A Sister in Need

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This work could fit into several categories, but I’ve chosen incest/taboo because those elements seemed most likely to discomfort readers from other categories. As always, I appreciate any and all feedback, and thank you for your votes.


My sister Lisa called and invited me over for coffee, which was strange, because I knew she didn’t really like me. Even though she was a couple years older, she was a constant disappointment to our religiously conservative family. Having one child out of wedlock, getting married and then divorced, already in her early 30s she was ruined.

Of course, it didn’t help that at 28 I was far more successful than she would ever be, both in career and family. And, if truth be told, I was also prettier. Not that she didn’t have her charms, all of us sisters were fairly well built, with firm breasts and a proportioned slope of our waist into our hips that drives most men wild. But being more successful I had nicer clothes, nicer hair, and better make up. Plus, being younger helped; it always does.

I knocked on the door when I arrived at her place. Our mother had her kids for the week, so I expected it to be just the two of us, but I noticed there was a strange car in her driveway. I thought I heard her yell for me to come in, so I did, but honestly, I was just annoyed that she neither answered the door in a timely way, nor alerted me to the fact that someone else would be here. But that was my sister, generally a disappointment.

I turned the corner into her kitchen and was startled at the sight of a man sitting there. He didn’t say anything to me, just gave me a slight nod and seemed to look me up and down. Almost unconsciously I smoothed the material of my pencil skirt against my thighs, suddenly wishing the hemline extended below my knees.

There was something about him. He was well groomed and older. Maybe mid to late 40s, a little grey at his temples which matched the sport coat he wore over a dark blue button down shirt. He looked professional, which at least was a step up from the motorcycle gang member my sister usually dated.

“And who’s this?” I asked crossing my arms in front of me and eyeing the new man suspiciously.

“This is John,” my sister said from the counter, without turning around to greet me or make proper introductions. “He’s a… he’s my…”

“I’m just a friend,” he said, standing and extending his hand to me. I took it reluctantly and noticed his grip was firm and steady.

I was taken aback by his civility and his confident demeanor. “I’m Katie,” I said, suddenly unsure of myself, but with no clear idea why.

“Charmed, I’m sure,” he replied and smiled before turning to my sister. “Lisa, is the coffee ready yet?”

“Yes,” she stuttered a bit before restarting, “Yes sir, it is.”

Did I just hear her call him “sir?” Was this her new boss or something?

“Ok, well pour us each a cup and come join us in the den.” Turning to me he waved his arm in front of him indicating that I was to proceed. “Shall we?” he insisted rather asked.

I went ahead and walked ahead of him into the den, taking my usual seat in a plush captain’s style chair facing the window. He sat opposite me on the couch, relaxed, arm extended along the back, legs crossed. Who was this guy to come into my sister’s house like it was his own? Treating my sister like a maid? Still though, despite his arrogance and sense of entitlement, he was at least attractive.

My sister followed us with three cups of coffee, and when she came to me with mine, it was the first time I had seen her face that day. She was flush red with little beads of sweat on her brow.

Suddenly concerned I asked, “My goodness, Lisa, are you ok? You look feverish.”

She quickly averted her eyes from mine and sort of scurried over to where John sat, but instead of sitting next to him, she stood beside his chair, holding her own cup and staring into it.

“As you’ll see,” John answered for her, “She’s fine. Just a little nervous.”

I was becoming a bit agitated by now. “What do you mean ‘nervous?’ Nervous about what?” I became a little more emotional than I prefer. “What is this? Why am I here? Lisa, who is he? Your boss or something? Are you in some sort of trouble?”

Even though I was addressing Lisa, it was John, again, who spoke. “She’s not in trouble, not really anyway, and no, I’m not her boss.” He sipped his coffee as Lisa continued to stare into hers. “You see, your sister and I started seeing each other a few months ago. And, well, I think you of all people would agree that Lisa is the kind of girl who needs a little guidance, a firm hand, as it were.”

I just stared at him. Of course I did agree with him, but I had no idea where this was going. Truth be told, I was a little naïve when it came to… well, the thing he told me next.

“You see, Katie,” he continued, “I’m a man who enjoys order and discipline, and Lisa here, needed my help to pull things together. I like her a great deal, but I istanbul escort told her that we could only be together if she followed a few rules,” he sipped his coffee and reached up rubbing my sister’s ass with his free hand, “and of course, there would be consequences if she broke these rules.”

In truth, I didn’t really understand. The look on my face must have said as much because at this point John looked up at Lisa who was trembling and said, “I think you better explain things to her.”

“Katie,” she starting quietly, “I’ve given myself to Sir, I am his to order and control. And when I don’t obey, he punishes me.”

Fearing the answer, I asked, “How does he punish you?”

If anything she turned even redder. “Sometimes he spanks me,” she paused, “Sometimes he does… other things.”

I was about to stand up and start yelling at this monster of a man who had apparently been hitting my sister, but before I could he said, “Which brings us to why you’re here.”

“Wait? What? If you think you’re going to spank me…” I started almost babbling, looking over my shoulder at the door in case I needed a quick exit.

But John laughed softly. “No, nothing like that. Besides, I suspect from all I’ve heard that your life is fairly well ordered already. I doubt you deserve a spanking.”

A shudder ran through me at he thought, but what the shudder meant, I couldn’t say.

“No,” he said calmly, “Lisa asked you here because the other night, she broke a rule, and a pretty serious one, and because I am a kind man,” another sip of coffee, “I let her choose her punishment. And here you are. Lisa, tell your sister what you did wrong.”

Lisa had moved closer to me such that she now stood in the middle of the room between us. Her chin was on her chest and a few strands of her honey blonde hair that had escaped her pony tail fell across her face. All in all she looked pathetic, but in all my life I had never seen my rebellious sister act so cowed. This man really must have something to inspire this.

“Speak up, Lisa,” he said authoritatively, “it’s no good trying to hide. You wanted her here.”

Then in a clear voice she said, “I came without permission.”

“Just once?” he pushed her.

“No,” she said, her voice falling in shame, “three times.”

Thoughts flooded my head as I stayed frozen in place watching this interchange as if it were a movie. She needs permission to orgasm? She had three orgasms in one night? I’ve never had more than one and I’m lucky to have that. I was confused, angry, jealous, all at the same time.

“Look,” I said, pulling myself together and standing among my flood of emotions, “I’m not going to be part of your sick games.” And looking at my sister I added, “Really Lisa, this is a new low for you. At least you kept being a whore to yourself all of these years. Now look at you. I’m going.”

A cry went out from Lisa as she sank to her knees and wrapped her arms around my legs. “No, Katie, please,” she begged, “You can’t go, you don’t understand.”

I glanced down at her, eyes pleading up at me. Then I looked back at John who sat calmly on the couch, sipping his coffee, seemingly barely paying attention to us. Whatever this was, it was far more important to Lisa than to John.

I was angry, but she was my sister, and the look in her eyes made me concerned for her. “Alright, what is it? What do you need?” I asked, not promising anything.

It was John who spoke, “I gave her a choice. Since she wants to behave like an undisciplined whore, I’ll see to it that she does that.” He leaned forward and for the first time really seemed to be taking this seriously. “You have to understand, Katie, any undisciplined orgasm is a problem. It demonstrates lack of self-control generally, lack of sexual self-control specifically. I suspect you agree that this has been a problem for her entire life.”

I nodded dumbly, wondering what he was going to say next.

“So what do you do with someone who refuses to discipline herself sexually?” He asked before going on to answer, “Well you have to expose this problem. You can’t let her hide from herself. In essence, you have to show her how much of a whore she truly has become.”

“So what does that mean?” my mouth was dry and my legs were a little weak. “How does that involve me?”

It was Lisa who answered this time, “He gave me a choice. He told me either he would take me down the road a few miles to a truck stop and have me service truckers for a night,” my eyes went wide at the terrifying thought of my sister becoming a common prostitute, “or I could ask you over and you could see what kind of whore I had become by watching as he fucks me.”

I was horrified. At least, I think I was. My sister had always run wild. Mom and dad never had control over her. When I was young I’d watch her break all the rules about boys and parties and drugs and she never faced any consequences for any of it. It was about time avcılar escort someone put her in her place. But still, this was just… wrong.

“He’s making you do this?” I asked. “Because you don’t have to, I can get help.”

My sister shook her head no and John spoke, “In all honesty I’m not making her do anything. It is, as I said, a condition of our being together. There are rules, and there are punishments, and if she wants out, she can say so, but I will leave and never come back.”

I looked down at Lisa who was still kneeling at my feet but no longer gripping my legs. “He’s so good for me, sis. I need him. I know that now. I need a strong hand. But please, I don’t want to go to the truck stop.” She paused and looked down at my feet, whispering, “But I will if I have to.”

I looked at John and as I spoke I realized how dry my mouth had become, “And all I have to do is watch?”

He nodded. “Of course you’re free to do more, if you like, just as you are free to leave any time.”

I kneeled down next to my sister and took her face in my hands, “I’m doing this for you, because you need it.” I pulled her to me and hugged her tight. “I don’t agree with the method, but I do agree that you’ve become whorish and need to face it. A strict man will be good for you.”

I was a flood of mixed emotion as let her go, and moved back to my seat. I couldn’t believe I was participating in this, couldn’t believe I was about to watch a live sex act, let alone one involving my sister. I’m a married woman, a church goer, the vice president of the PTA. On so many levels this was horrifying. But then, wait… was I wet?

John stood and walked to the middle of the room standing next to my still kneeling sister. He really was quite impressive in his manner. A strong man with a good bearing. Tall. Confident. The kind of man God intended women to be with.

Still I gasped when he grabbed my sister by the base of her pony tail and lifted her until she was at a proper posture despite being on her knees. He forced her eyes up to him and spoke roughly, “What are you?”

“A whore, Sir.” She answered mumbled, her cheeks turning red with embarrassment.

“And what do whores want?” He asked, never relenting in his grip.

She sent me a side long glance and hesitated as she replied, “Cock.”

“Do you want my cock?”

“Oh yes sir,” she damn near purred, “Please sir.”

He twisted her head so she looked at me. “Go ahead, tell her what you want.”

“Oh Katie, I want his cock so badly” she licked her lips desperately, “I want to show you how badly I want it.”

Keeping her face turned toward me, I was transfixed as I watched the depth of her depravity brought to light. Her entire demeanor had changed, a hungry look overtook the embarrassment on her face. My eyes shot up to John’s, and he though he spoke to her, he was staring through me. I felt naked and small. Somehow I had entered a strong confident woman, and ended by being just a prop in his use of my sister. I should have left, but I just couldn’t.

Releasing her from his grip, he ordered, “Go ahead, Lisa, show Katie what kind of woman her sister is.”

With that she turned on her knees toward him and immediately brought her hands to his trousers, lowering the zipper and releasing what must have been the largest cock I’d ever seen in person. Not that I’d seen many, of course. Just three, if I am being honest, but when it sprang forward, free of the restriction of his pants, I let out a gasp that did not go unnoticed.

“See, sis,” she said as she began to stroke what I could tell was only a semi-hard cock just inches from her face, “See how lovely he is? Don’t you just want to wrap your lips around it?” It was a rhetorical question since she didn’t wait for an answer before doing just that.

I watched as she held firm the base of his cock and allowed it to disappear between her glossed lips, her eyes half lidded in a kind of ecstasy I’d never known from what I’d always considered a disgusting act. But whatever reservations I had struggled to stay in my head as I watched my sister worship John with her mouth.

She lavished attention on his now fully rigid cock, and with no encouragement from him at all, she began to force herself down, further and further, the room filling with the sound of the increasing sloppiness of her sucking and the occasional moan and even gag from her.

Most of his rather large cock was disappearing now, and her throat and cheeks bulged obscenely each time she pushed herself forward. His hand rested on the back her head and he let out a slight uncharacteristic moan as she pushed herself until her nose touched his flesh above his cock.

Suddenly I was aware that my own posture had changed, where my legs had been crossed and I had been leaning as far away as possible, I now noticed that my legs had parted and I leaned forward, elbows resting on my knees, chin in my hands, and maybe most disturbingly of all, I had the tip şirinevler escort of my thumb between my teeth and was lightly flicking it with my tongue. Immediately I returned to my more proper pose, but I couldn’t help biting my lip as I did.

It was just then John reached down and took a firm grip at the base of Lisa’s pony tail and tore her mouth from his cock, leaving her mouth open, saliva running down her chin, as she panted. “Jesus, Lisa,” he said looking down at her, “You just sucked my cock in front of your younger sister. And I bet that made it all the better for you, didn’t it?”

She didn’t answer right away, but shot me a glance before trying to let her eyes fall to the ground. He forced her face up to his and lightly slapped her. “I asked you a question. Did your sister watching turn you on?”

“Yes sir,” she said meekly.

He turned her gaze to me, “Tell her.”

I could tell he gripped her hair harder as a motivation to have her speak. Her eyes locked onto mine and she said, “It made me so wet to know you watched me, sis. I tried extra hard to show you how good of a cocksucker I am.”

“What do you even say about a woman like this, Katie?” John asked shaking his head.

I couldn’t tell if it was rhetorical, but I couldn’t help but answer, “She’s a slut. An out of control, slut.”

John seemed surprised that I had spoken, but he seized the opportunity to fold me in to his little game. “What should I do about it, Katie?”

My eyes lidded, I can’t even describe the mix of contempt and jealousy for my sister at that moment. How dare she? How dare she dishonor our family like this? How dare she be such an embarrassment? How dare she be so free? How dare she enjoy it so much?

“You should punish her,” I said, barely containing a thousand emotions I was not used to feeling, “Punish her for being such a whore.”

Lisa’s eyes, for the first time, went wide with fear. She saw the change come over me, the contempt, and I suspect she knew John would respond to my request.

John held her head, like a pet, as she kneeled beside him, but he spoke to me. “Katie, you need to know what you’re saying. I agree she should be punished, but you need to know that punishment from me is no light affair. It’s not a game of slap and tickle. It will sting, and it will leave a mark.”

He was looking at me, but I was looking at my sister, building my anger, letting daggers fly. She put me in this terrible situation. She has made all of our family so ashamed for so long, and now, finally, someone would do something about it.

“Do it,” I said, “She deserves it.”

“Cane or paddle?” John had let go of her hair, intrigued by the development of my participation. Lisa was paralyzed by my words, her eyes had turned to a kind of pleading.

“Which hurts more?” I asked, and when I did, I was happy to see Lisa’s eyes become wet with held back tears.

He turned to her, “Lisa? Answer her.”

Her chin fell to her chest and she whispered, “Cane.”

“That one then,” I said, but as I did I almost immediately regretted my momentary outrage and the consequences for Lisa, consequences I wasn’t entirely clear about.

Lisa shook a little at my words, but she looked up to John and asked, “Sir, may I ask a favor of my sister?”

John nodded, “You may, but know that asking is not the same as getting.”

Lisa proceeded to crawl on hands and knees to where I sat, her head down, ass in the air. When she was at my feet, she looked up into my eyes, a pathetic figure, someone easily pitied. She said, “Katie, my sister, I know I deserve everything you think I do. But the cane…” she trailed off and shuddered before beginning again, “I need help with the cane. Will you hold my hands while I take it for you?”

I nodded and took her hands in mine as she rested her head on my lap, knees on the ground, ass presented high for John, who was approaching with a thin bamboo rod in his hand. Occasionally he sliced the air with it, and when he did, Lisa squeezed my hands and I could feel her wince at the sound.

I let go of Lisa’s hand for a moment to push some stray hairs from face, and her eyes shot up to me, panicked, like I was abandoning her. Quickly I took hold of her hand again, and she returned to burying her face in my thighs as John knelt beside her, presumably to get a better angle. While allowing her to remain on the floor.

He flipped her skirt onto her back, revealing an already bare ass. And while I had just watched her eagerly suck John’s cock, I couldn’t help but think that this was the first time I’d seen her naked behind since we were kids.

John’s eyes were locked on mine, but his expression was certainly more placid than my own full of mixed up emotions. He said to me. “Pick a number between 1 and 20.” By now of course, my taste for vengeance was muted by the fear in her eyes when she plead with me to hold her hands. I wanted to go low. I’d never been hit with a crop before but it looked like a few swats would be more than enough.

“Five,” I said, unsure of how John would react. But he smiled and I felt Lisa shudder against my lap as she squeezed my hand again.

“Tell her the rule, Lisa.”

Lisa lifted her head and looked up in my eyes, “The rule is,” she paused, “when the number’s too low, we subtract.”

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