A Mom’s Love and Lust Ch. 02

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I awoke on Saturday morning to the ringing of the telephone on mom’s nightstand. I picked it up after four rings and grunted a not so pleasant “Hello.”

It was mom calling from her cell phone. In a sultry-sexy voice she said, “Good morning honey! I’ve poured a cup of coffee for you and breakfast is just about ready.”

“Thanks sweetie. I’ll be right there.” I replied.

When I stood up I noticed that mom had placed several of her toys on the bed including a strap-on and a 12 inch two headed dildo. I thought, “Maybe mom was not the only one who was going to get an ass fucking today.” I had never had anything shoved into my ass, but if that is what she wanted it would be fine with me.

I went into the bathroom to piss away half of a hard on, washed my hands and threw some water in my face. I thought about going downstairs naked but decided to stop by my bedroom and put on a pair of old blue jean shorts.

When I walked into the kitchen I saw that mom had cut holes in the front of my t shirt which she was still wearing from the previous night. Her breasts were sticking out through the holes; nipples hard and erect. She had also cut away the bottom of the shirt so that it came only slightly below her waist revealing that she was not wearing panties.

“How do you like my outfit Danny?” She asked.

I walked over, put my arms around her and kissed her while squeezing on her nipples. I gave her a slap on the cheek of her ass and replied, “I think it’s a great way to dress when cooking breakfast, or cleaning, or watching TV, or just lounging around the house, but the way you look I don’t know that I can get my mind to concentrate on food.”

She looked down at the bulge in my pants and said, “That’s the effect I was going for.” and added; “I think you would be more comfortable if you shed the shorts.”

I pulled off my shorts exposing my near fully erect cock. “You’re right mom that does feel a lot better it was getting a bit tight in the crotch.” I said.

“And it looks a lot better!” She replied.

I moved behind her and ran my cock up and down through the crack of her ass and asked, “What’s on the menu mom?”

She responded, “Well let’s see, you can have the bacon, eggs and toast, or you could have what I call mom’s breakfast combination which consists of tits, ass and pussy.”

I said, “I’ll take a double order of moms special.”

She replied, “Yeah, I had an idea that would be your selection,” she continued, “and do I get a choice also?”

I answered, “Indeed you do! You can have the bacon, eggs and toast, or you could have a special order of tongue, cock and cum.”

Mom said, “Yummy!” and added, “Let’s not waste the bacon and eggs, we will save the best for last and have that in bed.”

I responded, “I can go for that!”

As we ate I turned the conversation to the admission she had made the night before concerning her divorce from dad. I said, “I think its great that you were finally able to come to terms with the reality that dad was cheating on you.”

Mom said, “That was difficult Danny, but you forced me to face the truth, and I thank you for your persistence.”

“You also said you might have other admissions to make about your ‘things just happen’ pendik escort philosophy of life.” I responded.

She said, “I know, I’m going to work on that and make every effort to deal with the realities of life. No, most things do not happen by chance and coincidence. How’s that for progress in just one night?”

“I think its wonderful mom. I’m proud of you. “I replied.”

“Now it’s your turn Danny. Do you have any confessions or deep dark secrets to share with me?” She asked.

I attempted to appear to be in deep concentration for a few moments and responded. “I admit that I can’t wait any longer to pick you up, carry you upstairs and make love to you for the next few hours. Now that is reality!”

Mom replied, “Nothing deep and dark there but it sounds great to me.”

She started to stand, stopped abruptly and sat back down. She began, “Last night I told you that I had not had a stiff cock in my pussy since my divorce, but I did not say I have not had sex.”

“But there is medicine now to make a mans cock gets hard,” I said.

“She laughed and said, “The person I was having sex with did not have a cock to get hard.”

My mouth dropped open and I said, “Really!”

Mom nodded her head and said, “You know my friend Joanne?”

“She’s the lawyer who handled your divorce?” I asked, and added, “She’s the pretty redhead with a nice ass and big tits, a really hot number, right?”

Mom said, “Now you’re trying to make me jealous, but yeah she is hot!”

“I want to hear all about this,” I said.

Mom continued, “And just by coincidence she was going through her own divorce at the same time; we became very close friends. About six months ago we were talking about how we were fucked over by our husbands; having a real pity party and drinking a lot of wine. Joanne mentioned that her ex was a great kisser and how she really missed the kissing. I told her that I was also a great kisser so I could help her with that. We started kissing and fondling each other and before we knew it we were naked in my bed and going at it.”

“So was that one of those things that “just happened?” I asked.

She responded, “Well, the kiss was spontaneous but the sex part we wanted it to happen, needed it. So, to answer honestly your question, no the sex did not just happen.” She asked, “Does that admission make you happy?”

“To hear you apply logic and reason to a situation, yes that makes me happy!”

Mom went on to describe in vivid details how she and Joanne made love to one another. She told me about the various positions they got in to eat each other’s pussy, fucking each other with dildo’s and vibrators, getting on their knees ass-to-ass and using the two headed 12 inch dildo. She informed me of how much Joanne likes to have a dildo rammed in her ass, and said that she would beg me to fuck her ass deep and hard. She concluded by saying, “She knows how to eat pussy and use toys, but nothing she does to me can come close to feeling of you sucking on my clit and fucking me with that hard cock of yours. She can’t make my pussy squirt the way you did last night.”

The erection which I had lost while eating breakfast was now back and growing. Mom leaned kartal escort over and planted a kiss on the head of my cock and gave it a couple of sucks. She asked, “Have you ever thought about watched two women making love to each other?”

“Sure I have. I would think every man fantasizes about having two women in bed. I’ve seen the two women thing on porn videos.” I responded.

Mom said, “One of my big fantasies is to have three men working on me. A cock in my pussy, one in my ass, and one in my mouth all of them shooting off at the same instant. Something like that would not just happen, it would take a lot of planning and manipulating”

I responded, “Yep that sounds way more like fantasy than reality. I’m sure a lot of people think about it but never actually do it unless, of course, they happen to be swingers.”

“Swinging, now there is something to think about.” Mom responded, and asked, “Would you consider that Danny?”

“I don’t know about that mom, you can wear my ass out all by yourself.” I replied.

She asked, “But you could go for the two women thing?”

“Yeah, watching you and Joanne get it on would be a huge turn on.” I responded.

Mom said, “But Danny we would want you to do more than just watch.”

“That would be fantastic!” I said, and added, “I could do that.”

Mom said, “Well, the next time I have her in bed I’ll find out how she would feel about a threesome with me and you.”

I replied, “Yeah mom, you check her out on that, and give me a heads up.”

I looked down at my stiff cock which was staring at the ceiling and added, “You know a “heads up.”

Mom smiled at me and began rubbing her clit and said, “I’m going to have to have part of my special order right now.”

She sat on the table in from of me, pushed her ass to the edge, leaned back and spread her legs open. I began licking and tonguing her already wet pussy. She laid back flat on the table and placed her feet on my shoulders. I reached up and took a nipple in each hand squeezing and rolling them between my fingers. She grabbed my hair pulling me into her and moaned; “Oh yeah, suck my pussy Danny, get it really wet”

I removed one hand from her tits and placed two fingers into her pussy; she arched her back and pushed hard to get them deeper inside her. She was pulling on my hair using it as a leverage to pump harder against my plunging fingers and mouth. I grabbed her ankles and pushed her feet up toward her head and started tonguing her tight asshole. Breathing heavily she let out a long moan and said, “Oh shit yes, put that tongue deep in my asshole.”

Her hand was furiously rubbing her clit as I continued my quest of her ass with my tongue. She was moaning and yelling at me to suck on her clit. I wrapped my lips around her clit and began sucking as I continued to finger her pussy and eat her ass. She moaned, “I’m about to cum Danny and I want your cock inside me when I do. I want to squeeze your hard cock with my pussy.”

I sat back in my chair and mom slid down from the table and

straddled my lap easing her tight wet pussy down on the shaft of my dick. She moaned and pushed down taking the full length of my cock inside her. She began maltepe escort to bounce slowly up and down. I took one nipple into my mouth and began sucking and biting down on it as I squeezed the other breast. Mom was moaning with pleasure and increasing the speed of her movements. I was biting down hard on her nipple determined not to allow myself to shoot off because I my first load of cum today was destined for deep in her ass

Mom was digging her nails into my back as I felt the contractions inside her pussy begin to squeeze on my cock. She was trembling and yelling, “Oh God yes, let me ride that cock! You’re deep inside me! You’re going to make me cum! Are you ready for me to cum on that big cock Danny?”

At the peak of her orgasm I reached up and took her face between my hands and kissed her hard flicking my tongue in and out of her mouth. Her body gave a final violent shutter and went limp; she was breathing heavily as she laid her head down on my shoulder. Somehow I had managed to keep myself from losing my load.

“Why didn’t you cum with me? I wanted to feel your cum shooting inside me while I was cumming.”

“I’m saving my first load for your sweet ass mom.” I replied.

She said, “Oh yeah, I remember now.

She pushed herself up off my cock, swiped her hand through her pussy, placed her fingers in my mouth and said, “Suck my pussy juices Danny.”

I saw her looking down at my cock and thighs which were covered with her juices. She said, “It would be a shame to let that go to waste,” and began to lick and suck the juices from my legs and cock.

She began to remove the plates and cups from the table. I said, “Let me help you with that and then we can take a shower together.”

Mom rubbed my face with her hand and said, “No, you go shave and start your shower, I’m just going to load the dishwasher; I’ll join you in a few minutes.”

I gave her a smack on her ass and headed upstairs. I shaved then brushed my teeth and stepped into the shower; images of mom and Joanne using all the toys on each other were swirling around in my head.

Mom opened the glass door to the shower and stepped inside. She grabbed a bottle of shampoo and said, “Let me wash your hair for you honey. You better close your eyes so the shampoo doesn’t get in them”

Before I could answer mom had poured much more shampoo than was needed onto the top of my head and it was running down into my eyes and stinging like crazy. I yelled, “Shit mom, my hair can’t be that dirty. ”

Mom laughed and said, “I’m sorry honey, but don’t be such a pussy, just put your face under the water and rinse the soap from your eyes.”

While facing mom I leaned my head back under the shower head trying to clear the soap from my burning eyes. Mom began stroking my cock and then stepped back and got down on her knees. I felt her taking it into her mouth and sucking. I began to moan and reached down and took her head between my hands forcing my cock deeper into her throat.

Quickly, I pushed her head away from my cock moaning, “No mom, don’t make me cum! Stand up and bend over, let me fuck your ass right now.”

I moved my head forward so the water was no longer flowing into my face and eyes. I blinked several times, opened my eyes and found myself staring into the into mom’s eyes. Shocked, I looked down into the face of a pretty redhead who was staring up at me with a wide smile.

Mom gave me a quick kiss and teasingly whispered, “You do know Danny this is not one of those things that just happens by chance.”

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