Pay Attention to the Stranger

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Sandy saw the car before she noticed any movement. Her first thought was, who the hell would drive a car such as this one on the old access road. As she pulled up behind the grey convertible, her cruiser lights shone directly on the man standing alongside the vehicle. He was tall, slim and looking slightly annoyed. Instinctively, she knew to approach the situation with caution. As she stepped out of the patrol car, his expression quickly changed to one of relief.

“Good evening, officer. Perhaps you can be of some assistance. I mistakenly locked my keys in the trunk of the car.”

The hair on the back of Sandy’s neck stood up…something was not right here.

“Do you have some identification, sir?”

He chuckled, “unfortunately that is with my keys”.

She took a closer look at the man standing before her – an easy smile, spoke with a seductive voice and had the most alluring blue eyes;the kind that a woman could easily find herself drowning in. There was no doubt in her mind, he was a charmer and was use to getting what he wanted. She needed to break eye contact with this stranger if she was going to remain calm. She quickly looked away; too quickly as she heard a soft laugh escape him.

“Damn him!” she thought.

She tended to have more control over her reactions to men; however, there was something different about this one and she was not convinced it was good.

“Have you considered removing your rear seat cushions to gain access to the trunk?”

He looked at her intently; too intense for her liking. He paused and then seemed to choose his words carefully.

“Perhaps with your aid, I can retrieve my keys and this unpleasant night will turn into one which is most enjoyable.”

She felt a tingle in her spine from his words, again, she needed to remind herself to concentrate on the task at hand. Sandy pointed her flashlight into the interior of the Shelby. The black leather looked soft and luxurious. Oh how she wanted to touch it; to run her hands slowly over the rich, dark…but wait, her eye caught something lying on the passenger seat. She was hoping her mind was playing tricks on her. Sandy slowly turned around to face the man standing behind her, and quickly realized just how close he was. His scent filled istanbul escort her head and she could feel his warm breath on her face. She took a step back as she needed to remain in control.

“Would you care to explain what is in your car before I cuff you and take you downtown?!”

A smile slowly crept across his face as he took a step towards her. Her instinct was to protect herself. Without hesitation, she quickly grabbed his arm, twisted it behind his back and pushed him face down onto the hood of his car. Before he was able to utter a word, she had both his wrists handcuffed behind him.

“Let me explain!” he demanded.

“You will have plenty of time to explain once I am certain you don’t have more weapons on you!” she shot back.

Her light had caught an assortment of blades in a half opened leather pouch. Just what she needed, a stranger in town with no identification and driving the back roads with what could be weapons.

“Weapons? I am not carrying any weapons!”

She ignored his protests and began to check his body. Although Sandy had done pat downs many times, she was apprehensive about this one. Her hands trembled ever so slightly as she felt the hard muscles of his upper body. Her hesitation on his slim hips and muscular thighs did not go unnoticed by her prisoner. He gave a throaty laugh and asked,

“Enjoying yourself?”

She removed her hands, stood up and gave him a defiant look.

“How dare he!” she thought.

As much as he infuriated her, she had to admit he also intrigued her. There was an animal magnetism between them that she was finding difficult to ignore. It became obvious she was not the only one who noticed. After she removed the handcuffs, they stood close to each other – perhaps too close. She became aware of his breathing and knew he was breathing in her scent, just as she had done to him. She willed her legs to move but they betrayed her and remained motionless.

His head slowly lowered and he softly kissed her. It felt like a whisper against her lips and it was only when he kissed her again that she realized he had actually touched her. It was if her body was paralyzed. As long as there was physical contact with this avcılar escort man she was unable to move. In the back of her mind she doubted she wanted him to stop. She could feel herself being drawn deeper and deeper into him. As his mouth travelled across her cheek and down her neck she could hear him gently whisper to let herself go and to give into the moment. Sandy realized his words were not necessary for she had already lost herself to him. His skilful hands moved across her breasts and squeezed her nipples through the soft material of her uniform. A soft moan escaped her lips as his hands and mouth continued on their path, caressing her ever so softly. Suddenly, she felt the cool night air on her skin. She had no idea who removed her clothes, only that they were lying on the ground at her feet.

He knelt in front of her and gently spread her legs. The assault on her body continued as he deliberately ran his tongue up and down her clit. She gasped; then a moan escaped her lips as her back arched to move her hips closer to her source of pleasure. His fingers joined his tongue and her wetness grew as he inserted a finger deep inside her and began to stroke her. She felt as if her whole body was on fire and about to explode; she did not know how much more of this she could take. One thing she did know is that she needed to feel his skin against her own. She wanted to be able to taste the pleasures of his body as he was doing with hers. Instinctively her hands reached out to him and pulled him against her body. She found his belt buckle, undid it with ease and began to unzip his jeans.

She could feel his cock straining against his trousers before she even slid them down over his hips. He was aroused and she could not wait to touch him; taste him; then feel his hardness deep inside her. She parted her lips and gently kissed his face slowly making her way down his throat and across his chest; flicking her tongue across his nipples as she lowered herself down on her knees.

She quickly found the object of her desire. He had a beautiful cock and his deep moan as she took him into her mouth made her smile. Sandy loved the taste of cock and could never understand why some women had such an aversion to it. She ran her tongue şirinevler escort up and down his shaft and around the rim of the head. Her hands cradled his balls. She gently massaged them as her mouth kept rhythm moving up and down. His hands tangled in her hair as he thrust himself deeper; he wanted her to take all of him. Sandy could feel her pussy becoming even wetter. She could not take much more of this and doubted he could either.

She reluctantly released his shaft from her lips and stood so that she was able to feel the full length of his body against hers. He kissed her deeply; they tasted of each others juices which only heightened her arousal. She followed his lead and moved with his body and soon felt the cold metal of the car hood against her back.

As she wrapped her legs around his hips, he slid inside her. She gasped at the intense pleasure his body was giving hers. He slowly moved in and out of her. She felt her orgasm began to build as he trust harder and deeper; his head was nestled in her neck and she could feel his warm breath on her skin. He began to whisper but his words were suddenly drowned out by a loud screeching noise. Sandy shook her head hoping to make the noise go away but it only continued to get louder.

Sandy slowly opened her eyes to look for the source of noise. She groaned when she noticed it was her alarm clock.

“Damn it!” she thought, right in the middle of the best dream she had had in months.

She closed her eyes, hoping for five more minutes of sleep, however, someone had other plans for her. The phone needed to be answered.

“Damn it again!” she said aloud after getting off the phone with her superior.

She was needed at the office immediately; fifteen minutes later she walked into the station. The sergeant was walking towards her followed by a man who looked vaguely familiar. He was quickly introduced as the new doctor at the local clinic and apparently his welcome into the town was having his car stolen the previous night. As Sandy reached out her hand to shake his, she asked what make of car he drove.

“A grey Shelby,” he replied.

She suddenly recognized this man; it was the stranger from her dream! Without thinking, she asked if he had car problems while driving on the old access road leading from town. He stared at her intently and hesitated before replying.

“Yes; I left my car to find help and that was the last time I saw it.”

Sandy knew at that moment that it was going to be a day to remember; and the new doctor was going to be a man she would never forget.

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