A Space Story Ch. 02

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Looking around my new, fairly spacious, accommodations, I took a deep breath of the sterile refiltered air. I could see that there was one bed, made up with standard issue linens, built into the right wall. There was a footlocker at the end of the bed. Next to the bed on the back wall of the room was a wooden desk, and chair. The desk also served as a night stand. I was somewhat surprised to see a wooden anything on a starship; normally everything is metal, or plastic. On the left wall, there were some clothes hanging from a few pegs, which were over a pallet on the floor. A few of Sarah’s personal belongings on the desk, and a picture of a woman with a close resemblance to Sarah hanging on the wall completed the room’s adornments.

“I had Tina, the Chief Engineer; make up the pallet for you. That will have to do until something else can be made.” Sarah said as she walked over and started to take some of her things off of a couple hooks. “These hooks will be yours, and I’ll look into getting you a foot locker as well.”

“Thank you,” I replied, “I don’t know what to say. I haven’t had a place that I could even remotely call my own since I was 16.” Just then there was a beeping sound from a console beside the door.

Sarah walked over to the panel and pushed a button, “Yes, Sarah here.”

A musical voice came back over the intercom, “Please report to the captain’s ready room, she would like to meet him.”

“Acknowledged; please inform the Captain that we are on our way. Out” Sarah replied. “I guess showing you the rest of the ship is going to have to wait.”

We left her room and started down a long corridor with door openings at regular intervals. As the door closed I took note of the identification on the door; C12 LtCom MD S. Fortwrite.

As we went down the corridor the door markings were going up: C14, C16, etc. Soon we came to a junction, where another corridor went off to the right, and another door was on the left. The door was marked LIFT 8 C DECK. Sarah called the lift and when the doors opened we went in. Upon commanding “Bridge” the lift started moving.

Soon the doors opened into a small room. To either side of the lift and a door straight ahead were armed guards. Sarah pulled out of her pocket an access card and the guards waived us through. I was kind of surprised with the security on the ship. I wouldn’t have thought that the Medical Officer who was ordered to the bridge would have to show identification. One of the Guards escorted us to the captain’s ready room.

As we were being directed to the Captain, Sarah said, “Jon, one the guard opens the door, we’ll walk in three paces come to attention, and salute. The Captain is very particular about such etiquette. Stay at attention until ordered otherwise.” I just nodded in reply.

Due to the layout of the bridge I was not able to get a look at it, as there was a wall between the door and the bridge proper. There was another guard outside of the ready room, who announced that we had arrived, and ushered us in.

The Captain dismissed the guard, and once the door closed, returned the salute. “A Procreator standing at attention and saluting: what an odd sight. Please sit,” The Captain indicated to the chairs in front of her desk, “As I’m sure that you have guessed by now I am Captain Jessica Fortwrite. And I know that you have met my sister Sarah.”

“I’m not sure how much Sarah has told you so I’ll start from the beginning.” Jessica explained. ‘Now unlike most of the rest of the crew Sarah and I were born to the same mother. And every person on this ship Procreators included has the same father. The reason for this is that situations like this on have happened in the past and the ship’s crew made use of an available procreator, and unauthorized birthing was taking place. So as a counter measure the Matriarchs issued the orders that only brother Procreators and their sisters could be on the same ships. As such I’m telling you this once, in case you are some sick bastard; you are not allowed ANY sexual contact with any member of the crew. Understand?” Jessica asked.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good.” She replied, “So what’s your name?”

“Jon ma’am”

With a nod she turned to Sarah, “So he checks out? No ill effects from coming out of stasis?”

“None that have shown thus far; I’ll keep monitoring him though just to be sure.” Sarah replied. Then the Captain and Sarah started talking in some detail of other things, both medical, and otherwise. It seemed as though I had been forgotten altogether. I tried my best to follow the conversation; however when you are being ignored and the topic of the conversation is the number of people that have the sniffles, and how many toothbrushes were issued, the mind wanders.

While waiting to be remembered I examined the room. I could tell right away that the Captain was definitely an organized person. Everything had a place, was in it and was clearly marked.

Once again I was surprised to see that the desk was sarıyer escort wood, although all the chairs were plastic. The Desk was placed centrally in the room with a chair behind it. On the desk was a computer screen, with a comp-pad. In addition to the two chairs Sarah, and I occupied there were two more against the right wall. In the right back corner of the room there was a filing cabinet, but I could think of no reason that one would be needed. To my knowledge all records were kept electronically. A large picture hanging on the left wall, of the same woman that Sarah had in our room, and a flag of the Confederation completed the room’s adornments.”

Hearing my name snapped my attention back to the other people in the room. “Sorry what was that?” I asked the captain after realizing that I had missed the question.

Smiling, “I asked: what are your interests?” Jessica replied.

“I really don’t know ma’am.” I responded, “When I was younger we, myself and the other male boys, were discouraged from doing anything other than learning about what it was to be a Procreator.”

Sarah volunteered, “I was reading through some histories the other day; ones about the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They said that the men in that society were the workers, and that most were good with their hands. They were the engineers, and builders of things.” Looking from me to Jessica, “Perhaps Jon could work with Tina, or one of the other engineers. Maybe he/you would enjoy fixing things.”

Jessica looked to me, “Well what do you think?”

“I think I would like that. I always did want to know how things worked.” I replied with a smile.

“I’ll speak with Tina, our Chief Engineer, and see what she says,” Jessica stated, “So in the mean time stick with Sarah, and we’ll see what we can do.” Looking to Sarah, “Can you take Jon down to Supply, and get him set up with more than one set of clothing, and some of the other necessities. I’ll contact you once I have spoken to Tina.”

“Sure,” Sarah replied.

Okay then. I have some other business to attend to; I’ll see you both later.” Jessica stated. “Dismissed.”

Together Sarah and I stood up, we both saluted and left. And once leaving the bridge we were on our way back to supply.


‘Man is he good looking!’ Jessica thought to herself as Sarah and Jon left the room. ‘It’s too bad that he’s my brother. If he wasn’t I’d jump him in a second. I wonder what a child from him and one of the crew would be like… The Matriarchs always said that any child from an incestuous union would be a horribly malformed abomination. I just cannot see that being the case. If you take his looks and mix them with any woman from this ship, I think that you would get a very beautiful child.’

‘What am I thinking of?’ If the Matriarchs found out about what I’m thinking I would be locked up for the rest of my days,’ Jessica chided herself. ‘Even still…’


Over the next few days Sarah showed me around the ship, and I met some of the crew. For the most part I kept to our quarters, leaving only to eat, bathe and give my five donations a day. That is one thing from my new life that is completely different from anything before.

As I had mentioned previously whenever I was required to give a sperm donation, the women were more than willing to help, but now it was all me. Sarah and I would go down to sickbay; I would get up on the medical bed and start to stroke myself. Sarah would sit on her stool, watching me. She stared intently at me, flushing in the face. The first few times I think that is was from being embarrassed. Then from realizing that she was being turned on. But as the days went by, Sarah was definitely flushing from her desires. But even with her desires mounting, she still made no move to help. She just accepted the sample and completed her tests.

After a week the Captain, invited Sarah and I to dine with her one evening. At the dinner was: Tina — the chief engineer, Jennet — the first officer, Jessica — the Captain, Sarah, and my-self. I felt very out of place. These are all powerful influential women, and me, the one man not in stasis.

The dinner went better than I had thought. All of these women were taught from birth, that men are there to serve one purpose and that is to impregnate women for the continuation of the human race. However they treated me as not quite an equal, but not as a second class citizen.

For the most part we discussed my status amongst the crew, and my activities from day to day. By the end of dinner Tina agreed to let me work with the engineers on a limited basis. I was to report to work same as any other crew member. However the differences between me and the other engineers, is that I would only be working two days a week, I would not be working on any critical systems, and I would always be supervised. I would also still be required to make my semen donations regularly.

My first few days of working Tina had me making a few of the esenyurt escort things that I would need; the first being a bed. In all of the staterooms the beds are built right into the walls, and more passengers are not normally acquired while traveling between systems, therefore spare cots are not carried aboard the ship.

While I was not working I was spending my time with Sarah. Unless there was an accident or emergency there was almost no need of a ships doctor on a starship. So Sarah had as much if not more free time than me. For the most part we would stay in our room talking about our lives before here. Sarah seemed especially interested in my post pubescent life as a Procreator. Because of this Sarah and I became extremely close.

After about three weeks after starting my work around the ship, Sarah and I were both becoming annoyed with having to repeatedly go to sickbay so that I could give my donations; especially when we were both in our room anyway.

Sarah had become quite miserable with the ongoing repetitive routine, of getting my samples. Because she had done so much for me I wanted to simplify our situation. In one of the rare times when Sarah was taking care of another patient I took the liberty to build a small work bench in our room.

I sought out Tina, who was working away in main engineering. “Tina, I was wondering if I might have a moment of your time.” I asked.

“Sure Jon, what is it?” Tina replied.

“Well I’m, trying to plan a surprise for Sarah, and I need to get a microscope for our room. I was hoping that you might distract Sarah while I get one.”

“What kind of surprise needs a microscope?” Tina asked in confusion, her brow knotted with concentration.

“Sarah and I are both getting frustrated with having to go down to sickbay for all of my donations. I’m building a work station so that we can stay in our room if we want to.”

Tina reluctantly agreed, and shortly thereafter I had the microscope and a few other supplies.

By the time that I finished all of my preparations it was almost time to give a sample. I was about to call Sarah over the com, but just then she walked through the door. Sarah was quite surprised to see the changes in the room. She was also extremely happy. So happy in fact that she gave me a huge hug.

With the exception of the first day when she helped me out of the stasis pod and jerked me off, we had almost no physical contact. She quickly caught herself and stepped back, stammering an apology.

“It’s time to give a sample Jon.” Sarah said.

I took off my clothing slowly; watching Sarah the entire time. She went and sat down on her bed to wait for me to finish. She was already starting to flush. I noticed that when she sat down she positioned her foot so that it was in her crotch.

Once I finished stripping, I went and sat on my bed. I spread my legs apart and got comfortable, so that I could look upon Sarah. My member started to grow to its full length, and I started to stroke myself.

I could see that Sarah was really turned on. Her nipples poking through her uniform, and she was rubbing her foot against her mound. I could tell that she wanted to help, but she wouldn’t move from her bed with out some incentive.

“Sarah, you can help if you want, and I know you do.”

“Jon, you know I can’t,” Sarah replied.

“Sarah who is going to know? No one. We are in our room with the door locked. If it makes it any easier for you,” I hit my hand on the wall, “There now I can’t do it myself, and my doctor needs to help me out.”

Sarah smiled as she moved up. She looked shyly into my eyes not very sure of herself as she reached out and gently grabbed my throbbing member. I inhaled sharply as her sleight fingers wound around my shaft. After exploring my manhood for a moment, she started to softly rub up and down. I was awash with sensations, pleasure shooting through my body.

Sarah watched how the skin moved over my shaft. Felt the veins, and my increasing pulse. A drop of pre cum formed; Sarah opened her mouth slightly, unconsciously licking her lips, showing her true desires. Using her thumb on the up stroke she smeared the pre cum over the head, causing me great pleasure. Seeing this Sarah increased her pace.

Sarah not having had much contact with men before was definitely being affected by this whole situation. She was wetter than she had ever been before. Knowing that it was not appropriate, but not caring, she reached her other hand down her pants and found her pleasure node, a small moan escaping her lips.

I was closer than I had thought, and when Sarah had picked up her pace it took all the will power that I had to hold back. However hearing her moan was just too much and I climaxed harder than I had in quite some time.

The first thick rope of creamy fluid landed on the corner of Sarah’s mouth. This caught her by surprise; however she was able to keep enough of her mind about her to pull her hand out of her pants and grab for the specimen jar. Before she could get it into avrupa yakası escort place though the second rope shot and landed on her neck. Finally for the remaining four shots the cup was in place and she was able to get her sample.

Sarah had taken the sample and was now staring down the viewfinder of a microscope. After a moment she looked up, “All looks good.” However she had a, not disappointed look, but a look of incompletion in her eyes.

Now one thing about being a procreator is that you know sex; and I knew that Sarah was not satisfied, and without added stimulation there would be no fulfillment for her. This just would not do. How could I leave the woman who had to give up half her room for me, and gave me a profession other than impregnating women, to get no sexual fulfillment when she gave me mine?

Still sitting on my bed, “Sarah could you please come here. I need to talk to you.” She came over without saying a word; however her eyes now held a glimmer of curiosity, and hope. I patted the bed beside me, indicating that she should sit down. “Sarah; I would like to help you, the way that you just helped me. Will you let me?” I asked.

“Jon, as much as I would love for you to do that you know that we can’t. Jessica would lock us up.” Sarah replied with a look of almost desolation crossing her face.

I just leaned over and planted a gentle loving kiss on her cheek. Moving closer I whispered in her ear, “What Jessica doesn’t know, won’t hurt her.” I started nibbling on her earlobe.

She sighed and leaned into me. I moved my mouth onto hers and we shared a deep passionate kiss. I moved my hand along her leg, over her hip and up onto her stomach. As my hand continued its way up her body I removed her shirt at the same time. We broke our kiss only long enough for her shirt to clear her head. Next I unclasped her bra and lowered it down her arms.

I broke our kiss, and gently lowered Sarah down onto the bed, looking into her eyes. I took in her beauty: long auburn hair, vivid green eyes, and a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Then she smiled; it took my breath away. I kissed her again, then moving along her jaw line. While doing this I used my finger to trace circles all over her body; purposely avoiding her breasts. She closed her eyes so she could feel every thing.

Sarah was quivering with anticipation. I kissed my way down her body to her perfect breasts. I cupped one with my hand, feeling the nipple contract. A slight moan escaped her lips. I lowered my head to her other breast and kissed her nipple, extracting another moan of pleasure. Then I sucked her nipple into my mouth. She inhaled sharply, and arched her back pushing her breast into me. I then did the same to the other breast; Sarah moaning the entire time.

I started kissing my way down her body again. Pausing briefly at her navel. When I reached her pants I moved down to her feet and removed her shoes and socks; Sarah looking at me expectantly. I moved back down her legs hooked my fingers into her waistband and started lowering her pants and underwear all at once.

Once she was disrobed I started to massage her feet. Sarah closed her eyes, sighing with contentment. I rubbed my hands down her legs just grazing her bare mound. I moved up beside her and started kissing her again.

I moved my hand down to her mound and rubbed my finger along her moist slit. She moaned, and reached for my hard prick; stroking it. I explored her folds, dipping first one then another finger into receptive well. Sarah moaned deeply as my fingers entered her.

I slowly extracted my fingers until only one knuckle was left in, then plunged them back in. As I did this Sarah’s breathing gradually became faster and deeper, until the point of almost being a pant. I worked her until she was about to climax, then just before she was flooded by waves of pleasure I stopped pulling my fingers out. Sarah whimpered in complaint, as she lifted her head to see why I had stopped.

Then before she could voice any further complaint, I leaned down and attacked her clit with my tongue. Sarah screamed with the pleasure, as she arched her back, lifting her butt right off the bed. I eased off briefly to let her come down a bit before I continued my ministrations.

As soon as my tongue tasted of her forbidden fruit, I knew that I loved it. I explored her pink flower, from the deepest recess of her well to the little node of pleasure peeking from under the fleshy hood. I teased Sarah for what seemed like hours, although it was likely only minutes, bringing her close to orgasm then backing off again.

Finally after Sarah’s panting screams became frantic, and she was begging for me to let her finish did I not let up. I stopped teasing, and focused on her clit. As I continued this, her panting became even more frantic, until she let out a shuttering breath, and screamed as she climaxed and waves of pleasure crashed over her body.

While she was still climaxing, I moved up along her body and positioned my member at her dripping slit. I rubbed my head up and down her slit a few times to lubricate it. Then I plunged to the hilt into her deep well, in one fluid thrust. Sarah let out another scream as I sent her over the edge again. I then pulled out until only the head was still in her, plunging back in. I continued this, bringing us closer to another explosive finish.

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