Molested Ch. 11

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Cheating Wife

Thank you for all the nice comments, it is always so appreciated.


Walking back into school on the first day after the holiday was a bit surreal, I felt completely changed. I had a boyfriend, I’d done some very dirty things, some very, very dirty things to be precise.

I still didn’t have any panties on as I walked thought the school, I felt even more wanton than before. It was so weird talking to my friends, all of us in our neat little uniforms, what would they have said if they’d known less that 24 hours ago I’d been begging my boyfriend, who was only 20 years older than me, to ‘fuck me like a whore’ as he took photo’s of me naked on his phone.

I couldn’t wait for my first English class. But before the bell rang I had an appointment.

I made my way to Mr Reed’s office stealing one last look around the corridor I knocked and stepped into his office. Alan looked up and smiled at me, I crossed the office quickly and sat on the desk in front of him, spreading my legs so he could see my pantiless condition. He stoked my thighs with his strong hands. He stood up and kissed me deeply I ran my fingers though his thick hair.

I handed him a note.

Dear Mr Reed,

It has come to my attention that Jenny is a slut. I hope that you can deal with this slutty behaviour. I’m not sure how to handle her, so please feel free to handle her however and whenever you like.

She has a very dirty mouth, next time she talks dirty she should have something put in her mouth, a dick would seem like the best thing.

She is almost constantly playing with her pussy and ass, only a few minutes ago she was using a sex toy on herself. Maybe if she gets fucked enough she’ll stop this filthy behaviour.

I have also noticed she never wears panties, again I think only a good hard fucking will teach her a lesson.

To sum up she is a filth, dirty slut, she deserves to be made to suck a lot of dick and get fucked a lot, preferably in both holes, (I know the slut takes it in the ass)till she is sore and can’t take it anymore.

If there is anything else you would like to do to her then do so, I’m sure she’ll love it.



“Humm, this is very serious Jenny. Is it all true?”

“Yes Sir, especially the last line.”

“I see, well I have to be a good teacher and do what needs to be done.”

“I want you to be a fucking bad teacher.” I spat back at him.

“There’s that dirty mouth I was warned about.”

Alan picked me up off the desk and spun me around planting me back on the floor, before I had time to protest he lifted my short pleated skirt up to my waist and pushed me over the desk. He spanked my ass hard. I yelped as the pain shot though my tender butt.

“And where are your panties?”

I looked over my shoulder at him, he looked so fucking sexy standing there, pinning fethiye escort me down with just one hand.

“Fuck you!” I exclaimed. His hand smacked down on my ass again making my body go rigid, I could already feel how wet I was getting.

“Now you don’t talk to me like that do you?” He purred stroking my ass cheeks with the tips of his fingers.

“No Sir, I’m sorry.” I whispered.

“So where are your panties?”

“My boyfriend doesn’t like me wearing them, and I don’t like wearing them either.”

“And why doesn’t he like you wearing them?”

“‘Cos the dirty bastard knows it makes me fucking horny and he knows he’s got easy access to my wet pussy.”

“Really, and are you feeling horny now?”

“Why don’t you stick your big fat fingers in my fucking pussy and find out exactly how wet I am?”

Alan didn’t need asking twice, his hand slid over my tender smacked ass and plunged between my legs I was so obscenely wet his fingers slid easily into my hot wet desperate pussy. He forcefully pumped them in and out making me even wetter, we’d discovered that I liked it kinda rough, and I’d found out that he liked me to talk very dirty.

“Oh, fuck, Sir that feels so, so good.” I said pushing my ass back trying to get more of his fingers deep inside me. I looked round over my shoulder again. “Fuck me Sir.” Alan yanked his fingers out of my pussy leaving me gasping.

Pinning me down with one hand I heard him rummage around in a desk draw, I felt the tip of something like my vibrator being rubbed all over my soaking wet pussy, I wriggled my hips sliding the tip all over my pussy as I wondered what he’d got in store for me. With a quick thrust the thing was inside me, it pushed me open easily but it was defiantly very short, not what I was used to, he worked it several times in and out me, twisting it all around inside my tight channel.

He pulled it quickly out of me making me gasp. Then I felt it on my asshole and I knew where it was going, relaxing like a good girl I let him push the thing up my ass, easily it slid inside me. Stretching me delightfully as it went. I felt Alan’s hands on my hips as he stood back to admire me. I guessed that he’d stuck a butt plug in me.

“Now that does look fucking hot.”

I giggled, for some reason he always sounded funny swearing, but as I’d discovered Alan could swear like a sailor, but it still made me giggle. I looked over my shoulder at him.

“Are you going to take a picture?” I teased.

Alan pulled out his phone and took a quick picture of me. My Phone beeped letting me know I’d got a text, I guessed it was Alan sending me the photo he’d just taken.

He spun me round again, god, he’s so strong. Picking me up easily he sat me on the edge of his desk, my eyes went wide as he sat me down hard on the butt plug. Throwing my legs wide apart he stepped escort fethiye between them, hungrily I reached for his belt. Pulling desperately at the fabric of his pants I managed to free him and the pants dropped to the floor, between us we managed to get his shorts down and his lovely big cock bobbed into view, all hard and ready to split me in two.

He took one step forward and I grasped his dick and guided it into me in one swift deep stroke, I let go of his dick and pulled him close wanting, needing, demanding more of him. Alan started to thrust into me, his strong body working me, driving me crazy. Holding him close my nose buried in his chest, his woodsy spicy cologne smelling so good, I could feel all the strong muscles in his arms as he held me, drew me close.

I let one hand fall down and I grabbed a handful of that lovely firm butt as he pistoned deep into my eager body. Oh shit it felt so intense, getting my ass spanked, talking dirty, a butt plug deep in my ass and the best bit; seeing how it drove Alan crazy for me, till he couldn’t help but fuck me good and hard. I came, hard and fast as he ploughed me.

When I could focus again I could feel his lovely hard dick still in me as he held me quite still. I lent back on my arms looking down my body seeing where we were joined, his lovely dick buried up to the hilt deep in my drenched pussy. Alan’s’ hands dropped to my hips and he slowly started drive himself in and out of me. I bit my lip watching the sexy sight of that big piece of meat fucking me.

“Oh Fuck,” I gasped, Alan thrust sharply into me.

“What have I told you about bad language?”

“Oh, Shit, I’m sorry Sir, I’ve got such a dirty mouth. I can’t quite remember what happens when I say ‘fuck'”

Alan rewarded me with another sharp shove of his hips.

“Now I remember what happens when I say ‘fuck’.” Again he slammed his dick into me, I gasped with pleasure, I loved this game.

“The problem is, Sir, it’s very hard not to say ‘fuck’ when you’re fucking me.” Every time I said fuck he’d jam his lovely dick into me.

“Sir, are you going to cum in me?”

Alan grabbed me fiercely driving himself deep into my eager body.

“I want you to cum in my pussy, it’s so ready for you.” I cooed as he took his pleasure deep in my body. I draped an arm round his neck pulling myself closer too him.

“I wanna spend the rest of the day with your cum deep in me” I whispered in his ear, I love talking dirty. As he fucked me with strong deep strokes.

“I want to feel your cum drip out of me, so I know I’ve been well fucked, so I know I’m your little dirty fuck toy.” Alan started to fuck me harder, I knew he was close to cuming. We’d fucked so much over the holiday I knew exactly how his body reacted.

“Oh, shit, yeah, fuck me, fill me with cum.” I begged as his fingers gripped my hips hard fethiye escort bayan I knew he was just about to flood my pussy with cum. His body went tense as his cock jumped buried completely inside me as I felt the warm rush of his cum deep, deep inside me.

We held each other for a moment before I released him from my grasp, sadly I pulled his softening dick out of me and I dropped to my knees, I took his dick into my mouth tasting the salty, sweet taste of our combined juices, I could already feel his cum oozing out of me. I cleaned him quickly before helping him do up his pants.

“Will I be getting my treatment later Sir?” I pouted looking up at him.

“No Jenny, I’m just going to fuck your brains out on this desk.” He smiled dangerously. “And you will be keeping the plug in you all day, is that clear?”

“Yes Sir!”

Grinning like the cat that got the cream I collected my stuff hurrying from his office to my first lesson, English with Mr Reed.

I made it to class just before the bell; I was sitting in my seat looking at the photo Alan had sent of me; Bent over his desk my legs spread wide, my pussy slick and ready, waiting for his big fat dick to fuck me, and a black butt plug deep in my ass, I looked like such a slut, his dirty, willing, horny slut.

Mr Reed strolled in a few minutes later not looking like he’d just been screwing the life out of one of his students a few minutes before. I could feel the chair pressing the butt plug deep into my ass and I could sense a puddle of cum between my legs as the lesson began. I’d asked for it and I got it, hard, just like I wanted it.

Mr Reed called my name and it was my turn to deliver my presentation. I could feel the sticky mess between my legs and the butt plug jammed in my ass. Some how, I made my way to the lectern at the front of the class, it was one of those old wooden ones so nobody could see my legs, except Alan who had a side view. I stood with my legs slightly spread as I delivered my presentation all the time conscious that his cum was dripping out of my well fucked pussy.

As I collected my notes I took the opportunity to look down and there on the floor was a pool of cum on the floor. I glanced over at Alan, he was grinning at me.

The End…

Well for now anyway,

Several people have asked me to write a story from Mr Reed’s POV, if you’d like this then please tell me what story you’d like to hear from his POV and I’ll get to it, perhaps one of the treatments, or maybe what happened when they went on a date, you tell me what you’d like to hear.

Thank you all for reading my little story I hope you liked it, I enjoyed writing it. I have several more stories in mind, but none of them are as tame as this, would you like to read them? If so leave me some nice comments and I’ll be sure to start typing.


First Literotica for hosting my story, I hope it’s the first of many to come.

Secondly My Editor, Linda, thank you for making my garbage readable

Finally, you my reader, you make the whole experience worth while, thank you.

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