A Helping Hand Ch. 08

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For the previous chapters, please check Many Feathers’ and my bio page. Linda continues…

Kay held both hands out in front of her, fists closed around the little obscene plastic figurines we’d played our game with. Jack and Pete both looked at us, grinning.

“Come on, pick one, Petey!” she repeated, and gave him that naughty impish smile that still made me blush, even after an entire weekend of incredible experiences. Pete looked at Jack, but he only shrugged his shoulders, smiling widely as if to say, “does it really matter?” Pete took a deep breath and tapped her right fist with his index finger.

“This one!” he said, and watched Kay unfurl her fingers to reveal a light blue big busted fertility-goddess-like piece. “Shit Kay, that’s yours, isn’t it?” he asked a little huskily, excitedly, although he gave me a look that said he’d have loved to have eaten my pussy as well. I winked at him; I knew he’d be doing that at some stage tonight, no matter what I had to do to arrange it!

“Alright Linda” my sister yelled merrily “lie down here on the blanket, your hips next to mine. Hang on, I need to be able to see, seeing is half the fun…Lin, grab some of those cushions out of the chairs so we can lean back against them!”

“Bossy as ever!” I grinned, but went to gather some of the pillows and threw them at her. One hit her squarely in her midsection, and I burst out laughing.

“Easy!” she giggled, “don’t bruise the game-pieces!” Jack laughed aloud.

“Yeah!” he added, “We haven’t finished playing yet, or have we? There are still a couple of those ‘dare you’ cards left in the deck, so let’s get these ladies gushing, and see what happens next!”

“Gushing?” Pete swallowed hard, and stared at our pussies, as Kay and I were making ourselves comfortable on the blanket. I immediately got another giggling fit. Of course that was due to the wine…or so I told myself.

“Oh…yeah” Jack smiled innocently “Did I forget to mention that?”

“FUCK” Pete’s face turned bright red, and he stammered “Oh my god…I really…I didn’t think…I didn’t know…I have never…How? Oh FUCK!” he lifted his hands and gave up.

“You didn’t think real girls actually squirted, did you?” Kay grinned. “You thought that only happened in porn movies, right Pete? Well, do Linda and I have a surprise for you!” She leaned back and patted her smooth pussy. “Come here Petey boy. Lick me baby! My wet quim needs some TLC! Jack, why don’t you go down on my sister, and show your brother here how he can make us girls spray like geysers!”

I grinned at Pete’s dazed face. “Don’t worry about my sister, honey, she’s always that bossy, but her pussy really tastes delicious, so I forgive her! Have a go, you’ll see!”

Kay smacked my thigh playfully “Hush you! Open those thighs and let my husband drink from your naughty little wet horny cunt. I know you’ve been dying to let him have another go at you!” Jack smiled at me expectantly, and I opened my legs in a hurry.

My brother-in-law is by far the best pussy pleaser I have ever encountered. Ok. So I’ve not really had that much experience, but I know that I am right! Kay’s biased of course, but still, she swears he’s the best lover she’s ever had, and she’s had quite a few! I think it must be because Jack truly loves oral. He really genuinely loves to eat pussy, and he really wants to give pleasure more than anything. You can even tell from the way he looks at you. He doesn’t just look; he feasts his eyes-full-of-promises on you. It’s as if you can feel him touch you, before he even does. Anyway…the way he looked at my snatch right then, made me ooze in anticipation.

“There’s no space for my leg like this, we’re too close here!” Kay complained. “I can’t open as wide as I want with your thigh pressed against mine!” I’d been struggling with that as well, and we started giggling again, bumping into each other helplessly.

“Pull up your legs, both of you. Now cross these ones over another!” Pete advised, and helped us hook our legs into each other behind the knees, my sisters’ on top of mine, pulled up towards our chests. “Better?” he asked, moving between Kay’s legs, softly teasing her slit with his fingers, almost without thinking. His face was alight with desire, and it was fun to watch him almost drool with the need to suck my sisters leaking pussy.

“Only a little…!” Kay moaned testily” It would be MUCH better if I felt your mouth on me! Come on Pete, lick me already! I am so fucking horny…eat me little brother!”

Pete looked a little shocked, but Jack merely grinned. “She’s horny bro, what can I say? Did she shock you? We don’t watch our language around here, so better be prepared. And ah…better do as she asks, she’s starting to look impatient!”

I’d been laughing, but as soon as Jack turned his attention towards my cunt, my belly started twitching. “Here’s another little horny cunt!” He spread me wide with his hands. “Wow Linda, look at all that creamy juice pooling at the bottom of your split. Is all that tasty kadıköy escort cunt cream for me?” My cunt seemed to respond instantly. God, how did he do that?

“Hmmm” Pete agreed as he stared at Kay’s pussy. “A lot of cream here, too! Wow, you girls really do get very wet, don’t you?’

“You don’t now half of it yet. Now stop talking!” Kay yelled with a plagued tone of voice, “Start eating!” The men grinned and obediently dived into our pussies.

Jack licked me with obvious delight, with long wet strokes of his agile tongue, savouring the cream he scooped up out of my wet furrow, while I watched Pete lick my sister with soft little catlike licks. Inwardly I giggled. If I knew my sister at all, she was so aroused by now, she’d pull his head off if he didn’t get seriously naughty with her soon!

Kay was breathing fast, kneading her big tits and pulling her nipples with both hands. “No more teasing Pete, I need you to make me cum!” she moaned with an urgent note in her voice that made Jack chuckle into my pussy.

“But I want to make it last for you!” Pete protested.

“Honey, trust me, this will only be the first of many orgasms tonight! Did Jack never tell you I can keep going forever as long as you keep me horny?” she grinned lecherously.

“Yeah well…” Pete blushed fiercely again (which I found enormously endearing) “he may have mentioned something along those lines, but…”

“But you thought that only happened in porn movies, right?” I couldn’t help but tease him a little, and Kay burst out laughing, despite her need to get down to business.

“Stop it girls!” Jack chided. “Pete, don’t pay attention to them! Let’s make these hussies cum to shut them up for a while, what say you, ay?” He grinned like a mad pirate, but his brother still seemed a little embarrassed.

“Oh Pete, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad!” Kay saw his unease, and her mother hen instinct made her reach out and grab his ears jokingly. “You were doing fine honey, I can’t help it that you made me so damn horny fucking me with that big dick just now!”

“Ouch! Hey, I’m still gonna need those ears you know! Alright, alright! It’s just that I’ve never been asked by a woman to make her cum in a hurry!” Pete finally laughed. Jack slapped him on the back and chuckled.

“You can forget everything you’ve learnt about women Petey, these two have their own set of rules, you’ll see! Now let’s get these pussies squirting shall we?” Pete nodded, and Jack added “Follow my lead, and you’ll have my Kay spraying all over you in no time!”

Pete watched with interest as Jack started licking and flicking my clit in earnest, making me buck unwittingly. They both laughed. “I see what you mean” Pete said, and started flicking Kay’s clit in the same manner, and her hips lifted off the blanket in response.

“Doing great” said Jack, after a short couple of minutes “but for the real punch, let’s add some clever finger work! Watch this!” My brother-in-law rubbed my juices all over my asshole, giving me a wicked smile. Slowly he pushed his index finger into my squishy fuck hole, and his middle finger into my ass.

“JACK! Oh god that feels good!” Gasping with pleasure, I watched Pete do the same to my sister. He rubbed her creamy juice all over her puckered asshole, and screwed two fingers into his squirming sister-in-law at the same time.

“Wow! My god, that feels so hot!” he exclaimed, slowly sliding them in and out.

“Oh fuck yes, Pete, feels so HOT. Now do it, Petey! Fuck both my holes, make me cum!” Kay screamed. Jack winked at his brother, but went right back to sucking my pulsing clit. Pete took one more look, and dived straight back into Kay’s cunt as well.

Both brothers started finger fucking us hard and fast now, licking, sucking and flicking our clits, and driving us more insane with every passing second. I remember thinking that they both looked beautiful, so different and yet so alike in their attempts to make us cum. I thought that Kay was getting awfully close by the sounds of her moans and screams, and then I couldn’t think at all, because my sisters’ husband did the most indescribably delicious things to me with his lips and mouth and fingers and I could barely breathe at all for a few moments while I felt my core spasm and my orgasm approach irrevocably.

“AAAAHHH” I heard Kay scream “FUCK YES PETE HERE IT CUMS” and I just managed to see the first huge jettisons of my sisters’ cum cream splash against Pete’s face before my eyes squeezed shut and I felt my entire cunt liquefy into Jacks’ mouth!

“OOOHHH FUUUCCCKKK! AAAAAHHHHH!” my body arched and bucked and trembled wildly, but Jack held onto me real tight and kept me attached to his mouth until I almost passed out with pleasure.

When I opened my eyes again, Jack was greedily lapping up my creamy deluge, and I saw Pete doing the same thing with Kay. My ears were ringing, and I wondered if I had truly screamed as loud as üsküdar escort I feared when the white hot pangs of my climax had made my body double up under Jacks ministrations. He didn’t leave me any doubt about that!

“Now that the entire neighbourhood is awake and paying attention, ladies, I think we may safely conclude that my brother and I achieved our goals: We made you squirt big time! No applause necessary, but thank you nonetheless! So, before the police arrive to arrest us all for lewd and especially LOUD behaviour, I think these boys deserve a little reward. What do you say?” he never stopped stroking and kissing my thighs in between words, and I found it hard to concentrate on anything he was saying, my cunt was still throbbing so wonderfully, but Kay was used to his kind of banter, and couldn’t stop laughing.

“Nut!” she scolded lovingly “You total nutcase, you!” She took a swipe at his head, succeeding only in slapping my thigh.

“Hey!” I yelped, suddenly quite alert “Don’t hit me, hit him!” and pointed at her husband.

“Hey!” he mimicked me “Don’t hit me, hit him!” pointing at Pete, who looked at us all with a huge smile on his face. Kay laughed and winked at me. “What do you say Linda? Have these men earned their reward yet?” I grinned impishly and shrugged my shoulders.

“Oh, I don’t know, really Kay. I mean, should they not try harder? What’s ONE teeny-weeny whimsy little orgasm, anyway?”

Jack cried out in feigned outrage “You ungrateful little shit, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Screaming and laughing, I squirmed and tried to worm myself away from his nasty tickling fingers. “Stop that, Jack, aaahhh fuck, stop that!” I protested, bucking and giggling hysterically “Jack, stop it, or I’ll pee on you, I mean it, I can’t stand tickling!”

“What do you think, Pete? Should I let this little tramp go without punishment?”

“Don’t look at me!” Pete grinned with his arms up in the air “I’m not much into golden showers myself, but hey, suit yourself! She looks like she means it though. Can’t you think of another way to make her pay?” Jack meanwhile tickled me unmercifully.

“Better stop it Jack, or she’ll puke all over you as well as pee!” Kay laughed so hard she had tears running down her face. “She used to as a kid, you know. Nobody ever tickled her more often than once, I tell you!” Her husband withdrew his hands in a hurry, which made her laugh even harder. She fell against me, and we embraced, faint with laughter. The two men watched us with amusement, more than a little aroused still.

“Ahem…when you’re done laughing…!” said Jack, and pointed at his member, which, although not as hard as before, was leaking like a sieve nonetheless.

Kay wiped the tears from her face, and sat up on her knees. “You look needy!” she said with that hungry look I’d come to know so well, “and so do you!” she added, looking at Pete’s nicely swollen dick, “I think I know what to do about that! Would you mind me taking care of these boys for a while, Sis? There’s something I’ve always wanted to try!”

“Be my guest!” I grinned, and added, “I really have to go and pee, and it’s all your fault!” Jack merely chuckled, and didn’t seem at all perturbed by my accusation.

“Don’t be too long now honey, we’ll miss you!” he said sweetly, and then winked “and while you’re inside, can you grab us another bottle of red?”


In the bathroom, I’d taken my time and cleaned myself up a little. It took me a few moments to find another bottle of the same wine we’d been drinking from Jacks’ extensive collection, and I decided to bring two bottles up with me, just in case. When I opened the door to the garden, the sound of Kay’s and Pete’s voices reached me, and the tone of them stopped me dead in my tracks. I tried not to move, as I listened to their conversation.

“Kay” Pete said, sounding somewhat uneasily “I’m not sure about this, I mean…!”

“Oh Pete, it’s not like you haven’t touched each other before! Jack told me all about the masturbation sessions you had as kids, don’t worry!”

“JACK!” Pete yelled, seemingly upset now. “You told her about that?!” I wondered what was going on, and softly closed the kitchen door to walk to the terrace.

“What?” Jack replied innocently “She’s my wife, of course I told her about that! What are you so embarrassed about anyway? So we played games as kids, so what, no big deal! You know how open minded Kay is! She thinks it’s arousing as hell in fact!”

I heard Kay speak in that sweet soft seductive voice of hers, and I knew Pete didn’t stand a chance, whatever it was Kay was trying to get him to do.

“Come on Pete, it’s only a silly little fantasy of mine. Doesn’t it excite you just a tiny bit to know that I’ve fantasised about you? Oh don’t blush, and don’t look at Jack either” she grinned, “Your brother knows all about my naughty fantasies, and he doesn’t mind, do you my love?” again she grinned. “See? Oh come on Pete. You both have beautiful dicks, tuzla escort and as I said, I’d like to give it a try. Please? If you don’t like it, fair enough. I just want to see what it looks like…”

“Oh fuck, alright, what the hell…” Pete grinned. I heard some shuffling, and I knew Pete had given in. Very softly, so as not to disrupt the moment, I put the wine on the table, and sat down in a deck chair opposite my sister, her husband and his brother, to observe a scene so erotic it made my still swollen cunt turn to butter again in an instant.

Jack was lying on his back, his shoulders propped up against the cushions Kay and I had been using a little while ago. Pete was kneeling over his body, or more precisely, over his thighs with his knees on either side of Jack’s hips, and my naughty sister was lying on her side next to them. What took my breath away though, was that somehow she’d gotten her husband and his brother positioned so close together, that she managed to hold both their cocks and squeeze their shafts against one another between her tightly clasped hands.

Their heads were swollen and purple, wet with pre-cum. She’d pressed them together so tight that she could lick them both with one long swipe of her tongue, and that’s exactly what she was doing! Pete’s cheeks were flushed, but his eyes were riveted to the union of his and his brothers’ dicks between my sisters’ small hands, his breathing erratic and his hands placed on his hips as if he didn’t know where to put them. Jack was more at ease, but every bit as aroused.

“Fuck, Kay, that looks so fucking weird” he said somewhat hoarsely. “It almost looks like one giant double-helmed prick!”

“Yeah” Pete agreed breathlessly, “it looks surreal!”

“It looks fucking awesome!” Kay exclaimed, “How does it feel though?”

“Weirder, even!” Jack laughed. “I think I can feel Pete’s dick pulsating against mine!” He paused for a second and looked at his brother. “Yes!! FUCK! I can actually feel the blood pulsing in the veins on your shaft!”

“I know!” Pete agreed with obvious excitement “I can feel your cock throbbing as well!”

Kay started moving her hands up and down, and tried to take both their heads into her wide-open mouth, but they were too large to fit. She looked a little disappointed for a second, then giggled and started slicking and sucking them as best she could. Pete slowly rocked his hips back and forth.

“Oh yeah bro, do that some more, fuck man, that feels nice!” Jack moaned eagerly. Still blushing, but no longer reluctant by any means, Pete started rubbing and grinding his oozing dick against his brothers’ in Kay’s hands. She moaned too, and licked and sucked their glossy big heads with gusto.

My own hands had gone to my pussy without me even realising it, and I was busily masturbating when Jack caught my movements and saw me sitting there. For a moment, he just watched my fingers sliding over my swollen nubbin and in and out of my frothy split. Then, he smiled at me, and stuck out his hand.

“Want me to suck your sweet creamy cunt again little sister?” he asked, and Kay and Pete looked up simultaneously.

“Not fair!” protested Pete, “it’s my turn to suck your cunt, Linda!” We all burst out laughing, and he blushed again, but this time he wasn’t embarrassed. He looked at me with a big smile on his face and a question in his eyes.

“Oh Pete, I’d love that, and you will suck me, I promise you that! But, if you don’t mind, I would first like a little taste of this!” I grinned, and pointed at their dicks still squeezed tight together in my sisters’ hands.

Pete and Jack looked at each other, and then back at me, smiling exactly the same smile and nodding enthusiastically, making my cunt twitch even more. Quickly I lowered myself from the chair, and crawled towards them on all fours until my head was close to Jacks’ hip, right opposite my sisters’. She had stopped licking momentarily, but now, she turned her attention back to the two delicious looking wet cocks in her hands.

Bringing my face closer, I could smell the sweet spicy fragrance of the two brothers’ arousal. Kay flashed me a huge smile. “Doesn’t it look awesome? It feels even better! It’s actually quite fascinating,” she said happily “even their pre-cum tastes slightly different! I love it! Here, you have a go!” and pointed their leaking pricks in my direction, still clasped firmly in her hands.

I bent over, and licked first Pete’s, and then Jacks’ head, savouring their sticky juices on my tongue. “Hmmm” I moaned unwittingly, and licked them again, but in the opposite order this time. I licked my lips and grinned. “You’re right Kay! Wow, they DO taste different; equally as delicious, but still slightly different. Oh this is fun!”

Looking closely I noticed interesting similarities as well as differences in appearance, too. Pete’s cock was perhaps a fraction longer than Jacks’, but Jack’s shaft was fatter. Jack’s head was slightly rounder and didn’t seem to have such a big rim as Pete’s, or maybe that was merely an optical illusion because his shaft had a bigger girth than his brothers’. Where Jack was clean shaven, Pete had soft blonde, neatly trimmed curly pubes. They were both oozing copious amounts of sticky clear pre-cum, and my mouth was watering. I looked at Kay questioningly, and she nodded with a lecherous giggle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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