Naked Woman in the Forest Ch. 5

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Judy stumbled out of the rustic cabin the next morning, and squinted at the bright sunlight overhead. After two consecutive nights of love making with these strange men of the forest, she wanted a bath. She could still feel the sensation of the dual cocks of the Siamese twins that only minutes before had made their final deposits of hot spunk in her anus and pussy.

Aqua man came around the building and smiled when he saw her standing there. “Are you being treated well?” he asked politely. Judy took a moment to examine this new freak of nature as it stood before her. Lean and muscular, and naked to the waist, he had the general appearance of a man except for his odd facial features and a strange hard scales all over his body. His head was long and pointed, he was totally bald even to the point of lacking eyebrows, and he had strange apertures along the side of his face that looked remarkably like gills. His hands and feet also were webbed. She wondered if his penis was scaled as well.

“They are using me like a whore, but I guess I should expect it,” she answered.

“Is that because you are a whore?” Aqua man asked.

“I . . . I think so,” Judy said. “I am addicted to sex. I sold myself in the city, and I guess, in a way, I am doing the same thing here. Some of the men I have known say I am a nymphomaniac. Maybe they are right.”

“You crave men?” Aqua man asked.

“I think so,” she said. “Am I a mental case?”

“Probably. But a beautiful one. We of the colony would never have dreamed that we would have a shapely naked woman like you come out of the forest and into our camp. While we are happy here, separated from the terrible gawking of the public, we lack female companionship. Men do get very horny when kadıköy escort living in an environment like this. You bring joy to us all. I hope you will stay,” he said.

Judy looked at Aqua man and saw a kindness in beady eyes. While he appeared more like an animal to Judy, his words made it clear that he was a man with needs that she could supply.

“When do I come to your cabin?” she asked.

“I hope it is tonight,” Aqua man answered. “This is my cabin. I live right next to the twins and if you are moving in my direction, I am next.”

“That is good,” she smiled. “I think I am going to enjoy spending time with you. I sense that you are very kind.”

“A very horny fish,” he laughed. “I will enjoy having sex with you.”

“I want to be clean for you,” she said. “Is there a place for me to bathe?”

“You asked the right man,” he laughed. “There is the stream. I will be honored if you let me escort you there. It is a way to walk and we would not want you getting lost.”

Judy took Aqua man’s arm and let him walk her along the long trail until they reached the stream with the deep hole and waterfall where she and the dwarf bathed two days earlier. Judy quickly waded into the water and dove head-first into the warm, inviting water. It felt wonderful against her body as she swam underwater for almost the complete length of the pond. When she emerged she splashed happily for a moment, then looked back to see Aqua man standing naked on the bank, looking at her. She saw that the hard scales covered his body. She was happy to see that while the scales were everywhere they did not cover his penis, which was very large. In fact, it was semi-erect. In one swift move, he dove into the water üsküdar escort without a splash and glided quickly across the pond toward her.

She was waiting for him. She felt his powerful hands on her waist as he broke the surface of the water, his fish face inches from hers. He pulled her to him and kissed her. His scaly skin felt odd to her, but his lips were warm and firm. She kissed him back. The kiss turned into passion as he took her in his arms and pulled her to him. As his tongue filled her mouth she felt his great penis pushing ever so urgently against her belly.

He picked her up as they were still kissing and carried her to the dirt bank at the edge of the pond, and laid her on her back, with her hips on the edge of the drop-off, so her feet were still in the water. Suddenly he stopped kissing her mouth and slipped down, his lips kissing her breasts, her belly, and then reaching her eager pussy. There he kissed, licked, and probed with his tongue, teasing her sensually. She opened her legs, laid back on the ground, closed her eyes, and enjoyed the great pleasure he was giving her.

Suddenly Aqua man turned into the animal he appeared to be. He began ravaging her cunt, gently biting, sucking, licking and sucking. She felt a very long tongue plunge deep and then slide up behind her swollen clitoris. Once he had it located, his lips suddenly surrounded the clit and he began sucking, much as she had done many times to a man’s hard penis. The sensation triggered an immediate orgasm. Judy moaned loudly as it ripped through her. She felt her love muscles drawing taunt and her entire body stiffened. She could hardly stand it any longer, but still he sucked.

When he stopped, he picked tuzla escort her up again, looking deep in her eyes. “Now we are going to have watery sex,” he said.

“Ohhhh yesss,” she asked, hardly understanding what Aqua man had just said.

As he carried her in his arms into deep water he said: “I am going to take you to the bottom of the pond and fuck you there. It is how I prefer to mate. We will not come up until we both get off. You are already aroused so it should not be long for you. I will hold back until I feel you cuming.”.

The idea sounded exciting. “All right,” she said, kissing him gently.

He lifted her up and over his erect penis. She was still being held high in the air as she felt his throbbing organ sliding into her pussy. He pulled her down on it until he was all of the way into her, then taking her in his arms, he kissed her, driving his tongue deep into her mouth. She started to return his kiss when she felt herself plunging deep into the warm water of the pond. He was on top of her, and they sank all the way to the bottom of the pond. She felt her head sinking into the muck at the bottom. He never wavered with his kiss. There he fucked her.

He was right, she was so aroused that she felt another climax building. She needed air but she didn’t want to pull away from him. Then, as her chest heaved uncontrollably, her head swimming for lack of oxygen, she experienced the most powerful orgasm of her life. Violent muscular spasms rippled through her body, drawing him to the pinnacle of his own explosion. The last thing she remembered was being still pinned in the muck at the bottom of the pond, locked in that kiss of passion, his great cock pumping spasms of hot sperm into her pulsating pussy. She might have died then and gone out with a smile.

She woke up lying beside him on the stream bank. He was lying on his side, his arm holding his head and shoulders up so he could look at her face. She looked at him and smiled. “Thank you,” she said quietly. “That was wonderful.”

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