A Favor for Alicia Ch. 1

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When Kevin and my sister, Alicia, were dating I was still only fifteen, but I knew that I wanted to have Kevin. I was so jealous of Alicia for having such a great guy! My conflicted feelings for my sister’s guy only ended up making me act like a jerk and I caused a bit of trouble while they were dating.

On my eighteenth birthday Alicia decided to upstage my day by announcing her engagement to Kevin in front of all of my friends who had come over to the house for my party. Everyone thought that I was crying tears of joy for my sister. Hardly.

It took the two of them a long time to finally get married and I was then twenty when that finally happened. I was a bridesmaid and Alicia gave the maid-of-honor role to her best friend, Julie. The whole high point of their wedding was when Kevin came and asked me to dance with him. I cried as we danced and he thought I was so sweet. I was crying just thinking about ]MY[ Kevin having sex with Alicia later that night. After the wedding and the reception were over I went home and got drunk off my ass trying to deal with my pain, my hurt, and my jealousy.

Shortly after the wedding I accepted a job in Texas and had to move away to Houston. I e-mailed Kevin & Alicia and they always kept me up to date on what they were doing. My heart broke one more time when they told me that they were trying to have a baby. I think I spent that whole weekend crying and watching old movies.

Well, after two years they came up zero on the baby effort and decided it was time to go figure out what was happening. It turned out that Alicia’s fallopian tubes were a solid mass of scar tissue from a yeast infection she had had when she was thirteen. It really was sad that they couldn’t have their baby, they had gone so far as to set up one of their bedrooms as a nursery and now it was just a reminder of what couldn’t be. I really felt sorry for my sister this time. I also felt bad for Kevin because I knew in my heart that he would be a great daddy to some lucky child.

Alicia and Kevin spent twenty thousand dollars on two in-vitro fertilization attempts that both failed miserably. My sister slipped into a bit of depression and Kevin called me a bunch of times begging me to come home and cheer her up. I couldn’t get away with my job, I kept telling him.

The job excuse disappeared when the company folded after the CEO ran off with the company accounts and his bimbo secretary. I had very little savings so I was forced to move home where Kevin and Alicia put me up in their old nursery.

It was really strange to wake up in a pastel pink and blue bedroom every morning. It was like being in a hospital.

I had thought that my feelings for Kevin would have changed after almost two years, but they didn’t. I loved him more than ever and I had the hardest time keeping my hands off of him. He never had to ask me for a back rub and Alicia actually appreciated my being so nice to her husband.

I came home one night after being out on a bunch of crappy job interviews and Alicia had the most magnificent dinner table set with an incredible dinner all ready. I asked her what the occasion was and she said that she and Kevin had something important going on and they wanted to share it with me if I would hear them esenyurt escort out over dinner.

There was a lot of tension with the two of them all through dinner and I was the one who finally broke the ice:

“So what’s the deal?”

Kevin gulped at his wine and then weaseled out of the question by staring at Alicia.

“Kevin and I saw this thing on Oprah about surrogate moms and we were wondering…”

She just stared at me for a moment. Was she thinking what I thought she was thinking?

“…would you have our baby for us?”

Then Kevin decided to speak at about a million miles an hour about how they would find the money to pay for the artificial insemination for me and pay for my insurance, the birth, the lawyers, and all of that.

I cut them off at the pass.

“Yeah, I’d be honored to have the baby for you. Really.”

Another thought occurred to me.

“But you two have spent so much on fertility doctors…”

I took a sip of water while the two of them hung on my words.

“…why don’t we just try it the old fashioned way first?”

What the heck, I had to try it, right? They got their baby and I would realize my fondest fantasy come true.

It was two weeks before all of the legal papers had been taken care of that assured that the adoption would go forward and yadda, yadda, yadda.

And it was another week after that when my period ended.

Alicia and I had talked about what was going to happen and she decided that it would be best if she went out for the day when Kevin and I were to ‘get to work’. We picked a Saturday when Alicia could go shopping all day long and Kevin and I could be alone. I woke up that Saturday morning like a little girl on Christmas! I was so excited that I was finally going to have Kevin making love to me!

I heard their alarm clock go off at 7am, the two of them got up and I could hear them chatting as Alicia freshened up and Kevin was shaving. For me! And by 7:30 I heard the garage door open and close as Alicia drove off. When they went outside I raced to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and my hair and sprayed on some nice perfume. Then I practically leaped back into my bed. My heart was pounding in my chest as I heard Kevin walking up the stairs, then plodding down the hall to my door.

“Jody, are you up yet?” He said from outside the door.

“Come in.” I said it so quietly I had to say it again,

“Um, come in, Kevin!”

I sat up in bed as he walked in and sat down next to me on the narrow guest bed.

“Jody, would you…er…would you like to go into our room? Alicia and I would at least like to have the baby conceived in our bed, if you’re okay with that?”

Numbly, I just mumbled, “Sure.” and got out of bed and followed him into the master bedroom.

I remember just being stunned that I was going to make love to Kevin after all these years of pining away for him. And not only was my sister not complaining about it, she was HAPPY about it!

I felt guilty thinking that Kevin and Alicia and everyone who knew us thought that I was doing something so wonderful for my sister while I knew that it was all just an excuse for me to have my sisters man. And, if I got pregnant avrupa yakası escort I wouldn’t get “caught”, oh no, I’d be the hero!

The ‘romantic’ outfit I was wearing were my black sweatpants and the green sweatshirt that I always wore for pyjamas in the winter time. Kevin had on his bathrobe and, after he close the door behind me, he dropped the robe over the dressing chair and stood in front of me in his boxers.

“Jody, you’re sure you want to do this? I mean I’ll understand if you don’t want to.”

I could sense his misgivings and decided to do something bold. I pulled down my sweatpants and stepped out of them.

“No, really Kevin, I want to do this.”

He just looked at me for a minute and then he came over to me and lifted my top off of me to reveal my naked tits. He drew in a sharp breath as he saw them for the first time.

“Jody, you’re beautiful! I had no idea!”

He dropped his boxers and I got to see his cock for the first time. I noticed that it was getting bigger as we talked. I took off my panties and slipped into the side of the big bed that was still warm from my sister sleeping there just a little while before. My modesty made me pull the sheets up around me as Kevin got in next to me.

The feel of his naked skin brushing up against mine was electric, I had all I could do to stop myself from wanting to grab him.

“Would it be okay if I kissed you first?”

He has these big brown puppy-dog eyes.

He didn’t answer me before he kissed me the softest kiss I’d ever had. It was just magic the way we kissed for so long before I felt his hand ease up to my waist. I wondered what he would do next and then his hand found my tit and kneaded it with the most incredible tenderness and strength. Passion. He was feeling passion for me.

He pulled the sheet back and exposed me to his eyes. He just drank in the sight of my body in morning light and I marveled at the sight of this man I had worshipped for so long. I loved the feel of his hairy chest against my tits. I loved how he stroked my hair as he kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him as he buried his face in my neck.

I couldn’t believe it when he cupped my pussy with his hand and started to massage me there. The only fingers I had ever had down there before were my own and it was a remarkable discovery, of sorts, to feel his hand explore my most private place.

I gasped as he slipped a finger inside me.


He stopped. (NO! DON”T STOP NOW!!!)


I could hear his concern.

“You okay?”

Oh, yeah, that.

“Kevin, I’m fine.”

His lips met mine again and his finger began to work a kind of magic on my body that I had never imagined could exist. I had fingered myself before, but he did it to me with such excruciating patience. He could feel me build up to my release and then he would stop just short of making me come. And then he would do it all over again. By the third time he did this to me I was fucking his finger and I couldn’t believe or control what my hips were doing to him!

It was soooooooooooooooo incredible as he finally brought me over the edge and then I felt him anadolu yakası escort pinch my pussy on the inside with his finger and then his thumb clamped into my belly on the outside and he rubbed the finger, hard, into the folds of my pussy and that brought on what at that moment was the best orgasm of my life!

I lay there in the afterglow just dazed with the intensity of the sexual release Kevin had just given me and I didn’t notice as he lifted me by the small of my back with one hand and then slipped a pillow under my butt with the other. My pussy was aimed up at his cock like an offering as he got on top of me.


He didn’t give me a chance to respond before he kissed me and started humping his cock into my body. The first touch of his cock against me alarmed me in a very basic way: I was surrendering my body to another person and all of the worries and fears just surfaced for a moment.


His lips smothered mine and his tongue plunged into my mouth at the same time he drove his cock all the way into me in one slow, deliberate stroke.

It hurt like hell and I screamed into his mouth.

“God, Jody! Are you alright? I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

Of course he didn’t. How was he to know that I was a virgin?

“I’m fine, Kevin. Just a little slower, please…it hurts a lot right now.”

I really was just being polite, I had figured he would stop.

“I’ll be careful.”

He was. We kissed for a while as he held still inside of me but then he made a few short movements in me that soon became strong, steady strokes. Just as I was getting a little comfortable he got his right leg over my left leg leaving us sort of ‘scissored’. I wondered about the reason for this position for all of a second or two when he skewered himself all the way to my womb. His cock pounded against me with each stroke and his penetration of me so deeply seemed to excite him even more.

I tried my best to get him to back off just a bit since he was starting to cause me a bit of pain with the ramming of his cock against my virgin insides. I realized later that my struggles to push him off just turned him on even more.

Each time he rammed into me I began to shriek with the pain and he just rammed me deeper and harder the next time. This seemed to last forever, but it was probably less than two or three minutes when he began to moan and his strokes became slower and not as deep.



We screamed together as he impaled me with his cock as hard and as deep as he could. I felt my insides stretch to take him in and then I felt the length of his cock begin to pump his sperm into me. Each jet of his come splashed against my cervix and the certain knowledge that I could be getting pregnant gave me a feeling of eroticism that was almost as intense as an orgasm.

He held himself inside me as his cock softened. When he pulled out of me he knelt back and pushed my butt up to tuck another couple of pillows under me. This was a technique he and Alicia had used to make sure as many of his sperm as possible would flow into her barren womb. Now he was making sure his seed was planted in me.

He looked at the blood on the sheets and on my body.

“Jody, were you a virgin?”

I smiled.

“Yes. You didn’t think I was some sort of slut, did you?”

He looked almost hurt.

“Jody, I’m so sorry. I really would have wanted you to save yourself for someone you really loved.”

He had to find out sooner or later.

“I did, Kevin.”

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