A Period of Time

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It had been almost eight years since we had said our goodbyes. The time that we were together was like nothing else. It was love and lust, it was life, it was strength and tears and passion and hate and depth and loss and rebirth. It was something that mere words could never justifiably describe. Yet in the end, we knew it was over and that it was time that we moved on with our lives. We must. And though my ache for her would stay with me forever, we did part ways.

She inevitably found a life partner who danced and hiked with her, and gave her the freedom to grow and live and love again. She moved to a different part of the country and eventually they married. Though I was able to find out some of the things that happened to her after our time together, more than anything, I hoped that she had found her happiness. That she was treated well. That he loved her. These were the emotional things that I didn’t know, but wanted more than anything for her.

As for me, I had worked hard to heal my marriage after our intense love affair. To do what I could to re-gain the trust that I had shattered. To close the rift that had developed between my children and me. How close had I come to the step off the edge and into the unknown? How was it that I could hurt so many in such a short period of time? To help us start anew, I took a job far from where the memories were so vivid, so thick. It was a long and difficult road, but we eventually fought through the traffic of the past and accelerated towards the future.

Though my marriage was stronger than ever, I completely hid the secret that could unravel it all. The deep feelings that I quelled, the intense dreams that occurred so often. I knew I could never completely suppress my longing for her. She had touched me in such a way that I never felt as though I was truly faithful to my wife. It was maddening. She was an integral part of me, even though she could never have known. It was my inability to let go, that caused this itch that I would never be able to scratch.

The minute I saw her, it all came roaring back. My heart overflowed with longing and the endorphins bounced madly against the walls of my brain like marbles shaken in a granite box. She was the last person I had ever expected to see, yet undeniably, the one person that I secretly wanted to see more than anyone else.

I stood transfixed as she walked from her car towards the grocery store. I knew I should just get in my rental car and drive away. But I didn’t. I stood there and watched her as she disappeared into the store. I closed my eyes as my mind went into overdrive. I kept remembering the hikes in the moonlight, the camping trips, the stargazing, the mad passionate lovemaking. I thought of the times we would walk in the park and without warning, she would reach inside the waistband of her jeans to dip her fingers into her wetness and feed the sweet slickness to me, or in her apartment as she would take me in her mouth and massage me with her tongue. I remembered the way she would comb her hair, or brush her gleaming teeth or pluck the hair from her naked vagina, piece by agonizing piece. I remembered the feeling as she sat upon me, my cock buried deep inside her, as she released her urine, washing me with her warmth…I don’t know how long I stood in place, but it must have been more than a few seconds.


My eyes blasted open and I came out of my reverie to see her standing right next to me. She watched as I nearly bit my tongue with the surprise of her appearance.


“Cole, I saw you from the grocery and had to see if it was really you! Uh…are you okay?”

“Me? Yeah, I’m okay. I guess I was daydreaming.” Good lord, was I ever. I hoped my pants didn’t give away my thoughts of lust and longing.

“I’m so surprised to see you here! What brings you to Asheville?”

“You mean besides standing around daydreaming in a supermarket parking lot? Business trip. What brings YOU here?”

“I live fairly close. I’m just out for a drive today. Wow Cole, you are the LAST person I expected to see…but I’m glad I did!”

My heart leaped with those words. She was glad to see me? After what I had done to her? After being such an ass? I managed to speak again. “You live close, Angela? This is beautiful country. You must love it down here.”

“I do. Wow…this is so surreal. Cole, how long will you be around?”

“Just a few days. I leave Saturday night.”

Here I was, talking to Angie and I knew I needed to find a reason…ANY reason…to be with her longer. She stared up at me with the same beautiful eyes that I would never forget and I started to fall into them. Take the plunge, Cole. “This is silly standing in the parking lot. Is there somewhere we can go talk? I’d love to hear about you, and what you’ve been up to. I have to say, Ang, you look great. North Carolina certainly agrees with you.”

Her smile widened and I almost died right there.

“Thank you Cole. Yes…I’d love to talk with you awhile.” bakırköy escort She thought for a moment then spoke out. “Why don’t I leave my car here and we can drive to a coffee shop I know of.” She brushed my arm with her fingers as she turned and walked to the passenger side. I fumbled to find the button to unlock her side. She opened the door and slid into the seat. “You coming?”

I was still dazed by her soft touch. I don’t think she knew the effect it had upon me. I bent and entered the car. Looking over to her, I saw that she had buckled her belt and looked perfectly content to be with me.

“Take a right out of the lot.”

As I drove and she directed me to her destination, we talked of minor and innocuous things. Occasionally, she would touch my arm as she talked. It was only 10 minutes or so when she asked me to turn down a rural road that quickly left the urban sprawl of Asheville behind us. The road didn’t look like it headed toward anything but woods. Soon she directed me to a country lane that narrowed to nearly a single car width.

“The coffee shop is down here, Angie?” I had my doubts.

She smiled and looked at me as she spoke. “Actually, I thought it would be nicer to re-acquaint ourselves in a quieter atmosphere. I’ve thought of a better place.” And her hand reached once again for my arm. “That’s ok, isn’t it?”

“Uh..yeah. Sure. That sounds great, Ang.” Where was this whole thing headed? I didn’t have long to wait to find out the answer to my unspoken question.

“Turn left here, Cole” We drove into a dirt driveway leading to a small cottage in a clearing of the southern woods. The place was wrapped by a full porch complete with rocking chairs. A medium sized barn stood off to the side. The driveway skirted a small brook that bubbled in its banks. The trees were mature, the air was fresh, and I felt as though time may have missed this little section of the world. I pulled up to the front porch and parked the car. There was no sign of human habitation, but knew that this was not an abandoned property. The grass was clipped, the paint, fresh. Angie and I exited the car at about the same time.

“Come around back, Cole…I want to show you something.”

We met at the front of the car and I followed her around the side of the cottage. As we turned the corner, the mist filled valley came into view and nearly took my breath away.

“Gorgeous, isn’t it?”

I stood looking at perhaps the most visually arresting backyard view I had ever seen. The Great Smokey Mountains stood out against what could only be described as the Valley of the Gods. I was truly dumbstruck by this natural splendor. It was like one of those paintings when you always say to yourself, ‘I wish I could be there’ and indeed, I had stepped right into that very picture.

“It’s beautiful, Angie. Who owns this place? Are they here?” I spoke to her, but couldn’t keep my eyes from the vista before me. It was that amazing.

There was a moment’s hesitation before she answered. “Actually, it’s mine. I own this place.”

I tore my eyes from the picture to look at Angie and found her smiling at the view herself. “This is yours?”

“Yes. I inherited it when my husband passed away earlier this year.”

What? I continued to stare at her. She eventually looked to me and I saw the small tear on her cheek. Her smile was still there, but it had turned melancholy. Her husband had died? I looked for words to offer comfort, but she spoke before I could form them.

“Alan had a great life…a long life. He enjoyed every minute of it and died doing what he loved best. I think you would have liked him. He reminded me of you in many ways.” She reached for my hand and grasped it as another tear appeared in the corner of her eye and slowly rolled down her face.

I squeezed her hand and reached out to give her a hug. She came to me without hesitation and we held each other for an eternity in those few moments. I could feel the emotion that she kept inside. I had always been able to feel her emotions through our touch. Nothing had changed that simple yet powerful connection we still shared.

“I’m so sorry to hear this, Angie. I know what you feel. You know I do.” I could have said more, but I let my hug speak the words that I wouldn’t need to say. She heard them all in our contact. She held onto me and let her mind drift through her memories. Too soon, I felt her shudder away the heavy emotions as she backed away from our body contact, though she still held my hand.

“Alan was much older than me, but I truly think he was a younger man trapped in a body that time had sped up.” She looked out over the valley as she spoke. I could see that her words were part of her healing, and I knew that she needed to say them. “He died while on a hike with some good friends. The doctors feel that his heart just couldn’t keep up with his drive. We never got to say our goodbyes. But I know that he was happy…with life, with me…he was happy.”

We beşiktaş escort sat together on the lawn and I listened intently as she told me about their life together, the things they had done, places they had visited. That he had died without her by his side must have been awful for her, but I was so glad that she had such good memories of him…of them. It allowed me some relief…and even a bit of satisfaction to know that she had indeed been able to find someone that had cared for her and that she had loved so completely.

Her words tumbled from her until there were none left. We sat together and watched the world as it wheeled by.

After a time of silence, I looked towards her and found her watching me. Her face was serene, her tears gone, her eyes as beautiful as ever. “Cole, do you ever think about me…about us?”

The question was so unexpected, I felt like a deer caught in her headlights. I nearly denied it, but something about her honesty with me during her recent soliloquy made me chew over my immediate denial. I closed my eyes to avoid looking into hers and nodded my head. “Yes, Angie. I think about you so often I almost wonder if I am completely sane. Yes, I do. I think about you…about US, all the time.” I opened my eyes again and faced my honesty.

She smiled and turned towards the view once again. “I do, too. I feel odd saying this, but even when Alan and I were in our happiest times, thoughts of you would jump into my head. I’ve even had sexual dreams and fantasies about you on occasion. I never admitted them to Alan, though.”

“Wow. Probably a good choice there, Ang. I can’t imagine that bit of news would have gone over very well.” I had to know more. “If you don’t mind me asking…ummm…what were your fantasies?”

She didn’t answer, nor did she look at me. Had I crossed into a territory that should have been left alone? Had I blown our afternoon? Damn. Shit. When would I ever learn to keep my fucking mouth shut. I was just about to apologize when…

“You took me in an elevator.” She still looked off towards the mountains. “In my dream, it was pure lust between us. Rough and messy and raw. It was so vivid that I almost wet my pants in my sleep. When I woke, I immediately needed to masturbate just to take the edge off of my sexual tension. Even thinking of it now has me aroused.”

Hearing her speak like this had me hard in an instant. “An elevator? We never tried that. Perhaps we should have.”

“You fucked me with your fingers as we kissed and then I bent over so you could take me from behind. You came all over my ass and licked me clean afterwards. It was sooooo steamy” She looked at me with sexually glazed eyes and spoke the words that I never thought I would hear again. “Oh Christ, Cole…I’m so lonely and so horny and need you to make me cum right now. Please don’t think any less of me. Don’t say no.”

Don’t say no? If my cock were any harder, my pants would have ripped to shreds. “Now, Angie?”

In answer to my ridiculous question, she stood up, pulled her shirt over her head and shimmied her pants down in a period of about 3 seconds. As always, she wore no bra, no panties. Her lithe dancers body was just as perfect as I remember it being. She kicked her sandals off and stepped towards me, pushing me on my back and straddling my head with her knees. I looked up to stare at her bare and beautiful pussy and delicate lips that sparkled with her moisture. She scooted up to my mouth and I used my tongue to part her cleft and taste the sweet honey nectar. Hidden inside her lips was a tampon string that my tongue worked out to dangle on my chin.

“Pull it out, Cole…”

I grabbed it with my teeth and she pulled back. The bloody cotton plug slid from her in an easy motion and I let it drop in the grass by my ear. She moved to my mouth immediately. I didn’t hesitate and I started loving her with every part of my face. My nose buried inside her as I worked my tongue deep into her hole, I used my chin on her pussy as the tip of my tongue teased her clit. She squirmed and ground her groin into me, then would back off and let me tease her folds. She moaned and mewed and groaned as my hands came up to hold her ass and rock her back and forth. She moved closer and closer to her nirvana with every lick and every nibble I gave her. Soon my thumb worked inside the rosebud of her ass and she rocked back to pull it deeper into her. The distinct taste of her period mixed with the cream of her sexual secretions was like a refreshing cocktail on a hot summers day. It turned me on so much that I felt my cock constantly leaking lube into the cotton of my underwear. I fucked her ass with my thumb and I fucked her pussy with my tongue. When she was nearly there, she grunted and then pushed herself hard onto my face. Her head whipped back as the pulsing, pounding orgasm rocketed from her pussy and up through her body and back down again. Wave upon wave crashed through her. I continued licking and sucking and eating beylikdüzü escort her, scarcely able to breathe as her thighs smothered me with her heat and her pussy flooded me with her blood tinged cum. Just when I thought I would black out from lack of oxygen, she raised herself from my face and pulled my thumb from her ass.

She stood on shaky legs and reached for my hands, pulling me to a standing position. Her hair lay plastered to her face and neck with the sweat of her exertions. I removed my shirt as she unbuckled my belt and pants. As my clothes disappeared, she went down on her knees and started working on my cock. I was harder than I had ever been. My cock was fat, it was throbbing, it dripped lube on her face before she took me into her mouth. She worked me and sucked me and gave me a blow job that nearly boiled the frothy cum from my testicles. Her head pistoned back and forth as she urged my sperm to blast out and fill her mouth. She reached behind me with one hand to wiggle her fingers into my ass, looking for my prostate. As I built towards my release, she grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed me, preventing me from blasting my load. I had been so close… Eventually, I returned from the brink.

“I need your cum somewhere else.” She turned around to offer me an amazing view of her firm ass and tight pussy as she went down on her forearms. The sight of her crimson blood as it seeped from her pussy was irresistible. I kneeled behind her, spread the cheeks of her ass, and stuck my tongue deep into her rosebud as she murmured and babbled to me. “Stick me, Cole…I need your cock inside me…split me open…take me now…slip it inside…”

I wouldn’t refuse her. Holding my thick cock, I pointed it at her painted lips and pushed my hardness deep into her warmth. Her words turned into a low moan of “uuuuuhhhhh…” as I felt her pussy stretch around me. When I could go no further, I stilled myself and could feel her pussy pulsing with energy and need.

We both knew that if we started to really fuck, it would be only seconds until I whitewashed her insides. And more than anything, I needed to see the view that is the sexiest, most amazing thing I have ever known.

I leaned back to look at where we were joined together. Then I oh-so-slowly withdrew from her to watch my thick, blood streaked cock as it pulled the tight ringed grip of her cunt outward until only the head remained inside. That sight alone should have triggered my release, but I willed myself to wait.

“Ohhhhh…do that again, Cole…I know how you love to watch us fuck…I wish I could see it, too…Do it again…again, cole…again…” And I did. I watched our genitals in a slow dance of fuck as I repeatedly went in and out of her puss as she repeated her mantra of ‘again…again…again…’ until I could hold back no longer. With a groan, I felt my first blast as I exploded inside her, then pulled out to paint her rosebud and pussy lips with spurt after spurt of my creamy cum. I rubbed my blood smeared cock onto the cheeks of her ass, then leaned back to appreciate my artwork.

“Clean me, Cole…” And I did. When I had finished washing her, she spun around and kissed me fully, deeply, to taste our combined fluids as her tongue swirled inside my mouth. We kneeled together and held each other, knowing that this was all right. When our lips parted, her head found my shoulder as I rocked her gently in my arms, never wanting to let her go.

We spent the rest of that day and night together re-experiencing everything that was good in our past relationship. We made love under the sun and the moon and on top of the covers, we slept, we ate, we watched and touched and tasted each other as we relieved ourselves, we showered, we kissed and hugged. I watched again with interest as she plucked the short hairs from her naked pussy one by one. I held her and kissed her stroked her hair as she went to the toilet and wiped her ass clean when she was done. We wanted to touch each other completely during these hours together. We held nothing back. And though we never spoke of it, we both knew that I would return to the life that I lived in the real world and she would need to go on with hers.

As the morning broke and we lay together with our limbs entwined, she kissed me awake and used her hands to harden me again. Without words, she made it completely clear that she wanted my cock inside her ass. I gladly obliged her wishes and pumped into her until I finally grunted and spewed my seed deep in her bowels. As I softened, she disengaged from me and began to masturbate herself toward climax. I leaned in close to watch her and to breathe in the intense and earthy aphrodisiac of our recent sinful sex act. I watched my spent cum leak from her anus as she drove her delicate fingers across her lips and her clit. Looking up, I saw her shut her eyes tightly and listened to her moans as she built up her inevitable orgasm. In moments, she found her spot and I saw her pussy lips and asshole pulse with the release. Her clear cum flowed from inside and I licked her slit, tasting her once again. I would never tire of her taste. As she recovered, I left briefly, but returned with a fresh tampon and changed her as she lay in her bliss and then washed her pussy and ass with a warm wet facecloth.

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