “You mean that I’ll finally lose my damn virginity?”

Then seeing the dumbfounded look that must have been on my face, Tanya burst into a gut-busting guffaw. But, while roiling in her laughter, she bent over which caused her baggy t-shirt to fall forward. Now it was my turn to chuckle in appreciation as I could clearly see her small pointy tits with their dark pink nipples, her flat stomach, and what looked like a dark pussy muff at the juncture of her inner thighs.

“Oh my,” Tanya suddenly exclaimed for before giggling again, “This t-shirt keeps slipping off me…and I’m blatantly flashing to you my privates! How embarrassing. I hope what you saw didn’t disgust you, Jack.”

“Tanya, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Sure, I do. I mean I’m not the most attractive woman around.”

“I find you attractive, Tanya.”

“How can you? I tall and gangly…all bones with no meat.”

“You’re tall and slender…some men like a challenge…especially guys who are height-impaired. Plus, some would say that the meat next to the bone is the sweetest.”

“Well, as you saw, you dirty old man…oh that’s right…you very old, old dirty man…I’ve flat-chested…no boobs at all…barely plum-size…and they would be overlooked if not for my always stiff nipples.”

“Take it from me, Tanya, anything more than a mouthful is a waste.”

“But I’ve got no butt!”

“Some men have enough fat on their bellies that you wouldn’t need to have butt cheeks when you’re being booty-bumped.”

“But, I’m a virgin! I don’t know why but I still am. I guess I just haven’t found the right guy who makes me feel attractive and wanted. I don’t know why but I feel like I’m missing something by not having sex. Plus, do you know that when you’re as active as me, using sanitary pads instead of tampons are a real pain in the ass, if I had one that is.”

“Tanya, I’m old-fashion when it comes to sex. But to me, your hymen is just a symbol of your virginity…a reminder that giving your body and love to your first man is something special and should be cherished. Don’t be in such a rush to get rid of it.”

Then mixing another drink for Tanya and a vodka on the rocks for me, I jokingly admitted, “The truth be told, I wouldn’t kick you out of my bed…and hell…if I were forty years younger, ooh, the despicable and depraved things that I would be doing to you right now…”

“Oooh, you are such a pervert, Jack! But, I thought you said you were ‘old-fashioned?”

“Tanya, having lustful sex with a woman… especially a young innocent one…is a traditional as you can get.”

Taking a deep drink from her glass, Tanya smiled and murmured, “You’re more than I imagined, Jack. Somehow you’re delightfully surprising and stimulating.”

“Hey, it’s getting late,” I interjected, feeling suddenly uncomfortable with the way the conversation was going. “I should be getting you back to your dorm before it’s too late.”

“Ah, that’s going to be hard since my sopping wet jogging clothes are hanging in your shower and I’m not open to going out in this storm clad only in your thin t-shirt. Jack, would you mind terribly if I stayed the night? I mean the dorm is completely empty and spooky on a long weekend, and I would be there all by myself. I promise I won’t be too much of a bother…I’ll sleep on the couch.

“Do you mean you want to stay in this den in iniquity with an ancient immoral pervert such as myself? Gasp, what a shameless young woman you are! Ha, come on. Help me change the sheets in the guest room and then I’ll find you a new toothbrush to use.”

“Thanks, Jack. I glad I thought of coming over here and that you let me stay the night. I promise you that you won’t regret it.”

“Well, let’s hope that you don’t regret it either.”

“I won’t,” Tanya purred with a broad smile on her lips as she finished her drink and began making her another. “I like this drink, this place, and especially the different side of you that I’m now seeing.”

“Ha, I can tell you without a doubt that I definitely liked the different aspect of you that I saw tonight…extremely ‘stupefying’…to say the least. Good lord, I’d better shut up before I have to take a cold shower. Come on, Tanya. Let’s get going before we’re too drunk to do anything.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Psst! Psst! Jack!”

“What? Tanya? Is that you?’ Struggling to rouse myself from a deep sleep, I then realized that Tanya was standing at my bedside, her thin figure silhouetted by the dim hallway night-light. “Is something wrong?”

“Ooh, Jack, I’m so sorry. I feel terrible for waking you up…but…I can’t sleep. What? No, the guest room is alright…it just that…it’s so unfamiliar and lonely in there.” Then after a pregnant pause, Tanya whispered şirinevler escort hopefully, “Can I sleep with you? I don’t normally do this…in fact, I never have…but tonight…I don’t want to be alone and lonely…and I’d like to snuggle with you, if you don’t mind.”

Duh! What’s a lonely old man who’s pushing seventy going to say to such a request from an attractive young teenager? “Oh – okay.”

With that Tanya slipped under the bedding, pushing me over to other side of the bed as she snuggled with me. “This is nice…you’re so warm and cozy…just the right amount of softness to offset my bony hardness,” she mumbled sleepily as her head nestled against my shoulder. “Hmmm…I could get used to this…definitely…”

I swear my heart was pounding so hard that Tanya’s head would have been tossed with each beat. However, she just sighed contently, closed her eyes, and soon was breathing softly as she drifted off to sleep.

I would be lying if I did say that a few dirty thoughts (more like a hoard) didn’t rampage through my head about Tanya. The Devil in me whispered, “She’s naked under her t-shirt and has already given you an eyeful of her nubile teenage body. What are you waiting for? Come on, she did ask to sleep with you…and then climbed into your bed! Look at her long arm and leg draped over you. So, what if you happen to ‘accidentally’ rub an enticing nipple or stroke her sweet little pussy. Yeah, Tanya is drunk or at least tipsy, and she probably won’t even remember it. The bitch must really want it bad, man. She’s throwing herself at you! Go on! Go for it!”

Then my goddamn Conscience spoke up, “Yeah, and spend the rest of your life in prison. Yeah, she did tempt you tonight…but…was it on purpose or accidentally? Yeah, you could cop a cheap feel and might get away with it…she might even respond and you would be able to fuck a willing virgin.

“But you know that the old schlong of yours ain’t what it used to be. Will you be able to get it up (like you used to) and then keep it hard (like you used to) and finally perform (like you used to)? Hmmm, it has been a while, and the last time you beat your meat…well, it wasn’t’ ‘up to par,’ was it? Plus, jerking off ain’t like the ‘real thing,’ you know? I’ll grant you that Tanya is sweet and ripe for the picking, but if you’re imaging things, is a lousy fuck worth go to prison?”

With that terrible thought in mind, I closed my eyes, listened to Tanya’s soft breathing, enjoyed the feel of a woman in my arms, and quickly fell into my normal deep slumber. Damn that damn asshole Conscience!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As usual, I awoke with the dawn. I looked over at Tanya and found her sound asleep and sprawled on me and over the bed. Carefully extracting myself from her entangling limbs so as not to disturb her sound sleep, I stood and admired Tanya’s natural beauty. In the night, her t-shirt had slipped off her right shoulder and halfway down her arm. There boldly displayed before my appreciative eyes was her bare small tit had flattened to a gentle mound from which a dusty pink cylindrical nipple proudly jutted in the dim morning light.

The hem of her t-shirt had worked its way about her waist, exposing her young womanhood that was topped off by a small patch of short light brown pubic hair. With her legs bent and knees spread apart, her hairless swollen pussy lips parted to reveal her clit partially nestled under its fleshy hood. At the bottom end of her slit, fragile petals framed her slightly open virgin vagina that called enticingly to me like a siren luring a lost and doomed sailor.

Once again, my Devil and Conscience carried on this heated debate between my ears. It was only after they had come to blows that the Bastard won. With one last look at Tanya’s captivating body, I gently covered her near nudity with the bed sheet and retreated to the bathroom and then the kitchen to make a fresh pot coffee.

“Why do I suddenly feel like Job of the Bible?” I asked g myself as I sipped my black coffee. “How many trials and tribulations must I endure, You do know that a man can only take so much.”

“Hmmm, that smells good,” a soft sleepy voice murmured from behind me, interrupting my self-pity. “Can I have a cup?” I turned and saw Tanya standing in the kitchen doorway with her t-shirt barely hanging on her slender frame. “What? No, I don’t need sugar or cream. I drink my cup of morning coffee black.”

“Are you hungry, Tanya? I was about to make some sausages and scrambled eggs…and if you’re really nice to me, I might be willing to make some pancakes too.”

“Ummm, that sounds delicious. Let me brush my teeth and do my bathroom routine, and then you’ll see just how nice I can be.” Then with a twinkle in her beautiful eyes, she murmured, “Are you sure you want me to be nice?” With that said, Tanya blew me a kiss and then disappeared down the hallway.

“Lord, how much more temptation will you beset me with?” Hearing no heavenly response, I went about making breakfast.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Jeez, Jack, I never knew you could cook so good…I could use some more of this TLC. If you keep this up, you might manage to put some meat on these here bones of mine.” Then after a slight pause, Tanya mumbled, “And speaking of my bony body…thanks for covering me this morning. I hope didn’t shock you too much by what you saw.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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