One Sunny Day Ch. 01

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It is so lovely here this time of year! I have envisioned this day for a long time now and so have you. Will you like what you see? Will you be excited? I know that I most certainly am! I feel like a little schoolboy anticipating summer vacation or a trip to the creek. All of my nerve endings are sensitized. She arrived before me and is inside the cabin waiting for me. I can’t wait to feel her in my arms! I am sure that when we first see each other we will kiss each other for the longest time! Never having met yet we will feel like we have known each other for a life time. I want to make her feel just as special as she has made me feel!

As I approach the door I am inflamed with passion. I am so excited that you are just on the other side of the door! I close my eyes tightly and intentionally and lightly knock on the door of the cabin. I hear you slowly open the door. All my senses are inflamed. You take my hand and lead me inside of the room. I smell the scented candles you have lit and I smell your perfume. The fragrance intoxicates me even more. It is warm and toasty in the room and your hands are so warm. I have seen your image in photographs and I have heard your voice. I also know you by your emails. But I want my last treat, my last sense of seeing you in person, face to face, to be the most wonderful experience of all.

You face me and I feel your arms surround me. I feel the sweetest hug I have ever felt and then I feel your hands upon my face. anadolu yakası escort You touch my lips and pull me down. I find your soft lips. Your lips feel wonderful to me baby! I run my fingers through your hair and caress your face as we kiss. My hands trace down along your side. You are wearing something silky and I am excited to no end. I am torn to open my eyes but I am enjoying every sensation that I am feeling. I pull you in tightly against my body. I have become lost in your kisses. You taste wonderful! I feel your breath upon my neck as you kiss me there.

You take my hand and move it upward placing it upon your breast and I feel the cool softness of your gown and the firmness of your erect nipple against my fingertips. I roll my fingers across your nipple and I hear your breathing begin to change. You are feeling my body and your touch is driving me wild. Should I open my eyes yet and have the rest of my treat? Everything is so wonderful just as I knew it would be! Not a word is spoken. At this time none are needed.

You lead me to the bed and have me sit down. I feel you kneeling down between my legs. Then you tell me to open my eyes and you say, “Because I want you to see the desire that is in my eyes.” What sheer delight it is to finally see you face-to-face! Your smile is dazzling! Your body is unbelievably scrumptious! If I am this excited by my other senses I can imagine and can’t wait ataşehir escort to make love to you! Our kisses are so perfectly matched. They cause me to gasp for breath. You are wearing a sheer black nightgown, which looks absolutely lovely!

I am SO happy to be here with you! I do not need to ask you because your smile says it all! We have said very few audible words but we are in deep communication with each other. Our bodies are dancing a dance that only lovers know. Our hands are free to explore each other. With every new kiss, every tiny nibble and with every curve of your body that my hands feel, I am becoming overwhelmed with desire for you! You are gorgeous! And you are giving yourself to me totally as I am to you.

You feel the bulge in my pants and begin to act as if it was your biggest present on Christmas Day. I hope you like me? I have no doubt though! I know you well. You take my pants off and fondle me gently. Your eyes are piecing into my soul. Without a spoken word you are telling me that you want me. And I so much want you to do just that.

You take me into your mouth and slowly tantalize me. I am so turned on! My cock is pulsating and the excitement of the moment causes a small drop of precum to form on the very tip. I can’t wait to taste your sweet wetness also. You have told me that you become extremely wet just thinking about our being with each other. I want you to be so wet when I enter you! I ümraniye escort want to make your toes curl. I want your head to crawl and I want to make you squeal with delight. Oh, you are making me want you. Your mouth is taking me in totally and you haven’t taken your eyes off of mine. You pleasure my shaft with long full strokes. You can tell that my excitement is beginning to peek. So you slow down and simply lick the tip and tease me as if I were your very own lollypop. As I simmer down you slowly begin sucking me again. I hold your head and caress your face as you are pleasuring me. And you lean your head into the palm of one of my hands.

Your hands cup my balls and I begin to hear what sounds like gulping sounds coming from your throat. You are diligently coaxing the cum from my swollen cock and I know that I cannot keep this up for very much longer. I warn you that I will cum soon if you do not stop but this seems to be just what you are wanting. I hear your moans of approval and this tips the scale and puts me into overdrive.

I feel my balls begin to boil and I begin to fuck your hot mouth. My baby needs my cum. As I hold tightly to your head you take me all the way down your throat. I begin to cum and my cock begins to spasm with every pulsation. And you hungrily swallow every last drop.

My body is so relaxed. My eyes begin to refocus and you welcome me back to your world. “Hi baby! Welcome back. Oh my goodness baby! You made me feel so wonderful! I crawl up into your open arms and we rest there for a while. We will be here for a long time and I want the ecstasy to last as long as we are together. You have turned this man on so much and you have made my morning.

You got to have all the fun this time but soon it will be MY turn!

(to be continued)

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