Darling Nikki Ch. 07

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Chapter Seven: A Very Confused but Happy Birthday

Sweaty, worn out, sore, satiated, I laid in my bed next to Svetlana, my crotch coated in a mixture of our fluids. She was stretched out full-length, practically purring, as she stroked her skin from her neck down to her belly then back up again. As I’d promised her, my sperm was leaking out of her mouth, pussy, and ass. My belt was still around her neck. I hadn’t had a marathon of sex like this in years. I laid there, a stupid, proud grin on my face, marveling that I’d been able to arouse and please the eighteen year old sub lying next to me.

The sun had set a couple of hours ago leaving the room in darkness. I took Svetlana’s free hand in mine and we lay in satisfied silence for a while, until Svetlana’s phone buzzed. She groaned and cussed, then checked her message. She rolled back over to me, taking my belt off, and we kissed languidly for a bit.

“I really, really enjoyed today, My Lord. But I have to go home soon. For a Russian immigrant, my father is very Texan — if I’m not home at a reasonable time and he figures out I was here, he’ll roll up here with a six shooter and demand satisfaction.” We chuckled at that, and made out a bit more. Finally, though, she rolled out of bed and asked if I’d like to join her for a shower.

Running my soapy hands over her delicious body, I couldn’t resist teasing her a little more, my fingers playing with her long, hard nipples, my cock snugly between her ass-cheeks. She moaned and twisted her head around to kiss me, which led to me lifting her right leg and sliding Junior back inside her greedy cunt.

That wasn’t working for my little slave, though. She loves having my tongue in her mouth whenever we’re intimate, so she turned to face me and climbed up, wrapping her legs around me and sliding me back home…both my cock and my tongue. Knowing this would be the last time we’d be together for a little while lent an urgency to our lovemaking. No teasing, no fancy hip moves or spankings or choking. Just the indescribable sensation of her pussy taking my cock as fast as I could thrust in and out of her.

She leaned her head back against the wall and started whispering, “Please,” over and over while I kept fucking her. I took her cheeks in my hand and tilted her head down.

When she opened her eyes, looking into mine, I growled softly, “You’re mine, little whore. And you’re a good girl.” Her pussy clamped down on me and her entire body stiffened as she began coming. I joined her almost immediately, leaving one final load in her center.

I set her down gently a few moments later, we kissed for a bit more, then actually put in some effort to get clean.

Half an hour later, after more kisses, hugs, teasing, playing grab-ass, and — sadly — getting dressed, she was on her way home. I went inside and started cleaning up the mess we’d left after fucking all over the house. I also opened all the windows, turned on all the ceiling fans, and sprayed plenty of air freshener. I knew I was going to catch a lot of shit from Nikki and Bryce as it was. I didn’t want to give them any more ammo by having the house smelling of sex when they got home tomorrow.

I had just closed all the windows back up and put my favorite scent — cupcakes — in the wax melter, when I noticed headlights heading toward the house. Moments later Bryce parked her car and my two girls hopped out and started grabbing their camping stuff.

I went out and moved to help them unload and asked, “How come y’all are home? I didn’t expect you until tomorrow sometime.”

I grabbed a large box out of Bryce’s hands as Nikki said, “A Park Ranger came by a couple of hours ago and said some bad storms were brewing up and they were closing the campsite.” She looked around as we went up the porch stairs and, with a knowing smirk on her lips asked, “Did Svetlana hide her car or something?”

I rolled my eyes as I shook my head. “No. She headed home a little while ago. Didn’t want her folks wondering where she was at on a Saturday night with all her friends out of town, I guess.”

“And how much did you enjoy her surprise visit?” Bryce had a matching smirk as she asked me that.

“After I impressed upon her how inadvisable it is to enter a man’s bedroom while he’s sleeping, particularly when he has a loaded pistol close to hand, we had a great time, thanks for asking.” I tossed my girls a wink and saucy grin as I went out and grabbed the rest of their camping stuff and put it away in the barn.

When I re-entered the house the girls were discussing dinner. None of us really felt like cooking so we decided to order some pizza and just watch a movie or something. When the pizza arrived forty minutes later we still hadn’t agreed on a movie. The girls wanted to watch one of the eight thousand different versions of “Pride and Prejudice,” and I was trying to talk them into an action movie. I lost.

So, we spent the evening stuffing our bakırköy escort faces with greasy, overpriced, but absolutely yummy pizza, while watching the “Pride and Prejudice” that stars Collin Firth. After we finished eating I tried to excuse myself but the girls weren’t having any of it and insisted I keep watching with them.

While I’m not exactly a fan of Jane Austen, I do like her stories, so it wasn’t too terrible a hardship. The only hardness about it was me, snuggled up with my newly adopted goth-punk sex goddess “daughter,” Bryce, and my incarnation of Aphrodite daughter, Nikki. They were either too into the movie to notice, or feeling kind, and didn’t actively tease me at all that evening. Although Bryce was still fulfilling her threat to wear nothing around the house but skimpy lingerie and was curled up next to me in a pale-pink lacy teddy and white satin panties.

I kept checking my phone for updates on the storm. We were under a tornado watch and I wanted to keep abreast of it. Toward the end of the last chapter my phone made that gods-awful sound it makes when an emergency message comes in. We were now under a tornado warning, and it was confirmed that a tornado had touched down about six miles from our property.

I turned off the TV and told the girls to head for the shelter. Bryce and Nikki ran upstairs and back down a few scant moments later, dressed in jeans and t-shirts. I hurried around the house, turning off the lights and closing the storm shutters, then grabbed an electric lantern, the hand-cranked weather radio, and went out to the barn to join the girls in the storm shelter underneath it. The wind was gusting so hard I nearly got knocked over on my way there. About fifteen feet from the barn door the sky opened up and dropped the entire Gulf of Mexico on my head. The temperature had dropped from the lower eighties to the upper fifties in a matter of minutes, so by the time I stumbled down the steps to the storm shelter, I was soaked from head to toe and freezing cold.

Shivering, teeth chattering, I set the lantern and radio on the folding card table we had down there and looked around for a towel, a blanket, or something. There was only one blanket and it was currently being used by the girls as they sat on the small bed. The temperature was still dropping. The girls noticed my condition and started talking, asking if I was ok, but I ignored them for a moment. Shivering a little harder, I went around the corner to the small pantry, having remembered that there was an old kerosene heater down here. Unfortunately, turns out, we didn’t have any kerosene for it. Cussing under my breath I turned the corner again and sat down at the card table, rubbing my arms. The wind had picked up even more; we were underground and I still had to raise my voice for the girls to hear me.

“I d-d-don’t k-know how l-l-l-long we’ll b-be st-stuck d-down he-h-here, g-g-g-girls. B-b-ut, th-there’s some f-food-d-d in the p-p-pantry.”

Both my girls started talking at once and got off the bed. Nikki came up and looked like she was going to put her arms around me, but I held up a shaking hand. “N-no, b-baby. S-s-stay d-dry.”

“Daddy, we’ve got to get you dry. You can’t be down here soaking wet. You’ll catch your death. Aren’t there any other blankets or anything?”

I just shrugged. Bryce ducked around the corner while Nikki watched me, worrying. After a moment Bryce came back and said, “Nope. Just dry rations and jerry cans of water. At least I think it’s water.”

“Daddy, you’ve got to get out of those wet clothes. Strip.”

I shook my head and started trying to say that I’d be fine. Nikki, starting to get angry, just talked over me. “We don’t know how long this will last or how cold it’s going to get. You cannot keep those clothes on. I am not going to have you suffering hypothermia, and I’m not going to deal with your macho, puritanical bullshit. Get. Naked. Now.” She began pulling off her shirt.

I started shaking my head no, pretty emphatically. For anyone not possessing a great deal of survival situation knowledge…Nikki was right. When you’re really cold and wet and have no other source of warmth, the only sure way to try and stave off hypothermia is to get naked and wrap up as best you can. If you’re fortunate enough to be with another person, preferably one who’s dry, and willing to get naked with you, the both of you should bundle up naked. Their body heat will help you dry off, and y’all’s combined body heat will help keep your core temperature from dropping.

Nikki completely ignored my attempts to politely stop her and kept undressing. She turned to Bryce and told her, “Go upstairs and look around the barn. There may be some old horse blankets or even a coverall or something up there.” Bryce started to leave, but I was fed up with being ignored. I stepped in front of the stairs, blocking them.

“Enough! N-Nikki. Y-you’re r-right. But y-y-you beşiktaş escort can g-go look. B-Bryce can s-st-stay with m-me.”

“Sure. Go on, Nikki,” said Bryce, as she started stripping.

Nikki nodded and moved toward the stairs, motioning me to move. As I stepped out of her way she started up the stairs, calling over her shoulder, “You better be naked before I get back, Daddy.”

The shivering was getting pretty bad; I was having a very difficult time getting my shirt off. Bryce, who was already naked by then, had me sit down at the card table and started helping me undress. A very brief time later I was standing completely naked in the storm shelter with Bryce using her t-shirt to try and dry my hair. She tossed it aside and grabbed Nikki’s t-shirt and dried my body as best she could with that. I was so damned cold by that point I’d given up trying to talk. A part of me did marvel, though, that Bryce hadn’t made any comments about not minding getting naked with me. I guess she was worried, too.

When Nikki came back downstairs, empty-handed, a few minutes later I could see how cold she was, too. Her high beams were on, their outline clearly visible through her bra. Bryce and I were sitting on the bed, the blanket around us as best we could situate it, Bryce’s arms around me while I shivered and shook. Bryce was a tiny furnace, her warmth already helping me out. Nikki sat on a chair and took her shoes and socks off, then stood and started shimmying out of her pants.

I was too cold to protest at this point, so I just closed my eyes, refusing to watch my darling Nikki strip. Instead I focused on breathing and on stopping the shivers. Bryce squealed a little when Nikki moved the blanket enough to join us, blasting us with cold air. Nikki sat down on the other side of me, her body pressing against mine, her arms surrounding me, as she rested her head on my shoulder.

I dried off pretty quickly, and I was nowhere near as cold anymore, but still I shivered a bit. The girls were talking quietly past me. I wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying, just enjoying the sound of their voices and having them both so close. The wind was still howling, and the rain was still coming down hard enough that I was thinking I should have maybe built an ark. We couldn’t see our breath, but it was still fairly chilly down in that shelter. Despite all that, though, it was nice and cozy under the blanket, and I was enjoying myself. A large part of me loved having these naked women holding onto me and worried about me. Bryce was a tiny little bundle of barely-contained sex, and Nikki…well, I wasn’t going to think about her. They fit so comfortably into my arms.

No matter how much I fought it, though, I couldn’t help but be hyper aware of the way Nikki felt next to me. Her smooth skin touching mine, the feel of her breasts rubbing against me as she breathed, the exquisite torture when she shifted and put her leg over mine…I could suddenly feel hair tickling my hip!

You may have noticed me referring to the gods from time to time. I believe in and follow the old Norse gods. Tyr, the god of Justice — according to which sources you reference — and also one of the gods of War, was my primary deity. I’m not Asatru, though. I don’t have any desire to join any kind of organized religion. It just doesn’t work for me. But what I believe and the way I pay homage to my gods, well, I just don’t pray very much. It’s just not something I do. And I hadn’t prayed to any deity since Meg’s death. But cuddled up under that blanket, feeling Nikki’s pubic hair tickling my thigh (and I was sure I could feel some additional heat right there on my hip, too), well, I found myself praying. Praying that I could maintain enough control to not get an erection. I didn’t want to let either my daughter or my new not-quite daughter know just how devastatingly aroused I was. I didn’t want either one of them to have the slightest hint of the beginning of a notion that I might possibly, in some way, have any kind of inkling of lust for Nikki.

My prayers must have been answered because my penis remained flaccid, even when Bryce started stroking my thigh very close to Junior. I even kept from getting hard when Nikki snuggled tighter against me and I was sure I could feel her nether lips brushing my hip.

The wind and the rain just kept on and on and on, though. Eventually we all started getting sleepy. Bryce said, “We need to lay down. I can’t sleep sitting up, guys.”

Nikki shrugged, dragging her nipple up and down on my skin, and said, “Sounds good. Daddy, you’re staying in the middle. You’re still a little cold. Let me and Bryce keep warming you.”

Another quick prayer for strength and control. “Sure, honey. Let’s get comfy, girls.”

I was able to focus enough on the storm outside that I didn’t embarrass myself. The three of us just laid down, snuggled together and went pretty quickly to beylikdüzü escort sleep.

The first thing I noticed when I woke up was how quiet it was. It seemed the storm had blown itself out or moved on. The second thing I noticed was that I was on my side, my back against the wall, my arms encasing Nikki who was backed against me, with her arms encasing Bryce. The third thing I noticed was that Junior was hard enough to cut glass, and he was snuggled between Nikki’s thighs. I could feel her lips kissing my shaft. I was horrified! And I almost came. Which made me even more horrified. And, I suddenly noticed, her thighs and labia were wet!

So there I was, my cock nuzzling my daughter’s wet pussy, my hand cupping her breast from underneath, going out of my mind with guilt and panic. My brain was like a hamster in its wheel.

I’ve gotta move. I can’t move! I can’t let her wake up with me perving on her like this. I’ve GOT to MOVE! I CAN’T move!

Around and around she goes, where she’ll stop, nobody knows!


My tiny punk bucket of fuck saved the day! She yawned real loud then crawled over Nikki, moving her out of the way, and snuggled up to me, kissing me passionately. “Mmmm, morning wood!” She stroked me a few times and we both cried out in surprise when I started spurting all over her hand, my belly, the mattress, the blanket…

“Hmm, whazzit? Yes, more pickles, please!” Nikki stretched and yawned and turned over. “Morning, sis. Morning, Daddy.”

Bryce rolled over faster than lightning, her hand still on me, and kissed Nikki’s cheek. “Morning, Nikki. Did you hear the storm is over? Let’s go get some breakfast!”

“Pancakes would be awesome!” She hopped out of bed, grabbed her clothes, and ran up the stairs, her perfect ass flexing as she ran. I literally could not make myself look away from the sight of my naked goddess of a daughter running. Fortunately for the sake of keeping my secret desire a secret, Bryce was riveted by the spectacle, too. She’d even started stroking me again. I turned my attention to her just before she rolled back over to face me. She kissed me tenderly.

“That was a surprise. A little keyed-up, were you?”

Pretty much any man alive is going to be embarrassed at coming that quickly after a simple touch. I was absolutely no exception, and blushed.

You know that look girls get when they see, for instance, a puppy do something adorable, embarrassing, and stupid? That’s the look Bryce gave me. Which really did not help my self-image in the slightest. I guess I should have been thankful she stopped her slow tugging on my dick. Instead she kissed me again, wrapping me up tight in her arms and legs…which just happened to put her slightly damp pussy pressed up against my cock…which was hardening again. Maybe I should have been pleased at how amazing my refractory rate had been lately, but that “Aww, that’s so cute” expression right before she kissed me was a bit emasculating. We’ve just got to take the embarrassing shit with the good stuff, I suppose.

We made out for a few minutes. Then she broke off the kiss and grinned at me. “Just as soon as you give Beth the dicking she’s squirming for, you can have this,” as she pressed her pussy up against my cock, “again.”

She kissed my nose then ducked under the covers and started licking up the come I’d splattered on myself. Once she’d gotten it all, she took my cock — back at full extension — as deep into her mouth as she could and just held it there, sucking gently. Then she tossed the blanket off, sat up, giggled, hopped out of bed, grabbed her clothes, and was gone.


* * *

The next few days passed relatively peacefully. If you discount the fact that Bryce, whenever she was home — which was pretty much all the time — never wore anything but a bikini, bra and panties, or lingerie. And if you discount the fact that Nikki was apparently influenced by Bryce’s relaxed attitude toward clothing and started wearing her bikini around the house more often, or just a bra and panties. Fortunately for my sanity and emotional health the underwear Nikki wore around me was pretty utilitarian. It wasn’t designed to be sexy. It was Nikki wearing it, though, so it was, by default, sexier than most women could accomplish after a visit to a glamour studio and spending $1000 on one piece of lingerie.

If she’d worn some of the teddies, camisoles, or sheer stuff that Bryce was prone to wear, my growing desire for her would have been unearthed pretty much immediately.

I kept control of myself, though. Despite the flirty or sultry looks Bryce gave whenever I came into a room she was in. Also despite the giggles she and Nikki shared whenever I left a room in a huff.

On Tuesday afternoon, just as I was about to wrap up working on Trixie, Dana showed up. She gave me a slightly-lingering hug and we chatted for a few minutes about our progress on the car. We hugged again as I was preparing to leave, and she surprised me by giving me a kiss on the cheek. It was purely chaste; a friendly kiss. Not a huge deal. She’d just never done that before. It was sweet…and a little confusing. I put that aside, though, and opened the door of my truck.

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