My New Neighbors Pt. 02

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It has been a little over two months now and my house is just the way I wanted it. I have settled into a routine. My job is better than I thought it would be and I have made a couple of friends at work.

I spend most of my leisure time sunbathing and swimming in my pool, both in the nude.

I see my neighbors, Tom and Maggie often and at least once a month I spend a weekend with them for a threesome. Maggie has taught me a lot when her and I are together having female sex. However, I do miss the threesomes I had with my husband and another man. I do miss that extra cock.

Time flew by and it is just about a year since I moved here. I even found a nudist resort not too far from that I joined and visit on occasion. There is nothing better than seeing cocks swinging side to side as the guys walk past me. I even shaved my pussy and went smooth just as a lark.

This weekend I was just going to the supermarket and relax for the next two days. Just as I walked in my house I got a call from Maggie. She asked me to come over for a few minutes. I arrived and we had our usual cup of coffee and she said, “Jo, Tom and I realized that it has been a year since you moved here and we wanted to get you something but we didn’t know what. So, Tom came up with the perfect gift we think you will like. He is picking it up now and we will bring it to you as soon as he gets back. We hope you will like it.”

I smiled and replied, “Maggie, you guys didn’t have to get me anything. You guys have done enough for me, but thanks. I do appreciate it. I can’t wait.”

I went back to my house and waited in anticipation. About 15 minutes went by and I heard a car pull into my driveway. I heard voices and waited by the door. The door bell rang and I opened the door. There was Maggie, Tom and another guy. They came in and Maggie said, “Jo, Bob and Tom are your gift. You have been telling us that you really miss a MFM threesome, so for the next two days, you get Tom and Bob for your threesome. I hope you enjoy yourself.”

Maggie left and I brought Tom and Bob into my living room. I left them to get some wine for each of us.

Tom Bob to me. He told me that Bob has joined him and Maggie on more than one occasion and they felt that Bob would be perfect for this special time.

Bob personally introduced himself to me and wished me a happy anniversary. He also said that he heard all about me and felt privileged when he was asked to participate in this weekend and said he would try to make it very enjoyable for me.

I smiled at him and thanked him for his kind words. I then asked him and Tom if they cared to use the pool. Bob said he would but didn’t have a suit. I laughed and told him one wasn’t needed. We got up and I led them to the pool.

As we headed to the pool I thought that this might be a great weekend after all.

We got to the pool and I immediately started disrobing, first my tee-shirt then my shorts then my thong. As soon as I got naked, I jumped into the pool. Tom took notice and said, “Jo, what happened to your red pussy?” I smiled and told him I wanted to try something different so I shave it smooth and asked him if he liked it. He said he did and might ask Maggie to do the same.

I watched intently as the men undressed as I wanted to see Bob naked. fethiye escort As he undressed, I could tell he was about 6′, 185, blonde hair, blue eyes, and must have been in his early 30’s. When he finally got naked, I was impressed by his cock. It was a little thicker than Tom’s but the same 8″ as Tom’s. I knew then that this was going to be a really good weekend.

They finally joined me in the pool. It didn’t take them long to meet me in the center. Their naked bodies pressed against mine. Bob was sucking one nipple as Tom was sucking my other one. God, it brought back memories and it felt so good.

My hands went down and found their hard cocks and I grasped them and started jerking them ever so slowly. I was in heaven.

Then Tom and Bob got out of the pool and sat on its lip, their cocks staring me in my face.

I went over to them and started sucking their cocks, first one, then the other. I tried sucking both their cocks at the same time but they wouldn’t fit in my mouth, so I switched back and forth.

It wasn’t long before I could feel their balls ready to explode. I stopped sucking them and asked if they wanted me to finish them off now or go into my bedroom and they could shoot their loads in me.

They looked at each other and said they wanted me to finish them off now, at the pool. I smiled and resumed my oral assault on their hard cocks. I knew they were ready as they were moaning and pushing their cocks into my mouth.

I stopped sucking and grabbed their cocks and jerked them off. They both shot their cum at the same time. Their cum landed on my face, in my hair, in my mouth and on my tits. I thought they would never stop cumming. As their cum slowed down, I sucked the remaining cum from their cocks.

We rested awhile at the pool, then headed inside to clean up. We staid naked since it seemed like the right thing to do.

We freshened up and had some good food to pick on and more wine. We chatted awhile and got to know each other better. Bob and I hit it off and we had some things in common, besides enjoying sex. He was nice to look at as well as to talk to. I knew then that the weekend was going to be great.

After awhile, I suggested we go into my bedroom and I led my two men to my bed. Tom quickly got me on the bed, in the middle of himself and Bob. They wasted no time and started feeling my nakedness while they each feasted on my nipples. God, it felt so good. I spread my legs wide for my lovers and they immediately moved their hands down to my treasure and teased it ever so gently. I managed to grab hold of their erect cocks and started jerking them at the same time.

It wasn’t long before Tom asked me to get on all fours. As soon as I did, Tom blindfolded me to add to the mystery of which of the men were having their way with me. I got butterflies in my stomach thinking of which guy was doing me.

Soon, I felt a cock at my slit and felt it slowly filling my cunt until it couldn’t go any further in me. Then the slow thrusting began as one of them was under me, sucking on my swaying tits. The fucking got faster and harder and I could feel his cock ready to explode. I started screaming, “Fuck me…fuck me…cum in me…fill my cunt…yessss, I’m going to cum.”

Just then I felt hot cum streaming into my cunt escort fethiye as my body shook in orgasms.

As soon as one guy finished, the other one quickly filled my cunt with his cock and fucked me until he shot his load in me.

When he finished, I fell on the bed and rolled onto my back as their cum oozed out my cunt. I scooped it up as best I could and tasted their gift to me. I must have fallen asleep as I don’t remember much after that until a few hours later when I woke up between my two lovers.

I woke up in the middle of them and lightly started playing with their soft cocks, watching them get erect as they slept. It wasn’t long before their cocks were hard and their moaning began. Then their eyes me mine and we all smiled. I kept sucking their cocks and then asked them where they wanted to cum.

Bob said he wanted to cum in my ass and Tom said he wanted to cum in my cunt. I told them they were naughty and told Ton to get on his back. I straddled him and lowered my cunt until his cock completely disappeared into my cunt. Bob told me to lean forward and I could feel his cock pushing its way into my ass. I gave out a yelp but told him to continue. Soon, Bob had his cock in my ass and Tom had his cock in my cunt. I thought that this was something I really missed and needed.

They got into a rhythm and their thrusts felt heavenly. All I kept saying was “Don’t stop” as they pounded me. Bob was first to cum and I could feel his cum streaming in my ass. Tom came next as he filled my cunt. When I dismounted him, his cum oozed out and onto my legs and onto his cock and balls.

Soon after that, we all fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up first around 8:00 a.m. and took a shower. Then I started making coffee and getting ready to make breakfast when the guys got up. They yelled out they were taking their showers and would be out soon.

The phone rang and it was Maggie. She was all excited when she asked how things were going. I told her everything was great and I thanked her a million times for their gift. Then I invited her over. At first she said no but I convinced her to join me. She said she would be over after lunch.

The three of us finally had breakfast then cleaned up and went out to the pool. I then told them that Maggie would be joining us later on.

We headed out to the pool to sunbathe and I took the lounge between my two men. I spent most of the time just looking at their semi hard cocks and balls. I got the chills just thinking of having God’s gifts to women all to myself later on. I already felt the wetness in my cunt in anticipation.

As I was in dreamland thinking of them both fucking me, I heard a voice yell out. It was Maggie as she joined us by the pool. She immediately removed her top and shorts and sat naked next to me. She immediately asked what happened to my red pussy. I told her I wanted to try something different. Then Tom told her to go smooth too. We all laughed.

We all chatted and just passed the time away. Then Maggie said she had to pee. I leaned over to her and whispered in her ear. She looked at me like I was crazy but nodded an ok with a smile.

We got up as the men watched us. I took Maggie over to a corner of my yard. Then I got on my knees and we positioned ourselves so the guys fethiye escort bayan had a good view. I looked up at her and have her a wink and started eating her. Then I tapped her ass and she started giving me a golden shower. Her hot stream hit my face, my mouth and my tits. When she finished, I finished eating her and lapped up whatever juices and pee she had left. When we finished, I got up and we walked back to the pool and laid in the lounges. We said nothing to the men but had smiles on our faces.

The guys cocks were rock hard and we knew what they wanted. I invited everyone to my bedroom.

The four of us got on the bed with me and Maggie in the middle. Her and I wasted no time in making out. As we were making out, the guys hands were all over us, feeling every inch of our nakedness, even as we were in 69.

The guys knelt on the bed and started jerking off as Maggie and I were in the heat of rubbing our pussies together. I yelled out to them not to cum and they better save their cum for us. They immediately stopped jerking off and Maggie and I finally had our orgasms.

As soon as our bodies stopped having spasms, we told the guys to fuck us. Maggie and I laid on our backs as Tom fucked me and Bob fucked Maggie. Then they switched. It wasn’t long before they yelled out that they were cumming. Maggie and I fucked them back and soon the men shot their loads into us. As soon as they pulled their soft cocks out, Maggie and I ate each other’s pussies, sucking their cum out of our cunts.

For the next couple of hours we fucked and swapped and came as often as possible. By early evening, we stopped and rested as we surely needed it.

I had ordered dinner and after we ate, we relaxed and talked about the weekend and any future plans.

As we talked and exchanged ideas Tom said he had an idea that might be the answer. We all listened as he said, “Look, we all love sex, right? Maggie and I like threesomes, with women for her and Jo liked threesomes with men, right? So, what if the four of us became a foursome? This way, we get the best of both worlds. Maggie gets to do a threesome with Jo and me and Jo gets to do a threesome with Bob and me. What do you say?”

I thought about it and told them that it works for me as did Maggie. Bob said it sounded ok to him, as long as he could fuck me one on one, if that is ok with Jo.

I looked at him and smiled and said she was ok with that.

Then Tom said it’s agreed. From now on it will be the four of us.

I looked at Bob and asked if he wanted to leave some of his clothes at my house, he could. He smiled and said he would like that.

For the rest of the night Maggie watched me and the two guys fucking. I could see she was taking video of the two guys pounding away either in my cunt or in my ass. By the time they were finished with me, I was covered in cum. My both holes were filled with cum and I loved every minute with them.

Finally, Maggie joined us and I topped the night off having the best sex with Maggie I ever had.

That night I fell asleep with a cock in my cunt and two mouths sucking my nipples and a mouth near my pussy.

When I woke up in the morning, I realized how much I missed having two guys having sex with me and wanted to do it again and again.


If you would like more, please let me know how much you have enjoyed the story. Jo has not reached her sexual capacity yet as she is just embarking on her journey. With your encouragement, she will get there.

Thank you.

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