New Secretary: The Trade Show Ch. 01

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Public Sex

If you have been reading the previous stories about my new very personal assistant Marie, you’ll know that she has turned out to be a great addition to the company and a great influence on me. At this point, fourteen months into her new position, she has helped increase corporate morale and effectiveness with her talent for selecting just the right VPA for my senior executives, helped me close significant deals with many key accounts, organized a bonding exercise for the executives, encouraged me to purchase a corporate getaway in Jamaica, and has taken my life way beyond my original plans for her – I mean way beyond.


Marie had reorganized the conference room with a large circular table and ten chairs in the middle of the room and the normal stuff for presentations on the wall. Each station had a screen, keyboard and mouse and all of the company information was available real-time for the senior executive meetings. It was truly an amazing addition to effectiveness.

At this particular meeting, we were at the table discussing the upcoming trade show in Orlando and what kind of presence we wanted to make. From some sales research that we had commissioned, we were making quite a stir with our competitors with our sales growth and sole source contract approach. OK by me.

Around the table were each of our five key players and their respective VPAs: Me and Marie, Tom and Rachel (Sales), Jeff and Madeline (CFO), Manny and Veronica (HR/CRM/CSR), and Mike and Annette (Production and Operations). We quickly dispensed with who was to be on the advance crew – Tom and Rachel and Manny and Veronica. Marie and I would go up on Monday morning and the rest of the detail would come up on Tuesday evening for the show on Wednesday through Saturday.

Mike and Tom used the computer system to show us the a rendering of the new booth which was four times the size of the old one and had two curtained “meeting rooms” for private conversations with customers. All the girls snickered when Rachel said “or whatever”. Rachel said they had arranged with the show promoter to position us at the end of the center isle directly opposite the entrance. Our name and display could not be missed by anyone who entered the conference area. Also our “meeting rooms” would face a wall so there would be pretty good privacy. Spectacular planning by all and I said so.

On the Monday morning I picked up Marie at the town apartment where she seemed to be spending more and more time. We loaded up the convertible and headed on the three-hour drive to Orlando. She was her usual self, a button up the front dress and little else. I know she loved giving the truckers a show and their horn blasts encouraged her to open her dress entirely. As for me, I enjoyed the view as much as anyone and, from time to time, I would reach over and fondle her. She would squeal with delight and open her legs. She said the increased airflow was to cool her off. Yeah – right! I would reach in and play with her clit or stuff her pussy full of finger. This usually got my cock a good stroking.

When we arrived, we went directly to the conference center. Rachel was talking to what appeared to be the floor boss and he had his hand on her ass and was stroking it as they spoke. She was also dressed in the VPA “uniform” of a slinky dress that buttoned up the front. Hers was open well into her cleavage and up to her thighs. She was playing him pretty well as was evidenced by the fact that our display was completely set up and everyone else was still unpacking. It looked better than the computer simulation. She finally gave him a little kiss and she came over to greet us. As she walked the dress would flow around her great legs and her tits would jiggle. All the workmen stopped to watch as she walked by. You have to love these girls – they don’t fuck around when it comes to being sensual.

“Hi gang. The floor boss is such a love – we don’t have our power yet so he is going to do it himself.”

“You seem to have everything under control. What did it cost us?” I asked.

“Oh it didn’t cost us any extra money. Veronica was ‘real’ nice to him when she got a tour of the storage area looking for our stuff. She came out looking a little disheveled and he had a big grin. I was equally as nice this morning in one of the “meeting rooms”. He has a huge dick” she istanbul escort said with a giggle.

“Well, then we’ll head over to the hotel. Nothing doing this evening – take your own private time and we’ll hook up tomorrow for lunch in our suite.”

“OK – see you guys” and she went off to “help” the floor boss.

We drove over to the hotel and I asked Marie to get us checked in while I managed the luggage with the bellman. As I walked into the lobby Marie was coming toward me with a big smile on her face.

“The owner of the hotel has given us an upgrade because of the number of room nights and functions we have planned. You and I get one of the four VIP suites on the private concierge top floor. The front desk woman said we wouldn’t be disappointed. It even has its own card that works the elevator. I asked her to give our appreciation to the owner. She smiled and said the owner would contact us during our stay to greet us properly.”

When we got off the elevator and opened the double doors I was flabbergasted. It was like the suite in “Pretty Woman” only with a function space connected through the living area. I suggested we make use of the suite on the first night and have dinner in. I called down to the kitchen and placed our dinner order and a wine and appetizer order for earlier.

We unpacked and Marie was like a kid in a candy store. She opened the curtain to the veranda and balcony, and then opened the doors. I followed her out and was amazed by the incredible panorama. We had total privacy and an unobstructed view. Marie leaned up against the rail and I came up behind her putting my arms around her. She took my hands and guided them higher and I responded by squeezing and playing with her tits.

“This is so totally perfect” she purred and undid the remaining buttons of her dress giving me ever greater freedom. She shrugged her shoulders and the dress fell between us leaving her totally nude. She turned around and undid the buttons on my shirt and pushed it off my shoulders. She leaned in and licked each of my nipples giving each a little nibble as well. God I loved when she did that. She followed up by undoing my belt and shorts and letting them fall to the ground next to her dress. We stepped out of our clothes and turned back to the view.

My now hardening dick had found its way between her ass cheeks and she was rising up and down to stroke me. Then she reached back and played with the tip with one finger. She knew it drove me crazy. By that time, the sun had started its descent and the colors where magnificent. Marie had my dick in her hands and was slowly stroking up and down as I massaged her tits and stomach.

“Let’s do it here on the veranda” was all she said. She turned and squatted down gobbling my dick on the way. There Marie was, on her knees in front of me as I looked over her head at the sunset, deep-throating a very hard dick. She was really enjoying giving me head – more so than usual.

I knelt down next to her and pushed her on her back. She spread her legs showing me her already wet pussy glowing from the reflection of the sun. She reached up and took my dick into both hands and guided it into her waiting hole. I pumped in and out of her with long and slow strokes as she ramped up to a massive orgasm. When she was just coming down I started again and she had another and another as I came deep in her. We just lay there enjoying the breeze.

“Let’s take a shower together” she suggested. With all of our time together and the level of intimacy we shared, that was something we had never done.

“Oh that sounds like such fun! Please let’s take a shower together. Did you see it – it’s big enough for half the company and has ten jets!” She took my hand and led me to the bath.

I reached in and got the temperature to where I wanted. Without waiting for Marie, I stepped in and got wet. The pressure, temperature and sprays were just fantastic. I could feel my body relaxing immediately. I was facing the main spray and had lathered up my hair. I felt the cold air form an open door and then Marie’s hand on my back.

“Let me do that” she said and pushed my hands away. She massaged my scalp and it felt as intimately sensual as you could get. Between her hands massaging my head and the feel of avcılar escort her tits on my back I was starting to get hard.

She reached over and grabbed the spray handle and rinsed my hair. She was already wet from the other jets and the top one was like being outside in a rain storm. The warm water flowing between us felt wonderful as she rubbed herself against me. She reached up and, taking the soap, started lathering first my back and then my chest and stomach playing with my nipples as she went. It didn’t take long for her find my dick and wash that as well. It had been a very ling time since I had taken a shower with a woman. She took my already hardening dick and stroked it in a long slow motion and played with my balls with her other hand. The soap acted as a lubricant and I had this thought that this is what using lube on her ass must feel like to her. It was as sensual an experience as I could imagine.

I turned around and pushed her under the other jets grabbing the soap from her hand. I lathered her tits and chest slowly finding my way to her pussy. She moaned as I squeezed and prodded her pussy and played with her clit. She spread her legs wider so I could get deeper. I just continued to tease her.

“This is so wonderful. I hope they have plenty of hot water!” she whispered a she pulled me closer so my dick was at her entrance. She raised her leg and I pushed in all the way. We both groaned with pleasure. I pumped in and out slowly so as not to topple us into the glass. She got into a mantra:

“Oh yeah, gooooooddddddddddd…. Deep..deep. oh oh ughhh oh oh oh oh oh yeeeessssssssssssss… oh shit” and she had an enormous orgasm coating my dick with her juices. About that time I was ready and let a long stream off inside her and we both started laughing. I really don’t know why but it felt wonderful.

We rinsed off and dried each other. As I rubbed down her body I could see her nipples getting hard again and her breathing getting a little short. Women are amazing – they can go for hours and Marie, well she could fuck all night if she was in the mood – which was most of the time. We put on our robes and went to the living area and poured a drink.

We had a light dinner and called it a night. I just loved being curled up next to her. The smell she had fresh from a shower would wake even a dead dick.

Tuesday morning as Marie and I were having a cup of coffee in our robes the bell to the suite rang. Marie went to the door and I noticed how the robe would open and close showing off her very naked body underneath. I never got tired of looking at her.

She opened the door and there stood this young slim blond in a very brief and see-thru chiffon cover – and that’s all. She might have been slim but she had fantastic proportions which she obviously kept in good shape through exercise. Marie gave her a big hug and kiss hello and brought her into the suite.

“Jack – this is Jamie – one of Melissa Bryant’s two VPA’s. Jamie meet Jack.”

“Hi. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person” she said with a voice like silk and giving me a full-body hug. She was definitely a hardbody. “I have heard so much about you from Melissa. She wanted me to convey her apology for waylaying your breakfast order. It will be delivered to her suite directly across the hall. She insists that you come over for breakfast – she said to tell you ‘come as you are’! From what I can see, you to are perfectly dressed.”

I grabbed the key and Marie and I followed her across the hall to the “President’s Suite” still wearing nothing but our robes. Jamie’s rear view was as good as her front. What an ass she had.

Jamie opened the door to this incredible set of rooms – larger and more opulent than ours. Out on the balcony was a table that looked a little like a massage table. There was Melissa, entirely naked, lying face up with her head leaning back and supported on a platform and pillow off the end of the table. Her legs were spread and her knees close to her hips. She was having her pussy massaged outside and in by another slim blond – only this one male. Her body looked even better than when Marie and I had played with her a couple of months back and she was clearly in heat. Jamie made the introductions.

“Jack, this is my brother James – James this is Jack and of course şirinevler escort Marie” He came around the table and I heard Marie gasp. James had an enormous dick. Flaccid it was hanging down near his knee and was at least two inches across.

Melissa and Jamie chuckled.

“We have been working on James’ dick size. Neither Jamie nor I were satisfied with its original size, although it was quite large then as well. Marie you are free to play anytime. Jack come over here where I can see you better.”

I walked over to the head of her table and she was looking up at me upside-down. She reached out and pulled me closed so I was forced to straddle her head. She pulled the folds of my robe apart and grabbed my dick with both hands. She started to rub my tip with both thumbs as she drew me closer to her. Finally close enough, she grabbed me by the ass and pushed my dick all the way down her throat. The feeling was amazing as she worked her throat around me. It felt like a hand job only warmer and wetter. Jamie had come around the other end of the table and through off her robe. She mounted the table and buried her face in Melissa’s pussy along with three fingers. Immediately, Melissa raised her hips up to give Jamie better access and she took full advantage. Melissa came twice in quick succession. Jamie’s tongue was working overtime and Melissa was in heaven.

I looked over at Marie. She was on her knees trying to swallow James dick. It was too big for her smaller mouth but she was giving it the college try. Finally she screamed – “give that thing to me” and plopped on the couch with her robe open and her legs spread. James leaned over her and slowly started to guide his immense dick into Marie. He was slow and gentle. She grunted and grimaced as it invaded her and stretched her but she was determined to take it all. When he was about half way in he rammed it home. Marie screamed in the pain and had an orgasm at the same time. She started thrashing about while James just kept burying his immense dick to the stops. Marie must have had ten orgasms one right after the other. She finally could take it no longer and pushed him away. When I looked at her crotch, it had this large hole where her pussy used to be and it was leaking cum – apparently his as well as hers.

James came around the table and amazingly he was still hard as a rock and as big as a tree. He came up behind Jamie and pushed into her ass using Marie’s cum as lubrication. From my angle it didn’t appear that she needed much help. He pumped her hard for a couple of minutes and finally came in her as she screamed her own orgasm into Melissa’s pussy. I had it at that point and unloaded in Melissa’s throat as she had yet another orgasm which looked more like convulsions that sex. Marie lay on the couch wiped out.

We all slumped into our respective chairs and laughed together – totally satiated.

“So what’s this all about” I finally said after a few minutes motioning to the suite.

Melissa answered “You only know about my father’s business. My deceased husband owned four of these hotels. I sold two and paid off the four mortgages. I keep this suite just for me when I am in town and only my friends get to share this floor. James and Jamie have been such a boost to me I now consider you and Marie my friends – not just a close supplier. You have no idea how much I appreciate what you have done for my company and my personal life. Besides I really like your dick.” And she laughed even louder.

The bell rang and Jamie, still totally naked went to the door to let in room service. This enormous black waiter looked around, smiled and asked if there was anything else we needed. We all chimed no and he exited.

“That’s Frank” Jamie offered. “I really like him and we play a lot when I’m here alone. He’s is a great lover – not as good as you James, but a willing student. “

We enjoyed our breakfast and bid farewell so we could clean up and get ready for our lunch meeting with the team. We showered together again and I carefully put lotion on Marie’s labia. She could barely walk.

“Could you imagine that thing in my ass? It would kill me.”

“How does Jamie do it? She is so small.”

“They told me during their interview they have been fucking like rabbits almost every day since they were thirteen. She must be stretched to accommodate him easily. And she is very limber. To hear her tell it, when she caught a glimpse of his immense dick she couldn’t control her desire – or should I say lust. She pleaded with him for three weeks to fuck her and he finally gave in. It was all desire and pleasure from then on.”

To be continued

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