My Wife and 3 Daughters Ch. 05

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At 45 years old, I had been a coast to coast mover/trucker for half my life. My strength and ability to go without sleep helped me to make good money. My new tractor had the power and speed to get across the country quickly. After moving my new Girlfriend, Charlene across to Springfield, Missouri, I had taken her middle daughter Linda’s best friend, Regina on the truck with me when I left home in Springfield Missouri. We emptied out in Florida and had a few days to play in the Keys. She was petite, beautiful, and incredible in bed.

When I finally loaded my big Key West shipment, it was going to San Diego. So were the rest of my shipments out of Ft. Walton Beach and Pensacola. Regina and I found time to fuck twice a day and were happy. But it was too good to last. When I told Charlene that I was loaded from Florida to San Diego so I would be going across the bottom of the country she was upset. Then she said, “May I fly down and join you?”

“Let me figure out where is a good place to meet.”

Regina was mad but she said that she knew that I had to service Charlene. She seemed to be crying. I was upset too. I thought that I could keep Regina for the trip across the country and back. A happy trip had turned terribly sad.

We made love before her plane, but it was not the same. It was not red hot passion but sad and solemn. I did not cum and neither did she. We walked into the terminal at Baton Rouge like we were walking into a funeral. When her flight left, I called Charlene to tell her to come now. She could not come! OMG!! What have I done? Why didn’t I call her before Regina boarded her plane?

In more than 20 years driving coast to coast and mostly alone, I had never been truly lonely; until now. The big easy, became the big empty. Texas was just plain lonely. When I finally called Regina to make sure that she made it home safe, she said that Linda told her that she and her 17 year old kid-sister, Tina had caused some trouble so that Charlene could not go. Regina turned down an invitation to fly into Houston because she needed to stay home for a bit. Hearing the sadness in my voice, she promised to make more trips if invited. Back then, there was never DOT on I-10 in Texas so I drove straight across to El Paso, and then got my logs presentable before going into New Mexico.

The empty, desolate feeling only got worse so I stopped at the truck-stop in Albuquerque and checked into the motel next door. Maybe a night’s sleep and a day off would make things look less gloomy. For whatever reason, I called Regina again from the truck-stop phones. We were happy to hear from each other and talked for a long time. When I finally sat down in the restaurant, there was an attractive woman, alone in the next booth. Maria was about 35 or 40, petite, but bigger than Regina, and had a quick smile.

As Maria and I talked, I got the feeling she was lonely, although she never admitted it. Soon, I invited her to my booth and she accepted. The move was difficult for her so I jumped up to help. Unsure if she was handicapped or drunk, I did not trabzon escort mention it. We talked about Albuquerque and anything else that came to mind. Then she told me that she had a slight handicap that made it difficult to walk. We kept talking about anything to keep the conversation going and finally she said, “Do you need to leave?”

“No Maria, I have a room and plan on goofing off here.”

“Sorry, Bruce, but usually when guys find out that I am handicapped, they have to go.”

“Why? You are beautiful, intelligent, and fun to talk to. I want to know you better.”

“Wow, if you wanted to make points, you just did.”

“Can you walk next door? The waitress is getting antsy and we can talk as long as we want in my room.”


As we sat on the couch in my room, the manager came banging on the door, yelling that I had checked in as one person and 2 cost more so I owe him money.

I said, “You have my card information, why do you have to come by embarrassing people?”

“I already ran your card. I need cash.”

“Did you tell me then that I would owe you more money if I ran into an old friend in the truck-stop restaurant and we overstayed our welcome there? Here is your money but I plan on calling the 800 number and talking about your collection methods.” He threw my money on the floor and stomped out.

I was still pretty sad about losing Regina but I did enjoy Maria’s company. We talked a lot more and then kissed for a long time. When my hand started cupping her breast, it proved to be a little bigger than I liked; probably a C-cup, but it felt nice. My hands unbuttoned her shirt and my tongue found her nipples. Lapping the right nipple while squeezing the left with my hand and then switching tits. My swollen manhood wanted her by now but she made no effort to touch it. Then she slipped out of her unbuttoned shirt. I got completely naked and then started removing her pants and panties. As my tongue found her pussy, she started gripping my head and pulling it into her cunt with both hands.

Then I jumped up and said that I needed a shower. After my shower, she was still on the bed where I left her and my tongue went back to work on her pussy. She started massaging my love-stick and soon said, “Oh my god! Are you planning to stick that big thing in me?” My mind brought back memories of smaller pussies but I said nothing. My tongue kept travelling the length of her slot and my lips kept nibbling her clit every time. My cock was aimed at her face and she said, “Bruce, what do you want me to do? I have never performed oral sex.”

“Don’t do anything that you are not comfortable with. Maybe you are a missionary girl.”

“What is that?”

“Man on top.”

“That is the only thing I have done. I am not a virgin, but close.”

“Like I said Maria, don’t do anything that you are not comfortable with.”

Then she started licking my bulb. For whatever reason, my tongue was having more fun than my dick. She really did not know how to suck a cock, but she was trying. Every time trabzon escort bayan my lips nibbled her clit, she moaned and pulled my head into her gash. After several minutes, she let out a little scream and started shaking all over. My penis was covered with saliva and pre-cum and she was plenty wet so I easily pushed my manhood into her tunnel of love. Her pussy was not the tightest in my history but it felt really good. After a few minutes of missionary, I asked her if she wanted to try riding me. We tried it but her handicap kept her from doing much. Then with her on her hands and knees we started doing doggie style. We fucked like that for a long time. She did not cum again but I exploded.

We lay naked on the bed sleeping and cuddling. When we woke up my cock was hard so I started rubbing it up and down her crack until it went in.

After our morning fuck we showered, dressed, had breakfast, dropped the trailer and headed out. We drove to the zoo and went in. She was walking, holding me until we came to the stairs at the giraffe exhibit. Then I carried her, piggyback to the second floor viewing area. A giraffe came face to face with us. That was very cool.

We spent most of the day at the zoo, then found dinner and a different motel. The room was a lot nicer and we loved it. As soon as we got in the room, Maria had my cock out, sucking it. When it was full grown, she said that she wanted to try riding it again. This time she did great and said, “Hey, I am not a missionary girl now.” We fucked like that for a long time. As my bulb continued rubbing back and forth deep inside her, she dug her nails into my chest and started screaming. When she calmed down from her orgasm, I entered her doggie style again. Her pussy felt really good. My orgasm started in the depths of my balls and went from my toes to the top of my head. Then I collapsed on her and we rolled to the side, still connected. After a few minutes, my manhood softened and slid out.

We spent the night spooning with my dick pressed between her but cheeks. Then, sometime during the wee hours, my cock stiffened and found her entrance again. We had great morning sex and went back to sleep. When we awoke again it was broad daylight.

After showers, breakfast and packing out, we went to an Indian Pueblo, southeast of town. Most of the touristy Pueblos are North, Northwest and West of Albuquerque but this one seemed more real than touristy. The people were warm and nice. Maria was great company and we enjoyed the day.

All too soon the day was over. It would be wonderful to take Maria to San Diego but what if they deadheaded me north to reload? Maybe she could not do public transportation home. And it might be hundreds of miles out of my way to drop back down to Albuquerque with her. I needed to call Charlene and Regina. I needed to get started on my almost 800 mile journey to San Diego. I loaded her into the sleeper and we had a nice goodbye fuck. Then we went to the truck-stop restaurant for our goodbye meal. I got her phone number and promised to escort trabzon call as soon as I knew my route. She picked up her car and drove off.

When I hooked up the trailer and headed west on I-10, it was sad again but nothing could ever be as sad as leaving Regina. When the next truck-stop appeared it was time to call Charlene and Regina. Charlene wished she had flown to meet me. Regina wished we had checked on Charlene before she flew home for nothing. I told her that I missed her and almost slipped and said I love you. Never say I love you even if it might be true.

Then it was hammer down until some place west of Phoenix. That is where my logs showed me ending the day yesterday. I had to get it right before entering California. It was over 100 degrees in El Centro, even though it was early morning. Now time to climb from 50′ below sea level up the arid east slope and back down to San Diego. It was too late to deliver my shipments so I went to my favorite vegetarian restaurant, called Charlene and Regina before it got too late. Then caught some sleep. Lucky break!! All of my shipments were going to storage so I emptied the entire trailer in one day. And there was a huge household shipment to load right there in San Diego. Two more small shipment out of storage and I was loaded for DC. I called Maria to let her know that I would be able to hit Albuquerque on the way back. Then I called Charlene and Regina. Charlene and Regina both wanted to take the trip with me. What now?

With the trailer loaded again it was time to head east on I-10. If Maria had been with me, we could have visited Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo. I love that place. I drove all night and part of the day to get back to Albuquerque.

Maria met me and I helped her into the truck. We made love for a long time and then went to sleep. When we woke up, we made love again. This time it was slow and sweet. Her pussy was not tight but the sides felt so good. Again, I thought about taking her with me, but what would I do with her when I got to Missouri? I wished that she wasn’t handicapped so that I could take her with me and fly her home at the last minute. I was not sure how she would do flying by herself and Charlene and Regina were waiting for me in Springfield, Missouri, not to mention what Charlene’s crazy daughter Linda would be up to. Linda had a nice pussy too but I did not like her big boobs.

Finally she said, “I can go with you if you really like it.”

“I cannot. The agents will tell on me.”

“Are you married?”

“No, Maria. But I am living with a lady and her three kids.”

“As long as we are being honest, it was no coincidence that I was in the truck-stop that night. I was hoping to meet somebody and I thought that I did.”

“Oh Maria, I feel 2 inches tall.”

“It’s not your fault that I got caught in my own trap. You made me so happy when we were together.”

We started kissing, tenderly at first. Then my tongue found the way into her mouth. Then our kissing got more passionate. After a few minutes, we were on fire.

As I drove east-north-east, I wondered how to handle the powder keg brewing at home. Then I wondered about right and wrong. I always thought that getting the most pussy was how the score was kept. Now I had hurt Maria and for what reason? Just to have another notch on my gun.

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