Holiday Time Off Ch. 01

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Ann and I woke together this morning, her head still laying on my chest from last night. I don’t think either of us had moved an inch, content to sleep in each other’s embrace. The light streaming in through the windows of our bedroom awakened us from a deep peaceful sleep.

I laid there with her, running my fingers through her hair as she caressed my chest. We laid together quietly for a long time, just enjoying each others gentle touch.

Ann was the first to speak. “Did you enjoy your Christmas?”

“Let me be brutally honest babe,” I started off gruffly. I must have been convincing because she picked her head up and looked right at me quizzically. “It was the most amazing, memorable, and wonderful Christmas of my entire life.” I said with a smile. She laid her head back down content she got the answer she was hoping for.

My turn I guess, “How about you?”

“Ditto,” she simply replied. I was glad to hear the same response was true for her.

I had to tell her about what happened at the dinner table with her sister. Considering, Tina was sleeping in our home, news like this might upset Ann so much she might kick Tina out. I didn’t want that for Tina, she didn’t need any more drama in her life. Truthfully, I was looking forward to helping her out, I mean what guy wouldn’t be jumping at the chance to have two gorgeous women to share a home with? Even if one was off limits physically.

Honesty was always the best policy with Ann. “Babe, I think we need to set some ground rules for Tina now that she’s living with us.”

“I agree,” she stated.

I continued, “they are going to have to be more detailed than you think.”

“Are you talking about the two of you in the garage at my folk’s house yesterday?” she asked.

“Yes, and I need to tell you about what happened during Christmas dinner as well,” I added.

Ann sat up, her back facing me before she turned to look me in the eyes. I was hoping she’d have a calm reaction, but she was a little tense. My mind went blank as she faced me, her perfect breasts swayed into view, her nipples pointed towards me, begging me to touch them.

She istanbul escort noticed and covered up, so we could finish our conversation. While I was disappointed with the removal of my eye candy, I knew what I had to tell her was important, so I continued.

“Remember last night when you squeezed my dick at the table?” I didn’t wait for a response, “she saw you, and did the same when you removed your hand. She stroked me for maybe 30 seconds in my pants.”

Ann’s joking reaction surprised me, “please don’t tell me you came?” she blurted out giggling.

I was still on the defensive, “no, no honey, not even close but I think she needs to understand that we are a unit, and if she’s going to challenge our relationship, she can’t stay here.”

“Okay,” Ann responded, and then followed with her own question, “Do you want to fuck her?”

She never minced words about big topics. I continued with my pre-thought-out speech. “Sweetie, I am happily married, and very satisfied in our relationship. Despite your sisters advances, and the fact that next to you, she’s runner up for hottest woman on earth, the only woman I am interested in fucking… is you.” I thought that covered it.

“That’s bullshit,” she retorted.

Oh shit, she’s not responding well I thought to myself as she continued. “You were very interested in fucking Alison two nights ago!” Then she smiled, instantly reducing my fear that this conversation was headed in the wrong direction.

“What I want, and what I will actually do, are two different things, and you pulled the trigger the other night, without your permission, that never would have happened.” I pleaded.

“Well…” she started gruffly again, then paused and smiled, “I guess it was a good thing that I gave you permission huh?” she finished giggling.

She collapsed on my chest kissing me madly for a moment. Then she sat back up. “Okay so what are the ground rules?” She asked.

“I think she needs to understand that me and my cock are off limits…” I couldn’t believe I was slitting my own throat with that comment. Truthfully, avcılar escort with Ann’s permission, I wanted to fuck Tina senseless, and I wasn’t sure if eventually the temptation would eventually grow that I did it with, or without her approval.

“We need to remove all alcohol from the house while she’s in it, she doesn’t need any temptation there either,” I continued. “School has to be her priority, and I think she needs some accountability with us for that, maybe checking in with one of us a few times per day to let us in on what she’s up to,” she nodded her head.

“I think if she wants overnight guests, we should limit them to one night at a time, the last thing we need is another person sharing our house suddenly,” she nodded and concurred.

Ann interrupted, “Let’s talk with Tina over breakfast about this, I think that’s a decent foundation, but let’s build on that with her so she has a part in this as well.”

Ann was always so smart about relationships, and we agreed to finish this conversation over breakfast.

“Now, from the look of things…” her eyes went right to my stiff morning hard-on still covered by the sheets. “Part of you has been awake for quite some time,” she smirked “as a matter of fact, before you woke up I was playing with him a little,” she looked at me, that devilish grin crossing her face again. “I think it’s time I stopped messing around and got down to business.”

She tossed the sheet off me, exposing my rigid member to the fresh air inside the room. It was only exposed for a moment, and then Ann leaned over and took the head into her mouth, instantly causing me to stiffen further and moan in delight.

“Oh shit honey,” I groaned.

She was salivating all over my shaft, her head moving about it to drag her moist tongue and wet mouth up and down all sides of my shaft. She lowered her head and slowly sucked on my ball sack. She pulled my tender, soft skin into her hot mouth; then she gently sucked each nut into her mouth. I could feel her rolling each one around on her tongue before releasing it allowing my sack to slip from her mouth slowly.

My şirinevler escort cock glistened with her saliva and my own precum now oozing down the shaft and over her small hand clutching me and stroking me slowly. Suddenly she stopped all attention to my member, and looked up at me longingly.

“You know what I love about you,” she started. All I could do was raise an eyebrow as I watched her, “I love sucking this huge cock of yours…”

As her lips finished her statement, they opened and she literally inhaled my entire cock! My eyes rolled completely back into my head at that sensation. All 9 inches slid into her mouth, and as the head bumped her throat she instantly relaxed and took me in until I her nose touched my trimmed public hairs. She gagged slightly, then forcefully moaning around my cock. The sensation was intense and the sight of her so aggressively handling my stiff meat was nearly better.

She pulled her head quickly off my cock, streams of saliva never broke off their touch between her lips and my engorged head. She then sucked in another breath of air and gulped me down again. Over and over, she pulled completely off me, and then slammed my mast, impaling her face with my stiff rod. The sensations were incredible, her soft lips and tongue caressing my throbbing member as she bobbed her head up and down on my entire length. I felt her tongue waggle out and lap at my balls. The feeling of being completely consumed into her mouth and throat, and then her tongue caressing my balls sent electricity through my entire body. This was the sensation that finished it for me.

My cock erupted deep into her throat, she held me there as I pumped stream after stream of hot cum bypassing her mouth and directly depositing my seed down her throat. She swallowed with each thrust, pushing my cum towards her stomach and coaxing another load with one motion. She kept my cock buried in her throat until I was done pumping. She then quickly raised her head and gulped in a breath of air.

She looked lovingly at me; her eyes were welled up from nearly gagging on my length. She looked beautiful, not in the classy traditional sense, but in the sense that I know this woman took great pleasure in satisfying me. I mentally made a note to return the favor soon, and she pulled me off the bed toward the shower, it was time to get cleaned up and get something to eat. I had a busy day ahead of me, helping Tina move in to our home.

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