A Family Affair

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Note: This is an update to the original story. I made the mistake of trying to change from first person POV to third part way through and left a number of errors. Hopefully most of them have been caught.

* * * * * * * *



It came as a relief when Maddie saw Josh’s door open. A couple years back she might’ve barged right in, open or not, but age brings responsibilities even if that age is only eighteen and the responsibilities are making sure you don’t catch your older brother with his dick in his hand.

“Hey,” she said.

Josh carried on noodling on the electric guitar resting across his lap. He wore headphones, ragged jeans, a torn t-shirt and a frown. Ever since he’d arrived home from college Maddie thought he looked better every day. She had made her mind up this stupid crush she’d developed had to stop. Had to stop tonight. One way or the other.

Only when she dropped on the bottom of the bed did his fingers stop as he looked up. He grinned.

“What ya playing?” Maddie asked.

Josh pulled one of the earbuds out and held it to her. “See if you recognise it.”

Maddie plugged the bud in as Josh’s fingers started to fly again, the guitar linked to his iPad. She listened until he hit a bum note, stumbled and stopped.

“Damn—that’s an old one.”

“You recognize it?” Josh said.

“How long you been practicing?”

“Two fucking weeks. Man, it’s real hard.”

“You almost got it down.”

“Almost’s not good enough. We’re supposed to be playing it a week Saturday but I’m not going to be ready.”

“Practice more,” Maddie said.

“I got to work too.”

“Sure. But it’s a good use for your hands when you’re not working.”

Josh gave Maddie a look and she smiled sweetly. “Or does Hannah-baby take care of all that for you? She’s got nice fingers, ain’t she?”

Josh stuck his tongue out. Maddie laughed. She liked teasing him. Wished she could tease him more. Josh was her big brother, three years older, twenty-one to her eighteen.

Ever since she’d started thinking about boys that way she’d thought about Josh that way too. She often wondered what he was doing, who he was doing it with. In fact she knew who he was doing it with. He was doing it with Hannah-baby. Except it was only Maddie ever added the baby at the end, even if Hannah was a year older than she was. It was nothing, nineteen to twenty-one, it was fine, but she did so love to tease Josh. And it was so easy to do.

“Mom’s getting herself in a panic over this date Saturday,” Maddie said.

“I know. Have you talked to her about it? Given her the benefit of your great experience?”

“Sure… but she said a hand job on a first date was probably too much too soon.”

Josh stared at her. “You didn’t say—”

“Of course I didn’t. Do you think I’m stupid, stupid?” She smiled the sweet smile again, the one she knew he liked. “I told her not to fuck him unless he paid for dinner.”

“Well… that’s better, I guess.”

Maddie poked her tongue out and shuffled closer. “You got anything else you can play?”

This time it was Josh’s tongue came out. She watched it pop out, slide back, and felt herself get wet almost instantly as an image seared across her mind of his tongue doing that, going out, in, out, in, but doing so between her legs. Josh had a real long tongue, just like she did, and she just knew how it would feel inside her. Damn, but she would fuck his brains out if he wasn’t her brother. Maybe she’d have to anyway.

Maddie wondered would Josh go for something like that. Then wondered why would he. Hannah-baby was no doubt giving him pretty much everything he wanted and more. Hannah-baby looked like she’d be able to give any man anything he wanted and more. Which reminded Maddie of why she’d really come into Josh’s room.

She leaned forward, wishing she’d worn a looser top so she could flash some boob at him. They weren’t as big as Hannah-baby’s, but she considered them more shapely.

“I got a question for you.”

“Uh-huh.” Josh played Reelin’ in the Years again, that hard opening lick, over and over again. Maddie heard it faintly, the bud out of her ear now and lying on the bed covers.

“We’ve always been able to talk about anything, haven’t we?”

“Uh-huh. Anything.”

“Everything,” Maddie said.

“That too. What do you want to know, sis?”

She wriggled her ass along the covers so she was close to Josh. “Stop playing a minute, will you, I got something to ask.”

Josh leaned over and laid the guitar on the floor beside the bed. He straightened and stretched his legs out, one either side of her, like he used to do all the time but not so much these days. Maddie rested her hands on his legs just above the knee.

“Ask me then,” Josh said. His eyes met hers, almost a challenge.

“Is it normal for a guy to have a kink in his dick?” Maddie said, pleased when Josh’s mouth dropped open. She grinned. “Well, is it?”

“A kink?”

She nodded.

“What kind of kink? A swing to the right, bakırköy escort a swing to the left? A right angle?”

Maddie used her index finger, putting it up straight then leaning the tip over a little.

“Like that?” Josh said.

Maddie nodded.

“But bigger than your finger, I take it.”

Maddie shrugged. “A bit.”

“Only a bit? Man, you got to get a new boyfriend, Mads.”

“I’ve got a new boyfriend.”

“You have?”

Maddie nodded. She dropped her hand back onto Josh’s thigh. She stared at the bulge in the front of his jeans, trying to work out if it had gotten fuller. She thought maybe it had.

“Then get a different new one,” Josh said.

Maddie shook her head and sighed. The conversation had gone off track somewhere. “What I need to know is, is it normal for a guy to have a bend in his dick. Pete claims it is, claims it’s very normal. In fact he claims just about everyone he knows has got a dick goes one way or the other.”

Josh laughed. “Pete Carrington?”

“Yes Pete Carrington.”

“His dick bends…” Josh looked at Maddie’s hand. “Which way was it—to the left or the right.”

Maddie smiled and lifted her hand to demonstrate.

Josh shook his head. “And he claims all the other dicks he’s ever seen do the same thing?”

Maddie nodded.

“You definitely need a new boyfriend, Mads, if the one you got goes around looking at other guy’s dicks. Have you fucked him?”

“Not yet.”

“Because of the kinky dick or is there some other reason?”

“Like I fuck every guy on a first date?”

“Is that all you done—a first date with him? I guess he didn’t pay for dinner then.”

Maddie smiled.

“One date and you already know his dick’s got a bend in it?” Josh shook his head. “Now I’m glad you’re not offering Mom advice on this date. So what’d you do, give him a hand job?”

“Might’ve,” Maddie said, her voice barely audible.

“On a first date?”

“He’s a catch. All my girlfriends are wet for him. What was I supposed to do, give him a peck on the cheek and say next time maybe? Don’t tell me you never got any on a first date. I bet Hannah-baby had her panties off before you got her to the end of her street.”

Josh laughed. “This isn’t about me, Mads. Besides, it was you raised the subject of Pete’s deformed dick.” Josh shook his head. “Man, I got to get that picture out of my head.”

“It’s not deformed. It’s got a little bend in is all.”

“To the left.”

“Yes, to the left.”

“I hope he was suitably grateful for this hand job. Did he return the favor?”

“It was a first date,” Maddie said.

“Exactly. This is an equal opportunity world now, or haven’t you heard?”

Maddie sighed. “I’m still waiting for an answer.”

Josh appeared to be thinking. Then he said, “Are you telling me Pete’s is the first dick you’ve ever seen?”


“The first one you’ve put your hand around then?”

Maddie lifted a shoulder.

“So you get to eighteen without so much as touching a guy and then you go out with Pete Carrington and on the first date you take his dick out and—”

“I didn’t take his dick out.”

Josh stared at her. “He took his dick out?”

Maddie nodded.

“Like he was expecting you to give him a hand job?”

Maddie shook her head. “He was expecting a blow job, he said, but I wasn’t gonna do that.”

“Of course not. Not on a first date.”


“But rubbing one out was OK.”

“I had to do something,” Maddie said.

“You could’ve walked,” Josh said.

“We were in his car parked three miles outside town. I was scared if I turned him down flat he might’ve… well, you know…”

“He knows I’d fucking kill him if he did,” Josh said.

“No you wouldn’t.” But the idea of Josh coming to her protection made Maddie feel good. “Besides, I don’t think he’s going to ask me out again.”

“Because you wouldn’t blow him?”

“Lots of girls would’ve.”

“I hope he’s got cum stains all over his upholstery,” Josh said.

Maddie giggled. “I wiped my hand down the back of the seat, so yeah, I guess he has.” She sighed and without really thinking about it rubbed her thumb along Josh’s leg, the denim soft. “And you still haven’t told me if it’s normal.”

“A dick that bends to the left?”

“Yes. That.” Maddie continued with the thumb, staring at where Josh’s jeans snugged tight at the junction of his thighs, and damn if she wasn’t sure he was getting a boner. The bulge was bigger, and she could see the shape of his cock through the denim, a weight to it that made her breath catch a little in her throat.

Josh shrugged and shifted down the bed like he was getting comfortable, but the movement put the bulge closer to Maddie’s hand.

“Some guys, sure, they bend one way or the other. I seen dicks that curve up like the tail of a dog, others that curve down.”

“Hard dicks?” Maddie changed from the rub to a soft stroke, her fingertips running down the inside of Josh’s thigh. Her nipples had come hard inside beşiktaş escort her sweatshirt and she wondered could he see them.


She giggled. “When have you seen hard dicks, Josh? Is there something you’re not telling me?”

“I seen a couple. Some guys don’t need much encouragement to get a boner. Some guys like to show off, think they got something to show off with. Don’t you look at other girls in the showers, Mads? Compare them? Judge them?”

She lifted a shoulder and moved a little and the tip of her finger crossed the bulge in his jeans that just had to be the head of his cock. Maddie tried to work out if she’d done it by accident or deliberately. Then she did it again, slower this time, with a little added pressure. Making sure Josh knew it was deliberate.

“You ever do that?” she asked, her voice soft, eyes on his jeans. Bolder, she let her palm stroke along the length of his cock and back, then returned her thumb to the head of his cock.

“What, let other guys see me with a boner?”

“Mm-hm.” She was sure Josh was radiating heat. Or her hand was hot. Something was hot, that was for damn sure. She laid her hand around the ridge in Josh’s jeans and left it there.

“Sometimes,” Josh said. “You do know what you’re doing don’t you, Mads?”

She glanced up. “Doing?”

“With your hand.”

“Oh, this?” And she stroked Josh’s length. Definitely longer than Pete Carrington. And no sign of a bend. Not from what she could feel, anyway. Sight of it would confirm that, of course.

“You’re my sister, Mads.”

She pulled a stupid face and Josh laughed.

“And if I wasn’t your sister?”

“But you are.”

Maddie sighed. She didn’t take her hand away, but she did stop with the long, sensual stroking.

After a while she said, “So?”


“So what if I am your sister? I can look, can’t I?”

“And the touching?”

“Tell me to stop if you want me to, Josh, but I’ve always been curious.”

“About my dick?”

She shrugged, gripped him harder, wanting to get a reaction, but Josh simply lay there with his hands behind his head staring at where her hand stroked him.

“About your dick, yes. About other stuff, too. About…” Maddie shook her head. “I don’t know about what, just about things. About you. And me, maybe.”

“What’s brought this on tonight?” Josh said.

“You want me to stop?”

“Stroking my dick?”

“Yeah. You want me to stop doing that?”

“Not if you don’t want to.”

“So you like me doing it?”

Josh laughed. “Mads—I’m a guy.”

“Oh, you’re all so easy to please.” She cocked her head to one side. “Except by now Pete had already blown his load.” She shifted up the bed and put her free hand on Josh’s belt buckle.

“What—now you want to see it, too?”

“Purely in the interests of research. I want to see if it’s got a kink.” She pulled the long leather tongue of his belt through the brass buckle then twisted it loose.

“You could take my word for it and go to your own room.”

“I could. But then you’d only have to jack yourself off now I’ve got you hard.”


“So I thought I could help out with that if you like.”

“You did?”

Maddie untwisted the top brass button on his jeans. Her finger drifted down to the next and still Josh made no move to stop her. She was a bit scared now. Scared and excited. She’d dreamed about touching Josh’s cock for years, and now she was almost doing it. Damn, she was doing it, but she wanted to touch the skin of his cock, wrap her fingers around him and make him shoot his load over her… She stopped, breathing hard. Over where? Her hands? Her belly? Her face? A shiver ran through her.

“Someone walk over your grave?” Josh said.

“Something like that.” She worked the next button loose.

Josh laughed again, but the sound was tight now. “Are you really going to do this, Mads?”

“Tell me to stop and I will,” she said.

Josh said nothing.

Maddie undid the last of the brass buttons and drew the opening of his jeans wide.

Josh lifted his hips. Waited.

Maddie used both hands to work his jeans down his legs. She tugged them to his knees, then beyond, pulled them over his feet then came back along the bed on her hands and knees. Josh lay there in white boxers, his cock tenting them. Maddie reached out, felt his size, his weight.

“It doesn’t look bent from here,” she said, “but I need to be sure.”

“Take it out if you want.”

She looked up at him. “You don’t mind?”

“Do I look like I mind?”

Maddie let her breath out in a rush. “What do you want from me, Josh?”

“Want?” He stared at her. “I don’t want anything other than your fist around my dick. If that’s what you want, too, Mads.”

“Can I make you come?” Maddie pulled at his shorts and Josh lifted his hips again.


Maddie stared as the dark tangle of hair showed. Then the root of his cock. She continued to work the boxers down, exposing more of his length. When the waistband came beylikdüzü escort down far enough his cock sprang loose, slapping against his belly, and Maddie laughed and tugged his shorts to his knees then came back and gripped him.


She looked along his body. “Well what? Do you want something more?”

Josh shook his head. “Does it have a kink?”

“Oh… I’d forgotten about that… let me check…” She went close, pushed his cock to one side, pulled it back the other way, angled it down his thigh. “Looks long and straight and normal to me. Maybe a bit more than normal.”

“I don’t think a bend one way or another is abnormal,” Josh said. “But I’m glad you approve.”

Maddie let his cock lie back where it wanted to be, flat along his belly, and stroked the underside with a fingernail. She ran her finger from the root to the tip, then dipped her finger into the slit in the center and drew out a bead of pre-cum. The smell of his arousal engulfed her and she shifted, trying to ease the pressure at the base of her belly—knowing there was only one thing that was going to ease it.

“It’s beautiful,” she said.

Josh smiled. “Are you really going to make me come?”

“Are you really going to let me?”

“It could get messy.”

“That’s the idea, isn’t it?”

“Some girls don’t like the mess,” Josh said.

Maddie began to stroke him. As her hand reached the base of his cock her thumb ran across his ball sac before rising again.

She spread the pre-cum along the length of his cock and Josh groaned.

“You gonna be fast like Pete was?” she said.

“Only expressing my appreciation.”

“Lift your t-shirt up so you don’t get any on it.”

“I like a girl who knows what she wants.”

“I don’t know what I want, Josh,” Maddie said, and something in her voice made him lift her chin so he could look into her eyes.

“We can stop right now,” he said.

“Don’t want to stop. I want to see you come.”

“And you? Can I do something for you?”

“Do you want to do something for me, Josh?”

“I want whatever you want.”

Maddie gave a strained laugh. “Oh, what I want is something else, brother.”

Josh sat up, came close and kissed her softly on the mouth. It was an almost chaste kiss. Would have been chaste if the thickness of his cock wasn’t full her fist.

“There’s no rush here, Mads,” Josh said. He lay back down. His cock slipped from her grip, swayed from side to side. He was magnificent. Maddie itched all over with the wanting of him. This idea, sitting on his bed with his cock out, with his cock in her hand, had been a dream ever since he left home. Now she was old enough to do something about it. Except, of course, he was her brother.

Josh didn’t seem to mind that, though. If he minded he’d put his cock away and make her leave. Instead he lay there, hands behind his head, long legs stretched out.

Maddie reached and stroked a nail along the valley between his balls. His sac hung deep between his legs. Heavy. Potent. She wanted to run her tongue across it but wasn’t sure if moving too fast was going to blow this entire thing. She was more scared of him taking fright and this ending than she was of the consequences of what they were doing.

She let her nail run along the underside of his cock. It twitched. A fresh bead of pre-cum oozed clear and she caught it on her nail and lifted it. Raised her finger toward her lips. She saw Josh follow the movement. His eyes bright, amused, filled with the want of her doing it. She popped the finger into her mouth and sucked. Tasted a sweetness that barely tasted at all.

Josh groaned. His hand came out and touched her thigh. Slid along her jeans.

Maddie caught his wrist, stopping his hand.

“Why not, Mads?” he said.

“Not yet.”

“Take your top off. Show me your tits. You got nice tits, Mads. At least, I think you have. You and Mom both. A good size. Good shape, too. Some girls—”

“You talk way too much,” Maddie said.

“Maybe I’m nervous.”

“Hannah-baby’s got nice tits too, don’t she?” Maddie was aware they’d come to some hiatus in events and she thought it was her fault. She’d come into his room with an idea, a fantasy. Once the reality kicked in she wasn’t so sure, not to start with. Now she was coming to an accommodation. Josh looked like he already had.

Did she want him to touch her? Damn right she did. But not tonight. Not yet.

Did she want to make him come? Damn right she did. Tonight. Now. Soon. She wanted to watch him spill his seed across his belly. She wanted to smell his seed as it spurted out of him. She wanted to… sure, yes, she wanted to taste his cum like she’d tasted his pre-cum, curious how her brother would taste.

“If I take my top of you have to promise not to try anything.”

Josh laughed. “What the fuck, Mads…”

“Promise or I walk.”

Josh raised a shoulder. “OK—I promise.”

Maddie crossed her hands and pulled the sweat-shirt over her head. Tossed it to one side.

Josh stared at her bra. “That too, Mads.”

She sighed. Smiled. Reached back and unclipped the bra, tossed that aside as well.

“Whoo,” Josh said.

“As good as you hoped?” Maddie shimmied a little, side to side, so her breasts swayed. Josh’s eyes followed the peaks, which she knew had grown hard. Hell, her nipples had been hard even before she came into his room.

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