From Lust to Love Ch. 01-02

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Acknowledgement: The main theme is an inspiration of Ms Pooja Chaudhary’s story: A PLEASANT VISIT. I am indebted to her.

Background: This story is written against the South Asian backdrop, staged in the largest port and city of Pakistan: Karachi. Urdu is widely spoken language in Pakistan and is almost identical to Hindi spoken in India except the script. English is yet another language largely used in the Subcontinent. In middle and upper classes usually either English is spoken or a lot of English words and phrases are used during the conversation in the local languages. I’ve used the same practice in the dialogues for realism. Nevertheless, for the non-Urdu speakers, every Urdu phrase or sentence is immediately followed by an English translation. Therefore, if you alien to Urdu/Hindi just skip the italic (or Capital) words, and surely you’ll miss nothing. Readers will also find a short glossary of Urdu/Hindi words frequently used in the story.

Glossary: AZARBUND \az-aar-bundh\ (n.): a thread-woven string, loosely inserted into the waistband of a shalwar to hold it to the waist; a shoe-lace-knot is used to fasten it.

BEHAN \ba-‘hun\ (n.): sister.

BHABI \bhaa-bee\ (n.): wife of brother, sister-in-law.

BHAI \bhaa-ee\ (n.): brother. BHAIA: a salutation for (elder) brother spoken out of respect and love together.

CHOOT, KUSS, PHUDI (n.): (all vulgar & taboo) vagina, pussy, cunt.

CHOOD(NA) (v.): (vulg. & taboo) (to) fuck, screw.

GAND (n.) (vulg. ass.

KAMIZ or KAMEEZ (n.): usu. knee-long shirt wore both by men and women with shalwar. Women Kamiz usu. do not have a collar or shirt-like cuffs.

LUN or LUND (n.): (vulg. & taboo) penis, cock, prick.

SHALWAR \shal-vaar\ (n.): a trousers like baggy garment; extremely lose at the top but narrow at bottom-cuffs; there are no flies in the front; and a string is used to fasten it (see azarbund).

YAR: lit. friend; buddy, chum; dear, dearie.

Chapter 1

Graduation, in anyone’s life, is a significant milestone. After completing my undergrad studies, I was eagerly waiting for that moment to begin. The added thrill to my excitement was that I had to move to Karachi for my higher education. I intended to do MBA from one of the renowned Institutions of Karachi. Since we lived in a smaller city of Sukh’er, the life of a bigger city, especially Karachi always had a great appeal for me. Moreover, my sister living in Karachi included a third dimension to my excitement. We were two sisters and, if not being presumptuous, both of us were pretty enough. In college we were known as the ‘Sexy Two’. We had striking eye-catching figures, and were well aware of the fact: tall stature, long legs, fair complexion with a stout physique and long but thick honeyed hair. We both were very close and understood each other perfectly well. Erum, my 4-year senior sister, was married. Her husband, Tahseen, was the most handsome and charming guy I had ever seen. Erum’s year long marriage was a typical South Asian love-marriage saga: a ‘no-no-thing’ initially with a lot of family opposition from both sides but later both the families gave away to the resolute couple. (In South Asia, especially Pakistan, marriages are arranged, by parents or elders of the family. In certain cases bride and groom may not even have known to or seen each other).

At first, as a South Asian tradition, my father opposed the idea of me living with my brother-in-law. Culturally it wasn’t regarded as respectable and morally upright to stay with one’s married sister. He, therefore, was of the mind that I should either not precede to Karachi or stay at the university’s halls of residence. But my sister and brother-in-law, Tahseen, persuaded him hard to change his mind. Tahseen, in particular, pleaded my case convincingly. His point was that I must not miss the opportunity of studying in one of the most prestigious business schools in Pakistan: IBA.

“She,” he further insisted upon my father, “is like my younger sister. If Nabeel [Tahseen’s younger brother] can put up with us why can’t Anila.”

“I,” He very diplomatically added, “would be honored if you agree to let her stay with us.”

With my mother’s backing, my father finally had to gave in to his son-in-law.

Staying with Erum during my studies was something that I was eagerly awaiting for. They, Erum and Tahseen, have a house there. Tahseen’s brother, Nabeel, was also staying with them as he too was studying in the university. All three of them were there to receive me at the Karachi railway terminal. Both husband and wife were seemed over joyous on my arrival. Nabeel, I observed, was not less attractive than his brother rather more charming.

Later I made out that it was a ‘free’ household with fewer inhibitions or to say none at all. All of them were happy-go-lucky and carefree enjoying life to the possible utmost. Nabeel, as I mentioned above, was very personable kadıköy escort and friendly character. He was witty and a wonderful company. Soon our wavelengths matched and we became buddies.

One late night, as I was studying in the lounge, I heard some strange noise severing the calm and peace of the night. I was confused and frightened too. Then it was there again. Now I realized that it’s coming from my sister’s bedroom. I put down the book and sat quietly on the sofa. I quickly understood what was going on. They were, obviously, making love. I first thought of step out of the place but then a weird curiosity overpowered the rationale. It was dark outside, so I slowly moved to the terrace where there was a window to their bedroom. To my surprise and luck the windowpane was slightly ajar causing a slit in the curtains. I could see through the bed where they were laying on under a dim nightlight, sufficient to keep the visibility clear.

They were both naked. He had a perfect athlete figure: sturdy and brawny. His hard and rigid member was huge; about seven or eight inches long. His hand was stroking her soft creamy white boob and firm erected nipple while he was sucking on the other. My sister held him tight as he was working with his mouth. She moved one of her hands between her legs and started caressing her crotch. She was already excited and her clitoris was swollen from the strokes of his great erection.

As he suckled feverishly like a hungry infant, his right hand moved slowly from her breast downwards to her belly. As he touched her crotch and pressed it harder, I heard a gasp from my sister, “Ah,” He kept caressing her cunt and at the same time switching his mouth back and forth between her breasts. Erum’s hand had shifted to his manhood and began massaging it. Finally, he pulled himself up a little and slid two fingers into her vagina.

“Ui Allah, Oh God!” she moaned in a whisper.

I was too stunned to move. Shocked and bewildered. Not only of the ‘obscene’, if you want to say, I was glued to but also of the lewd and vulgar language my ‘innocent’ ears were listening to. I on earth could not believe my ears that my sister and brother-in-law would be into those ‘horrible’ taboo words. Not merely that, they seemed to enjoying pronouncing them.

“Tum bothat geeli ho rahi ho, you’re getting real wet,”

“Haan janoo, mere under aagh lagi hoi ha, yeh darling, I’m burning inside.”

“Under kahaan? Where inside?” He whispered.

“Tum ko malum ha, kahaan, you know well, where.”

“Nahain. Mujee bataoo kahaan. No. Tell me where.”

“Mere phudi main, in my cunt.”

I jumped over Erum using that taboo word.

“Kasay bhujay gi? How it’ll extinguish?” He said increasing the pace of his hand working her pussy.

“Mere under apna lun dal do, put your cock in me.”

Another jolt for me.

The dirty words were gushing out of my sister’s mouth. I had never heard such a lewd conversation between couples before. I myself till then had never used those especially in my mother tongue: Urdu. It was too much for me but indeed had an exciting affect.

He worked his fingers back and forth in her cunt, deeper and deeper. He pulled her towards him and they began kissing passionately. Their tongues seemed gone wild. After a while he pulled his fingers out of her love-hole and gently pushed her back to the bed. He was now riding her. He started rubbing his cock against her pussy as she spread her legs further apart. Her voluptuous and suggestive moans were evident that my sister was now in a state of ecstasy.

“Oh oh oh, oh God… maian… ooooh… maian aa rahi hoon, I’m coming!” She was wildly thrusting hers hips upwardly.

Tahseen grabbed his cock and began rubbing it on her colitis.

“Ke-keep doin’ it… Don’t… don’t stop…”

After a little while she exploded; and exploded loudly.


He then collapsed over her belly still licking and sucking her breasts.

Erum bent her neck and kissed his hair.

“Thank you for such a wonderful orgasm.” Whispered Erum.

He smiled back and kissed her softly on the lips. His hands were having fun with her boobs and now fully erected brown nipples. She all of sudden bawled a shrill moan; perhaps he had squeezed her nipples little harder than usual. His cock was as rigid and I had a very clear view of it. Indeed it was the most beautiful prick I had seen that far. It head was shinning in the blur light with its pre-cum it look adorable to me. A weird chill shook my body.

He, after a while, moved downwards slowly. Kissing and liking her breasts his face reached her bellybutton and began licking it. His right hand which was winding over her thigh, had now found her pussy entry and I saw two of his fingers disappeared into it. His mouth üsküdar escort moved towards her shaven pubic triangle. She stretched her legs further. I could clearly see her cunt now. It was still dripping with the love-liquid released during her climax. Her pussy and inside of thighs were fully coated by her juices. I was amazed by the amount of secretion she was oozing; I never imagined that a woman could produce that much of love-secretions. I certainly had never came the way Erum’s pussy did. And I envied her for that. Anyway, it was a lovely rather mesmerizing sight to watch her all wet between her legs.

Tahseen perhaps noticed that oddity too.

“You came like a house on fire,” He exclaimed. “You seemed to be too horny today!”

She just smiled.

I, for sure, am no peeping Tom but surprisingly, and it may sound wired, a naked body, irrespective of a man or woman, has always an electrifying effect on me. I have seen Erum nude earlier. Before Erum’s marriage we shared the room and of course the washroom with it. It, therefore, gave me quite a few opportunities to steel a glimpse of her nudity. But watching her this time round had an amazing effect on me. Funny sensations were palpitating through my spine. I realized that I have soaked my panties as well. My pussy was dripping too, wetting my thighs along with my shalwar (see Glossary) all the way down.

I moved my hand under my long shirt, kamiz, and start rubbing my pussy over the wet fabric of the shalwar. Christ! I was amazed over myself streaming those juices out of my love-tunnel. I was if spell bounded. I don’t know exactly how much time I remained there in that frenzy.

When I came back to my senses, I saw Tahseen tongue moving in and out of Erum’s love-hole. Then he pulled it out of her cunt and licked her magic-button quite wholesomely. Then again; deeper this time. She shuddered as his tongue zipped over her clitoris.

“Hoon! Hamashaan ke teraan mezedar, like ever, yummy!” He acknowledged hoarsely.

He then wrapped his arms under her thighs, which helped her to hold her legs apart. He slid his tongue down all the way to her inner labia, sliding it gently into her vagina. His lips came to press fully against her genitals, his tongue at least an inch inside of her. My sister was rolling her hips and ass as well as arching her back and head, as she moaned softly.

My sister ran her fingers into his head, holding it between her legs.

“Ah… that’s beeeati-ful…”

He put his thumb over her colitis and began caressing it while his tongue was constantly moving in and out of her love-hole. After a while his tongue moved out of her cunt downwards the anus. Meanwhile he inserted one of his fingers into her wet pussy. My God! He was licking her anus and finger-fucking her at the same time.

“Ohooo… ahaaa…” Erum was hollering lewdly.

He suddenly took his finger out of her cunt and inserted it into her anus. The instant he touched the ‘forbidden’ part of her anatomy, Erum quivered as if electricity has surged up her body. No sooner, his finger was all the way up inside her rectum. Tahseen ran his mouth back to her pussy opening and shove his tongue into it again. She seemed to have build pressure for another orgasm within her loins. Slowly she rocked her hips, keeping her actions as tender as possible.

“Oh, oh, please… ” She cried, softly. “Oh, oh, haan, yes…”

She had had another climax.

I noticed that Tahseen’s cock had swelled further more. It was thick and hard like a rock. He slowly moved upwards, licking all the way through. He was now lying over her again. His rock-hard dick was tapping her cunt and colitis. He adjusted his cock over her cunt opening and with one thrust he was in her. She was so wet that her pussy showed no resistance at all, rather it looked too willing to accommodate that ‘love-meat’. He pumped it in and out for a while then threw all his weight over her body, resting on her. They were passionately kissing each another. His hips were moving in a slow rhythm.

His pace increased. He was now resting on his hands, which had griped Erum’s spread arms. He was stroking, with his ass facing me, in and out of her like a bull.

“Aahhaaa… zoor say, harder… fuck me harder… uuuuuuiiii… yes, yes…”

“Ya’re too hot, bitch… ah… meri kutia bothat garum ha aaj, my bitch is too hot today,” He was pumping even harder now.

“Choodo mujay… zoor say choodo, screw me, screw me harder,”

Both were in a state of frenzy. She then quivered beneath him. Perhaps understanding her body language, he released her arms. She shifted her hands to his ass cheeks and pulled them away. Tahseen’s anus was all visible to me now. Was she showing her hubby’s shit hole to me! A funny thought passed through my mind and I grinned over my wicked idea.

She then inserted a finger in his asshole and started tuzla escort stroking it.

“Uh… wonderful, really wonderful… ooohhh… keeeep doin’ it…” Said he in sighs.

She kept her finger in and out his asshole as he steadily screwed her pussy. After a while he suddenly stopped and took his dick out of her cunt.

“Uh… kewun… why… nekal kewun liaa, why have you taken it out? Said she pleadingly.

“Bus bohat ho gaya, its enough, ab maan apni paari kutia ko choodun ga, I’ll screw my lovely bitch now.” Said he clearly emphasizing on kutia or bitch.

She understood his ‘code’ too well because the next moment she stood up and was on her all fours.

“Yeh lay, teri kutia tiar ha, here is your bitch,” She swung her ass in front of him (and unknowingly me).

His hand touched her ass cheeks, caressing them slowly. Then suddenly Tahseen smashed his hand against her ass.

“Aaaahh… haaa… Kutay kaya kar raha ha, you dog, what’re you doing?”

He hit again with much force this time.

“Aaaahh… haaa…”

“Mujhe gali mut nekaloo, rundi, never call me names, ya whore.”

“Kewun, why?” Said she in sobs. “Tum mere kutay ho harami aur maan tari kutia, you’re my dog, bastard and I’m your bitch.”

My ears must have gone red by the language and variety of words used by my sister. I could not believe my ears what I was hearing. How could Erum use such a filthy lingo and even so fluently too? Unbelievable! But to my utter surprise, instead of being repelled by their smutty ‘expressions’, it hit me with a certain kind of sensation probably satisfying my some latent instinct not known to me before. A new wave of electrifying impulse ran through my spine causing my pussy to gush fresh fluid out. I could feel further liquid running down my inner thighs. Goodness me! I was now drenched like a watermelon.

He slapped her ass-cheeks a number of times so that I could see them getting redden.

“Uh… ohhh, Janoo, darling… ohhhh. Honey… ohhh… bohat acha leg raha ha… that feels so wonderful… ” She moaned in ecstasy. “Ab meri ass bhar do, now fill my ass…”

And, with a bang he throbbed his prick into her asshole.

“AAAAHHHHhh…” I am sure her shriek could have been heard miles away. “Maan marri, its killing me… aram se… jano, durd hota ha, easy… dear, it hurts.”

He slowed his stroking pace. “Whole house must have heard you,”

“Tum nain aaj meree gand phar thee, you’ve torn my ass, today.” Said she sobbingly.

“Wo too roaz pharta hoon, that I do daily,”

“Aaj bohat dar hoa ha, it hurt a lot today. Tumhara lun bohat moota aur shikhit ho araha ha aai, your cock’s become too hard and thick, today.”

“I’m sorry chandu, honey. Lakin tum janti ho ke kewun, but you know why,” He lowered his face and kissed her back and neck. “Lakin sub ko pata chal gaya ho ga keh under kaya ho raha ha, but everyone would have known that what we were doing inside.”

“Parwa nahian, I damn care. Tum kerte raho, you keep loving me,”

He slowly increased his pace. They were in such a position that I could clearly see his dick moving in and out of Erum’s gand (Ops. I’m sorry for getting carried away).

Suddenly I missed a heartbeat out of sheer fear as something touched my shoulders.

Chapter 2

I was so glued to the electrifying scene inside the room that I had lost all sense of time and orientation. So when I felt someone held my shoulder, I jumped like a scared cat. Terrified, I could barely manage to hold back my impulsive scream. Thank God, it was not too loud to be heard inside the room. I looked around; it was Nabeel.

“Ye… ye…” I could hardly speak. My heart was throbbing with fear and I felt sudden perspiration from embarrassment of being caught spying on my sister making love to her husband. What a humiliation!

“T-Tum ne mere jan nikal di, Y-you scared me to death.”

“I’m sorry, Anila,” he whispered. “I didn’t mean to,”

He then turned me around towards the window.

“Let’s watch together,”

“What?” My surprise was not inappropriate. “Maan under ja rehi hoon, I’m going in,” I was still embarrassed with shame.

“Come on,” He grabbed me from behind not letting me move.

“No, please,”

“Maan ye sub pehle bi kai bar dhekh chukka hoon, I’ve seen all this so many times. So, don’t feel embarrassed.”

“You’ve watched it before!” Said I, turning around, in amazement.

“Yeh payar kirte wqat etni ounchi sexy awaazan nekalte hain keh maan resist nahein kar sakta, they make sexy noises so loud while making love that I cannot resist watching.” He directed my face back to the scene. “Dekho wo kaya kar rahain hain, see what they’re doing,”

Though my eyes were fixed back to the view, my head was reeling. I was unable to reconcile with the idea of spying on my sister making love to her husband with another guy watching right besides me. I wanted to leave the scene, but Nabeel’s grip on my body was too firm to let me budge.

On the other hand, Tahseen’s rock-hard cock was moving in and out of my sister’s anus whereas his both hands were squeezing her respective boob.



Both were moaning ecstatically.

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