Hard and Deep

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Sheila moaned as Troy pounded into her, his balls slapping against her shaved pussy. It felt good…but… She sighed mentally. If only he were bigger.

Above her, Troy began grunting and tensing, and with a long moan he shot his load into her. She thrust her hips against him, trying to garner as much pleasure as she could from his throbbing member.

All too soon, Sheila felt Troy’s penis soften. It was over. Troy rolled onto his side with a contented groan and dozed off, leaving Sheila lying on the bed with a swollen, unfilled sensation joining the cum in her cunt.

Rolling off the bed, Sheila tiptoed to the bathroom and shut the door. She sank onto the closed toilet seat and leaned back, eyes closed. Her finger searched out her clitoris and began stroking and rolling it.

Her stomach muscles tightened as the sensations began building. Thrusting her three middle fingers deep inside, she continued rubbing her clit with her other hand, savoring the feeling of cum and her own juices seeping onto the toilet seat.

She continued playing with herself for several minutes until she was completely aroused. But she wanted more. She fantasized of enormous, rock-hard penises tearing into her, making her scream with sweet agony. She loved it hard and deep, and three fingers weren’t good enough.

Getting to her feet, she frantically tuzla escort rummaged through the cupboard under the sink, looking for something—anything—to satisfy her ache. Something round and long and thick, thick enough to stretch her wide open…

Her hand closed around a hairspray bottle and she held it up, her heart pounding in her throat. It was at least twelve inches tall and eight inches around. It looked enormous.

Sheila’s palms were sweating lightly and she was trembling as she positioned the bottle between her legs. She tried to press it into her pussy and felt the pressure all around the hole. It was enormous. She took a deep breath. This would be incredible.

Pulling a towel from the rack, she spread it on the bathroom floor. Then she took a folding mirror from the countertop and positioned it so she could watch her progress.

Sinking onto the towel, Sheila spread her legs and repositioned the bottle against her pussy. Pressing hard with one hand, she used the fingers of her other to spread and open herself, wriggling and forcing the bottle toward her until it started to enter her. She felt the skin around the bottle stretch taut.

Swallowing hard, she began to force the bottle further inside her by pulling the bottle out slowly, then plunging it deeper, repeating until she felt her pussy spread all the pendik escort way up inside. Only an inch or so of the bottle protruded when she felt the end inside her press against her cervix.

The image she saw in the mirror aroused her more than she thought possible. Her pussy looked red and swollen, stretched nearly beyond the limit around the large bottle. Her clitoris was engorged, forcing apart her pussy’s wet lips as it throbbed, begging to be touched.

Sheila stroked her clit softly, flinching as blots of lightning surged through her at each touch. She nearly came but stopped herself. No, she had to have it hard and deep.

Getting to her knees with difficulty, she pressed the bottle against the floor and rocked back on her heels, forcing it to press hard into her. The sensation was so powerful she let out a small cry, unbidden.

Bouncing slightly on her knees, she pumped against the bottle, each bounce sending a jolt of pleasure-pain through her. She was beyond caring if Troy heard her in the next room, completely focused on fucking herself with the bottle. Little grunting cries escaped her lips in time with the rhythmic pounding of the bottle against the floor. Her juices were hot and slow as they leaked around the bottle and ran down her thighs to soak the towel.

Spreading her labia, her eyes glazed, Sheila aydınlı escort watched the bottle fuck her, watched her fingers rubbing violently at her clit. She held off cumming as long as she could, reveling in the powerful sensations that coursed through her, making her body twitch and jerk.

Finally, the orgasm burst through her and she jerked forward, all her muscles tense and convulsing. Her pussy tightened spasmodically around the bottle, trying to force it out, but her weight against the bottle on the floor kept it tight against her cervix. The pressure made her orgasm almost unbearably intense. It lasted so long that when it finally faded, Sheila collapsed on her side, gasping for breath.

She lay there several moments, thrilling at the post-cum throbbing in her abdomen. Watching herself in the mirror, Sheila grasped the bottle and pulled it from her pussy, salivating as she watched it appear, inch by inch, coated with thick creamy cum. It came out with a pop, freeing the way for more cum to spill down her pussy onto the towel.

The end of the bottle was covered with globs of cum, tinged slightly pink. A little worried, Sheila fingered herself and winced at the soreness. Pushing another finger, than a third, deep inside, she squirmed and moaned at the incredible stretched, raw feeling.

A pounding on the door made her jump.

“Sheila, are you in there?” Troy’s voice broke into her exploration. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah,” Sheila yelled back, savoring her sore pussy as she stood shakily.

“Oh yeah,” she said softly, “Everything’s great.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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