A Fantasy Becomes a Reality Ch. 04

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I decided to look online for pleasurable toys.

“What do you even start with?” I asked myself.

I chose to start with basics; butt plug (as I already knew I liked anal), vibrating cock ring, metal cock rings, and a double ended rubber dildo; this I was curious about. I did need more; I was a curious woman, that needed satisfying!

A thought of how Tom satisfied me crossed my mind. I need to feel something more with Adam; before there were no return.

I came home from work; Adam was sitting there on the sofa.

I gave him a kiss; then went to the bedroom, and started to climb out of my work clothes. As I took my top off, I turned around; Adam was standing there.

He pulled me close to him. First giving me a chaste kiss; which then turned into a full blown French kiss.

I went slightly dizzy, as it was unexpected. Spontaneous was not a word in Adam’s dictionary. Yet, this was.

He pulled down his dark blue jeans, and to my astonishment; Adam was wearing the vibrating cock ring!

To my disappointment, the vibrating cock ring did nothing for me; yet, Adam seemed to enjoy it. So, not a total loss- I thought.

It took a week, for me and Tom to be alone again.

As much as I knew we were only having fun; I couldn’t help but start to feel for the man. He bought me to life, whenever we met.

Nervous, and excited at every meeting; I just couldn’t get enough of him.

A few weeks went by; me and Adam were trying to have a great sex life. He had tried on the metallic cock rings. It was an unusual feeling; it felt cold on the metal, warm on his penis; so the two sensations were nice mixed together.

I felt more satisfied with the help from the rings. Adam was able to stay harder for longer; (which was great; they did what the advert said they would), so I was able to enjoy more of him.

As I am a greedy girl, I wanted to try the dildo. Adam wasn’t quite there yet; so as to pleasure me completely, he started to play with my clit. Rubbing back and forth, slowly and softly. As I was reaching a high, he slipped his finger inside me. Swirling his finger, I wanted more; so I pushed down my hips onto his hand. He slipped another finger inside me, as I was rubbing myself up and down the ball of his hand.

This, I was enjoying; I didn’t want him to stop. Without notice, Adam had all of his fingers inside me. Now filling me, getting more rough; I could feel a hard, banging feeling. This kadıköy escort hurt to begin with, but was very pleasurable as he carried on. I felt my body come with appreciation that I had reached a high, with him. I could see his arm whacking into me, back and forth; over and over again. I let out a scream of both pain and pleasure; as my orgasm ran throughout my body.

Later that week; me and Adam went to a BBQ at his Mother and Fathers house.

Carol was outside, enjoying a cold drink. Adam was helping his dad with lighting the BBQ, and I went to fetch the salad from the kitchen. As I turned around to walk out, Tom came in to reach up to the draw above my head. I couldn’t help but have a rushing feeling run throughout my body. Straight down to my toes!

He was so close; A naughty enjoyment fell upon me, and before I could compose myself; I found myself rubbing the back of my hand across his sex.

An approving, grunting, growl escaped his mouth.

The following day; Tom came to the flat. I opened the door; “Are you alone?” He asked, in almost a whisper.

I nodded, while saying, “Yes.”

Before I shut the door; I was grabbed by the wrists, arms pulled down to the side of me, and pushed against the wall.

My heart was pounding throughout my ears; earth-shattering excitement running through my veins. Tom was laying butterfly kisses down my neck. My entire body was heightened. I wanted him more now, than I had done before. His seductive manner made me incapable of holding in my craving for him.

I pushed my sex along his; as to show that I wanted all of him. He let go of my arms, took my legs in either arm, and lifted me from the floor. Still pinned to the wall, our sex was still flirting with each other. With a deepened kiss, between the bottom of my neck, and the top of my breasts; Tom carried me over to the sofa.

I was taking off my underwear; as Tom was removing his belt. His desire made mine more intense. Oh my God, I want this man! I was his captive; his muse. I would do anything for him to be near me, to be inside me.

Tom taunted my body; first using his hands to massage along the sides of my body, then rubbing down my thighs, using his thumbs along the line of my pelvic bone. He held his stance at my pelvic bone, considering his next move.

With a gruff passion he asked, “You like this don’t you? Tell me what you want; I want to know.”

I pushed üsküdar escort my hips up towards him, with a wriggle of want.

“I want you to tell me.” With a stare in his eye, he growled.

With the way he makes a growling sound towards me; this is enough to make my heat burn within me. On its own, this is a way to get my juices flowing.

“God! That sound is so sexy!” Escaped my mouth.

My breathing full of want; giving me away instantly. Tom turned me over; on my hands and knees on the sofa. I felt his hands rubbing back and forth on my fanny, my excitement now enhanced; I could feel my body going into a frenzy. I could feel his rubbing, along with my desire. I could feel my need to explode with pleasure; yet, the want of his penis. With his hands, and my own movement; I was on the verge of orgasm, when his dick slipped inside me. I was unable to control myself anymore; body orgasmed around his long, hard dick. Still with his own rhythm, and still using his hands, I felt another build- which was higher than the 1st. ‘What the fuck is happening.’ I thought. I was shaking from 1 orgasm, while going into another. It was fucking fabulous! He carried on this marvellous bliss; until I could take no more.

He stood by the side of me; held his penis in his hand;

“I want you to taste yourself, as well as me!” In his sexy voice again.

I sat upright, opened my mouth, and began sucking and playing with his arousal.

I could taste my own passion wrapped around Tom’s tool. It was sweet and moist; it was quite a turn on, that I could taste myself wrapped around him.

I felt Tom’s knees quiver, I knew he was close; so, I sucked harder, wanting to draw every bit of him out. I devoured all he gave me; I still loved the taste of him.

For a brief moment, we held each other in our arms. This was my safe place; the place I would like to stay. I more than knew it.

A few more weeks went by; me an Tom still having our meetings and pleasures together. Quick cohesions in different places, together- when we could.

Me and Adam still working on our sex life. It was more enjoyable now; Adam was more susceptible to ideas, and we tried his ideas.

Adam enjoyed anal sex; which I also enjoyed- more so when I was ‘aroused’. I enjoyed the feeling of his penis entering my ass; while playing with my clit, and teasing the entrance to my womb. It was a pleasurable invasion.

I bought tuzla escort a small mixture of playful whips. Some with many soft tassels, some hard, and one with a leather hand shape on the top!

Adam enjoyed being whipped with the soft tassels; I liked being teased with them.

I liked the feel of them being wavered over my breasts, over my stomach, and fluttering over my sex.

He didn’t like the hard whip; and he was too violent with it.

We both enjoyed the whip with the leather hand. I liked it being used on me; Adam liked using it. I loved the playfulness of it being used to rub against my body; teasing me. Not knowing when, or where it was going to hit. I liked the sharp tingle on my clit, when he smacked me there with it; and then used it to rub it better. It felt so wrong, but so right. Things in which I would have been embarrassed to look at; were in fact the best part of our sex life. It had bought us to light; best of all, I was being pleasured by the man I was with.

I started using the dildo on my own. It was larger than the Internet picture showed it to be. Yet, I was still curious.

When Adam finally used the dildo, he pushed me to the bed, hard. Grabbed ahold of the rubber dildo; and thrust it within me. As I knew he was doing this to put me off; to hurt me with it, I decided to play with my love bud. Enjoying my own sensations, to make the whacking of Adam’s forceful thrusts more bare able; I was starting to enjoy the force in which Adam was using it. The force, mixed with the coldness of the rubber; and the heat of myself, bought me an incredible orgasm, around a rubber dick! I found that I enjoyed this more. I had found something that I liked and enjoyed, with Adam. I fact, I was disappointed whenever we didn’t use it.

I have been in my triangle for nearly 14 years. Loving two men at the same time. I never want it to stop. Yet, I can’t help but want it all. I wonder what it would be like; to have the consent of Adam- That I could fuck his father. WOW, yes please.

I can’t help but wonder, if I could have a night with both of them. Together. OH, YES!

I suppose this is the issue with any desire; eventually, we all want a little more.

But, if we have no desire; there would be no fun…and I love my fun.

I love the fact that I can have excitement, in two different ways.

I love my daughter; in which one of them gave me.

In one way, I have it all; but, it’s ok to want more, isn’t it?

Maybe I will be able to add another chapter to this story; I can have another desire, and you can wait and see if I get it. Even I wonder what is next in my chapters. I can’t wait to find out!

If you have read my story, Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed.

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