A Medallion and a Sister

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I have never believed in magic. No one in their right mind should. Sleight of hand, illusions and distractions I can understand and the so called magicians do it really well but magic isn’t real or so I thought…

To be honest I’m still not sure I’m a believer but as I look at the signet ring on my finger to the medallion swinging from my sister’s neck as she hungrily sucks my cock there is no other explanation.

It started a couple of months ago, I had just finished university. Twenty two years old and already I was burdened with a huge debt, poor degree and little in the way of job prospects. The first two months after graduating I had the optimism that I would walk into a well paid graduate scheme but the reality was different, companies didn’t even have the courtesy to say I had been rejected, instead I was ignored. Now I searched for any job no matter how menial just to get some money in.

Whilst the job situation was bad when it was coupled with the shock of moving back in with my parents and realising there was nothing in the town to do my future looked bleak. I had got used to the joy of living with mates in a big city. I had swapped London with the Staffordshire countryside, nights of drinking and debauchery with nights of monopoly and reality TV, nightclubs and girls with an old man’s pub and sheep.

My parents seemingly hadn’t changed much since I had been away. My Dad was only home six to eight days a month. He worked in the London for the British museum and his job as a museum curator meant he was usually travelling to other countries for long stretches. My Mum was still the perfect housewife, waiting at home to greet her husband when he came back. The only change had been my sister, now four years older she had matured and like me all those years ago she was deciding whether to stay in education or find a job.

It was a Saturday when my life changed. My Dad had called me that morning to give me good news. He had been asking his contacts about a job for me and finally he had found one as a backroom assistant in a museum. Essentially I was going to be a glorified lackey earning minimum wage.

As I walked along the streets I turned over the offer in my head, of course I would take the job. After all it was the only offer I had however I was worried about how I was going to survive on minimum wage in one of the most expensive cities in the world. It would mean renting a box room in a house share in one of dodgy parts of the city.

Soon I found myself in the towns supermarket, I made my way to the in store coffee shop and spotted my sister waiting for me. Estelle was three years younger than me and unlike me she had a job. She worked in the supermarket as a stock assistant three days a week and she had asked me to meet her before her shift started.

We were always close growing up, with Dad being away all most of the time having the two of us against Mum usually meant we could get what we wanted. We were quite similar in looks too. Both of us had a bigger build though she was far better at controlling what she put in her mouth than me. So whilst she had curves they enhanced her figure whereas my curves aren’t the type of thing any man would wish for.

She had long luscious dirty blonde hair. Her hazelnut eyes always seem to have a mischievous glint to them and she had a breathtaking smile for those that she deemed worthy enough of it. Now I said she was bigger than average but she wasn’t fat, she played hockey and swam for the county. She was blessed with a flat stomach, muscular legs, full breasts and thick arse all in all she was incredibly fit. At around five foot nine she was shorter than me but taller than average and she proud of it, walking around the town with elegance that made men double take and women to look on in envy.

So back to the coffee shop and I was sitting across from her, a bagel in one hand, coffee in the other when she dropped the sentence that would change both our lives.

“Dad has managed to get me a job at that museum too and his friend has offered us his flat in Hammersmith to stay in!” Estelle said, her face beaming with excitement as she waited for my response.

I sat there in shock; Dad hadn’t mentioned any of this to me. Did I really want my little sister cramping my style whilst I was trying to get girls? “Are you sure you want to move in with me?! You know I’m an absolute nightmare in the morning!”

“Of course I know that! First rule of living together is no speaking before midday, second rule is our rooms are private and yours can be a tip but we the shared places will be cleaned together… simples”

Rules already I thought, but I knew I wasn’t going to get a better offer than this. “Okay I can live with that. You know I really need to get out of this place. I’m starting to go crazy seeing all the losers who couldn’t even graduate high school now earning more money than me!” I grimaced at the recollection of meeting the school dickhead two days ago. He was in a brand new car and purposely drove through a giant puddle kadıköy escort drenching me.

“What about Mum though? It’s a bit unfair to leave her here all alone.” I said as I spotted a young mother struggling to control her crying child.

“Actually I talked to Dad about that and he’s got a three month cruise trip planned for the two of them. Then once they come back he said he is looking to move the two of them closer to the city.” Estelle replied then frowned as a thought struck her. “You know what, I’m actually a little worried about them spending so much time together. Do you think they can cope with each other for three whole months?!”

I thought about what my sister said. Our Mum loved her time alone, she was active member of the church and spent the rest of her free time writing, though I hadn’t found out what despite my best attempts. And if the stories Dad had told me of what he got up to with his work colleagues were true then he might resent the quietness of his wife’s life. They were completely different people.

“Well that’s not our problem, that’s for Dad to sort out.” I shrugged. “What about this job? Don’t you have to give notice?”

“That’s actually the reason I asked you here, I resigned this morning and I need your help emptying my locker. Dad’s going to make the big announcement tonight, so just make sure that you act surprised!”

We continued talking as she waited for me to finish my coffee. She didn’t know anything more about the flat or the type of job she was going to do but she was as eager as me to leave.

“Come on then, I want to get out of here before the late turn supervisor comes on shift.” She announced, pulling me out of my seat the second I finished my drink.

“Oh yeah, that’s the creepy guy right? Sweaty Stew?”

“Yep, he’s a fucking ogre and smells like one too! I don’t want him anywhere near me. It’s bad enough the amount of the disgusting guys who have tried to kiss me goodbye. Look, I’ve painted a cold sore on my lip just to keep them off! But I know that won’t stop Stew, blurgh” She feigned retching as she marched towards the locker room.

I laughed as I inspected the angry looking sore on her top lip. It was very convincing. “Lead on Captain cold sore”

“Fuck off”

Three hours later and my sister and I were waiting outside the town train station for our Dad’s train to pull in.

“I hope this flat we’ve got isn’t tiny, you know you see all those stories about a room that just big enough for a single bed, I won’t be able to handle that!” Estelle wondered aloud. I didn’t know if she wanted me to answer and I was saved from over thinking it by our Dad waving at us.

“Hello Tweedledum and Tweedledee, how’s tricks?” My Dad slapped me on the back before hugging my sister. I hated the nickname but he thought it was hilarious and so it stuck, once again I wondered how Mum was going to cope with him for three months.

“Good to see you Dad, the cars outside and I’ve booked a table for two at the French place for you and mum at eight… Yes two we decided that you should explain everything to Mum!” I laughed as he tried to cuff me around the ears.

“You lazy git, well I suppose it’s better if it came from me. Let’s go pick up a curry for you two and some beer for me, I don’t trust this French place to serve anything decent” He replied as he climbed into the drivers seat.

Three days later and the car was packed with Estelle’s and mine belongings. Our Mum hadn’t taken the news well; I didn’t realise that she liked having us around that much. But with the promise that the two of us would come back for a weekend every month she reluctantly allowed us to leave.

“There’s way too much in here, so I’m going to drive down and I’ll meet you at the flat. It’s a ten minute walk from the underground, if you get there first get me in some beer.” My Dad said all this as he jammed in another pillow into the packed car then shoved the spare keys in my hand. With two full rucksacks my sister, mum and me all set off to the train station.

“You know I’m really going to miss you… I know I know I’m off to the Caribbean but this is the first time on holiday without you!” My Mum said emotionally as her eyes starting to well up.

“Don’t worry Mum, we’ll video call you every day and when you get back you can come stay with us and we’ll find a happy hour!” I smiled comfortingly whilst Estelle hugged my Mum tightly.

“Take care and look after each other.” My Mum looked at me as she said these words making sure that I knew they were aimed at me. She pulled me in for a hug and gripped me firmly until it became a bit uncomfortable for me. You see my Mum was an attractive woman. A bit curvier than my sister but the added weight just emphasised her chest and bum.

Without realising what I was doing my hand that was stroking her back had dropped until it came to a rest on her bum. My penis was now fully erect but she didn’t pull apart. üsküdar escort I heard my Mum sigh in my ear which led me to squeeze her arse through her dress. Her soft flesh filled my palm, it felt amazing then a sharp blast from the train whistle brought me back to my senses.

I pulled away embarrassed, my Mum looked at me and smiled. “I want lots of messages from you two and call me when you’re off the train and when you’re in the flat!”

Reassuring her that we would I jumped on the train after my sister and sat down next to her.

“So are we going to talk about how weird Mum was?” Estelle asked waving to our Mum on the platform as the train pulled away.

“She’s just emotional that’s all, we need to hope that Dad doesn’t do anything stupid whilst they’re away!” I shrugged my shoulders then pulled out my earphones and phone as my sister stared out the window.

“Welcome to your new lives!” Our Dad proclaimed. He was standing by the entrance to the block of flats, his arms spread and his smile wide. Our train journey had been held up by signalling issues and our dad had beaten us to London by over an hour but that didn’t matter now as we both looked up in wonder at the twenty plus storey building.

Following Dad inside we walked past the mailbox’s to the lift and watched as he pressed for floor 12. “Now I’ve brought up a couple of your things up but I’ll leave you to do the rest whilst I have a well earned brew. First big decision for you two to make is whether you share a room and have a living room or have a room each.”

Immediately we looked at each other, we hadn’t given any thought to sharing a room. Dad had said to us it was a two room flat and we had assumed he meant two bedrooms. I was now starting to wonder just what he hadn’t told us.

“Um I suppose we’ll wait and see. How big is this place Dad?” Estelle asked.

The lift doors pinged open and he left the lift and turned to the left to flat 123. Using the key he kicked the door open for us to have our first look at where we would be staying and to say we weren’t impressed is an understatement.

The flat was small, there’s no other way to describe it. I thought I had lived in a small place with for university but this was a good deal smaller. The flat was comprised of a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom if you could call any of those things rooms…

The kitchen could only fit one person at a time, the living room had a two person couch which took up more than half the room, the bedroom had a double sized bed in it and a built in wardrobe. The bathroom consisted of a walk in shower and toilet with the smallest sink I’ve ever seen. It was tiny but the giant windows gave it a sense of space and I wasn’t complaining because it gave us our freedom.

“Well I don’t think I can let you sleep in the living room, that’ll just be mean of me.” My sister said as she dumped the bags she had carried from the car onto the floor.

The flat opened into the living room and from the living room you accessed the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. There would be little to no privacy for either of us even if I did sleep in the living room.

“Tell you what we can share for a night and see how it goes, I’ve got my headphones so I won’t be able to hear you snore!” I teased her but she didn’t have chance to retort as Dad brought out three mugs of tea.

“It might seem small but with the jobs you’ve got you won’t be spending much time here,” he took a sip before continuing “and believe me there is plenty to do in London, so really you’ll just be using this flat as a place to crash.”

Two hours later and after numerous trips from the car to the flat our Dad had left and we were alone in the flat. I made myself busy in the kitchen, wiping down the rather dusty looking cupboards and disgustingly finding things in the fridge when my sister called me into the bedroom.

“So I’ve done the bed and tried to give us as much room as possible, tell me what you think.”

I walked in, the bed was made and the two pillows were on the furthest ends, which I guess was her attempt to give us our own space. It looked like it would be cosy but to be honest it was definitely better than me sleeping on that tiny couch. I smiled at my sister and gave her a hug. “It brilliant Estelle, um you might want to give the place a wipe down and vacuum I’m not sure Dad’s friend was big on hygiene!”

It was the middle of the afternoon and the next couple of hours was spent cleaning and dusting until the flat was in a respectable condition with a strong smell of bleach from the bathroom and kitchen. After a trip to the local shop and a couple of beers to celebrate our new home we decided to go to bed.

“You wait here and I’ll go get changed in the bathroom then we’ll swap. Sound good?” Estelle asked as she stepped over me to get to the bedroom.

“Yeah sure, you want a glass of water?” I called after her as I heard her rummage for her pyjamas before getting into the bathroom and shutting tuzla escort the door.

“Nah” She answered as I heard the sounds of the shower. I tried not to think of my naked sister lathered up only meters away from me and concentrate on reading the news on my phone.

Minutes later the bathroom door opened and she came out and went to the bedroom. I only caught a glimpse of her flower patterned pyjamas and though they were loose they couldn’t hide the womanly curves. Not wanting to be caught staring I jumped into the bathroom and had a cold shower to try ease my cocks stiffness.

“Seriously if you start snoring I will hit you.” Estelle said in a semi serious tone and I grunted in return. We were now lying side by side in bed. On any other day it would have been uncomfortable for me to be sharing a bed with such an attractive woman but the long day coupled with the alcohol had made me sleepy and I was quickly asleep.

It had been years since I had shared a bed and the last time that happened I woke up that girl with my cock in her face… to be fair to me she had done the same with her pussy the morning before somehow I doubt that either of those things were going to happen with my sister.

I slept deeply and don’t remember waking up until late the next morning. It was Saturday and we started our jobs on Monday so we had the weekend to explore and get to know our new neighbourhood.

My mouth was bone dry as was usual when I woke up and as I gulped down my water I took the time to look over at Estelle. She was still snoring softly, she was sleeping on her side facing me and during the night the duvet had dropped beneath her breasts, almost offering themselves for me to stare at and happily I accepted.

Now I didn’t know at the time but her breasts were 34C and having seen them bounce beneath her summer dresses they cause almost instant erections for me. However that morning my eyes were preoccupied by something I hadn’t seen before, her incredibly puffy nipples. It wasn’t just the puffy nipple but her areola was also swollen and pushed out her thin cotton shirt.

Feeling my prick harden I told myself it was a natural reaction to the sight of an incredibly busty woman who was within touching distance and yet I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I wasn’t aware of how much time had passed, it could have been five minutes or an hour but eventually Estelle stirred.

Turning onto her back she let out a deep sigh. Scrambling not to be seen I found my phone and flicked it on trying my best to look innocent whilst she slowly woke up. Noticing that my cock was likely to be making a bulge in the covers I lifted my knee up to hide it.

“Morning” She croaked.

“Morning” I replied, “You sleep alright?”

“Urgh, yeah I did actually.” Her voice wasn’t sounding any better so I offered her my water which she took gratefully and finished. “Thanks… I think that went well. Kind of reminds me of when we were kids and slept together. What do you think?” She asked lifting herself higher up the bed.

I ignored her. I was trying to will my erection to go down. Taking deep breaths and imagining myself playing in the world cup my cock had subsided to something that I could hide from my sister.

“You didn’t sleep well then?” My sister said the worry in her voice clear.

“Oh… yeah I did,” I coughed then, “Sorry, I just trying to get my voice, my snoring didn’t keep you awake?”

“Nah, slept like a baby. Tell you what I’ll get us some tea and you can tell me what we’re going to do today.” She leapt out of bed and made her way to the kitchen.

I couldn’t help but watch her and I wished I hadn’t as my cock sprung to full attention again. Her chest jiggled delightfully as she jumped on the mattress until she was by the door and though I had always teased her for having a big bum, I saw it was more muscular than fat but it sure looked nice sashaying away from me. Luckily she didn’t look back because my cock was rock and my mouth wide open with drool dripping onto my chest.

It took all my willpower not to drop my hand to my cock, it wouldn’t have taken long to release the huge load brewing in my balls but I was pretty sure my sister would notice the smell of spunk, the wet patch spreading on the covers, not to mention the look of satisfaction on my face. So with a sigh I got my phone and searched for the local happy hours.

The weekend passed smoothly, I had managed to hold off cumming until I went to have a shower and repeated the trick the day after. It didn’t take long especially knowing my sister was close by and the image of her fit body fresh in my mind. I really did try to think of someone else, my favourite pornstars, the girls I slept with a university but my mind kept going back to my sister. Not much happened the rest of the weekend; we went out both days, had some drinks and explored London in the sun. I could see the looks that Estelle was attracting from numerous men but maybe because I with her, no one came up to her.

Monday came around and we headed to the museum for our first day of work. It was a tall Victorian building attached to London University, the museum focused on Latin American history and judging from the dated interior it wasn’t very popular. We introduced ourselves to the receptionist at the staff entrance and after we exchanged some pleasantries we were told to wait for our manager.

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