New Come-On Line

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I wasn’t having much success with women lately. It had been months since I had gotten laid. I looked at my friend Tom. He seemed to get endless women and I wondered how he did it. I asked him one day how he was getting women.

“I ask them straight out. I don’t buy them drinks and I don’t pay for sex either. I pick out four women or so at the bar and I ask them to come home with me.”

“You just ask them to come home with you and fuck?” I asked him.

“Don’t be so stupid. I tell them I am leaving the bar soon and I would like some company for the evening, or something like that.”

I had serious doubts that using that line would get a woman interested in me but what did I have to lose?

I went out that Friday night to one of the local hangouts. I ordered a beer and then scouted out the women there. I easily found four I would love to have in bed with me that night. I went up to the first one and posed my question to her. This woman gave me a look as if I was Frankenstein’s monster. One down. Number two just laughed hysterically. I almost gave up right there. Number three told me that was the lamest line she ever heard. I only had one more to go.

Number four looked me over and then spoke, “I am with friends tonight.”

I didn’t know if she was interested and couldn’t leave her friends or that was an easy way to get rid of me. I was just finishing my beer. I looked over to the last woman. I could see her chatting with her friends and looking over at me. I felt like an ass just then. Wait until I saw Tom the next time. Then I saw one of those woman walking over towards me. She came right up to me and spoke.

“Did you just ask my friend to come home with you tonight?”

I said that I did. “I’m Mandy and I am free if you bakırköy escort would like me to go to your place.”

Mandy was short with blond hair down to her shoulders. I could see she was chunky and had large tits. Well, beggars can’t be choosers. We left together and I told Mandy to follow me back to my apartment. To be honest, I kept looking back in my rear view mirror thinking she would turn off and not show up. I breathed a sigh as Mandy pulled into the parking lot and we went into my apartment.

Once inside we didn’t waste much time. Mandy was kissing me and running her hands all over me. We somehow made it back to the bedroom. Mandy quickly stripped out of her clothes and I followed suit. I was right about Mandy. She had a bit of a tummy and her tits rested on her chest. Once I was naked Mandy was sitting on the bed. She reached out and took hold of my cock with her hand. She brought my dick to her lips and she inhaled me.

Mandy got into it. She wasn’t like other women who just suck on the head of your cock. Mandy was taking me right down to the root. It didn’t take very long before I was rock hard. Mandy pulled away and I watched as her saliva drooled down her chin. I wasn’t much into foreplay that night. I told Mandy to get on her back and I spread her legs apart.

“Don’t you have a rubber?” she asked me.

I reached over and opened my drawer. Christ, I didn’t have any rubbers. I told her I was out. She gave me this hard look and told me to make sure and pull out before I came. After that Mandy guided me to her wet folds and I pushed in. I can tell you that Mandy wasn’t very tight. It felt sloppy inside her but so what. I pushed all the way into her pussy and we began to get into it.

Mandy beşiktaş escort wrapped her legs around my back and I filled her hole with my erect cock. It was obvious that Mandy needed cock in the worst way. She was moaning and begging me to fuck her hard. I was thrusting in the whole way and then backing out until just the head of my dick was inside her. I would slam into her opening and let her feel my balls hit her bottom.

I also found her erect nipples with my mouth. I started to suck and chew on each one. Mandy really got off on having her tits played with that way. I was feeling her pussy spasms as I rammed her into her. I love to take my cock and circle around inside a woman. That must have gotten to Mandy. She screamed as I hit her pussy walls with my dick. I have no idea how long we did it that night. Eventually I felt my nuts starting to pinch.

“I’m getting close,” I told her.

Mandy just had her eyes closed and it was like she didn’t hear a thing I said.

“Mandy,” I said again trying to get her attention.

Her legs were fastened tight around me. A few more thrusts and I had to let go. I blew a hot load of my cream into her belly. That got Mandy’s attention. Her muscles gripped me and she squeezed my dick. That made me fire more loads of my seed into Mandy’s belly. So much for pulling out. I only hoped everything would work out for the best. Mandy was shaking as I continued to fill her with cock and cum. I soon slowed down and we both tried to get ourselves under control.

I rested my dick inside Mandy and she finally loosened her legs.

“I just couldn’t bring myself to have you pull out,” she told me.

I soon got soft and my dick slipped out of Mandy. We spent some time kissing and beylikdüzü escort touching each other.

“I don’t normally let a guy cum in me like that,” she said.

To be honest, I was pretty sure I wasn’t the first guy to give Mandy a load of cream but I let it go. Mandy eventually got up and went into my bathroom to get cleaned up. When she came back we cuddled and then fell asleep. When I woke up I was surprised to see I had morning wood. Mandy soon woke up and looked down at my crotch.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned.

She lowered her face and took me once more in her mouth. I didn’t need much attention down there. A few minutes later Mandy crawled up over top of me. She positioned her pussy above my dick and sunk down. We were going at it again. My hands were on her cheeks pulling them apart. Mandy dropped down onto me as I brought my cock up and filled her tummy with cock. I could still feel some of my cum inside Mandy. It made the fucking go so much easier.

I really didn’t have much left inside me. When I did cum it was just one squirt or so. That didn’t stop Mandy from have her orgasms. She dropped down onto my dick and held me there. I moved my hands from her ass and I cupped her big tits. That really sent Mandy over the edge. She shook as I kept pumping my dick into her hot pussy. A few minutes later Mandy collapsed onto my chest.

“That was so good,” she said to me.

It was pretty good and I hate to be callous but I told Mandy I had some appointments that Saturday morning. I think she wanted to stay longer but she got cleaned up and after she dressed we exchanged phone numbers. I was going to save Mandy for a time when I couldn’t find anyone else. I still hadn’t made the new pickup lines work. I wanted to try again that night. I couldn’t have Mandy hanging around.

Don’t think me a bad person but I am sure Mandy would be out this very night looking for another lover. I did go out that Saturday night and I did score but it was not as I had planned it. I will write soon and let you know the details.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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