My Man, My Marine, My Lover! Pt. 04

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“Brat” and Brian have some challenges ahead, more so than most couples. As they face the ups and downs that all relationships face, will one or both of them give up on what they have together? It will take physical, emotional, and mental strength to adjust and deal with what’s ahead of them. If they are patient with each other, forgiving when needed, and loving even in the most difficult of times, they just may prove they have what it takes to be together. They may even reach “forever.”

This story is dedicated to all who serve (served) their country and to the families and friends they leave (left) behind. Your service, your sacrifice, and your “loss,” however it is defined, can never be repaid. To each and every one of you, I extend my gratitude. Be well and Stay safe! To my editor and favorite Brit “Flyboy,” I thank you for the above and so much more! Thanks for crossing over to “Erotic Couplings” for me. You know you love it! (Author’s note: Brian and Brat are a healthy and monogamous couple who practice “safe” sex. Condoms are in use even if they are not described within the text of this story.)


When I woke for the second time this morning it was still bright and early. The sun was a little higher in the sky and the streams of light now entering the room were less orange and more of a bright yellow. My first thoughts of the morning, as the sunbeams scattered through the room, the largest coming to rest on Brian’s face, were my memories of the past twenty four hours. Finally being able to have Brian discharged, driving him here to the lake, arguing, making love, absolutely everything was running through my mind like a video. Waking up here, with the soft sunlight streaming in, finding myself wrapped in Brian’s arms, it was all a dream come true.

I gently moved back a little so that I could get a better look at my man; taking advantage of the quiet time to examine him. I looked at how his hair had grown and was now about two inches long. It had these little ringlets along the sides of his temples where his sweat damped his hair and it dried in curls. I was tempted to reach up and play with them, but I didn’t.

My eyes followed along his profile; then moved slowly down his jaw and neck line. I could see the pulsation at the side of his neck and desperately wanted to kiss him there. I even thought about giving him a love bite. As I continued my visual exam, I traced over his chest and abdomen. I watched his chest rise and fall with every breath.

My eyes trailed lower and I followed along the V muscle that I enjoyed so much last night. It blatantly drew my attention to and directly pointed at Brian’s morning erection. This time, I couldn’t resist touching him. I slid my hand down and traced over his hip and down his groin until my fingers came in contact with his cock. I was gentle at first, lightly stroking him and tracing my fingers around his crown. Stroking my fingers along his shaft and following up and down the protruding vein running the length of his cock.

I sensed more than saw when Brian awakened. I could hear the change in his breathing and I could see his abdominal, pelvic, and leg muscles tighten as I continued to explore his body. I think it was the first time I ever really examined an erect penis in such detail, well to be truthful, in any real detail. I was fascinated by it. My gaze was attracted to all of the little intricacies and nuances of it. I was transfixed by the beauty of it, the shine of its taut skin, the thickness of the coronal ring, the ridges of vessels along the shaft, the dense hard feel of the shaft itself. I found it intricate in its nature and most interesting to examine.

“Are you done with your inspection Brat or are you planning on making a day of it?” His words were meant to be light hearted, but the tension in his voice was anything but.

“Actually, I was just debating what my plan for you this morning would be.” I quipped as I continued to lightly stroke along his cock with my fingertips. I felt his eyes on me and even though I knew he couldn’t see me, I found it erotic that it felt like he was watching everything I did.

“Andrea, before we get too involved here, I have something I’d like to talk to you about.”

I knew what he was going to say before he finished his sentence. He was wondering about last night. About our love making and more specifically why I didn’t orgasm. I thought to myself last night this would most likely be the first thing he would want to talk about this morning. I knew he wouldn’t forget it or let it go without comment.

“What is it you want to talk about Marine?” I tried sounding light hearted.

“You didn’t orgasm last night when we made love, did you?” He asked rather calmly and on the quiet side.

“No, I didn’t, but I enjoyed everything Brian. I enjoyed everything we did and I loved every single minute we shared together last night.”

“I’m glad, but why do you think you didn’t come?” trabzon escort I could hear the concern in his voice.

“Brian, please don’t take this the wrong way, but the simple and truthful answer is that my mind went somewhere else.”

“What does that mean? Because, I don’t think I like the idea of your mind being somewhere else while we’re making love to each other.”

“It was with you in that sense. I was with you. It was just different.” I wasn’t sure how to explain how I felt at the time. How different things felt for me at the time and how I was a little off my game.

“Different how? I think I really need you to explain this one to me.”

“I was close to orgasm Brian. I was very close; my mind and my body were right there with you. Then I started thinking about how much I love you. I was thinking how happy I am to have you home and with me and most of all safe. Then, before I knew it, a different emotion came over me. I felt comfort and relief. I felt happy and content. It wasn’t important for me to orgasm at the time. What was most important to me was you.”

“What do you mean?” I gave him credit, he was paying attention to what I was saying and he really wanted to understand not only what I was saying, but what I meant by it.

“I mean, in that moment, I didn’t care about my satisfaction. I only cared about you and yours. You were most important to me at the time. I wanted to make sure you were taken care of; you had what you needed. You were my focus. The love we shared was more important. I wanted to experience you. I wanted to experience you being with me, in me, loving me, more than I wanted my orgasm. So, I focused on you, and our love, and being in the moment to enjoy you.”

My eyes were tearing and I knew my voice was starting to break a little. I kissed him lightly on his abdomen as his hand stroked through my hair; I continued to talk to him and explain.

“I realized how thankful I was to have you home. How grateful I was to have you here with me, home and safe. Then I realized how many people weren’t so fortunate. How many people didn’t have their loved one with them for one reason or other. My mind set changed and the only thing that mattered was that you were alive and here with me. I was just enjoying the moment of being with you. I love you Brian.”

“I love you too Andrea.” He quietly added, “More than you know Brat, more than even I think I knew.”

I wanted to lighten the mood and to finish what I started before our conversation. I teased him a little by kissing his erection and smiled when I heard him gasp. I licked my lips wetting them; I tipped my face down and lightly placed a second kiss on the head of his cock.

“Fuck.” He moaned out. He wasn’t expecting that and I caught him completely off guard.

I laughed lightly and kissed him again leaving my mouth in place. This time, I drew my tongue over the head of his cock and circled it with the tip. I heard him suck in a deep breath and hold it as he tried to pull his hips back.

“Jesus Andrea.” He growled at me. “What are you doing?”

“Baby if you don’t know what I’m doing, I must be doing it very wrong.” I giggled as I took the tip of his cock into my mouth and swirled my tongue repeatedly around its head.

Brian moaned out loud. “UUhhmm!”

Automatically his hands went to my hair and clenched two handfuls as he gently, but firmly held onto my head.”Andrea, you don’t..”

“Shish.” I said before he could complete his thought. “I want you Brian. I want to take you in my mouth; make love to you with my mouth. Don’t forget baby, you owe me a ‘threefer’ and by my count, that leaves me two more to collect on today.”

His hands relaxed a little but he kept them fisted in my hair. I felt his body relax back into the mattress and his head fell back against the pillows. I could hear him take several deep breaths in and out as I started to move my mouth over his erection.

It’s an intoxicating feeling knowing you have this power over a man’s reactions. To know that by loving him in this way, he completely gives himself to you. There is an enormous amount of trust shared between a man and a woman when they are giving each other oral pleasure. It’s a love and trust that should never be taken for granted. I wanted to not only show Brian how much I loved him, but to ensure him that he could trust me no matter what.

I peeked up at his face as I slid my lips over him; his eyes were closed, his chin jutted out, he licked his lips, swallowing hard and that alone made me double my efforts. I pulled back and licked my lips until they were really wet and then I licked up the sides of his shaft, kissing it every so often. The texture of it was fascinating to me. I tried to think of a comparison, but I couldn’t recall anything similar in my memory. It was firm, yet spongy and a little giving in its density. My tongue licked up each side until he was coated in my saliva.

I placed my hand around trabzon escort bayan the base of his cock and then took the rest of him into my mouth. I sucked my mouth closed and heard him sigh as his fingers tangled in my hair. I pulled up the length of him until Iheld only his head between my lips and then I licked around it again and again as my hand followed suit and stroked up and down to the same rhythm.

After a minute or two of licking and stroking, I took as much of his length into my mouth as I could and sucked harder. This time, I set up a suck and release cadence. I sucked him tight and stroked him quickly with my tongue for several seconds and then released just as he would thrust himself forward. I repeated it a dozen times before Brian cried out to me.

“Andrea. I’m going to come soon, very soon.” He gasped, his words coming out with hesitation. “Baby… you better… stop…Oh God!… if you don’t…God!…want me to…Oh Fuck!… come in your mouth.” He rushed the last words out.

He was arching up into my mouth as he said it and pulling my hair downward so my face was right up against him. I just sucked on him harder and faster. I was in a licking, sucking, stroking rhythm when I felt his entire body tense and buck upwards. I looked up at him and saw his face was red, his eyes were clenched shut, his jaw thrust forward and every muscle in his body was contracted.

I knew he was about to release and I pushed him over by gliding the ridges of my teeth up his length and then sucking him into the back of my throat. I felt the tip of him slide just beyond the back of my tongue as I swallowed and pulled him further into my mouth. I followed up on that by sucking him hard and sliding my tongue over the under surface of his erection as fast as I could.

I had shared in oral sex with two other men, but I had never done anything like this before. I was taking my time, concentrating on his response, and enjoying every minute of sharing this with Brian. Any experience I had before this didn’t seem to count; nothing compared to this. A heady awareness came over me. I felt a special connection with him, the love, the raw emotion, and yes, I felt the power of sex in that moment. As I peeked up at Brian one more time, I realized how much I loved him. It may have been in that very moment that I knew there was nothing that I wouldn’t do for my man. That included loving him, holding him, supporting him, and anything else he may need from me.

Brian moaned and arched his pelvis forward. He grasped my head pushing me onto him even more. He wasn’t forceful or hurting me, he was just taking what he needed from me and I was willing to give it to him. A few seconds later his orgasm ripped through him.

I felt his entire body tense at first. Then his body shuddered and his breathing stopped as he sucked in a deep breath. I could see his head and neck bow backward and the veins in his neck were protruding. Finally, he took a deep breath in and a guttural growl escaped him just before he cried out my name.

“Fuck Andrea!! Fuck!”

I heard his words tear from his gut as I felt the warm cum leave his body and shoot into my mouth. It slid down my throat and I continued to swallow as he spurted several times.My experience was limited, but I had never taken a man orally and allowed him to come while I held him between my lips before. I surely would have never swallowed his cum if he had and I know I never enjoyed oral sex as much as I enjoyed it with Brian. He tasted of a combination of saltiness and something similar to when you chew a blade of fresh cut grass. I remember thinking how unusual to taste like salty grass, but that’s what I tasted. It was actually a fresh taste that I found surprising, yet likeable.

I could feel the intensity of his reaction in every sense of my being. I looked up with my mouth still encompassing his cock, my lips still wrapped tightly around him, and I watched his body’s response. I was ecstatic at his reaction and elated with the power I felt in that very moment. I continued to suck every bit of ejaculate from him. He continued to spurt the creamy pearl colored streams with every movement of my tongue and lips. In that moment, I was happy I had taken him to completion and not withdrawn from him. I wanted to taste him, to swallow his cum, and to share in his orgasm more completely.

All I could think of as I looked at Brian was how much I loved my man. There truly was no weight I wouldn’t bear for him, no sacrifice I wouldn’t make for him. While I watched him descend from his orgasmic high, a smile crossed my face, I thought to myself, “Welcome home Marine!”


It took a while but after twenty minutes or so, I felt a nervous energy between us that had nothing to do with what we just experienced. It was a tense energy and it was emitting from Brian. He was antsy and it seemed like he wanted to say something to me, but didn’t know how to go about it. I could escort trabzon feel the tension growing. I wasn’t sure what caused it, but I wasn’t going to let it go without finding out.

“What’s wrong?” I sighed as I asked him.

“I want to know something and I would like the truth.” His voice was quiet, hesitant, but stern and I didn’t understand why.

“Ok. What?”

“Was that a pity blow job for the blind guy?” He actually asked me that question. I was immediately fuming.

“What did you just ask me?” The heat was escaping from my body through my words.

“You heard me Brat, was that a pity blow job?” He sounded a little less sure of his words now.

“Fuck you Brian. I can’t believe you just asked me that. I don’t do anything out of pity and you should know that. If I were going to do something out of pity, it wouldn’t have anything to do with sex or love. You really are an ASS with all caps sometimes.”

I slapped his chest hard with my open hand and the sound echoed in the room. If he could have seen my fist coming, I would have punched him right in the nose. Instead, I rolled over and got out of the bed.

“I’m going to take a shower and then as soon as you’re washed and ready, we’ll start your morning exercises.”

“Andrea, wait a minute. I want to…”

“I don’t care what you want Marine. I’m fuming with you right now. How you took me from a perfectly peaceful and happy state to fuming is beyond me, but you did. That should have been a really beautiful moment between us just now and you screwed it up big time. Marine, as far as I’m concerned, you’re in the dog house. So unless it is absolutely necessary or it deals with our plan for the day, DO NOT talk to me.”

I turned and walked into the bathroom and slammed the door so hard, I heard the pictures on the bedroom wall bang. I flipped the shower handle on to HOT and pulled my hair up, pinning it on top of my head. As I stripped my clothes off, I heard the door handle rattle a few times before I got into the shower. He knew I meant business when he tried to come in and found the door locked. Let him stew over his stupidity for a while.

When I was done and dressed, I walked out expecting to find him still in bed. Instead, he was dressed and had coffee made and some bagels and cream cheese on the table. When he heard me coming out, he gave me his best “I’m sorry” smile. It was going to take a lot more than that to make up for what he’d said earlier.

“I’m sorry Brat. I should have never thought that or said it. I don’t know what I was thinking. Come have some breakfast with me.”

“Not happening Marine. I expect you outside with your cane in five minutes. Don’t piss me off any further; it would not work to your benefit or advantage.” That being said, I walked out of the cabin. As my stomach growled, I wished I could have grabbed a bagel without him knowing it.

Less than five minutes later, he came out of the house. He carried his cane in his left hand, a coffee mug in his right, and a bagel with cream cheese between his teeth. He walked down the stairs and stood there. Then he made a barking sound and I couldn’t help but laugh. He truly was an ASS, but he was my ASS and for better or worse, I was in love with him.

“You are killing me Marine.” I said as I tried to stop the humor from being heard in my voice. I took the bagel from between his teeth and bit it.

“Every good dog brings his mistress a bagel and coffee doesn’t he?” He sounded contrite and I really didn’t want to be mad at him all day, but I did want to clear up the issue before moving forward. I took the coffee from him and set it on the picnic table along with my bagel.

“Briansit down please.” He tapped his cane against the picnic bench, reached down and then sat. “We have a lot to do today. You have a lot of new information to absorb, a ton to learn and a load of homework when we’re done. I have a lot of teaching to do and some more research to review before our day is over. I don’t want to start the day off mad at you. I don’t want today or any day we spend together to be done out of duty versus want.”

“I don’t either Brat. I’m sorry for what I said. I don’t know why I said it or what even made the thought enter my head, but once it did, I felt the need to ask.” Brian closed his eyes and swallowed hard before he continued to speak. “Can we put this behind us and move on? Can you forgive me for being so stupid and for being, an ASS with all caps?”

“Baby, I can and do forgive you and yes, we can put it behind us and move forward. I just need to know that you don’t believe that I could or would ever do anything that I truly didn’t want to do with or for you. Especially anything involving sex or love. I think you know me better than that. In fact, I know you know me better than that.”

“I do Andrea; you know I do. I don’t know what came over me. I guess, in doubting myself, I started to doubt you too.” He reached his hand out in the direction of my voice as he continued, “I’m truly sorry babe.”

“Ok, enough said.” I took his hand and gave it a squeeze. “We have a lot of work this morning. Let’s get started by reviewing some of the techniques we’ll be working on today and over the next few weeks. Ok?”

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