Five Minutes With Ray

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Friday Afternoon – 4:00 p.m.

Ray has been one of my lovers for several months now. He is a 28-year old married guy, is 5’8″ tall, with blond curly hair, blue eyes, and a very nice, neat, blond goatee. He always wears cottony- soft shirts, with light colored Docker slacks.

Ray enjoys it when I dress really sexy for him, wearing short mini-skirts, thigh-high stockings, and a sexy top, with no panties — because he relishes eating me out and fucking me with my clothes on – he just hikes up my skirt, exposing my pussy for him. I get off on that so much also — I love to wear sexy clothes and lingerie, and often find that having sex with my lingerie on can be sexier than fucking naked, simply because I love the feel of soft, laciness touching and rubbing against my boobs and skin.

Ray is certainly one very hot, horny, and sexy guy, as well as being just very, very cute. He has a shy streak to his personality, which causes him to be quite nervous each time he comes here. He is just a bit insecure when he is near me, making me feel that he is in awe of me, and I find those qualities of his so appealing and flattering.

Now let me tell you this about Ray also — because I think it will make a lot of men out there feel a bit better about themselves: Ray’s cock is kind of on the small side, in comparison to what most people would consider average. I would venture a guess, that hard as a rock, he measures maybe 5.0″ to 6.0″. But let me also tell you — he surely knows how to work it like an expert!

Now, because Ray’s rod IS so small, I can fit it, in full, just perfectly in my mouth, especially when it comes to deep-throating him. Knowing this from our past encounters probably keeps Ray pretty well assured that he is going to receive a totally thorough, fantastic and fabulous blow job from me every time.

By manipulating his manhood in my mouth so well, I have the ability to touch his every sensuous spot at the same time, moving my tongue around it in all sorts of delicious, delightful ways, causing Ray to shoot his huge, hot load kadıköy escort of creamy cum in only a matter of a few moments. And I am not exactly certain why this is, but when a guy cums quickly, I get so fucking turned on myself, that my precious pussy drips and drools its own large, lovely load of love syrup!

Another advantage with Ray’s tool being less-than-large is that when we are fucking, a similar feeling of roominess occurs, allowing him to move it around more freely. Hence, we are allowed the luxury of fucking longer, harder, and more intensely, since I do not ever seem to suffer a sore snatch during or after my encounters with him.

Ray’s excitement for visiting me is obvious from the moment he arrives. He has asked me each time to wait at my front door, watching for him to pull into my driveway. So, with my own bit of anxious anticipation, I wait and watch for him, my heart seemingly skipping a beat, as he parks and alights from his car, heading briskly toward my apartment. I always get an extra electric-like charge, because I can see his hard little package bulging beautifully through his slacks.

Ray arrived after his work on Friday at exactly 5:45 p.m. He is always properly prompt. He also informs me ahead of time just how long he is going to be able to stay — so that I can have everything prepared for him ahead of time, in order to get him home to wifey with no repercussions.

I greeted his huge smile with my own, and pulled him by his arm right into my living room, shutting the door hard behind him. I actually gave him a little bit of a shove, as I backed him up against it. Parting his lips with my tongue, I pressed my mouth against his, planting a huge kiss on him, combined with lots of loving hugs. It was overtly obvious to me that Ray was really into that kiss, because I was caressing his cock thru his Dockers and I could feel him growing harder and longer with each passing second.

“Well, baby, what do you have in mind for üsküdar escort us today, were you planning on fucking me?” I grinned sheepishly at him as I posed the question.

“Oh, my god, absolutely!” He chuckled. And he gently pushed me backwards, right through the doorway into my bedroom.

I laid down on my back on my bed, scooting my rear end across the whole length of it. As I began to touch my twat with my fingers, I took a long sigh, and whispered to Ray, “O, baby, my snatch is soaking wet already!”

“Show me baby,” he softly commanded.

Never a need to coax me much, I instantly hiked up my skirt and continued playing with my now-pulsing pussy. Ray wasted no time in removing his pants. I smiled up at him, but his eyes were feasting on my sweet snatch, and I could see he was drooling slightly from the sight of it.

As he dropped his drawers to the floor, I noticed his penis had perked up considerably from the time when I had last touched his package. What a perfect cock, I thought to myself, and I was not going to hold myself back from him for anything! I nearly bounced on the bed as I perched my body onto my knees and relaxed slightly into an almost-squat. I took his rock hard rod into both of my hands, and placing just its head between my lips I began to gently suck him off. He was moaning deeply in his throat, and I could tell if I kept it up even a minute longer, he was going to let his load go too soon for what I had in mind! So I eased up on my sucking, until I had ceased it all together – I wanted him to save his sperm syrup for squirting into my snatch!

“Leslie, babe, I am getting real close to exploding this load.”

“Don’t worry, Ray, I just read your mind. I know you only have a few minutes, honey, so I really want you to fuck me now.”

I laid back down onto my bed and spread my legs wide wide open, high up into the air. As he moved his hips right between my thighs, I could feel his cock start to slowly slip between the lips of my juicy cunt, sliding further tuzla escort fairly quickly now, into my ever-so-tight-yet-slippery-slidy love hole.

I was quite surprised when suddenly, Ray withdrew his cum pole from my cunt, and stood up from the bed. “Wait one second, babe, I just want you to see this.” He was smiling broadly, with a sort of satisfied look to his face. As I sat up slightly, he stuck his prick practically right into my face. Squeezing on the head of it, Ray expelled a few precious drops of crystal clear precum!

“Oh my god, what a wicked little treat,” I slyly stated. I stuck out my tongue like a lizard would, licking his cock head with great gusto, tapping the tip of my tongue onto him, taking off each and every drop of his precious pre-cum.

Lying down on my back again, I spread my legs open wide. Ray placed his body between my thighs, and as he positioned himself for entering me, I slung my legs over his shoulders, resting my bent knees on them, and pushing my heels into his back.

This time around, Ray could not hold back his cum load any longer. He fucked me furiously fast and strong for maybe 90 seconds. Suddenly, it dawned on me how Ray loves to hear me talk dirty to him about his wife during sex.

So just as he was cumming, I spoke softly to him, “Ray baby, what’s your wimpy wifey doing now? Does she know you’re fucking your slut, while she’s home making meatloaf?”

He let out a huge, loud groan, and grinned at me, just as he spurted his secretion right into my slimy, pulsating snatch! I felt it go all hot and sticky inside of me, gushing and smushing all around in my cunt with his cock, which was gradually getting softer and softer until it just about collapsed completely flaccid in my canal. We laid there laughing for a moment, and he softly pecked my lips with his.

“Oh, babe, I am so sorry, but you know I gotta get home now.” I could tell how reluctant Ray was to leave me already.

“Now you just stop apologizing, honey, ’cause you know I love to have you here with me even if it is only for five minutes!!!” I reassured him.

He looked at his watch in amazement. “Holy shit, I HAVE only been here five minutes, haven’t I?”

“Yep,” I said, “you have, and I just loved every single second of it, baby. Now go home and have a wonderful weekend! I’ll see you again next week one day for another hot lunch!”

— The End

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