On a Dark Desert Highway

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It was the middle of summer, and Allison and Josh were driving from Phoenix to Las Vegas. The air conditioning in Josh’s car wasn’t working, so they were driving at night when it was cooler. Just the same, it was 97 degrees, and the windows were down in Josh’s Honda.

Leaving the Phoenix suburb of Glendale, they drove north on Highway 93. Josh drove through the towns of Congress, Nothing, Wikiup, Kingman, and Chloride. There weren’t many cars on the road this late on a Thursday night. Had it been a holiday weekend there would have been a lot more. On and on into the night Josh drove, the MP3 player’s din unable to quell Allison’s boredom. She gave a heavy sigh as an Adele song came on.

Allison lounged in the passenger seat, her top unbuttoned, braless. Even with the windows down and the air rushing past, she was sweaty.

She watched Josh as he drove. Sometimes just the sight of him turned her on, and she enjoyed looking at his handsome face now. She could just make out a slight sheen of sweat in the dim light. He had chiseled but solid features and short, light brown hair. He wore an open shirt and shorts, his legs splayed somewhat to allow more air between his legs. She thought of what else lay between his legs.

Without thinking she began caressing her tits, feeling the dampness between them. Josh didn’t notice, focused as he was on driving. She squeezed her nipples between her thumb and forefinger until they were hard. A little break before reaching Vegas would be great, but should she interrupt the drive? They agreed earlier to get there fast, so they could have as much of the weekend in the city as possible.

Allison istanbul escort debated in silence with herself. Should she tempt him into a little nookie to get over her restlessness? It had been three days since they’d had sex. But was the craving for some roadside stimulation because she was horny, or just bored? Both, she decided. She wondered if she should try tempting him, delaying their arrival.

Her nipple play and Josh’s hunky looks made the decision for her.

She turned in her seat so her back was half to the seat back and half to the passenger door. Then she spread her long legs, and put one foot on the floor and the other on the center console. Josh noticed this, and could see her illuminated by the dim dashboard light.

Her eyes on Josh, Allison unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them off, along with her panties.

“What are you doing?” he asked with an amused smile.

“Just keep driving, there’s nothing to see here,” she answered.

“Hell there isn’t,” came the reply.

Allison wanted to see how far she could take this, how far she could push him until he had to pull over. She put two fingers in her mouth and sucked them. Josh looked over at her.

“You need to keep focused on driving, sir,” she said.

She opened her shirt to expose her small droopy tits.

“Shit,” Josh responded.

She moved her fingers down to her snatch, and fluffed and played with the hair between her legs. She paid no attention to Josh as she ran her hands over her slender thighs, feeling the warm smooth skin. Bringing one hand to avcılar escort her pussy, she spread the lips with her fingers, exposing the moist interior. Josh’s eyes were darting from the road to her and back, more than a little interested.

Allison explored her pussy, feeling the soft moist folds. She stroked her clit, feeling it grow and harden under her touch. She made a conscious decision to not look at Josh, wondering how long he could take this teasing. It felt almost like a game to her. She focused on making herself feel good, rubbing her pussy in front of him.

She felt even warmer now, and wetter. Her brow glistened with sweat, as did her tits and belly were moist with sweat. Her underarms felt slick and drippy.

Josh had a hard time now focusing on the road. Opening her eyes, Allison could make out the bulge in his shorts in the dim light. She stuck two fingers in her snatch and fucked herself, the squishy sounds just audible. Eyeing him with a seductive expression, she brought the fingers to her mouth and sucked them dry.

“Oh, ffuuck…” Josh moaned, squirming in his seat.

Allison moved her ass down in the seat and her legs higher. Her excitement grew and her moans filled the car as she rammed her fingers into herself. She felt a wash of pleasure begin inside her and then grow and radiate out. She felt warm juice coat her fingers.

Josh made a sharp turn onto a deserted side road that led in a straight line off somewhere into the darkness. He turned off the car, got out, and ran to Allison’s door.

“Come here, ” he said, opening it.

Allison had a huge şirinevler escort smile on her sweet, girl next door face.

“Is there something wrong, sweetie?” she asked with mock innocence, her long strawberry blond hair accenting her pouty lips.

“You’ve been teasing me for the last half hour, I can’t take it anymore,” he answered.

He grabbed her by the hand, ran with her to the front of the car, and almost threw her onto the car’s hood. She felt it, hot and dusty, on her bare ass. She lay on her back and opened her legs, inviting him inside. Josh threw off his shorts and was inside her in an instant, sinking into her wet sheath in one motion.

He pumped in and out of her hard, grunting and sweating.

“You are so fucking hot,” he said. “Tease me like that, will you? I’ll show you,” he said through clenched teeth.

“I was… [gasp] Just… Bored… [gasp].”

“Are you bored now?”

“No. Fuck the daylights out of me, baby.”

Josh thrust into her cunt hard, and Allison cried out in pleasure. He shouted into the desert air, and filled her tank with his hot spurts. He stayed inside her for a minute until she felt him grow soft inside her and then slip out.

They remained like that for a few minutes, panting and heaving. Their sweaty hips were still pressed together. Allison felt his cum oozing out of her and onto the car’s hood. Josh reached up his hand and stroked Allison’s face.

“That was fucking awesome. You’re incredible, you know that?”

She smiled and leaned forward to kiss him.

“Only because you bring that out in me,” she said.

They walked back to the car, dirt sticking to their sweat, and dressed. Josh turned the car around and they finished their drive to the City of Sin.

They decided not to wash the car until they got home. Over the next few days they noticed a few people give strange looks at the dried dusty spots on the hood. Allison was looking forward to their return trip home.

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