A Not So Ordinary Day

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Friday started out as any other day. Get up, get dressed, go to work. Same old same old. Ever since we got married two years ago it’s been the same routine. And now there is a baby on the way so the pressure is really on to keep that routine. Doctor’s visits and baby supplies don’t pay for themselves you know. I took a job at the local rock quarry, which isn’t a glamorous job but I really enjoy it. It’s fairly close to home and most of the year it is just me out there. My wife, Katie, is planning on just being a stay-at-home mom so it’s up to me to keep the family going financially.

On this particular day though, the normal routine was about to take a very interesting swing. I had just arrived at work and had made my usual inspection of the quarry. A few trucks came in and as usual I loaded them up and sent them on their way. By nine in the morning I was sitting up in the office when I looked out the window and saw some snowflakes beginning to fall. So I turned on the radio to the local station and the radio announcer was giving the day’s forecast. Snow, and lot’s of it, was scheduled to fall to the ground today.

Remembering that my wife had her monthly doctor’s appointment today I called home to see if she had left yet. She is seeing a doctor in the nearest city which is an hour away. There was no answer at home so I tried her cell phone. “Hiya sweetie” Katie answered in her always chipper voice.

“Hi hun” I said, “Where are you at now?”

“Im sitting in the waiting room at the doc’s office. Why?”

“Well I just heard that the weather is supposed to turn nasty and it sounds like the roads are supposed to be treacherous later this morning.”

“Oh no” she said. “You know I hate driving when the weather is nasty out.” “Yeah I know. Call me before you leave and let me know how the weather is up there. If it’s really bad out maybe you should call your Uncle John and see if he could pick you up and let you hang out there till it’s ok to travel again.”

“Yeah that’s a great idea. I’ve been wanting to go see him and Aunt Viv for awhile anyway.”

“Ok well don’t forget to call before you leave” I said.

“Ok sweetie. Talk to you later. Love ya.”

“Love you too.”

I no more than hung up the phone when I looked outside and the snow was really starting to come down. A few moments later and the phone rang. It was my boss up at the main office. He told me that since the weather wasn’t looking too promising to go ahead and lock up and call it a day. Looking back outside I was wishing he had called about twenty minutes sooner. It was really picking up now and the wind was really blowing. So I went out and put the loader in the shop and locked up the office and slowly began making my way home. What is usually just a ten minute drive turned into a half hour ride from hell. The wind was blowing the snow so bad that at times it was hard to see the road.

Just as I was reaching town my cell phone rang. It was Katie. So I pulled into the first gas station I came to and answered the phone.

“Hi hun, your doctor visit done already?”

“Yeah and everything checked out ok. Me and the baby are doing wonderful.” “Great. Im on my way home right now. The boss called and told me to call it a day. Im glad he did ‘cuz I’m not sure if I’d a made it home if I’d a had to stay all day. How’s the weather up there?”

“Well, I’ll put it this way. I’m sitting in Uncle John’s truck right now heading to his place. I called him after I talked to you and he said there was no way he was going to let me drive back in this kind of weather.”

“He always was my favorite in-law” I said, although events later in the day would prove me a liar.

“Yeah he sure is a sweetheart,” she said with a giggle, “oh by the way I forgot to tell you that mom was going to drop a new crib off today. I’ve been trying to call her to tell her to try another day because of the weather but I’ve been unable to reach her. So if she is out today she may be stopping by this afternoon.”

“Well I hope she’s not out right now in this damn weather. It’s getting pretty dangerous down here.”

“Yeah I hope so too. But you know Mom, once she’s planned on doing something she follows through no matter what.”

“Yeah I know. Well thanks for the heads up. I guess I should expect her this afternoon then.”

“Your welcome sweetie. Hey we just got to Uncle John’s house so I’m going to get off here. Be careful getting home and tell mom I said hi. Love you.”

“I’ll do that and tell John and Viv I said hi and thanks for looking out after my angel. Love you too.”

“I’ll call you tonite” Katie said blowing me a kiss thru the phone. I hung up the phone and continued my trek across town to get home.

Once home I got out of my work clothes and into some sweats and sweatshirt. I headed to the kitchen and since it was lunch time decided to throw a frozen pizza into the oven to eat. As I was waiting for it to cook I went over sarıyer escort and checked the answering machine. Two messages were there. The first was from Donna, Katie’s mom. Katie was right. Donna was out buying a crib for her first grandchild. She said she’d probably be here after lunch sometime. The second message was from Donna also. She had just left the store and getting ready to head this way. She was still in the neighboring town about 20 miles from here and said that the snow was falling pretty bad but was sure her Explorer would be fine and that she would be here in just a while.

Stubborn woman, I thought to myself. Im glad that quality didn’t get passed on to Katie. It’s not like we needed the crib right at this minute. Oh well. I grabbed some pizza and went and sat down in front of the tv.

After finishing lunch and flipping thru channels, realizing there is really nothing on tv in the middle of the day I finally stopped on Sportscenter to catch up on some sports news. I laid back on the couch and must have dozed off because a while later I was woke up by the doorbell. I went to the door but before I got there Donna was already pushing the door open to get in out of the cold.

“C’mon in Mom” I said to her.

“Well Hello Jacob im surprised to see you home.” She always called me Jacob even though I go by Jake. I think it is a control thing on her part.

“Yeah I got sent home from work today because of the weather. Which reminds me, what in the world are you doing out on a day like today.”

“Well I told Katie that I was going out to get the crib for the baby and well when I left this morning the weather sure wasn’t like this.”

“Yeah Katie said you’d be stopping by.”

“Where is Katie” she said glancing around the room.

“She had her doctor’s appointment today and the weather got bad before she left so she’s gonna crash at your sister’s till she can make it home.”

“Yeah that’s a good idea. I probably shouldn’t go back out in this weather either.”

“Well mom you know you can stay here if you’d like. Take your coat off and have a seat.”

“Well Jacob that’s awfully sweet of you” she said as she took off her black leather coat that went down just below her knees.

Taking her coat from her I gave her a quick once over to see what she was wearing. Under her coat she was wearing a light blue button up blouse with a floral print skirt that went right below her knees as well, along with some dark tan hose covering her firm legs and a pair of high heels. Why she wore those on a day like today I’ll never know. I noticed from the first time I met her that she always made it a point to look her very best everytime she left the house. Donna’s husband had died during the first Gulf War and from what Katie has told me she has always took pride in the way she looks, even more so after becoming widowed.

Hanging her coat up I said “Well Mom make yourself comfy, from the sounds of it this storm isn’t going to let up anytime soon.”

She thanked me and went and sat on the sofa, propping her legs up onto the sofa, slipping off her heels and as I suggested she did in fact make herself comfy. Laying on her side resting on her left arm with her legs crossed at her ankles, her skirt had slid up above her knees a few inches. Her dark brown hair was hanging off her shoulders. It was at this time that I suddenly got aroused for the first time from looking at my wife’s mother. She grabbed the clicker and began flipping thru channels. I decided that I should probably leave the room so she didn’t notice my cock beginning to bulge through my sweats.

As I was walking towards the kitchen she said “Jacob could you be a doll and grab me something to drink.”

“Sure thing mom” I said as I headed into the kitchen. Damn, I thought to myself, I’ve got a raging hard-on over the woman I just called mom. Well she’s not MY mom now is she, I tried reasoning with myself. Still none the less I’m married to her daughter, whom I love very much. But, I remembered, she isn’t here. I reached into the fridge and grabbed a beer for myself and remembering my mother-in-laws taste I made her a screwdriver. I tried calming myself down a bit. My heart was racing and I swear all the blood was being diverted straight to my cock. I knew there was no going limp for a bit now so I just adjusted myself hoping maybe she wouldn’t notice my bulging cock. Or maybe she would.

I walked back into the room and handed her her drink. She thanked me and I went and sat down, crossing my legs so as to better hide my hard cock from her view. The problem was though that the chair I had picked was at the opposite end of the couch, down towards her legs, so that when I looked at her I could see her hose covered legs and if she made any adjustments at all possibly even up her skirt, which really didn’t help my hard-on go away. She started talking about the shopping she did for esenyurt escort the baby today and other small talk that eventually helped my manhood go to a more comfortable size.

After we both finished our drinks I went to the kitchen to grab another round. On my way back in the phone rang. It was Katie. We talked for a while about the day and her doctor’s appointment. She thought that from the weather reports she’d heard that she might be stuck at her aunt and uncle’s for most all of the weekend. I was really disappointed to hear that because I was really horny and was hoping she’d be home sooner than that so I could really release my sexual frustration with her. After talking for a while she wanted to talk to her mother. So they talked for what seemed like forever. Katie was Donna’s only child and this was going to be her first grandchild so you could imagine what the conversation consisted of. Telling Katie of all the things she had bought for the baby. By the time they had finished talking it had just gotten dark out. By then I had had six beers in me and Donna had just finished her third drink. I got back on the phone and said my goodnights to Katie and told her I would talk to her in the morning.

Donna then mentioned that she sure was hungry. I was beginning to get hungry too. I followed her into the kitchen, staring up and down her body as we went in, admiring her very nice ass. Man she sure has kept in shape I thought to myself. I knew she was a member of a fitness club and from the looks of her body she must have frequented the place regularly. She opened one of the cupboards and had to get on her tippy toes to see what was on the top shelf. As she did so I couldn’t help but notice her ass tighten up and her breasts heave forward from her shirt. Oh shit I thought as I once again became instantly aroused. I tried to casually adjust my cock but as I did she turned towards me, catching me in mid-adjustment. She glanced down for just an instant before realizing what she had just seen. Both are faces turned a deep red color in embarassment. I mentioned ordering Chinese and that I would go get it, knowing the cold outside would no doubt shrink my member in an instant plus get me away from this embarassing situation if only for a little while. I asked her if she would call it in and I would go grab it. The place was only down the street and I could surely make it that far in the snow. She said that was fine with her. She went and got the keys to her Explorer and told me to take it that it would do better in the snow than my little car would. So I threw a coat and my boots on and headed out the door as she made the call to put in the order.

On the drive down to the restaurant my mind was racing with the feelings I had been having about Donna. Wondering what went through her mind as she saw my cock bulging through my pants. I had to quit thinking these thoughts because my cock was still hard as a rock. Thank God my coat went down low enough to cover the bulge or I don’t think I could have went in and got our food. Finally on the way home my hard-on had subsided and I went back into the house with the food.

Walking into the house sitting the food down and shedding my coat and boots I looked up and noticed that Donna had changed clothes. She was now wearing a pair of Katie’s pajama’s which fit Donna pretty damned good since Katie had inherited her mother’s figure. She was sitting on the couch Indian style.

“I called Katie and asked if I could borrow some of her clothes to wear since I’d be staying here for the night.” Jumping up off the couch she said “What do you think” as she spun around modeling off the pj’s.

“Looks just as good on you as it does on Katie” I said with help from the beers that I had drank.

“Awwww Jacob your such a sweetheart. No wonder Katie fell in love with you. Now bring me that food before I wither away and die.” she said with a giggle, reminding me of Katie’s giggle. “I grabbed us some more drinks to go with supper. Now sit down here and let’s eat” she said while sitting back down on the couch and patting the seat next to her, motioning me to sit beside her. I did and we sat and ate our food and talked about work and Katie and the baby.

After we had finished eating I got up to clean up our mess from supper. She jumped to her feet and said “No No let me do it. It’s the least I could do since you went out in the cold and got it.” As she manuevered past me I swear I felt her hand rub along the front of my sweats, gently brushing my cock for an instant. “Now just have a seat and I’ll have this cleaned up in a jiffy.” I sat back down on the couch as she cleaned up the remains of supper.

When she came back in she had another round of drinks and handed me my beer. “Here you go hun” she said while handing me the beer and plopping back down on the couch. I had already had enough to drink to loosen my inhibitions and apparently so had she because she leaned back and threw her avrupa yakası escort legs onto my lap. “Could you be a doll and rub my feet for me. All the walking around the store in those heels really took a toll on them.

Staring down at her feet I took one in my hand and slowly yet firmly began to massage them. “You have really nice feet Mo–er–Donna” I said not feeling comfortable calling her mom anymore.

“Thank you Jacob. Katie tells me you give really incredible massages and from what I can tell so far she was right.” I heard a slight moan come from her lips as she laid her head back on the arm of the couch. I looked towards her and admired the shape of her tits pushing out across the fabric of the pajama top she was wearing. The contact I was making with her skin as I was rubbing her right foot was getting me fully aroused in no time at all. As I switched to her left foot her right foot made contact with my cock through my sweats. Almost instictively it began slowly rubbing across it. Another moan came out of Donna’s lips. As I looked toward Donna again she had moved her hands up to her breasts and began slowly and seductively rubbing her tits.

I paused for a moment to reposition myself so that I was sitting facing Donna with my legs on either side of her. I began massaging her calves through the pj bottoms. She looked up at me and said in perhaps the sexiest voice I have ever heard “You can remove those if they are in your way.” So I reached up and pulled at the waistband of the pj’s and slowly pulled them down her legs. Removing them completely and throwing them to the side I looked back up at her to see her sexy white string bikini style panties. I could tell from looking at them that she trimmed herself really well around her pussy, only leaving a patch of hair at the top of her pussy, the exact same way Katie did. Oh shit, I thought, Katie. What would she do if she found out about what we were doing. I was really past the point of stopping because I was so aroused that I wanted to fuck Donna right here and now. But I thought I would give her my absolute best performance. So I continued my massage on her legs. Slowly moving farther up her legs but not yet making any contact with the part that I knew she wanted me to rub.

As I was massaging her inner thighs Donna’s feet were both doing a number on my still clothed cock which was harder at this point than it may have ever been. She would occasionally take her toes and reach for my balls, giving them a gentle rub as well. All the while her head was tilted back over the arm of the couch and her moans kept becoming more frequent. Her hands were slowly working the buttons on her pj top and when she unbuttoned the last one her top fell open and the most perfect set of tits were now in plain view. Unbelievably firm for a woman of 46, and incredibly big. Nearly twice as big as Katie’s were. Those were obviously one thing that she hadn’t passed on to her only daughter. I was having a hard time not just jumping her bones right then and there, but what was the hurry right. I worked my hands a bit further up her legs, coming to the crease where her legs met and working back up to the top of her legs towards her waist, gently letting my thumbs rub across the fabric of her panties covering her moistening pussy, which was now becoming visible thru the white fabric. She began almost rhythmically thrusting her hips in the air, as if I was already fucking her and she was moving up to meet my thrusts.

“Oh God Jacob, you are definitely an expert at giving massages.” she said looking up at me with a serious case of “fuck me eyes.” Her eyes I noticed were the prettiest color of green I’ve ever seen. A shade or two lighter than my wife’s eyes. On that cue I grasped the string on her panties with both hands and pulled them off her wet pussy, down her legs and threw them on the floor as well. Staring down at her pussy for a moment before she said “Touch it Jacob. Please touch it” as she spread her legs wider for me to get an excellent view. “No one’s touched it except for me since my husband died nearly 15 years ago” she said with a look of sheer desperation in her eyes. Holy Shit!! I thought to myself. 15 years without a man’s touch. She’s gonna have a lot of sexual frustration built up. Plus this pussy has gotta be tighter than hell.

Hearing her nearly begging me to touch her pussy gave me an idea. I’d drive her crazy by not touching it and continuing with the massage until she was nearly ready to explode with lust. I grabbed her hands and pulled her up till she was sitting. I then ran my hands down to her waist and began running them up her sides, grabbing her pj top as I went up and raising her arms and pulling the top completely off of her. I then ran my hands back down her arms very softly, down around her back and up to the back of her head, all the while looking deep into her light green eyes. At that moment our heads moved close together and our lips touched for the first time. She instictively parted my lips with her tongue and gently searched out my own tongue which was more than willing to dance with hers. Her hands moved around me and pulled my shirt off over my head. Then she moved even closer to me until her breasts were rubbing alongside my chest, her nipples protruding out because of her state of arousal.

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