Naughty Theatrics

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This is my first attempt at writing a Literotica story. Or for that matter, this is my first attempt at writing my first story. I have been a passive reader for years and I just had to clear my mind off. I have tried to keep it simple and I hope you will enjoy it. Please do let me know. Your comments would be most appreciated and looked forward to. Thank you.

I keep thinking about you. There’s no other way to say it. It’s hard to go through a day where you don’t figure in my thoughts, crawling your way inside my head and then messing up the order of my thoughts. If I was thinking of going to a super-market, you have already dragged me inside it, with people nearby, some security cameras and you work your charms and we don’t care for anything else but the naughtiness of it and come close to each other while looking for what we need to buy. But it is just a ruse for you to walk just ahead of me while holding my hand and grinding your round juicy ass; protected by a mini skirt and little thongs; on my hard cock wrapped in denim jeans. And I almost start believing it too, a small groan eliciting from me and that brings me out of my angelic haze. You created this mess in my head. You wrecked chaos inside me and I think I am getting addicted further and further. There is no escape. I don’t think I need one either.

I can only term it as an addiction that’s built over itself in these years. Do you think I am obsessed? In love? I doubt that. I do know it’s not just lust. Lust alone doesn’t always lead to the control that I allow you inside my head. It’s scary but it is so much more beautiful. That’s why I think about you unashamedly. Did you ever know I think about you so? Or that you make me smile? Just hearing your voice does something in my brains; chemical, it strings up diabolical twirls in my chest; biological, and it stirs my cock, with an eagerness that I can’t compare cause the words fail me when I hear your voice; physical. Hearing you giggle and talk makes my day, if nobody else’s, goooooooooooood. But, you know it already that your giggle makes every lucky bastard’s day who hears it, happy and I know it’s empowering and sexy and you know it too.

But you’re so sweet and caring and it shows in how you go about it. That is why I like you, and how you think. It’s amazing and so fucking naughty. So, I have decided to share a fantasy I have about you and me, an angel and a stranger and what happens when they meet. It’s an extension of a part of your fantasy maybe. It’s the only way to bring some control back in my head *smiles*


I watch you everyday. We have talked once but I know of you. Over the time that has went by since I first saw you, I have learnt more about you. You look fascinating with a smile ever radiant on your lips. You have this presence that makes people know you’re around. You have this infectious aura and I started getting infected as soon as I saw you. The first time that I had any knowledge of your presence was this sweet little giggle that made my head turn because it was just sexy. There’s no other word to define it. I remember that I wasn’t having the best of days at that time and I heard it and it made me smile. The cute little tone and the lingering giggle and I had to take a look and my smile just stuck on my mouth. I don’t know if I drooled in awe, but chances are that I did. A cute girl walking by with the cutest voice, talking and smiling like being in that moment was the happiest and it made me happy and I let it sink in, the gorgeous view right in front of me.

Oh, lord. Dark hair swishing past the shoulders, going down and moving like a mixture of waves with every movement that was made by this cute little figure with hips that swayed perfectly in motion and I could see hints of that round, firm ass and I could have happily gone to heaven. But, I’m a greedy little boy, and I wanted to see more. So, I made a lame excuse and picked the first thing that I could see on the floor, and I said,” Excuse me? Did you drop this?”

You stopped and turned with half a smile still present on your lips and you tilted your head and I saw the rest of you. I remember holding my breath for a minute as you turned and tilted your head. Round, big blue eyes staring back at my dark eyes, a pout on your lips that dazzled in the light and that face that was looking curiously at me and my vision wavered. I didn’t want to look like a pervert but there was absolutely nothing I could do at all. My eyes looked down to a perfect set of round tits that were big and juicy and I know my eyes stayed on them a bit more than what was considered “normal” but they looked so damn delicious and I just stared contentedly only to hear a giggle again on your lips with an amused look and I apologized and got up and you said, “Nope, that’s not mine, thanks!”, and you left and I was left with a smile stuck on my lips for a few days.

I remember darting back into the first corner I could find where I could be alone and then, grabbing my cock and stroking bakırköy escort it as I just kept thinking of you. Leaning myself against a wall, so I was hidden from anyone passing by and then stroking my cock up and down, moving my fingers along the length of my hard cock, hardened by thoughts of you, racing into my head, feeling your warm breath, your hands, your big blue eyes looking onto me as you grabbed my cock. Thinking what you would do with it as you grabbed it. Would you use your tongue on the tip of my cock, coaxing out my precum and taste the first sip from my cock head’s tiny slit, or would you run your tongue along the underside of my cock, moving it along the length as you let your tongue judge my cock and then my balls and just make me wait in bated pleasure.

Would you just grab my cock with your tiny fingers and wrap them around my stiff cock and feel the veins along the length and then run it up and down. Moving faster and faster and then take my cock down your throat? Would you take my entire cock just deep down your throat in one swoop or would you take your time savoring it? Would you let me fuck your sweet mouth or would you be controlling me with your tongue and fingers on my cock and balls till I am ready to explode a thick load of white, sticky cum inside your mouth. All of these thoughts raced to my head in a matter of few minutes and minutes seemed like hours but I was desperate for release and I was groaning as I thought of you, not knowing your name, not caring at that moment cause my greed for release was too much to withstand and I just wanted to focus on your beauty at that moment and I was cumming hard! It was so good!

After that day, I would see you now and then. Your infectious sweet aura would always find favor in men, old and young. You could command an army if you wanted to and I was in awe of you. I was content for now though, in observing you from a distance cause I wanted to know more about you first. I learned that you almost always responded to the name Angel. You always smiled when you heard it, like it was a second nature to you. So, you will be Angel.

Sweet, little Angel.

I have thought about grabbing you and lifting you and just fucking you so much by now. Impaling you on my hard cock and having my way with you. Letting you have my way with me. Not caring one bit if anyone saw us as we fucked and fucked and painted the town red. Or blue. Or Green. Purple, maybe? Sometimes, I would berate myself for being so dirty minded about you, but I couldn’t help thinking about you. Thinking about an angel is supposed to be a good thing and I was happy letting those thoughts be impure and dirty. I learned that you have a boring job but your eyes always had a twinkle to them with that smile that could melt a winter’s snow hundreds of miles away. You were far from boring and that twinkle of your eyes always confirmed that for me.

I thought you were the perfect mix of nice and naughty, good and bad and that always provided fuel to the fire of the oft times that I have played with myself completely lost to you. Thinking about your tight little pussy that I would lick on and on for hours without complaining. I would use my fingers to flick over your clit, peeking at me from its hood, longing to be played with. Would you like me to lick your clit over and over as two of my fingers worked its way inside your juicy tight pussy? Using my tongue, I would suck on your clit right at the tip and then wrap it in my lips and suck slowly as I used my fingers to fuck you hard, pushing in deep and watching you writhe in pleasure as your hands would wrap around my head and then fuck my mouth with your sweet sensitive pussy mmmmm. Then, after you have used my mouth as your fuck toy, you would grab me and make me shove my hard cock to fill you up. Stretch your pussy in along the length of my thick shaft and pound my cock in deep inside the wet juicy depths of your tight pussy! Then, you would proceed to make my cock spew out a thick load wherever I wanted for being such a good fuck toy for you! Your entire body would be my canvas and I would have free rein to coat you in my white cum! My brain always goes crazy thinking of you like this. You are the Sweet Sexy Little Angel who makes me go mmmmm.

Days went by and it was a cold boring night, that night. So, I was just walking past the road in a hoodie over my head. The street was pretty much deserted and I was happy to just being alone on the street. I walked past an old theater that was airing an old French movie from the 50s; Lady Chatterley’s Lover. I wasn’t feeling any particular need to find about her lover so I skipped past the theater, and then I looked at the opposite side of the road. A car parked on the side of the street and from the car, rose a woman who had a long black coat on her and she walked in sexy stilettos. I glanced backwards as I was still making my way and she had dark sunglasses covering her eyes, but there was no mistaking her. I knew it was you. I stopped now and waited, beşiktaş escort still as a statue as you made your way past the road and made for the theater, paying for admission and you looked around slowly around the entrance of the old theater after which, you went in.

Right at that moment, a part of me was excited at seeing you and I waited to make sure that you had gone in and I went to the theater and paid for admission as well. I wondered if you were a fan of French movies, and that, if nothing else, I could read from the sub-titles and watch the movie if it was any good. I bought some pop-corn and headed for the entrance. The theater was almost filled to the brim…with empty seats. A haunted ghost town, would have more people. Or ghosts. But, still, it wasn’t empty and a few people were watching the movie from the front. I was scanning from the entrance for Angel, for you, the only reason for me venturing to find who Lady Chatterley’s Lover was and you were near the entrance at the back, settling in just as I stood there and admired your gorgeous form from behind. Even with a long black coat, you looked so sexy. I wondered to myself what you must have been wearing inside that long black coat. Would it be something casual or something formal or sexy perhaps? I drew my hoodie and just sat at a seat on the row behind you without making any noise, watching and caring more about this angel, than Lady Chatterley.

Glancing at the movie in between glances at you, I watched the on-goings on the screen as you seemed to get comfortable on your seat. And then I saw it. Your hand, slowly crept and opened up your coat a little and your tiny fingers were sliding slowly against your thighs. I drew in my breath, afraid to breathe as I just sat in a dark shadow behind you, unsure if you even knew that there was someone behind you. I saw your fingers continue its ride between your thighs…slowly running up and down, tracing indistinguishable patterns on the top of your thigh with a single finger, a small whisper, a moan escaping from your lips, slowly, curving your fingers against your thighs, traveling in deeper, your legs opening wider, inch by inch, going in slow as your touches grew more pressing on your skin, more urgent, finally moving your fingers right between your thighs as it is spread open, your glistening tight pussy proudly on display, shining from the little speckle of light, that kept peeping in from the theater.

I watched mesmerized as you rubbed against your lips slowly. My eyes, straining to adjust quickly to the slow, soft movement of your fingers over your pussy, flitting slowly across your lips and then rubbing across them, was glued on the sensuous show in front of me. I watch silently as I can feel my heart thump in my chest, afraid that you would hear it and this show, that I have chanced upon, a once in a lifetime show, would be gone. So, I just watch in awe as you keep rubbing over your pussy lips, soft, cute little whimpers growing from your throat and then you lean your head back and I can’t stop my mouth from saying it…”Fuck!” and you are aware of a stranger behind you, watching your show, and I just stop breathing, afraid that a single breath would make you jump and you would run away.

Fortunately, the show doesn’t stop. Without leaning back to see who is watching you, you open your coat, and I can’t help but push forward to watch you. Oh, dear lord. You are completely naked from top to bottom and I see your round juicy tits spring out and they are just so round and big with your hard nipples, poking out with no shame, and I just lick my lips as I watch you like this. Your sexy little frame in a pair of sunglasses over your eyes, your mouth half open and continuously moaning with little whimpers lingering around your throat, becoming more urgent.

I can’t keep my excitement to myself and I move forward and gently touch you on your right arm. I know you’re taken aback as your voice right in the middle of a moan on touching your spread little pussy reaches a higher pitch and I don’t say anything and let my right hand just caress up and down your arm softly as I breathe into your neck, watching your small fingers, work their way on your clit now, your fingers circling around your clit. I know you are anxious and scared of a stranger touching you. So I let my fingers move up and down as your moan gets caught up in your throat and I just breathe a soft raspy warm breath in the cold theater to soothe you and you just shiver as you keep rubbing your clit for yourself, for me and I can feel the heat emanating from your sexy skin, and I’m licking my lips slowly as I just enjoy how horny and naughty you are tonight.

You move your left hand and bring your tiny wet fingers over my hand that’s caressing your arm. Holding it, you gently just guide it forward as I lean forward again and you wrap it around your right tit and I don’t need any further coaxing. I instantly squeeze your tit in my hand, letting my other hand come up on the other side and grabbing beylikdüzü escort your left tit. I can feel your heart beat rapidly as you trail your fingers, first between your luscious tits, running it up and down and then I watch as you take it down, outlining your beautiful skin with your coat wide open, and I can see your fingers going over your belly button, trailing down as I watch you run your fingers round it and then go down, not caring to be slow anymore, resuming their place between your pussy lips, using two of your fingers to push inside as I squeeze your tits together and I can’t keep my lips away from you any more.

I cock my head to the side and go down on your neck, pressing my lips right onto the left side of your neck and sucking on it hungrily as I cup your tits together from the sides and then from bottom, trailing my fingers and their hold over your tits onto your nipples and I can sense they are so hard, like diamonds, and I just let my teeth nip at your neck along the wet little patch, I marked with my tongue as I squeeze your nipples, letting my fingers gently pinch them one by one as I keep biting into your neck, little groans escaping from my mouth onto your neck, setting atop vibrations on your neck as I watch intently as you start fucking your pussy harder with your fingers and I got the best seats for your show, right behind you and fondling your tits!

Your moans keep getting louder and louder as you keep going deeper inside your pussy with your fingers. I squeeze your left tit and then your right tit and then grab both of your nipples together which makes you a writhing, shivering mess as you strain to keep your moans low. I lunge forward with my left hand and grab hold of your fingers that just plunged inside your pussy and pull it up to us, letting you taste it first and then greedily pulling it to my mouth as I replace your fingers below with mine, longer and thicker fingers now invading and probing your tight little fuckhole while I lick and suck longingly on your fingers. I am relishing every last drop of your pussy’s juices moaning softly onto your fingers as my own fingers are rubbing on harder.

Pressing my lips onto your earlobes and then nibbling on it as I keep pressing my fingers deeper inside your tight juicy fuckhole, arching it up and moving it in and out as I just keep nibbling over your ears, breathing into your skin as I watch you play with your big tits and my other hand joins in with renewed vigor and keeps mauling your tits. They are so soft and still hold on their own. I am playing with your nipples which have become harder if that was possible. You are just so sexy spread out over on the seat like this. Your coat completely open, but still hanging onto your back and it makes you look sexier. I can’t help but breathe into your ears, “Trust this stranger for tonight, okay? I want your cum. I need your cum. Cum for me!”

And I see you nod your head in approval. Pushing my fingers in deep, I watch as you move your pussy frantically on my fingers, up and down, grinding your sexy hips on and on. Moving forward and back on the seat so fast as I keep coaxing you to cum on my fingers, demanding you to move faster on my fingers, fuck my fingers harder. I am telling you how much I have waited for your sweet cum and how I want so much of your cum. The cum of this naughty girl who likes getting fucked inside a theater and you moan out as you bite your lips and I just hold you as you shake and quiver and I can feel your cum dripping along my fingers! Wow!

I love how your cum is just flowing along my fingers and your thighs. I start to slide my fingers out slowly, sawing along inside your pussy to tease you and you moan back in appreciation. As I, almost take it out, you grab hold of my hand and just whisper without even looking at me, “Please, fuck me, Stranger! I need your cock inside me!” I bite into your neck as I hear it and move forward without taking off my hoodie and just settle on your seat as you stand up, naked, not caring if anyone looks at you at that moment, only desperate for my hard cock as I am for your juicy tight pussy. I can see the silhouette of your form against the light of the movie screen, watching for the moment, as I see the unmistakable glistening of your pussy’s cum dripping right off your pussy! God, you are so wet! I can’t take it anymore.

I grab your hips, wrapping my fingers around on both sides as I watch your round sexy ass sway. With my hands on your hips, I hold you as you stand impatiently, moving your round ass to tempt me, to encourage me to remove my pants faster and it works, so effectively! I glide my pants down and hold you and I can instantly feel your fingers reaching down to grab hold of my cock and I moan, softly groaning as I feel your fingers squeezing my cock and I feel your dripping pussy right above my cock’s head. I feel your fingers first running up and down my cock, stroking my thick shaft in your fingers, my cock head oozing drops and drops of precum that you let your fingers run all over and under my cock. And then, with no warning, you grind your hips right down to let my cock push up on the opening of your tight pussy. I moan out again as you moan with me and then you keep grinding on my thick cock, taking me inside you slowly and slowly till half of my cock is inside you.

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