A Holiday Surprise

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Hi, my name’s Haf (Welsh for summer) and I’m thirty-seven years old. This is a true account of something that happened about a month ago.

I’d been invited on a trip with my daughter Nia who is nineteen and her boyfriend /partner and business partner Adi, who is German and is thirty years old. They were both attending a ‘bathroom interiors’ trade show in Barcelona and we were all staying in a villa near Stiges on the coast. We arrived in Barcelona mid afternoon on Sunday, picked up a hire-car, and drove to the villa. After un-packing and having a cooling drink and unwinding we all showered and got ready to go out for a meal. We returned to the villa about eleven thirty; I said my good nights and went to bed. The following morning Nia and Adi left for Barcelona at about eight leaving me to get up at my leisure. I spent the day pottering about the villa, swimming, resting and reading my book. Nia and Adi returned about six and we again went out for a meal.

On the Tuesday there was only the need for Nia to go to the trade show and I got up at about nine-thirty to find Adi working on his lap-top at the table. I had a coffee with him then told him I was going to catch some sun. He told me to be careful and to get some cream on. I settled down on the sun-lounger out on the patio listening to my mp3 player. After a while I felt a tap on my shoulder, I looked up and it was Adi. “Do you know you’ve been here over an hour,” he informed me. I had lost all track of time.

“I should turn and do my back I suppose,” I said.

“Do you want me to put some lotion on for you,” he enquired.

“That would be great,” I replied as I turned over. Adi knelt next to the lounger and I felt a couple of drops of cold lotion landing on my shoulders. He started to work the cream slowly into my shoulders, neck and upper arms. I then felt the catch of my bikini top being released before more cold drops of lotion descended onto my back. Adi worked it in as carefully as before massaging my back as he went. He then moved lower and starting from my feet, having pushed my legs apart, he applied lotion to the backs of my legs slowly working his way up. He seemed to stop and I then felt the ties at the sides of my bikini bottoms being loosened and the back portion being lowered between my legs exposing my bum cheeks. I felt lotion landing on both and Adi started massaging it in. I didn’t know what to think until I felt Adi pulling my cheeks apart as he worked on me. I knew he was getting a good look at my bum hole as he was doing this. His hand then edged its way along my anal crack and down between my legs. I was surprised but couldn’t seem to say anything. He was slow and gentle and I felt his fingers reach my clit at the same time as his thumb pushed its way into my love hole. My head was spinning. No one had done this sort of thing to me since I’d lost my husband and Nia’s father in a car accident just over a year ago. It was my daughter’s boyfriend and I knew it was wrong, but it felt so good. Adi was working my clit with his fingers and gently sliding his thumb in and out of my hole. I could feel those wonderful feelings building up inside me and I started thrusting my bottom up towards his hand in response to his tempo which he increased in reply to my obvious desire. I let out a long loud sigh as Adi skilfully took me over the edge as I climaxed hard with the whole of my body shaking.

Neither of us said anything or moved until I’d recovered. Adi slid his thumb from my hole and his hand from between my legs. He took my hand, helped me to my feet and led me totally naked into the villa. Once inside he stood in front of me, gently holding my head he lowered his head until our lips met. He pushed his tongue, parting my lips, until it was in my mouth. Without any thought I responded entwining my tongue with his. I then felt his hands move down over my shoulders and on to my small boobs, each being squeezed by a firm but soft hand. Both my nipples then received attention, being rolled, squeezed and pulled between his fingers. Our lips parted, he lowered his head further as he licked, sucked and played with each nipple in turn.

Taking my hand again he led me further into the lounge area. He sat me down in an armchair and kneeling in front of me he lifted each leg placing it over the arm of the chair exposing the whole of my pussy to his gaze. He exposed me further as his hands, placed either side, pulled open my slit. He dropped his head and I felt the warmth of his tongue as he licked between my pussy lips. It felt so good. His tongue then probed at my love hole slowly working kadıköy escort its way inside then gently pushing in and out. My clit was next to get treatment from his mouth and tongue as he sucked, nibbled and licked my hard, sensitive little bud. I could feel the sensations building inside me again as I let all my juices flow into his waiting mouth as he made me cum once more.

We hadn’t spoken a word. Adi lifted my legs of the arms of the chair and sat me up. Standing in front of me he lowered his shorts revealing for the first time a wonderful long fat cock hanging down accompanied by two large balls surrounded by a mat of black hair. His cock was close to my face and I knew what was required. I reached out and caught hold of this lovely big piece of meat and proceeded to lick it all over. I took the large head into my mouth and as it started to harden I allowed more and more of his length in until I had it all in with quite a bit of it in my throat. I was enjoying myself listening to Adi purr and moan as I sucked him. I was stroking his cock with my hand and a small amount of sticky pre-cum oozed out of his eye. I bent my head down and licked it off. “That tastes good,” I said.

“There’ll be more than that for you to taste later, but you haven’t been fucked yet.” “Are you going to fuck me?”

“If you want me to.”


“Let’s get you in the bedroom then,” Adi instructed as he led me by the hand, once more, this time into my bedroom. I was standing facing the bed when Adi made me bend at the waist with my hands on the bed for support. Standing behind he encouraged me to spread my legs I felt one hand run along my pussy before opening it up, looking back I could see him stroking his big hard cock with the other. He positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to my love hole before slowly easing himself into me. My pussy had not been filled with cock, including dildo, for too long and not with such a big cock for even longer. I couldn’t believe it, I was here in Spain being fucked by my daughter’s boyfriend and I was enjoying it.

Adi had begun fucking me, long slow strokes and he had the length to make it feel good. He also had the thickness which made me feel chock-full when he was completely inside. I could hear myself breathing deeply and moaning and Adi’s small sigh on completing each inward stroke. Adi had established a lovely rhythm and was certainly giving me a prolonged and pleasurable seeing to. He moved his position a little and I felt his arm come round and his fingers making contact with my clit. He started rubbing and tweaking my button and it soon had the desired effect as another orgasm built up inside me. I was moaning loudly and I felt my legs buckling. Adi eased me forward so that I could support myself kneeling on the bed. His cock was still inside me and as my climax began subsiding he started fucking me really hard and fast pounding his cock deep inside until he had me cumming again almost immediately. I came longer and harder than I’d ever cum before. I collapsed face forward on to the bed feeling excited, tingling, exhausted and completely satiated at the same time.

After a short while Adi joined me on the bed lying next to me. He stroked my back and eventually I turned sideways to face him. He said nothing but started to kiss me gently probing his tongue in my mouth again. He carefully manoeuvred me until I was lying on top of him and I could feel his still hard, erect cock between my legs. By his actions and coaxing I knew he wanted me to sit on him. I positioned myself, kneeling, either side of his body and holding his cock in my hand I lowered my pussy on to his meat. He slid easily into my very wet hole, going very deep. I remained still, feeling the whole of him inside me, for a short while. We were kissing gently again and Adi was playing with my little tits. He moved his hands down to my hips and began encouraging me to ride his cock and fuck him. I started sliding up and down his cock travelling along his full length, the down strokes being best as he penetrated me fully. I was humping at a good rhythmic pace when I felt his hands encouraging me to turn round. I raised myself up his cock and swivelling, without him coming out of me, I turned to face away from him. I set up my steady sliding up and down again and felt Adis hands pulling my bum cheeks apart. I felt his moistened finger lightly circling my puckered ring before being inserted about up to the first joint and being wiggled. Ever so slowly the whole of his finger slid into me. It felt comfortable. üsküdar escort After a while it was replaced by his thumb and with his fingers underneath me, either side of his cock, he encouraged me to grind harder until I was shouting my pleasure once again having cum once more. He pushed me up off his cock and grabbing my hips he pulled my pussy towards his face. My face was above his still hard cock and I could see it glistening with my cum. Adi had started tonguing the cum from my pussy. I lowered my head and licked every inch of his meat savouring the taste of my own sex juice. I took his cock into my mouth licking and sucking him whilst jacking my hand up and down his length until he started squirting his lovely warm spunk into my mouth. He was twitching as five or six spurts of cream filed my mouth. I had really missed the taste of spunk and I savoured it before swallowing it all. I continued to suck so as not to miss a drop. Adi was sucking my clit and he made me cum again.

I rolled off Adi and lay there very satisfied but confused by what had happened. I felt Adi move off the bed and heard him leaving my room. We hadn’t spoken.

The next thing I felt, and I learnt later that this was after almost an hour, were Adi’s hands moving down my back and on to my bum cheeks which he pulled apart. I then felt the warmth of his breath and the softness of his tongue as he started to rim me. What a way to be woken. His tongue was circling and pushing its way into my hole. This was then replaced by his finger which found its way inside. He eased it in and out a little before removing it. I then felt a strange feeling as something thin was pushed into my hole, going quite deep, and I then felt another odd sensation. It transpires that Adi had pushed a narrow tube deep into my hole. The tube was attached to a syringe full of lube. Slowly withdrawing the tube whilst he plunged ensured I was filled up with lube along my passage. The tube was then replaced by his finger again.

“Be gentle,” I uttered as I now knew Adi was intending to fuck me anally. I enjoyed being buggered but it had been some considerable time and never with a cock of Adi’s size.

“Just relax,” Adi replied quietly and with reassurance. He spent some considerable time opening up my hole. I was lying on my front, legs spread, with Adi kneeling between them. After some finger fucking he worked two fingers into me repeating the process. He then got one finger of each hand inside me, working them in and out whilst at the same time pulling sideways to open me up. The single fingers were eventually replaced by two on each hand with the same actions repeated. He was so slow with a lovely soft touch and I was enjoying the way he was prepping me. “You’re ready for fucking,” he said whilst encouraging me to my knees. My head was on the bed with my bottom high in the air. He stood above me. I pulled my bum cheeks apart. He bent his legs and I felt his cock at my entrance. “Relax.” He pushed a little and got his cock head inside me, I felt myself being stretched open. “Relax.” He pushed some more, very very gradually until I could feel his balls against my bottom, his cock was now fully inside me. He kept it there as he reached under me and fondled my tits. He moved his hands and supported my hips as he slowly started to fuck me. In and out of my hole with his big cock, it felt so good. He reached under me fingering my love hole and playing with my clit. That was it, Adi became the first guy to bring me off whilst anal fucking me. I came all over his fingers. He slid his cock out of me and I collapsed on to the bed face down. I turned on my side to see Adi going into my bathroom. He wasn’t gone long and soon returned. He pulled me by my arms, on my back, to the end of the bed. My head was hanging over the edge and Adi still had hold of my arms. He lowered his still hard cock towards my mouth; I opened up and took it in. He tasted of a hint of perfume. He’d obviously gone and cleaned himself after being up my bum prior to giving me his cock in my mouth. Adi was in control and was fucking my mouth, occasionally getting his cock into my throat. He removed his cock and started jacking it and soon I could see spurts of white fluid being fired into my mouth. His load tasted as good as the first and once again I swallowed it all. Adi turned away and I saw him make his way to the door and leave my room. I lay there thinking about what we had done. We had hardly talked to each other. What would Nia say if she found out? I decided to take a shower to freshen up and to try and clear my thoughts. tuzla escort After my shower I put on a fresh bikini and went out of my room directly on to the patio where I found my old one lying on the lounger. I tidied it away and spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and reading. Adi continued to work inside at his computer.

Nia returned at about four-thirty and we all had a drink on the patio. We discussed Nia’s day and Adi and I said we’d either been working or taking the sun. Later on we got ready and went out for a meal. We’d had a bit to drink with our meal and on our return we took drinks out to the patio and after a while Nia gave me a real surprise. “What sleeping arrangements shall we have tonight Adi? Are you going to sleep with me? Are you going to sleep with mum? Or do you want to sleep with both of us together?”

“Nia, you know?” I said.

“Of course I do. Adi told me, we have an open relationship and I sort of planned it.”


“About a month ago I was talking with Adi and I was saying that I was surprised and concerned that you hadn’t started going out, especially with men, since dad had died. I told him that you were young enough to still have a life ahead of you. Adi agreed with me. I asked Adi what he thought of you and he said that you were definitely a MILF. I asked him if he’d fuck you if given the chance. He said any man would be a fool refuse.”

“So you cooked up this little scheme?”

“Well not in detail. I just gave Adi permission to take you if the opportunity arose and it did this morning.”

I was taken aback by the whole thing. “So you pimped me to your partner?”

“No! Not really.”

“I don’t know what to say…………………………………… I’m going to bed, on my own.” I got up and went to my room leaving Adi and Nia on the patio. I had quite a restless night waking up often thinking about what Nia had done and more importantly what I had done with Adi.

When I got up in the morning Nia and Adi were both up and sitting having coffee on the patio. I approached them a little nervously, “Good morning,” I said.

They both replied “Good morning.”

“I want to apologise for last night and I shouldn’t have said what I did.” I went on. “I really appreciate what you and Adi have done for me.”

“You enjoyed being taken by Adi?”

“Yes I did. His cock’s so big and he knows how to use it. He made me feel good”

“He made you cum then?”

“Yes, several times.”

“Several times? More than three?”

“Yes, at least five.”

“I’m glad you liked his big dick. He’s actually nine inches long and seven inches round. Did Adi cum for you?”

“Yes twice.”

“Was it enjoyable?”

“Very, he came in my mouth both times.”

“How did he taste?”

“He tastes wonderful and his spunk is so thick with lots of it.”

“Yes I know. He’s been tested and he has a very high sperm count which means lots of little tadpoles which makes his cum thick.”

“I swallowed everything. He has stamina and delivered two large loads with very little rest.”

“He is a very good repeater. Adi did you enjoy taking mum?”

“Yes very much. Just like you, your mum enjoys having herself fucked. She required little direction to get into the positions I wanted her in. She’s got a pair of beautiful small firm boobs with very sensitive nipples. Her pussy tastes great and her cunt is lovely and tight. Talking of tight her little bum hole is extremely snug but she took all of me.”

“It was worth it. You have opened my eyes to what I’ve been missing. Your father wouldn’t want me to stop enjoying myself. He didn’t whilst alive, always allowing me to indulge my greater sex drive outside of our marriage. We had an open relationship just like you two. I had always been more highly sexed than your dad and from the early days he encouraged me to take other partners, both male and occasionally female.” It was Gary, a black American guy I met on a trip to London, who comes closest of my previous lovers to Adi in cock size. “I have therefore had my fair share and variety of cock and pussy over the years. Since the advent of the internet your father would use various sites and contacts to select and arrange my liaisons for me. All I had to do was to turn up at the appointed time and place, often driven by dad. I had to give dad all the details on my return. “

“Wow! Mum I never realised you and dad were so adventurous. How often did you go out?”

“About every four or five weeks.”

“You obviously enjoy sex and I’m glad we’ve been able to help you to think about it again, and remember Adi’s available to fuck you when ever you want.”

“Thanks both of you but I need to find my own lovers, I’ll have to see if any of dad’s sites are still on the computer, although having Adi from time to time would be pleasurable.”

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