Myrtle Beach Magic Ch. 02

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Big Tits

The sex gets wilder at his friend’s house.


Note: All characters are age 18 or above. Warning: the second half of this story includes some male-male action.


It took nearly a month for me to arrange my schedule to get back to the Myrtle Beach area, although you’d better believe I was trying hard. Anytime my mind had the chance to wander off somewhere, it returned to thoughts about Lindy, and that nearly perfect 19-year-old body that she let me devour. It was almost a nightly occurrence that I’d think of that wild night and have to jack off to relieve the pressure.

I was grateful that she didn’t have my phone number, because I was certain I’d have received all kinds of messages and maybe even some naughty photos from her, and that wasn’t something I wanted. I even stayed off social media as much as I could. I felt bad about doing my friend’s daughter – at least a part of me did – and I was hoping that Tom and Shannon never found out about it.

When I got my appointments set up for my trip to South Carolina, I made sure to not have any scheduled until the late morning, because I was sure that first night was going to be practically sleepless.

To her credit, Lindy played it cool when I arrived at the house. She gave me a nice hug, but no more than usual, and she had made plans to go out for a while that night with her friends. But before she left, she made it a point to pass me in the hallway and whisper in my ear, “Midnight.”

That one word sent blood flowing to my dick.

I spent the evening talking with Tom and Shannon, who were such great hosts. Adam, their 18-year-old son, was there for a while, too, and I got caught up on his progress with the football team. He was playing receiver, but hadn’t been able to crack the starting lineup yet. About 11:00, I excused myself, citing my long drive, and said I was hitting the sack. So I went downstairs through the family room and entered my bedroom.

I was wondering if I should take a nap to get ready for Lindy’s visit when I heard a knock on the outside door. What, Lindy couldn’t wait? But, no, it was Adam.

He said he just wanted to chat for a while, so we talked about the football team, and about some of his friends. He said he’d had a couple of dates since the last time I’d been there, but didn’t really like either girl. I had the sense that he wanted to talk about what happened the last time I’d visited, when I’d accidentally caught him masturbating to the sight of Lindy and their older next-door neighbor Darby doing a little finger fucking together.

So I said, “Have you had a chance to see any more interesting sights in Darby’s yard?”

He blushed a little, but nodded his head.

“Uh, yeah … a couple of days ago. I, um, thought I heard some noises and took a peek, and I saw Darby sucking on Lindy’s tits. It was weird seeing my sister’s tits, and they’re not like any I’ve seen online, but I got excited again. When Darby took off Lindy’s bottoms and started licking her, I had to take it out and do it again. I couldn’t help it.”

“I think I’d have been right there with you, Adam. They certainly are a sexy pair.”

Adam seemed ready to bring up another subject, but I knew the time was going by quickly and I had to get him out of there before Lindy showed up. So I told him I had to get some sleep and said we could talk the next night.

As soon as he left via the outside door, my first thought was: “Darby and Lindy are certainly getting pretty close. I wonder how far they’ve gone?” Which was followed by a delicious thought: “What would it be like to have the two of them at the same time?” And then, “Man, this place just oozes sex.”

Which made me check my phone for the time, and it was getting close to midnight. Right on cue, I heard a light tapping on the family room door and Lindy let herself in.

What a vision of loveliness. She was wearing what must have been a pair of volleyball shorts because they were skin tight and very short and made her outstanding legs look even longer. On top, she rocked one of those tight, grey athletic tops you see a lot of models wearing and those perky titties of hers were filling that top up.

“Holy shit, Lindy – if you were going for a sexy look, you nailed it. Damn, girl!”

“I’m glad you approve, Jared. You kept me waiting almost a month so I’ve had a lot of time to think about this. I am all yours again.”

With that, we both took a step forward and met in the middle. We wrapped each other up and our mouths mashed together for an intense kiss, followed by a tongue battle. I relished how good this young girl felt in my arms – a tight body, but soft in all the right places. Eventually, my hands found themselves dropping down to her ass where I could squeeze each of her tight buttocks and pull her against my now raging hard-on.

I could have remained like that for quite a while, but the smaller of my two brains had different ideas, and so did Lindy. She stepped back and pulled my shirt up over my head, then nuzzled my chest, giving trabzon escort my nipples a lick. So I helped her take her top off and out popped those amazing breasts, with the huge puffy areolas and prominent nipples.

No way I was passing up a chance at them, so I fondled them with my hands, then leaned down to take them into my mouth. Once I had them both slippery with my saliva, I took turns sucking on one and thumbing the other until Lindy said she couldn’t stand up any more.

When I broke away, we each rapidly shed our pants and everything else. I laid back on the bed and Lindy crawled beside me. But she stayed up on her knees and turned her head toward my throbbing dick, taking it gently in her hand and then dropping her head to take it into her mouth. Once again she took the time to lick it from the head all the way down the shaft so it was glistening with her spit. Then she used her right hand to give me some firm strokes.

She turned to look me in the eyes and said, “Remember what I told you last time? I’m going to take your cum all the way down my throat tonight. And I have – I think – another treat for you.”

“I love a girl who talks like that. But do me a favor and move your body up over me. I can’t wait to see what your treat is, but I also can’t wait to taste that sweet pussy of yours.”

With that she turned her bottom toward me and lifted her leg over top. While she went right back to licking my cock, I looked up to see her moist slit right above my face. I reached up and pulled her down to where I could reach it with my tongue. I had teased her the last time, but this time I dove right in.

I gave her a few light flicks, but then I used my tongue to lick her folds from one end of her slit to the other. I could hear her making noises, but they were muffled by the fact that her mouth was full of dick. I remembered back to how juicy she was, but it was even more so this time, probably because it seemed to run right out of her cunt downhill into my mouth.

Lindy raised up on her hands, then slowly worked my cock deeper into her mouth. She went past how much she had taken in before, and then kept going. Good lord, it felt awesome. And she kept going, until I could feel my whole dick in her mouth and her nose against my skin. She stayed there for a second or two, then came back up for air.

When she did, she let my dick slip out of her mouth, and said, “Yessss, I did it!”

And we both went back to our work, which certainly didn’t seem like work. I licked all over that wonderful pussy, hitting the clit several times, but I wanted to make it last. I used my finger a few times, too, but backed off when she started shaking. I even couldn’t resist taking a few licks around her butthole, which caused some muffled groans from Lindy.

In the meantime, she was able to take my cock all the way down several more times, and her ability to suck hard on the way back up was just amazing. The treat she had mentioned was exactly that, and she was working hard to get the reward she wanted.

But she cracked first. I started flicking her clit more often and when I felt her legs start vibrating again, I kept after it. I licked up and down her snatch and even gently rubbed my stubbly chin across it. And then she lost it and I was worried she’d bite me. She ended up taking me in her mouth about halfway in an effort to keep the noise down, but her moans and groans were pretty loud anyway. I gave her some more light licks and kisses, but I knew she’d be a little sensitive.

Once Lindy recovered from her orgasm, she really started to get after my dick. Instead of swallowing it all again, she concentrated on bobbing her head faster and faster and sucking harder on the way up. She did a masterful job and it wasn’t long until I could feel the tingling start deep in my balls. I let her know I was getting close.

Lindy moved her lips about halfway down and kept them there, sucking as hard as she could, then put her hand on my shaft and started pumping. And that did the trick – my semen blasted out and went right into her throat. I could feel her back off at first, but she recovered quickly and I could literally feel her swallow my cum. While I brought my face back up into her crotch, hoping to stifle my gasps of excitement, she moved back up to the head of my cock and took the last few spurts onto her tongue.

She let my dick fall out of her mouth and took a few deep breaths, then went back down on me and licked up the small amount that hadn’t already made it into her voracious mouth. When my head stopped spinning, I took a few more licks of that young pussy. When we were finished, we sat back on the bed side-by-side and I rolled over to give her a big kiss. It was an opportunity to swap some cum juice and we took advantage.

Finally, we were ready to take a break, and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“What are you laughing at?” she asked.

“I just can’t believe my luck. Lindy, you might be inexperienced, but you are really, really good at this. That’s the trabzon escort bayan best blow job I’ve ever had. How in the hell did you learn all that?”

“Well, um … I guess I had a good teacher.”

My face must’ve shown my confusion, but my curiosity was soon answered.

“Since the last time you were here, I’ve been practicing. And just like practicing volleyball makes you better, so, I guess, sucking cock makes you better.”

“How’d you pull that off?”

“First of all, Darby has been giving me lessons. She gave me some advice and had me practice on a cucumber. That’s how I was able to give you my treat tonight. I had to learn how to relax and get it into my throat without gagging. My goal was to take all of you in tonight.

“Then last week I was at a party at the house of a friend from school who lives about an hour away. She was the only person I knew there and it occurred to me that I could do some more ‘practicing’ without anybody I know finding out. So I found a good-looking guy and managed to get him upstairs and went down on him. He wasn’t very big, so I could get all of him in my mouth without much trouble, and it gave me confidence.

“I had a couple of drinks out by the pool, and then I saw this dark-haired guy who was trying to act like a badass, and I flirted with him for a few minutes. We moved around to the side of the house where there weren’t any lights and started making out. We got behind a bush and I got down on my knees and pulled his dick out. He was a little bigger and I had to work a little harder, but I got all of his cock in my mouth, too.

“Later, a lot more kids were getting in the pool. I saw this one semi-nerdy guy get pushed in when he wasn’t looking. But when he got out, I was looking, because with a wet bathing suit I could see he had a pretty big lump. He looked a little embarrassed and went back inside, so I followed him in. He went upstairs into my friend’s bedroom and when I opened the door, he was in the process of changing and that cock was swinging free – and it was pretty big.

“He was a little freaked that I came in, but when I closed the door and locked it, I think he knew what was going on. I told him those guys had treated him badly, but I would make up for that. I had him sit on the bed and I got on my knees and started licking. And that dick started growing. By the time he was hard I knew there was no way I’d get it all in – he had to be nine inches or so.

“I almost did it. I tried a bunch of times and couldn’t quite get all of it in, but I got closer than I expected. It was all I could do not to gag, because he was long and thick. But it was perfect practice for you. And when he came, holy shit there was a lot of it. No way I could keep all of it in my mouth. He said he’d only had a couple of blow jobs before and couldn’t hold back.”

Jared said, “Damn, I never went to any parties like that when I was in school.”

“I was just lucky, I guess.”

“Um, I’d say those boys were the lucky ones.”

We chatted for a few more minutes, giving me a chance to recharge a little, but then we started kissing and it wasn’t long until we were both in the mood again. Lindy reached down and played around with my dick while we were making out and it responded in less than a minute.

She broke the kiss and hopped on top. While I held my cock upright, she slowly sank her hips until the tip was right at her entrance. Then she gave another push and kept lowering herself until I was in to the hilt. And – damn, what a good feeling it was. This girl was so beautiful and her cunt was so tight that I couldn’t believe it.

While Lindy rocked up and down, I reached up to play with those remarkable tits of hers. When she got excited – and she certainly was now – her nipples stuck out and her huge areolas took on this dark pink hue that just drove me wild.

With her eyes closed and her head thrown back, it was obvious Lindy was enjoying the screwing she was getting – or, actually – taking. All I had to do was lay back and watch her getting off. And that’s exactly what she did. Her moans were interrupted by “Fuck,” and “Oh, yeah,” and “Mmmmmm” until she started breathing really heavily and toppled forward onto me as she said, “I’m coming again.”

Once she settled down, she rose up, looked me in the eyes, and said, “Jared, take me now. I want you to give it to me hard. I know you’ve been gentle so far, but you don’t have to now.”

“OK, girl, if you insist. Why don’t you get on your knees on the edge of the bed?”

When she got situated, I got off the bed, took a couple of steps and looked back. What a sight it was to behold. Right in front of me was probably the finest ass I’d ever see – let alone get to touch – in my life. Her cheeks were perfectly rounded, her long legs kept her butt enticingly high in the air and I could see her very wet, pink hairless pussy just waiting for me.

So I did what she asked. I moved in close and entered her tight canal with one long, slow push. And then I just started escort trabzon fucking her, going slowly at first and gradually getting faster and more forceful. It’s not the way I’d normally go about it, but I was just fulfilling her request. And, man, was it fun.

Lindy eventually started rocking back into me and we got into a tremendous rhythm. I was simply stunned by how tight she felt and how many sensations were traveling from my dick to my brain. She had grabbed a pillow again and had stuffed her face into it, and it was a good thing because she was practically screaming with pleasure.

I don’t think anybody could have lasted long in that situation, and I didn’t either. I guess she could tell by my intensified breathing that I was about to go off because she pulled her head up and said, “Please stay in me – I wanna feel it.”

And that’s all it took. My balls contracted and sent the first spurt of cum flying into her vagina. I could feel her spasming, too, which felt like she was milking my cock, and that brought out spurt after spurt of semen. The amount was surprising since I had just come about an hour before that, but under the thrilling circumstances, maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised.

I stayed in her and ground against her butt a little bit, but eventually my tired dick got soft and I pulled out. She collapsed on the bed face first, so I laid down beside her and stroked that firm young ass of hers.

“Christ, girl, I can’t believe how hot you are. You’re going to wear me out.”

“I hope so,” said her muffled voice.

I fell asleep shortly after that, and I’d bet I was smiling the whole night through. What an amazing experience with Lindy, one I knew I’d never enjoy with anybody else again. But at least I’d always have those memories.

When I woke up, Lindy was not there, but I did see a note on the other pillow. It was from her, and said she’d be away for a couple of days because her volleyball team was playing in a tournament, and hoped I’d still be there when she got back. Well, that gave me time to take it easy and put a little more time into my appointments, which was really the reason I was there in the first place. Although, if I was going to be honest with myself, coming down to see Lindy might have been the top priority.

So I went back to sleep for a while, got up around 10, took care of my customers and worked on developing some new contacts in the Myrtle Beach area. After all, it seemed like a good idea to have more reasons to visit Tom and Shannon, since I was having so much fun here.

I had dinner that night with them, and I felt kind of strange the whole time, knowing that I’d just had wild sex with their daughter the previous night. It was a feeling I guess I’d have to learn to live with.

We started watching a movie in the downstairs family room, but after about an hour, Tom and Shannon decided since they had to get up early, they needed to go to bed. Not long after they left, Adam showed up and we watched the rest of the movie together. We talked about his football team, and the good news was he was starting to get some first-team reps at receiver. But I noticed that he didn’t seem very upbeat, like he had something on his mind.

When the movie was over, I said good night to him and entered my room. I undressed and got ready for bed, thinking that this time I should be able to get a good night’s sleep. About the same that thought was finishing, I heard some light taps on my door.

Things were about to take a mighty strange twist.


“It’s Adam – can I come in?”

“Uh, sure,” and as he opened the door I realized all I was wearing was my underwear. It was a little awkward, but I didn’t think much of it and sat down on the bed.

Adam, who sat in the chair opposite me, took notice of my state of undress, but didn’t say anything.

“Do you have some time? I’m kind of wrestling with something and I was hoping you could help me. It’s just not something I could ask my parents about.”

“Well, yeah, I guess.”

“Do you remember that day you caught me jerking off?”

“Of course I do.”

“Well, I have to confess something. Right before that, I watched you do the same thing here in your room. I watched you guys over in Darby’s yard and heard what you said, so I figured that’s what might happen. When I stand on the steps outside I can see in your window. That’s what got me excited in the first place, and then I saw what Darby and Lindy were doing, and it was too much.”

“I guess we’re even then.”

“Well, not really, and I’m not proud of this, but … I know about you and Lindy.”

“Aw, shit! Look, I can explain.”

“Jared, you don’t have to. I actually kind of knew it was going to happen. See, Lindy and Darby spend a lot of time together at her pool, and when I’m laying out on our deck I can hear them talking. And they had been talking about you ever since your second visit. So I knew there was a plan to have Lindy hook up with you.

“After you were here last time, I noticed Lindy was really happy, so I had a feeling you two had gotten together. Lindy and Darby did a lot of talking the next few days, but they did a lot of whispering and giggling. I couldn’t hear what they were saying most of the time, but I heard enough to assume it had happened.

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