Imagination Coming Through

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What an awfully boring class she was in. She wished it was Thursday’s Creative Writing class, but alas it was Tuesday, and that meant History. Not quite her favorite, and definitely not her strong point. But it was required and so here she was. It was a gloomy, rainy early winter evening and the sky captured her attention. She usually sat in front of the class, but she knew better then to do that in a class she just wanted to get by in. She counted fourteen students in all, and only her and another female sat in the back row. The lights were off and the large, and fairly old television lit the room. 14th Century something somewhere, who knew?

She noticed her reflection in the window. She was a small girl, desperately trying to gain some weight and blessed with an overachieving metabolism. No one is ever satisfied in the world, she’d deduced. She sighed at her smallness, and pale skin. Milky, the compliments would say, grey and dull she’d attack back. She tugged gently at her shoulder length, naturally red hair. She heard a tap on a desk. One of the students had fallen asleep, the professor kindly made sure he didn’t miss any crucial part of the video.

She smirked at herself and went back to the clouds, and what she saw shocked her. A lovely nude body, female and oiled, Asian. Shit, she thought. Her imagination got the best of her sometimes. Last night best friend Jane had showed her something “intriguing.” Alice, you’ve got to check this out. So fucking hot! Alice remembered. It was a Japanese porno where a female client enters a massage parlor and gets much more then expected. A massage with a happy ending, female type. Alice had seen porn before but nothing that actually, she hated to admit, turned her own.

She thought of how lovely it would be to have soft hands applying warm oil over her nude body. Working out all her stresses, and then slowly and tenderly teasing her body. Nipple flicking and coyly sliding fingers past… Shit! She thought again, as she felt a brush of heat take her over. Last night, she watched the twenty minute video, went to bed, closed her eyes and thought of anything but the video. It worked and sleep took her. Yet, here she was, in the middle of class, dazing off and imagining such crude things. She sighed.

She was not a virgin, something she regretted, but glad to be past. She low crawled her way through life and found herself in her junior year of college faster than she could have ever anticipated. She didn’t mind, rather, this is how she wanted things. Quiet and in control; however, at this present time—she was not in control. A terribly boring video of 14th century something blah blah, gloomy clouds, rain, and a barely awake classroom; the images came rushing back into her mind. And with those images came warm sensations and powerful urges. What the hell was going on?

She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to squeeze the images out of her mind. Nope, more oil, now rushing onto the female’s white panties. She opened her eyes and focused on the video. Nope. The images floated around the television set like wandering butterflies. She knew her body fairly well, and could tell when she was horny. She was furiously horny, and she could nearly hear her wetness crawling out of her. She took a deep breath and thanked the heavens the lights were off, she could feel the burning on her cheeks. She knew she blushed easily.

She knew she could keep control of herself, and so she crossed her right leg over her left, in an attempt to quiet the urge. bursa escort It didn’t work. It only squeezed things together in its own heat. She blinked hard, looked towards the television, bit her bottom lip, and very gently moved her right leg around. She looked around the classroom, everyone either “engrossed” in the film or barely alive. She licked her lips as she uncrossed her legs and leaned further into her seat. She wore tight black jeans, and a fairly thick, blue sweater. It shielded her from the weather, and kept her in comfort, especially since under the thick sweater she only wore a thin shirt—no bra. She crossed her arms as soon as she felt her erect nipples.

She didn’t know what to do. Should she leave the class? That would be rude. Fake sickness! She felt embarrassed enough already, she didn’t want to explain anything to anyone—not even a lie. Masturbate in the middle of class? Not even close to being an option, and yet, as she thought of the idea, a ping of heat emanated from her womanhood. I’m going to die, she thought very casually. She looked around the classroom once more, swallowed, and uncrossed her arms. She each arm on each leg. How awkward she must look. She brought up her right arm to the desk, then switched and brought her left arm to the desk.

Her right hand clenched her right knew tightly. She let go after a moment and scratched the inside of her thigh. Her heartbeat raced against the excitement. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, she thought as she slowly inched closer to the middle of her being. Her hand rested right over the heat. She used her middle finger and ring finger to gently poke the spot. Yep, I’m absolutely wet, she confirmed and nodded to herself. She began to move the two fingers up and down, pressing as hard as she could. She couldn’t stop licking her lips as she thought of how ridiculous this was.

Her breathing picked up ever so slightly as she imagined those strong Japanese hands all over her body. She wanted, quite badly, to pinch a nipple or two. And so, very casually, she moved her left arm to her lap, then under her sweater, past her shirt and left it on her belly. She had a smooth belly that she occasionally admired; she tickled her belly button quickly before crawling her way to cup her left breast. It was small, like the rest of her, but delightfully perky.

Her fingers sought and found her nipple, she thought of the rosy pink hue they were before greedily twisting it and sending a powerful shock through her body. Her fingers, as if with a mind of their own, started rotating around the spot where her clitoris surely was. She has never been so horny in her existence and only want to fuck her tight, young—

The shock of the lights popping on was sudden and her right hand banged against the bottom of the desk. The class looked back at her, blushing she smiled and crossed her arms before beginning to gather her books into her backpack. The world returned to its own business as Alice prevented herself from dying of embarrassment. Had anyone caught her? She looked around, and it didn’t seem so. Class time had raced by without her noticing. As she zipped her backpack close, and got up from her seat, she stood very still. She felt her wetness travel down her and into her panties. Fuck, she whispered. She noticed the heat evaporating from her seat.

She made her way past her peers, giving a nod here and there. She wanted to go to the bathroom but didn’t trust herself with all that privacy. This night had to end. However, a bus bursa escort bayan ride awaited her. At the bus stand the images flooded back into the forefront of her mind. Thankfully, the bitter cold suppressed the warmth she felt. Moments later she and two others joined three passengers on the late night bus. She took a spot near the back of the bus, laying her backpack on the seat next to her. She bought her knees to her chest and waited for this night to be over.

Yet, here it comes again, the undeniable feeling of warmth and sensation. She was hapless to it. She looked around the small bus, and wrapped her right arm around her legs. She slid her left under her left heel and massaged her ass gently. She bit her lip as she let the feeling take over. Her hand moved towards the middle, again. She dug her fingertips up and down the area where her pussy lips were, occasionally bumping her clitoris. She let her rhythm catch up with her pulsing heartbeat. She breathed heavier as she pleasured herself. Oh, fuck this, I can’t handle this anymore, she resigned.

She dropped her legs down, picked up her backup and placed it over her lap. She looked around once more before looking down, unbuttoning her tight pants, and pulling the zipper down. Just enough space. She wore light blue polyester panties. She guided her left hand under her panties, felt her pubic hair, then the wetness—the wetness! Jesus fuck! Alice was quite wet. She gathered enough juices to use on her sensitive clit. She breathed in deeply before ensuing. Her fingers worked expertly on her clit, moving her middle finger and ring finger in unison, rotating and pressing.

She licked her lips twice over before slipping her fingers into her tight pussy. I can not believe I’m doing this, and I can’t believe how fucking wet I am right now, she thought. She could feel her wetness make its dripping way to her knuckles as she pushed in deeper.

“Ooohf…” she breathed as she closed her eyes for just a moment, and that’s all it took. As she opened her eyes she noticed one of her female classmates walking towards her. No, no, no! She smiled at the girl that sat right next to her.

“Alice! Where you sleeping back there in class? I could barely stay awake,” the girl smirked.

“Uhm, yeah, yeah. Hah. It was a pretty, uhm, it was a very dry film,” Alice confessed. She prayed that the girl wouldn’t notice what she was doing.

“14th century what? I can barely remember. I don’t know why professor insist on teaching material that won’t be on the quiz. Who gives a shit, right?”

“Right, right,” Alice agreed. Get the fuck away from me! She thought. When did she get on the bus? No, she got on the bus with Alice. Was I really so distracted? And…was she the girl who shared the back of the classroom with Alice?

“Any of the boys in the class interest you?” the girl asked. What the fuck? Why is she asking me this? Alice thought.

“Uhm, huh?”

“Oh, come on, the boys in college are absolutely hot. No more cute little boys. Well, these boys are cute, but they’re men. They’re hot, you know?” The girl winked, looked down at Alice’s backpack very briefly but very noticeably, and smirked.

“Yeah, I guess so…” Alice was terrified.

“I’ll admit that I was fantasizing about them in class. My mind does its own thing in the dark, you know? I wanted to be fucked in the dark, in that very class,” the girl said quietly, and, was that embarrassment? The girl blushed as she revealed her secret.

“Uhm…” escort bursa was all Alice could say. The word fucked had sent another ping of heat through her. What the hell was going on?

“Do you ever allow yourself to think about things like that, Alice?” The girl asked as she leaned back against the seat, closed her eyes, crossed her arms across her chest and smirked. Alice took the opportunity to look at the girl. Dark hair and olive skin, tight jeans, also black, and a thin but expensive looking jacket. She was, well, she was quite stunning. But just what was going on here? Alice was strangely and powerfully turned on, her pussy tightened and contracted around her two fingers.

“I…I’m not really comfortable just…”

“My name is Anita, and I’m a friend,” Anita smiled at Alice as she looked down at the backpack again, this time longer. Anita’s eyes were a lovely pale grey, just like Alice’s. There was a foreign twang in her speech. Anita leaned back into her seat and closed her eyes again. “So, do you?”

“S-…sometimes, sure, my mind, my thoughts wander too,” Alice admitted. Just what is happening? Alice thought, but was interrupted by her own fingers as they began to dance in her again. She arched her elbow and dug deeper, hitting the spongy spot she loved so. She gasped and noticed Anita look over then quickly closing her eyes again.

“That’s good, you should allow the mind to play.” The way Anita whispered play was very sexy, and Alice couldn’t help but speed up her self-fingering. She was on fire. Was Anita’s hand resting on her knee? Alice looked down, and yes it was, it added to the madness in her mind. Alice pushed in and up violently as the feelings took her over, she felt Anita’s hand squeeze her knee.

“Yeah…I…agree,” Alice said, she wanted to hear more.

“Sometimes, in class, I get so wet thinking about it that I have to go relieve myself in the ladies room, it’s really quite exciting.”


“Mmhm. You should try it some time.” Anita gently rubbed Alice’s leg.

“Maybe…maybe I will,” Alice replied. Anita’s hand sent a powerful shiver through her—she couldn’t take much more. The wet sounds emanating from her pants where alarming, and nothing would stop her now. She moaned softly as she pressed the tips of her fingers on her G-Spot feverishly. She was close to a very powerful orgasm, and so, she leaned back and slouched in her seat as she dug, dug, dug! “Ooh, ooh, aaah…” she breathed, desperately trying to keep quiet.

Alice’s back arched as the lips of her pussy tightened around her fingers over and over as a powerful orgasm washed over her. Her body convulsed several times. Her fingers where exploded out as a deep hot wetness escaped. She caught her breath, turned her head, and looked at Anita, whom was now staring right back. Anita smiled a toothy embarrassed smile. Alice was shaking, she moved her backpack from her lap and noticed the slightly darker hue her squirt created in the middle of her pants.

“Shit,” she breathed lowly, and awfully embarrassed.

“That was super fucking cute…super fucking hot,” Anita breathed into her ear, “I’ll see you next week.” Anita stood, Alice too the opportunity to admire the firm ass in her face. As the bus came to a halt, the back doors opened and Anita exited the bus, turned, waved and winked at Alice. The doors closed and the bus was on its way. What in the fuck just happened? Alice looked around the bus and she straightened her posture, none of the other patrons where aware of what just happened. Shit, did Alice even know what just happened?

She looked at her wet fingers and could smell herself. Alice sighed as she let the back of her head bang against the seat.


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