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…we head towards the shower, my body sticky with your cum… I can feel my nerves tingling from the wonderful orgasm that you gave me while I was tied up on my bed. Mmm, just thinking about it makes my pussy so wet and warm.

You turn the water on, making it hot. We embrace and you give me this long, lingering kiss while the bathroom fills up with steam. My body is on fire, I feel myself melting into you, my nipples hardening against the soft skin on your chest.

You get into the shower; I follow and find myself once more in your embrace, the warm water cascading down over us. I trace my tongue across your lips, licking the softness of them, tasting a slight trace of my pussy still lingering. Your tongue comes out to meet mine and we explore each other’s flavor and our own flavors intermingling on our tongues, our hands exploring one another’s body.

I pick up the soap and cover my hands with it, beckoning for you to turn around with your back to me. My hands explore your neck and shoulders, tracing the muscles there with my soapy hands, moving down your back, taking my time washing you all the way down to your feet.

I turn you around and kiss you again while the water rinses your back. Getting my hands soapy once more I give you a wicked grin and start on your front, my hands caressing your neck, chest and belly. I love how your nipples harden for me when I run my fingers gently across them; there is something so erotic about that, I think. I get on my knees and wash your thighs, your calves, down your ankles…

Once marmaris escort I get to your feet I start moving back up and wash to your hips, your cock has started to get hard again from my attention and the soft feel of my hands on your body. I reach for it with my soapy hands and slide them up and down the length, making you fully hard now. I carefully wash your balls and all around your ass, soaping every inch of you, your breathing gets harder as your arousal increases. I turn your body around so that the shower can rinse you off, pressing my body against your back while my hands rub your body, getting all the soap off.

I turn you back around and we kiss, my hand reaches down to stroke your hard cock and I feel you moan softly against my lips. I pull away from you and smile, getting down on my knees before you, I stick my tongue out and trace a circle around the head of your cock, tasting the pre-cum that has dribbled out…

mmm you taste so good.

I take you in my mouth slowly, inch by inch until you are deep in my throat. I love the feeling of your hard cock against my tongue; it turns me on so much! I start licking and sucking your cock, my hand gently squeezing and massaging your balls, feeling them getting harder and fuller. I can feel the pressure in you starting to build up and I pull away, standing back up I kiss you and whisper in your ear “ok sweetie, my turn”.

You reach for the soap and lather up your hands, beckoning me to turn around and put my back to you. I lean against you as your arms come around to my front as you marmaris escort bayan soap up my body, your hands moving gently from my belly and up to my neck, washing off all the stickiness, lingering on my breasts until you feel my nipples harden.

You move your hand down and wash carefully between my legs, teasing my clit with your finger before you continue down to my ankles.

Then you turn us around and rinse me under the water, your hands roaming my body until the soap is off. I lean forward and put my hands against the wall of the shower, luxuriating in the feel of you washing my back, your soapy hands roaming from the back of my neck down to my feet, lightly tracing your way over my ass.

Once you get to my feet you start to slowly massage your way back up to my ass, feeling the tight muscles and the curve up my hip under your hands, you reach a soapy hand in between my legs and wash around my little rosebud, sending warmth through my whole body as I feel my pussy started to ache for you.

Seeing me ass and pussy so exposed to you gives you ideas, you turn me around and quickly rinse all of the soap off of me. We wrap our arms around each other and share a long passionate kiss, both of us breathing hard now; I feel your engorged cock pressing against my belly.

You ask me to turn around and lean against the shower again. Once I do this you get behind me and with both hands you grasp my ass, pulling it apart until you can see my pussy, it’s so wet you can see the moisture drip from it.

You put your cock in between my escort marmaris legs and rub it against my pussy until it is wet and slippery, then put just the head inside of me. The sensation makes me so hot and I push back into you, sliding your cock effortlessly deep inside of me.

Your hand moves under me and tugs at my clit while you start to move your hips faster, your cock sliding in and out of my pussy in long deep strokes. Your enjoying the view, you can see yourself thrusting into me and you reach your finger down and start playing with my asshole… your finger enters me a little and you feel my pussy tighten instantly around you, my moans echoing through the shower, so you slide it in further, your finger moves in and out in time with your thrusting cock.

I start to quiver all over and you know I’m getting close to climax. Faster you move and you feel my body moving back and forth to meet you, the friction getting hotter, bringing you close to the edge.

My body tenses underneath you and you hear me let out a long, loud moan as I start to cum, my pussy so tight around your cock that you can hardly move, pushing you over the edge…

I feel the first drops of your cum spurting inside of me while at the same time my orgasm overwhelms me and I cum hard, my pussy juices soaking your cock while you explode inside of me with a growl.

I feel like I’m cumming forever as wave after wave of pleasure shoots through my body and I lean back into you, pushing your cock all the way up deep inside of me. As we both start to relax you pull me up and around to kiss you…

We laugh as we wash ourselves up again and help each other dry off. You wink at me and say, “you know, I still want to know what it’s like to be tied up…”

(To be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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