My Sexy Neighbour

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Spring is by far my favourite time of year. The weather starts to warm up, which means that women start to wear less clothing. It seems as though my cock is hard constantly as I look around and see bare legs and tight asses contained in short shorts and skirts, and beautiful round breasts pushed together by tight tops. It seems as though every day I see at least twenty women that I would love to strip naked and have my way with, although I rarely even try to make a move.

One girl in particular always catches my eye. I live in a townhouse complex and my backyard looks right into several others, creating quite a ‘fishbowl’ style of living. As I stand on my back deck I can see straight across into the kitchen of the neighbours behind me. It’s not them I’ve been interested in, however; it’s their next door neighbours.

Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. It’s not the neighbours I’m interested in, but rather their teenage daughter. I say teenage because she appears to be quite young, although I found out later that she was actually nineteen years old.

Robyn, as I eventually found out her name was, had long, dark hair and was on the shorter side of average. She was very curvy but in great shape, her tight waist on display with most of the shirts I would see her wearing. Her breasts were a perfect size for her frame, about a B or a C cup I would guess, and her ass was tight and firm, yet just a bit jiggly at the same time.

As the weather warmed up more I began to see Robyn on her back patio sunbathing. She always wore the same blue bikini in an effort to expose as much of her skin as possible without being indecent. I would sneak peaks at her whenever I could, sometimes peering out through the slats of my blinds, absentmindedly stroking my cock through my pants as I watched her skin shine in the sunlight.

One day, as I was out for a run, I realized why she had managed to stay in such good shape. As I approached the road that led back to our complex I saw Robyn approaching from the opposite direction, also jogging. I was mesmerized by the sight of her perfect teen tits bouncing as she approached me, wishing I could hold them in my hands. It appeared that the only clothing she had on was a pair of tight spandex shorts and a matching sports bra. As she crossed the street we wound up rounding the corner at the same time, jogging right beside each other.

“Hey neighbour,” I said, slowing down to walk the last block.

“Hi,” she said, slowing down with me. “Gorgeous day for a run, huh?”

“It sure is,” I said. I had been running without a shirt, my attempt at getting a little more colour in my skin. “Do you jog a lot?”

“A couple of times a week, otherwise these love handles start to look more like a spare tire!”

“What love handles?” I asked, seriously. She didn’t have anything even resembling extra fat around her waist, but then again, like most women, she was more critical of her body than anyone else could be.

“Thanks,” she said, laughing. “I’m Robyn.”

“Jacob,” I said, extending my hand out to shake hers. We continued to chat as we walked to our complex. “This is me,” I said as we walked by fethiye escort my place. She had to continue a bit further and round a corner to get to her house. “Would you like to come in for a drink?”

“I’d love to, but I’m all gross and sweaty,” she said. “How about I go home and shower first, then I’ll come by, if that’s alright?”

“That sounds great,” I said, instantly picturing her naked in the shower. “I should probably do the same.”

I went inside and hurried in the shower. My cock was rock hard from the thought that the gorgeous teen would soon be in my house, but I knew I didn’t have time to stroke it. I got out of the shower and changed into a pair of jeans and a casual collared shirt, then awaited Robyn’s arrival. I felt my heart race as the doorbell rang a few minutes later and I went to answer it. She was standing on my front porch wearing a tight pink camisole-style top with a short, white pleated skirt. I invited her inside and we wound up sitting in my living room, sipping at two tall glasses of water.

“I never see anyone else here,” she said. “Do you live alone?”

“Yeah,” I said. “I’ve never found a woman that can put up with me for very long.”

“Yeah right, a good-looking guy like you?” she said. “You probably just have a different woman over here every week!”

“I wish,” I said, and it was the truth. Yes, I am a reasonably good-looking guy, but I’ve never been the one-night stand kind of guy. It wasn’t that I was never interested; more accurately, I was the kind of guy that women would rather have as a friend or a boyfriend than a one-nighter. “How about you? Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No,” she said. “I haven’t had one in a while. Guys my age just drive me nuts, they’re so immature and full of testosterone. I need someone a little older.”

I swear my heart actually skipped a beat as she said that. Even though I didn’t see her as relationship potential, I certainly saw it as a good sign that I might get her into my bed. At thirty-four years old I was definitely out of the testosterone phase that she was referring to.

“It must be nice to live on your own,” she continued. “I can’t wait to get out of my parents’ house.”

“It’s nice, but it’s also lonely,” I replied. “It’s not very often I get the company of a beautiful young woman like yourself.” She started to blush, so I decided to try to take things a bit further. “I hope I don’t offend you by saying this,” I said, “but I find you very attractive.”

“You’re just saying that,” she said.

“No, really,” I said. “You’ve got gorgeous eyes and a beautiful smile, you’re fun to talk to and you’ve got an amazing body.”

She blushed even more, this time looking down. I reached out and put my fingers under her chin, tilting her head back up so she was looking at me. I stared into her eyes for a moment and then leaned in to kiss her. The kiss was gentle at first, but then she relaxed a bit more and we started to explore each other’s mouths with our tongues. As we kissed more passionately she ran her hands over my chest. I did the same, cupping one of her breasts lightly before letting my hand wander down to her hips and ass. As escort fethiye I ran my hand up her thigh under her skirt she put her hand on my thigh and began to rub higher. Her legs spread just a bit for me, giving me the opportunity to rub her pussy through her panties.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” she said, breaking our kiss.

“Shall we go up to my room?” I asked. She nodded in response and I stood up, pulling on her hand and guiding her upstairs to my bedroom. As soon as we got in the room she turned and kissed me again. I broke the kiss so that I could take off her top, revealing the sexy white bra she was wearing underneath.

“This feels so right,” she said. I smiled and cupped her breast as she undid my shirt and then pulled it off. I reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, finally getting a good look at the breasts I had fantasized about so many times. They were soft and firm with small areolas and hard nipples. Next I reached down and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor and leaving her in a white thong. I pushed her back onto the bed and pulled her thong down and off, exposing her bald pussy. I took off my jeans and crawled onto the bed next to her. She kissed me again, this time letting her hand rub the bulge in my underwear. I pulled my underwear off, leaving us both naked, and then began kissing my way down the front of her body.

Her breathing increased as I paused to kiss and suck on her breasts, then continued further down. I kissed down her abdomen toward her pussy, eventually kissing and licking around it for a minute or two before finally tasting her for the first time. She moaned as I started to lick her slit, lapping up her juices. I began focusing on her clit with my tongue and lips as I fingered her pussy.

“That feels so good, Jacob!” she said.

“I’m so fucking hard for you, Robyn!” I replied. I ate her out for several minutes, bringing her close to orgasm more than once without letting her go over the edge. Finally I decided to pull my head away and lie down beside her. “Suck on my cock, baby,” I said to her. She smiled and leaned over me, then began kissing and licking all around my cock and balls, never actually taking the head of my dick into her mouth. I started to squirm underneath her and she finally started to suck on the head.

“Does that feel good, baby?” she asked.

“Fuck yes!” I said. “Keep sucking that cock!” She smiled and took it back into her mouth, then surprised me by going all the way down on it, taking all eight inches down her throat. “Very impressive!” I said, watching her work my dick with her mouth. I’m quite sure she was smiling around my cock, but I couldn’t really tell. She took my cock down her throat for a few more minutes before I pulled her head away. I wanted to let her keep sucking it, but that desire paled in comparison to my desire to fuck her pussy. I put her on her back and then got between her legs.

“Do you want me to use a condom?” I asked, my cock literally resting on her pussy.

“Only if you want to,” she said.

“Are you on the pill?” I asked.

“No,” she said.

“I could just pull out when I’m ready to cum.”


I fethiye escort bayan put the head of my cock against her pussy and pushed in slowly. She was very tight, so I was forced to inch my cock into her a bit at a time.

“You made me so fucking hard!” I said. “You’re so beautiful!”

“I love your cock,” she said. “I want to be your dirty girl.” A couple of minutes later I had fit my entire cock into her pussy and was fucking her with long, steady strokes. “Make me your slut, Jacob,” she said.

“Your pussy is so fucking tight!” I said. I started to fuck her a bit harder, reaching down to rub her clit as I watched her perfect breasts bounce on her chest. “This feels incredible! You look so good with my dick inside you!” She kept moaning and I kept fucking her harder. Then, just as she was about to cum, I pulled out. “I want to fuck you from behind,” I said. I stood up off the bed and pulled her up with me. I led her into the bathroom and had her bend over the counter, looking at herself in the mirror. I bent my legs to get my cock at the right height, admiring her ass as I pushed my cock into her from behind.

“Take my pussy daddy!” she said. “Make me your little slut!” I had never realized how hot it was to have a girl call me daddy until this very moment. I pounded her harder this time, making her scream out in ecstasy. Looking at her perfect teen body getting fucked by my cock was almost enough to make me cum, but I wanted to drag this out as long as possible. When she was ready to cum I pulled out once again, making her groan in disappointment.

“Get up on the counter,” I said, turning her to face me. She hopped up onto the counter and I put her legs on my shoulders before shoving my dick back into her. “I love this fucking pussy!” I said. “You look so fucking hot!” Seeing her tight little body bent uncomfortably against the mirror behind her got me far too aroused. I knew I would cum soon, so I knew it was time to let her cum. As I felt her orgasm approaching I shoved my dick in hard and deep, holding it there as the climax washed over her.

“God yes!” she said. “I’m cumming daddy! I’m cumming all over your cock!” As soon as her orgasm had subsided I pulled out of her pussy and guided her to the floor in front of me. She figured out exactly what I wanted as I pointed my cock at her face and began stroking it.

“You’re such a sexy slut!” I said. “I’m going to cover your pretty face!” Seconds later I held true to my word as my cock exploded, shooting a huge load of sticky cum all over her gorgeous face. I finished cumming and then stood over her for a moment, admiring my handiwork, before helping her to her feet so she could wash off her face.

“That felt so fucking good!” she said as we emerged from the bathroom and started to get dressed. “Did it bother you when I called you daddy?”

“Hell no,” I said. “It made you sound even hotter and sluttier and it made my cock even harder.”

“You fucked me so good,” she said. We finished getting dressed and then walked downstairs. “Hey,” she said, “are you doing anything for dinner?”

“I didn’t have any plans, why?”

“I was thinking you could come over to my place,” she said. “My parents are out of town, so I could cook you dinner and then you could have me for dessert!”

I smiled, knowing that this would be the beginning of a whole lot of fun…

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