After Rehearsal

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To Robyn, the editor of this piece:

Gratias tibi ago. Here’s to you and hopefully many more works on Literotica.

*All characters in this story are above the age of 18. The story is nonfiction, but names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.*


If you’ll permit me; I’d like to share with you the day I had a wild affair with a sexy divorcee.

The stage is set in a small rural town of Fairchild. As far as small towns go, it fits the bill for conservative leanings, plenty of open land, and few if any luxuries. It had its small town high school football team of the Fairchild Rebels, which had in no way been influenced by the areas’ Civil War history and its particular leanings therein. It was a small town defined by one street, which was creatively named ‘Main Street’. Fairchild residents were of a pleasant disposition, fairly conservative in their views, and rather private types. I can’t help but foreshadow that the private nature of the town would belie the wild nature of one woman hidden within it.

Now, the majority of my time spent in this small town was in a performance space above a bar called Billy Jack’s. It was a beat up old bar, but what was needed was there for renovation when they were one of the only games in town in terms of fine drinking establishments. The performance space was a dark brown and rather drab looking space, although when you’re smashed does it really matter how poorly adorned it is? There was a bar on the far right closer to the front, opposite of the stairs, and looking out onto the stage area in the front. The stage itself was just spacious enough to fit most of the kids in the cast.

Oh, I forgot to mention this one important fact about myself… I used to direct children’s theater, and the children were the actors on that great Billy Jack’s beer stained stage. I had always loved theater. The rush of endorphins after every curtain call, the incredible friendships, and… before I ramble on it’s enough to say that I have a passion for the theater. The show that we were working on at the time was: Beauty and the Beast Jr. The music was light and airy, yet had serious notes and themes that gave it depth that even adults could appreciate. Each rehearsal I tried to pull something amazing out of the kids, and while there were struggles, the kids never failed to give it their best shot and impress me in the end. Looking back on things… I do miss those fun moments, the teaching moments, and watching these young actors grow into their roles.

On a rainy day in February, we had just wrapped up act 2 and were hanging out ahead of the usual parent pick-up time. Walking over to a case of Dasani waters in the corner, I leaned down and scooped one up. As I walked back to the main area, to keep an eye on the kids and to mingle with everyone, I noticed one parent staring rather intently at me. The woman’s name, who we’ll call Kelly, a brunette in her mid 30’s, and an attractive person altogether. Me, not wanting to pass up an opportunity at an adult conversation, I made the usual platitude in terms of a greeting.

“Hello there Ms. Zax.Good to see you as always!” I remember smiling warmly at her, because I wanted the parents that brought their kids to us to feel welcome.

Sme smiled back, with her knowing green eyes. “Oh, I told you to call me Kelly.” And she playfully touched my arm.

Thinking nothing of this, other than a platonic and friendly gesture. I politely responded,” Ah, I must have forgotten. Kelly, good to see you. Sarah did great today.” As I said this I was keeping half my attention on the kids and the other half on her, because well… a lot can happen when you look away for 5 seconds. But I also remember being keenly aware that her and I were rather removed from everyone and by ourselves.

“Oh, yes you should see her on her account! She is our little actress.” She glanced over at Sarah who was chatting animatedly with her friend Kiki. She noticed I was looking as well and gave me the ‘they can wait’ look, and she gave a little wave to Sarah, who waved back and continued chatting with Kiki.

“Yeah, it’s hard to keep up with that little ball of energy sometimes.” I smiled at her thinking about what Sarah had done in rehearsal and all of her funny ways.

“Hey! I was wondering… Did you hear about the Chili cookoff?” She had this little glint in her eye as she said it and slid towards me in her seat.

Not noticing this subtle sign, I plodded along in a neutral fashion. “Oh, right I heard them talking about it on the radio! I actually was thinking about going.”

“Oh really? Me too. I love chili! I might even take the kids out to go. Maybe we’d see you there?” Looking back, it is incredible how obvious the signs were.

“Well I just might see you there!” After that i I had to attend to the rest of the little actors and make sure they weren’t tearing the room apart.

Weeks went by and the show came and went, as the theater often goes. Kelly and I became Facebook friends, and most of our interactions were pleasant, but there was an underlying tension bursa escort that was coming to the front. As time went on, things became more sensual. Being a person who had some sexual experience, obviously as a man in his early 20’s I, naturally, was eager to realize a fantasy of an older woman. Our conversations proceeded from subtle innuendos to more blunt talk:



I dig you a lil bit, jay

My 1st response:

I am incredibly flattered. But, what makes you dig me?

Kelly sent

You’re very charming, witty, smart, and it seems so far we have similar interests. Oh and you’re adorable. Like ‘yummy’

Cool and funny

At 22 you have a lot more direction on life than I ever did

I thank you for the kind words, and most certainly our interests intersect! I mean movies, bath preference , scuba, zip lining, I’m definitely into all that.

Yummy? Please indulge me and describe what that means xD

As far as my direction goes… I’m fortunate to be where I am at and the road I’ve taken to get here.

Kelly sent

Yummy like I may have to refrain from eating you ??

Oh! Well, just bring the whipped cream and then it won’t be a problem

Kelly sent

Everything tastes better w a lil whipped cream.

You know that’s true! but, I would hate to be a tease.

Kelly sent

Ditto. Ok I’m stopping.

You sent

Stopping what? Is something the matter?

Kelly sent

My thoughts of eating you w whipped cream

You sent

Ohhh well, now my day has truly been made! My word! You could have me a la mode if you like!

Kelly sent

Glad I could make you smile. Or blush.

You sent

Well you certainly know how to keep the summer hot

Kelly sent

I don’t scare you?

I wanna see your magical

Obviously the more we wrote back and forth the higher our anticipation was for our sexual rendezvous. In order to send me into a fever pitch she would send me pictures of her with her favorite toy… a flesh colored dildo, which was no doubt an appetizer to her main course: my cock. I still remember her body from that picture to this day. Her hard nipples and that dildo sticking out of her in her hand. I was incredibly hard for her at this point, and she was, obviously, wet for me. But still we had to wait for the right moment. With work, rehearsals, and college, I was quite busy; Kelly with her kids and her job further complicated scheduling matters. Over the course of what felt like so many days, we had begun the task of matching these schedules. All the while our online foreplay continued.

While we matched schedules some fantasies were discussed. Her fantasy was a somewhat dangerous one, but still incredibly arousing. She had a fantasy of a home intruder coming up behind her, and making her submit. With that done the mysterious intruder would strip her and put her soaking panties into her mouth, hold her arms up while he smacked her tits and toyed with her sensitive clit, and of course bend her over and doggy-style fuck her until she came multiple times. I was determined that we would engage in some delicious foreplay in person just like her fantasy. Kelly and I also discussed how creative we would be with positions and the use of every part of the house too. This truly would be the fuck of a life time.

Finally, the time to put up or shut-up came. The kids were staying with their dad for the weekend, and Kelly could think of no better house guest than myself. Fortunately for me, as it was a Friday night, school could wait, rehearsal was ending soon, and I didn’t have to work until 10 AM that following morning. While I was at rehearsal, Kelly was telling me that in no uncertain terms that she was awaiting my arrival and that her oven was on high. I was practically on wings trying to leave that rehearsal, I had had enough Fiddling on the Roof for one night (or had I?). My heart was pounding as I navigated through the small, historical old town.

Finally, I had arrived at a shaded townhouse complex. Pulling my old Ford into the parking lot, I sat there for a minute listening to myself. The only feeling there was carnal lust and anticipation. Follow your gut they always say, but for me I’m not sure it was my gut I was following here. Unlike a random one night stand, which is already fraught with risk, I knew this woman and I had such a rapport that I doubted there was a substantial risk, although the townhouse on the corner was a bit spooky, I will admit. Heart beating faster still, I walked closer to the front door. For a good 3 minutes I fought my stage fright staring into that dimly lit front door. Knowing she was expecting me, I steeled myself for Kelly’s greeting.

A moment after I knocked on the door, the metallic sound of a lock could be heard from the other side. Kelly was there for me with a smile. Her tight jeans, her tight ass, and her full tits restrained by a tank top… all of it was waiting for me. I don’t know if I could resist shuddering at the sheer image of it all. Even now I can feel my heart beat a bit faster putting myself in that moment all bursa escort bayan over again. She welcomed me in politely, but there was already an unspoken savage lust that needed to be addressed immediately. The room was dark and the townhouse’s only light was from a quietly buzzing TV in the living room to the right. Without even waiting for the pleasantries, I pounced on the moment.

“Put your hands against the door, and spread your legs.” I got behind her as she complied with my order. “I’m going to check you for weapons.” It was a way to, in some small fashion, give her the fantasy she desired, which was a lack of control. I felt her up from her ankles to her tits trying to imprint her curves on my mind.

Seductively she looked back at me and said,” What if I have something hidden… in my pants.” I was harder than ever hearing this as I had just finished rubbing her crotch a bit to give her a preview.

“Take off your clothes and assume the position.” My second command to her, which she complied eagerly to. She slowly removed her tank top to reveal her chest, but since she was still facing away I couldn’t fully see her. The same would go for when she dropped her pants. I stopped her before she could remove her panties. I pressed my body against hers, letting her feel my hard cock against her. “You said you had something in here?” Her breath was deeper and more primal. She nodded in agreement and again covered her crotch with my open hand and rubbed her. I could feel how utterly wet her panties were, so I decided to kick it up a notch. I dove my hand into those soaking panties and began to feel those puffy pussy lips. I teased her by tapping on her hooded clit with my index finger, which made her involuntarily try to put more pressure on her clit by grinding her thighs against that sensitive nub.

Pulling her panties down where her pants were, by her ankles, I positioned myself between her legs and started to kiss her thighs up and down. A small torture for her, because she needed the relief that my tongue in her pussy would provide.

“F-fuck… please…” She breathed.

“Fuck what? Tell me what you want.” I coaxed.

“Fuckkk me. Please. Eat my pussy.” Her legs were growing more impatient to continue some pressure on her aching clitoris.

I moved my head between her legs and proceeded to lap up her shaved cunt. When I reflect hard enough I believe I can remember her scent. My tongue would dip inside her and she would moan for me. I even took one hand, grabbed her ass and guided her as needed as I ate, or should I say, drank her, as she was so wet. At one point I was so deep inside her I believe my nose and mouth were completely absorbed in her pussy, to where I had to come back up for air. I smacked her ass when she moaned louder. When I included her clit she shuddered and begged me not to stop. I gripped her ass with both hands and began grinding her against my face. Just a short time of this made light work of her as she orgasmed directly into my mouth.

Turning around to face me, she reached for my shirt and began to take it off. At this point I had wanted to start stripping anyway, this simplified matters. I raised my arms above my head and let her kiss and lick my now exposed nipples. Fuck it was hot. Kelly then had to fully remove the rest of her clothes, mainly consisting of the jeans and panties that had gathered at her feet. Once that had been done, she grabbed my belt and pulled me into the living room and sat me down on the couch. Fully uncovered she seductively knelt down in front of me and rose up between my legs to start kissing me. Her kisses were intense and explorative. As if she wanted to be as deeply in me as I had just been in her. Our tongues intertwined and I could feel and hear the jingling of my belt as she undid it. She began working her way down my body with her tongue and used her teeth on the pesky zipper, which was the last hindrance between my cock and Kelly’s waiting mouth.

Raising my hips up, Kelly pulled my jeans and boxers off. My hard cock sprung from its cage, she had no fear of grasping this beast in one hand and taking the “bull by the horn”. Men can usually remember the moments where the arousal is such that they are harder and bigger than they usually are, and this was one of those moments for me. She had her hand wrapped tightly around the base of my cock further engorging my bulbous cock head. To top it off she gave my head a devious little lick with that pink tongue of hers, and took me into her mouth. There was nothing in the world that could top my cock in her mouth at that moment. It was hot, wet, and pulsating…And the best part was that she could deepthroat me. She dived down the length of my shaft and rested in the garden of my pubic hair. Kelly was also skilled enough to lick my balls at the very bottom, which caused her to gag a bit before rising back up for air.

I leaned back and bucked my hips out for her to get the maximum space between my legs. My cock would dive deep into her throat and be pulled right back out, and each time it felt even better than the last. In between her swallowing escort bursa me, she would do that sort of double handed jerk-off twist to my cock, and she was a bit forceful with that one but I didn’t mind in the least. Her hand had snaked its way up to my chest just to rest there and touch me while she continued her throat ministrations to my cock. I even grabbed her hair to get her even deeper down on my throbbing cock. I was already aching to cum down her throat.

Kelly could sense that also and popped my cock out of her mouth. “Oh, no you don’t. You are going to fuck me first before you cum.”

Instinctively knowing what was to happen next, I stood up to get in position behind her. She laid her head on the couch, her pussy arched back out to me, as if saying here’s the cum dump right here for you. I got down on my knees behind her and rubbed my cock along her slit to become acclimated to her slit, and to let her know I was there and ready. Before I was able to enter, she turned and handed me a condom “just in case”. My hands tore that package in half and I placed the protective cap on my hard as rock cock, and again positioned myself at her entrance. There was a satisfying ‘pop’ that can be felt when you enter a woman and I could feel her tightness as I plunged my angry cock deeper inside. Kelly took a sharp breath and moaned quietly. I stayed still inside of her for a moment to let her get adjusted and then slowly started moving. My hips had the motion of a saw cutting into a wooden board, slow but also hard and deliberate. With each passing stroke I picked up my pace. It was so sexy being given the opportunity to fuck this sexy older woman, and to make her pussy mine, at least for a night. My knees were already being rubbed raw from using them to balance my hips to thrust inside her. I loved the feeling of her dripping juices down my balls, and at that point I wasn’t sure what was her pussy juice or her saliva as she had gagged on my cock mere moments ago, but I didn’t care.

I rocked my cock inside and outside of her waiting hole. She moaned louder as she did it and even started moaning my name, which never fails to turn me on. We tried to match each others’ rhythm, which would come and go, but I loved the fact she wanted to please me as much as I wanted to please her. I turned her around and started fucking her in the missionary position. Her cunt and tits were on full display for me. Remembering how my cock slid in and out of her, and how she was able to watch it too is still arousing to this day. Every time my cock would be pulled too far out she would just reach out and aim it back for her now stretched pussy and I would continue. I reached down to lick and nibble at her tits while I continued my thrusting. She grabbed my hair and moved it to her neck. She took her tongue and began licking the inside of my ear, which was odd, but hot at the same time.

She then whispered that we should take the party upstairs. After we disentangled, my wet cock already cooling from the AC, she started to lead me to the stairs. I knew that I couldn’t even wait that long, so once we hit the stairs I grabbed her full hips and took her right on the stairs. Kelly issued a surprised but pleased noise, which then turned into a sound of enjoyment as I put my cock inside of her once more. It was a perfect place to fuck. She had a good place to lean against, and I could use a standing position and her hips to piston my cock back inside her. Her other hand was used to service her plump clit. I grunted with the exertion, but I loved every minute of it. Fucking right there. Where she lived and walked up those steps every day to her room. And I was getting a chance to fuck her doggy style.

I was getting close to cumming now and she was too. I speared my cock in her again and again, feeling the heat (and cum) rise in my body. She pinned her legs together and moaned louder, and I felt her muscles close against me.

“Ohhhhh… F-f-f-u-ckkkk… I’m cumming!” She screamed.

This announcement was just what I needed to push me over and I unloaded into my latex sheath buried inside her. I grunted as each wave of orgasm produced a pump of more jism inside the condom. In a way, I wished I could have just cum inside of her, but you can never be too careful I suppose.

She again turned to face me, and kissed me deeply. “Mmm baby that was,” she rolled her eyes up, and bit her lip,” sooo good. Want to take a shower now?”

“Oh fuck yes. I can even wash your hair, and you can clean up my cock that you just dirtied.

We made our way up the stairs and past her children’s empty rooms and into the bathroom. Since we were already stripped there was nothing more to do than to turn it on and wait for the water to warm up. While that happened, Kelly and I enjoyed more kissing. Once the water was acceptably warm for us we both stepped inside. We faced each other in the shower first and I could feel my cock already harden between her pussy lips once again, like a hotdog opening the hotdog buns. I pinched her nipple and made her turn around so I could wash her hair. She complied and I grabbed the shampoo she used and lathered her straight brown hair. I also made time to put soap in between her legs to “clean” her up. And of course I couldn’t help but smack her ass one more time, which prompted us to change positions.

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