For One Night Only

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They both knew there would be nothing delicate or loving about this encounter, in fact both felt the animal instinct inside. They had both had a few to drink this night but they still knew what would happen.

She had known that he wanted her when he had pulled her to him as they had talked together, and kissed her passionately to which she had responded just as heatedly.

He had known she wanted him when she had reached under his kilt and felt the length and girth of his cock, releasing a small animal like groan of pleasure at her find.

From there it had been like a cascade both wanting the others body hard and fast, she continued to play with him while his hands drifted under her short skirt feeling her arse and finding the G string, taught down her ass cleft. Pulling the little string hard so it pressed against her mound she began to rock her hips to increase the sensation while rubbing into his crotch.

By now their tongues were a blur inside each other’s mouths and small guttural noises emitted from the pair of them. They had long ago forgotten that they were in the nightclub and were transfixed with the pleasure and sensation of the heated passion that engulfed them. Her hand squeezed his bolloks feeling them swell, wanting to eject their contents into her now hot and wet little pussy. While his hands came round to the front slipping down the material of her G-string feeling the dampness and how her lips had opened slightly to accommodate the little slip of material, so they pouted on either side of it letting him stroke them. She shuddered slightly at the sensation of his thumb slipping down the length of them releasing more of her juice.

“All right you two I’m only warning you once” The gruff tones of the bouncer shattered their intimate little world, bringing them back to reality with a bang. A couple of muttered apologies a slight moving apart and the bouncer was gone, but the ‘want’ wasn’t. They both got their breath back and looked at each other no words were needed. He took her unresisting hand and led her out of the club into the warm summer night, he knew a spot, a place some people fantasised about sarıyer escort but tonight it would be used for a bout of torrid copulation.

In a matter of minutes in which they nearly ran they made it to the churchyard at the top of the town, through the gate and onto the grass around the grave stones, her heels sinking slightly in the ground so she pulled them off.

Then he found the one he was looking for a long flat table like stone, which had probably been the scene of a few encounters.

She dropped her bag and shoes by the stone and then entwined herself in him again, the passionate heat welling up in them again, as they pulled at each other’s clothes. He pulled up her top releasing her breasts to the night air her nipples hardening, as she pulled open his shirt and licked his nipples. His rough hands cupped her breasts and his thumbs made circuits of her areole making the tips stiffen even more before he pinched each of them, a gasp escaped her lips at the sensation.

Then her tongue trailed down his chest towards his waist as she sank to her knees, she had felt how big it was now she wanted to see. Pushing the sporran round to one side she lifted the material to see his engorged cock spring out at her, the veins down the sides almost pulsing with the pressure inside. He was un-circumcised and the end of his foreskin was slightly open, so she pushed her tongue into it pushing it wide so she could lick between the skin and the tip of his cock.

He leaned back against the stone and groaned at the sensation of her tongue working its way over his throbbing member, he felt her pull the fore-skin back and her hot mouth encasing his length and beginning to bob up and down. He could feel an almost growl like sound rise in his throat, as he reached round putting his hand on the back of her head pushing his length even deeper down her throat, he felt her try to pull back but held it for an extra second, revelling in the sensation. Then he let her up, pulling her to him again kissing wildly, he tasted his juice on her lips as his penis pushed against her skirt esenyurt escort and her breasts against his chest. Her lipstick was smeared and her hair a mess but she didn’t care, she wanted more, she wanted what was to come next.

Turning he pushed her back onto the stone, she pulled her skirt up revealing her G-string which was almost totally encased by her pussy lips. She ran her finger over her lips teasing them as he stood between her legs his hard cock jutting out from under the material of his kilt.

He lifted her legs so her feet were in front of his face, he licked her toes and down her ankles all the way to her knees, where he flicked his tongue across the back of each one sending tiny flickers of sensation down her body, then onto the soft flesh of her inner thighs. He could smell her hot damp muskiness now, which drove him on even harder, and then he was there, watching her fingers playing with herself the gusset soaked with juices. Looping a finger round the damp material he pulled it from between her lips. “Ugggh” she let go the guttural sound as a wave of pleasure coursed through her, without pausing he pulled the material hard snapping it as if it were wet paper, the strings pulling through her arse crack as he tossed the now useless underwear to one side. He took her hands and lifted them out of the way and pushed his tongue against her moist snatch. The juices trickled over his tongue as it slipped and slid its way up and down her lips, slightly above them her clit had swollen creating a little hard nub which he nibbled, her back arched as she let go another animal like groan. He then thrust his tongue into her pussy its walls slick with her juice; he probed as deep as he could before flicking it out and across her clit again. She writhed on the top of the stone, now it was her turn to force his head against her mound making her cum hard and fast. The walls of her snatch trying to grip his tongue but it moved too quickly over her.

Then she released his head, she wanted his cock and she wanted it deep inside her, he stood up and it was pointing right at her love hole on the edge avrupa yakası escort of the stone, with one step forward its tip was against her outer lips. She spread her legs to allow him to push into her, but he paused teasing her outer lips with the tip of her cock. “Fuck Me” she cried she had been teased too much and like an animal she just wanted to feel his prick deep in her. Like a hot iron he thrust into her, sliding deep as he could go so his balls banged against her ass, she gasped as her pussy stretched to accommodate his girth and length. “Oh Yes, yes , yes Yes”

With every thrust she bucked wildly, feeling the thick ridges of his cock pump in and out of her driving her towards orgasm, there was no stopping it; it hit her like an express train. Her muscles tightened around him and her whole body arched as waves of pleasure hit her, she felt her head go light, but he was still going. She groaned out loud she could feel the pressure building again as he pushed her legs wide apart holding his cock inside her and rocking his hips so her clit was being rubbed by the top of his cock.

He had felt her come the walls tightening around him trying to milk his cum out of him, but he had held on waiting for the second wave to start, the sensation of being deep within her his cock rotating around her depths rubbing along her inner walls and their pelvis’s rubbing together was going to make him release his load in her. Then he felt it her body straining as she started to reach her peak again, he pulled out slightly then pushed in hard slamming their pelvis’s together, pushing her clit down and his length hard against her walls which now gripped him like a vice. Then the sensation as his cum rose up the length of his prick and gushed into her cavity, pumping more and more white cum to mingle with her juices. “Yesssss” like a growl, he came, her walls milked him as she twisted in the throes of her own orgasm. He let go of her legs, and grabbed the edge of the stone for support, his head swimming in sensations, sweat trickling down his chest. She lay there gasping feeling their juices ooze inside of her as their muscles relaxed.

She finally sat up when her head would let her and with his now deflating cock still partially inside her, she stroked his hair and kissed him. “Thank you” she said.

He smiled “No Thank You”.

The last she saw of him that night was as they separated at the gate to the church with him pushing her G-string into his sporran as a memento.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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