Pearl Necklace

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Big Ass

“Come on,” Connie begged, “what is it?”

“I told you,” he said. “It is a surprise for later.”

“Jesus Christ Kevin, you are such a bastard at times,” she told him, “and you know I hate to be teased.”

“Alright,” he said, “I brought you a pearl necklace.”

Connie squealed with delight. “A pearl necklace? Really?” And with that she hugged him tightly around his neck, kissing him deep and hard with all the passion she could muster.

Kevin lifted her up by her sweet plump ass and held her tight to him. Connie was such an easy horny slut. God he was happy that he was engaged to her; this marriage was definitely going to be was more sexual and satisfying than the one to that bitch of 15 years.

Kevin entwined his fingers tightly in her hair, tilting her head back so he could trace her chin and neck with his lips and tongue. He knew she loved the sensations of her chin being kissed. Connie held his head tight to her, letting it drop down to just above her camisole. The fragrance of her lotion filled his nostril, making him inhale even deeper. With his face buried in her cleavage, he kneaded her bottom, making her push her now moistening cunt against him with a fervor that meant fuck me soon.

Little did Connie know that he had every intention of making her his wanton insatiable slut for the afternoon. But it would be done his way. Connie loved it when he took charge, just took her when he wanted, how he wanted.

Kevin carried her over to the bed, and placed her down on the floor. Pushing her back slightly, he sat on the bed and told her to do a slow strip tease. Connie gave him a dirty look; she wanted to be fucked, now, hard, and in every slutty way. Connie craved his cock, needed it and it did not matter where, in her cunt, her ass or mouth as long as she got it daily.

Kevin istanbul escort picked up the remote beside the bed, and started playing some music, and he leaned back not saying a word, instead just giving Connie the look that said, do it or you get nothing. Connie knew better than to fucking upset Kevin, he could hold out on servicing her for a week, and he knew she needed cock.

Connie began to sway her hips, slowly unbuttoning her top and shrugging it off her shoulders. Dancing in her tight jeans and camisole, she allowed her head to slowly rock from side to side, her hair cascading around her.

As she allowed herself to get into it, Kevin dimmed the light, setting the mood even more. Connie’s fingers teasingly undid the button on her jeans, and tantalizingly slow, unzipped them. Finally Connie was dancing in just her thong and camisole, her nipples poking out through the top, two hard buds begging to be released. Kevin reached for her, lifting the top up over her head. He held it there, trapping her in that position as his mouth covered the pointed pebbles. He tugged, sucked, and all she could do was moan. Connie struggled to free her arms and when she was free, she pulled his hair, making him suck and bite her tits harder. Kevin used his hands to explore her ass once again, feeling her pussy from behind, her juice trickling down her legs.

He moved the thin material to one side and he slowly pushed two fingers between her lips, her legs opening up to allow easier access to her cunt. Connie began to gyrate, wanting them deeper but Kevin, being a master at keeping women on the edge, refused to grant her that need. Toying with her, making her want it even more, he removed his fingers and slowly slid them up so she could taste herself. Her avcılar escort sweet nectar, something she had never tasted before he introduced her to this exotic delight.

Connie pulled Kevin’s t-shirt over his head, and then she pushed him back and knelt to unbuckle his pants. She pulled them off of his legs, running her hands up and down his thighs, feeling the strength in them. Next, she reached for the waist band of his boxer briefs and waited to see his massive prick spring forward as she released it from its material confines.

Christ, she loved the way he was always spewing precum, more than any man before in her life. She ran her small hands over his cock, scooping it up and licking every drop from her fingers.

Kevin got back up and sat Connie down on the bed, kneeling between her legs; he kissed his way up her shapely legs. He blew softly on her slit, his warm breath only serving to excite her more. A small puddle of wetness formed on the bedspread beneath her.

Kevin’s tongue parted her labia, tugging on the lips that protruded, opening her like a morning flower. God she tasted so good, he pushed forward, prodding, pushing, fucking her cunt with his snake-like appendage. His chin now entirely coated, he roamed upwards, pushing her hooded clit back, exposing it to the air and his fingers entered her waiting pulsing pussy. It did not take Connie long to cum the first time, arching her back, legs tensed; she let out a shrill scream. Kevin always wanted a screamer, now he had found her, some one who gave in to her passions, and he was ecstatic.

He continued his attack on her g-spot and clit, driving her deeper and deeper into a sexual world where nothing else mattered except her need to cum and cum.

Just as she approached her second orgasm, he stood up, şirinevler escort but before she could protest, he grabbed her and rolled her over, and promptly spread her legs, placing his manhood at the entrance to her love pit, pushed deep and hard, not allowing her time to get ready, just the way she liked it. Connie loved to be used sexually, rode hard and put away wet as the saying goes.

Kevin fucked her, his thumb probing her tight rosebud, never entering it, just teasing it. Connie wanted more, she wanted it back there too, but Kevin liked to torment her. He slapped her beautiful bottom, stinging it just a little. He pulled her hips, driving deeper and finally she came again, bucking against him, riding him, not stopping and wanting more. The more Kevin fucked her, the more she fucked back, matching him on every stroke, and finally she came one last time, collapsing. With a smile, Kevin pulled out of his lovely fiancée, and rolled her over so her head hung off the bed.

With an evil smile, Kevin placed his cunt juice-covered cock in her mouth, and as she sucked it deep, he grabbed the remote for the music.

Pearl Necklace by ZZ Top started to play. Kevin smiled to himself, and began to thrust back and forth, fucking her face. Just as he was ready to cum, he pulled out, and yelled, “here it cums, your Pearl Necklace” and he began to shoot his creamy load just above her tits, spurt after spurt of jism hitting her fair skin, running down towards her neck. When he was done, she looked slightly confused, and with a chuckle, he handed her a mirror. Sure enough, Kevin’s cum formed what appeared to look like a beautiful pearl necklace around her neck.

Connie began to laugh, she could not even be upset in the slightest about being duped; instead, she used her fingers to eat her gift.

Once they regained their composure, Connie smiled, kissed him and said, “I would love more necklaces from you in the future, but trust me buddy, this means the wedding ring better be damn good!” And with that, they both laughed until she started to rub his cock hard again, but that is another story for a later date.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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