Marjorie and the Divine Sisters 01

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I’ve been writing a lot lately about my life (all true) and it’s something I enjoy doing. I’m good with words and punctuation. Over the past five years I have written all sorts of things, begging letters, insulting articles, you know the thing. I’ve wanted to write about my life for a while, but haven’t had sufficient time to put an interesting account together. Now I have.

My decision to start has been governed by my own self management issues and even now, although the words have been in my mind, it’s not starting quite as I expected. I’ve always been a great reader and have often wondered how the great writers like Tolstoy and Dickens, got their words onto a page using a pencil or a scratchy pen and ink.

I think it was the late Douglas Adams who wrote the first book electronically, “Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” in 1981, which wasn’t a long time ago. There were typewriters and stuff about too but the process is not a discussion of technical aspects but about getting the details of my life down while I still have time before senility and a wrinkled pussy strike! So what’s so different about you, Marjorie then, apart from having an unusual name, you might ask.

It’s about my life and I bring a few interesting aspects to the start of this, what might be called an autobiography. I’m the youngest of four sisters, but only Doris, my next sister up live at home with Ma. Doris and I are the “Divine Sisters.” I expect you’ve heard of us. We used to be legendary in the war and immediate posts war days.

I started off as a VGGI, (Very Good Girl Indeed), but thanks to my older sister Doris and the Pink Pussycat Club, I became a RHBGI, (Remarkably Bad Horny Girl Indeed). Isn’t it odd how we all use acronyms these days? I expect you are wondering about the word “Divine.” That’s actually my real name, Marjorie Iris Divine. My Mother, “Ma” is actually Bridget Divine and Doris is Doris Blossom Divine

Doris and I are remarkably similar in appearance: we’ve both got thick red hair, we’re both very pretty and have tits and asses that men just can’t keep their hands off. We keep diaries and Doris reckons she’s had about several thousand blokes in her life so far and accuses me of catching up rapidly. My early VGGI days made me run significantly behind Doris. For the time being.

Both Doris and I like a good, juicy cock, a passionate an ardent man (and sometimes a girl), preferably with money. I would warn you girls unless you are built like a mains water pipe downstairs, don’t even countenance a cock bigger than twelve inches. To start with anything bigger than that is likely an urban myth or will put you in hospital requiring a number of painful stitches. But and while most of the boys have between five and eight inches, twelve inch cocks do exist as Igor, Desmond, Winston and Charlie can attest. Naturally in the case of the last three, they are very close and frequent friends of Little Marjorie.

I have just read Peter Ackroyd’s “London,” a marvellous tome of 1500 pages about the history of my native city. I don’t expect this tale to be as thick or as epic (mind you, I’m starting to get into the swing of it now!) and I will doubtless be thinking about getting it into print as a best seller later.

This story is about the McEvoys, the Divines and the Meehans, three families involved in my life. To get the facts right, I have the assistance of the wonderful internet which these days, allows me to fact check some of the more outlandish happenings, the locations of venues and whether they still exist or in fact were actualities in the first place. I can run down birth, marriage and death notices, the length of a cock and even family pictures. The things we writers need these days. Old Charlie and Leo would kill for the internet I think.

The family has always been rather mysterious, a mix of close relatives and stepsisters. I even came across a brother, Michael, of whom I was unaware until now and he doesn’t feature any further in this narrative as I can find no subsequent references to him and wonder whether he was a casualty of the first war or the Spanish flu epidemic of 1919? He would have been the right age. My Father Ernie doesn’t feature at all as he was killed in an accident

Doris and I had a pretty happy if rather unusual childhood. We were brought up by Mum as Anne and May had moved out when they got married, Anne and Len to Catford and May and Ernie to Chelsfield. At one stage we all lived in the same house and grew up in Lollard Street,

Hang in there, I’m coming to the bits where I get consistently fucked soon, so bear with me. Doris and I shared a bedroom in those days and it was really very cold, even with hot water bottles. On top of the blankets we arranged top coats for extra warmth and I can’t remember a night without wearing thick socks. Doris was usually as randy as I was and I enjoyed fucking her enormously. Doris enjoyed being fucked by me enormously too.

In the early days, Bridget packed me off to Lollard Street School where I joined Doris at the start of our fethiye escort education proper. This school was both a primary and secondary school and was typical of its day, two floors, huge windows, slate roof and we froze our tits off in the winter and boiled in the summer. Doris left in and got a job in Wardour Street as a stripper. At the soon to be famous, Pink Pussycat Club. One of our many relations said she’d be ideal. She was! I must admit the money she brought into the house was very welcome and meant we consumed less WW1 corned beef and rabbit rissoles for dinner!

I had achieved a scholarship to Oxford University but of course this all went to the pack when the war broke out. After the war I actually did my degree and passed in chemistry and got a job as a teacher in a famous private school in London. But before that, I needed a job.

I was looking through the papers wondering perhaps I could get a job as an office junior or something, when I came across an advertisement for someone in the New Zealand Navy section of the Admiralty to work in the provisioning section for NZ warships. I didn’t get too excited about as I couldn’t imagine me, little Marjorie, heaving six inch shells around in a warehouse or whatever I would have to do!

I was over the moon about getting the job and when I was issued with the beautiful dark blue serge, my feelings just boiled over! I had to tie a tie properly and polish my buttons. Talk about a labour of love! Bridget, of course was so proud of her youngest daughter she took me round to the neighbours to show them her lovely daughter who was going to win the war on her own! Doris said it was odd that Mum didn’t take her around in her G-String!

But it didn’t matter, Ma didn’t make any exceptions, she was just as proud of her stripper daughter as she was about her navy girl! We were both attractive, curvy young women and we knew the boys fancied us but with our Ma, they were always very polite and didn’t mess with us. Maybe we thought they should be more demonstrative, but they didn’t dare!

At my tender age, a school leaver no less I found I was in charge for provisioning “our ship,” the HMNZS Achilles, by far the biggest ship we had. We grew up quickly in those days! It was a six inch Cruiser but not a twelve inch one, I fear.

There was me, Miss Efficiency, working away with a typewriter and an ink pen making sure our old girl had enough shells to fire and her crew had enough to eat. A few minutes walk away from Trafalgar Square was my sister Doris showing her arse to the punters in Wardour Street. She was never attracted to my job, but I was to hers!

In December, we had our moment. The Achilles had been given to us by the Royal Navy. In December, shortly after I had joined up, our ship was transferred to a squadron of ships, her, the Ajax and Exeter in the South Atlantic hunting for a big German ship which was sinking our merchant navy ships at a rate of knots!

I watched the film recently, Battle of the River Plate” but they never said how many six inch shells we went through. I got into the habit of walking over to the Pink Puusycat and having dinner with Doris every night. I think Mum was relived she didn’t have to cook for us as we were both basically useless in the kitchen. So was she.

As I said before, Doris and I were good mates as well as sisters. We kept each other warm at night in our little room, had sex together, brushed each other’s hair and swapped clothes. So when she said that she’d come up with the idea of “The Divine Sisters” where we both took off our clothes at her club I was immediately interested.

We put up the idea to Giovanni, the Manager at the PPC and he was delighted. We sat at the bar over a drink (on the house no less) and Doris said that instead of starting off in glamorous togs we start in uniform, her in (say) in an ATS uniform and me in my New Zealand navy uniform. We both had sensational figures, if I say so myself .

We decided we would make our debut at the weekend during the evening show. It was a time for “glamming up” with eyelash jobs, lipstick and stunning hair do’s Naturally, Doris and I could rustle up some provocative lingerie between us so when I went up to town with Doris on Saturday and sat in the PPC’s crowded dressing room we chatted with the other girls until a loud announcement hailing “The Divine Sisters” came over the speakers. My theatre virginity was about to be lost.

The “bump and grind” Jazz music was easy to get into and Doris and I were straight into the groove and every time we took one of one our uniform things off, the audience cheered. Of course it couldn’t last for ever and soon we were down to our pants, my New Zealand dark blue ones and Doris in her white “Land Army” numbers. To a drum roll we took those off too and threw them to the audience. There we were, the Divine sisters, stark naked apart from G-Strings in front of about two hundred cheering punters. We were on our way

The show had been a wonderful experience and the punters had been kind, tucking currency escort fethiye notes in our G-Strings in appreciation of the two sexiest bodies in London.We decided to do it together as soon as possible and to save all the money we made for the future.

I was kept very busy back at the Admiralty as new ships were added to our little fleet. By and large the officers there were courteous and didn’t give me a hassle. But a sailor and a pretty girl (me!) are not parted for long and before long, older gentlemen with lots of stripes on their cuffs were offering to take me out to dinner. I was just out of my teens and needed a bit of thought about it. When I met Doris for dinner at the PP Club I raised the subject of my virginity.

She was very pleased that I’d come to see her about it and confessed that losing hers had been a bit of a disaster with blood everywhere and pain. She suggested to me that she’d have a chat with Giovanni with the view of getting rid of the stigma in the nicest possible way! Arm in arm we walked to the bus stop, two pretty sisters without a thing on their mind!

Giovanni was very helpful; he offered to the the job himself! Wasn’t that nice of him? Well he was pretty good looking so I agreed. And it was on! On the following Saturday, Doris and I rolled up at the club in the morning. Would you believe that I was a bit nervous and I asked Doris to stay with me. Giovanni thought it might be fun to have us sisters together. He might even nail Doris as a bonus!

Now if you’re a bit queasy, you might like to skip the next bit. But I know you won’t, who could resist reading about me being deflowered! At Giovanni’s bidding, I took all my clothes off and he whistled when he saw my ass. He said it was obvious we were sisters with undercarriages like that!

I lay on the couch as Doris and I watched Giovanni take his own clothes off. To me, his cock looked massive and he was as hard as a rock. I looked askance at Doris and she told me it was quite normal, most of them looked like that. He got down to work and gradually oh-so-slowly he slid it into my (by now) very wet pussy. It didn’t hurt at all and I experienced my very first orgasm. Even looking back at the hundreds if not thousands of orgasms later, this was one I always remembered. He was a very good boy, he pulled out of me without cumming, a remarkable feat I thought. He made up for it many times later.

So that’s it? Why didn’t the earth move for me or something? I asked Doris about this as she helped me get dressed and she said I was lucky as her experience was horrible. I hadn’t even bled, which most girls do, I understand. Doris lectured me about contraception and before I knew it, I had a diaphram fitted and I was more of less safe from the hundreds of gallons of sperm that would invade me in the future. As it turned out I ended up with quite an appetite for men and there was a load of them available at the Admiralty and I now went to work with a new confidence.

Word had got out that the head of the provisioning department of the New Zealand Navy enjoyed a second career as a stripper at the Pink Pussy Club in Wardour Street and should be seen with her sister as one half of the rapidly becoming famous “Divine Sisters!” I was having a ball and decided to take a break from the Admiraly, to the horror of the Captains and Commodores who thought their rank entitled them to a fuck, but we soon gained a considerable client base from the allied navies working in Trafalgar Square.

I’d gone into this hook line and sinker now and the first thing I did was to dye my hair bright red and grow it out. Bridget thought it was all amusing; her youngest, “proper” daughter had blossomed out into a stunner like her older sister. When we confessed we were now stripping together at the Pink Pussy Club under the name “The Divine Sisters” she couldn’t control herself and laughed out loud.

Doris wondered if Ma was going to take the two of us around and show us in our finery. She did better than that, she came to our next performance. Here’s Doris shaking her arse to American jazz and stripping, Ma is in the audience and has become a bit of a celebrity as the mother (and original) of the divine “Divine Sisters!”

The Admiralty job was great and very responsible of me as there was a war on. Now it was 1941, the year had just flashed past. I had worried what I was getting into, changing my smart dark blue New Zealand Navy uniform with its shiny brass buttons to a lacy G-String and very little else. Well, nothing else, actually. But Doris and I were making more money than we’d ever seen before and were saving to buy a house after the war, if it ever ended. We didn’t know that a year later half of the American army would arrive in town and the Divine Sisters would became more than popular, we were going to be a sensation!

When I had left the Navy, I took my uniform with me on the basis I would be a reservist. That wasn’t entirely true as I needed it for the show. The customers loved watching me remove it right down to my navy blue knickers. fethiye escort bayan The same with Doris’s ATS uniform. Giovanni of course was delighted we had moved into the club and he was very keen to fuck both of us. (That was the first time I used the word!).

Since I had lost my virginity, I had been pretty conservative and Giovanni had been the only one since he deflowered me. Doris was a different character and would fuck (here I go again) anyone on demand. Her reasoning was that if a serviceman would be killed, it would be better if his last memory would be screwing one half of the Divine Sisters.

It seemed a reasonable presumption I suppose and given the service to the country I had already made, I thought I’d better jump on the bandwagon, as it were. So much to his delight, Doris and I allowed Giovanni to fuck us for the night. As a novice I was a bit sore in the morning and covered in cum for the first time ever. Doris of course was used to it and just wiped herself with a damp cloth whenever he came into her. Boy those Divine girls got quite a workout. I found that not only did I enjoy it immensely, Giovanni told me I was extremely good at it! And had an ass to die for.

So the year went on and we were flogging these superb arses on stage for the punters! We didn’t know at that stage this was just the tip of the iceberg! We expanded our uniforms from ATS and Navy to more erotic ones, got into feather boas, leather, furs and more and more cutaway dresses. Doris and I were having an absolute ball and pulling in bigger audience numbers and now there were a lot of women fancying us too.

The Pink Pussycat was the place to be and the stars, Doris and I were even becoming recognised in the street! I had a funny thing happen to me. I had a visit from the police myself and they wanted my help in grabbing this guy who was seducing women and taking the secrets over to the Russians. (I thought they were on our side). It seems the guy had a large cock and was attracting women into bed with him. They asked me if I would be “the bunny” in my New Zealand Navy uniform. This could be fun.

When I found his cock was twelve inches long I agreed enthusiastically. Apparently his hangout was the Railway Hotel up the road and equipped a tiny transmitter in my handbag, I started to hang out there in my uniform. It didn’t take more than a few days when this guy ambled over and offered to buy me a drink. He said his name was Igor and he was staying here. Like Doris, I had a good head for booze and with me pretending to stagger about he helped me upstairs for an assignation.

Deliciously, he stripped me naked and lay me in the bed in my “intoxicated” state. I watched him get his own gear off and I was astonished to see the biggest cock I’d ever seen. Could I take this without being split in half? He said it was three hundred millimetres long and before long he’d slid it effortlessly into my eager body. Boy I could almost taste it! Later on I did, he was delicious. He obviously was enjoying the wonderful Marjorie Divine and he must have fucked me five times during the night. It was glorious! To my disappointment, there was a knock on the door in the morning and I passed my little transmitter to the nice plain clothes men and he was handcuffed and taken away. But to this day I get very horny when I remember how wide he was and how deep into me he went.

I always remembered that until I encountered Desmond, Charles and Winston in later years and I found nobody similar apart from the black officers in the American army. But that’s another story. We enjoyed a family Christmas with Ma and Auntie Ann and Auntie May joined us and because we now had the room, we were a complete family for once. Ann laughed like a drain where she found out about the Divine Sisters and their antics at the PPC and promised to come along to see for herself. She did and witnessed with great pleasure her two younger sisters on the stage shaking their delectable asses buck naked.

The Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbour in the Pacific and the Yanks were in the war, like us and soon the Pink Pussycat Club became a “must see” and guess who they came to see? “The Divine Sisters” of course and boy, did they pay for a little bit of R&R with Miss Marjorie or Miss Doris. Our G-Strings were soon bulging with cash and our stripping wasn’t confined just to the stage.

Doris and I became, in effect two cute English hookers. All the boys wanted to take us home to meet their Mothers! We had no intention of hooking up with guys who might end up as truck drivers like Len, so we made a rule that anyone under the rank of Captain was off limits. Doris said she would make an exception if a GI had a cock like Igor’s (I wonder what happened to him?)

Giovanni was working hard to upgrade the club and this was getting easier as more and more Americans were making the PPC their choice of venue. and more and more money was rolling in. The “eatery” was now “Pussy’s” restaurant. What an appropriate name, I thought. Now we were doing a show at lunchtime and another at dinnertime. At this rate, Doris and I would be ancient hags in a week. But as the crowds got bigger, Giovanni was hiring more girls and they were all classy as they knew that Pink Pussycat girls were a cut above the rest.

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