It’s for Research Ch. 03

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Nathan unlocked his front door and was confused. The house was completely dark. He had been meeting with his editor and had been invited out for drinks afterwards. Brianna knew that he was going to be late, but she normally waited up for him. She was not the jealous type and knew that when he was out late, she would catch up on her reading or sometimes go out with friends herself.

Nathan locked the front door and set the alarm. He noticed a somber light from the living room. As he walked down the grand entranceway to the door of the living room, he gasped. His mouth was wide open and his cock went from being completely flaccid to throbbing hard. He stood at the entranceway long enough to take in exactly what he was seeing.

The room’s overhead lights were off. There was a ring of candles on the floor surrounding his girlfriend. The light from the flickering candles created some shadows, but it was clear what was in the middle of the circle of candles. His girlfriend was lying on what looked like a leather lounger. It was a dark beige color and was a weird shape. He knew right away that the sex furniture he had ordered had arrived.

His cock began to ooze precum and he felt it seep onto his silk boxers. He barely had time to take in the new toy that had arrived because of what was on the toy. His girlfriend was completely naked. Her red hair was in a French braid and she was leaning over the edge rocking the lounger back and forth. Her firm breasts were pressed against the leather and there was a thin layer of sweat covering her tanned body.

“Fuck.” Nathan could not think of anything else to say. He stepped closer, trying to undress without bursa escort taking his eyes off his girlfriend.

“This came today. I thought we would try it when you got home. I mean your editor will appreciate you writing the article sooner rather than later right.” Brianna’s eyes looked so innocent. It did not help that she had turned and was now lying on her back on the curved section of the chair. Her head was tilted back and an image of her deep throating his cock flashed before him. He tried to pay attention to what she was saying.

“Huh?” Nathan glanced away from her so that he could undo his pants and slide them down. He kicked them to the side and slid down his boxers. A thin stream of precum oozed from his cock. He did not notice, but she did. Brianna whimpered.

“I watched the video that comes with this. We can watch it later if you want, but right now I think you want me to deep throat your cock.” Brianna smiled an opened her mouth. Nathan groaned. He was an erotic writer and had been asked to review some sex toys. He was trusted enough to be professional about it, but right now he did not care about writing a review. Right now, he had to deal with his nympho girlfriend.

Nathan pulled off his shirt and stepped forward. He stood by her head and moaned as he guided his cock into her mouth. The chair, or whatever it was, was just the right height so that he did not have to crouch. His cock slide effortless into her mouth and he pushed the little bit extra so that the head of his cock pushed into her throat. He wanted to close his eyes, but knew he had to pay attention. He rocked forward and felt the chair rock with him. He noticed bursa escort bayan that its curved base allowed it to rock like a rocking chair. He took deep breaths as he watched Brianna fondle her breasts.

“You could have someone between your legs kneeling on the chair couldn’t you?’ Nathan was imagining all the sex positions possible and even though they would never invite anyone to share either of them during sex, he had to think practically. Brianna slid his cock out of her mouth and nodded.

“They showed that in the video. Come lay on the chair.” Brianna climbed off the chair. Her legs were shaking, partly from played with her dildo all afternoon, partly from the desire to try out this position. Nathan lay back on the chair and wiggled around. The curve of the chair titled his hips up at just the right angle so that if Brianna were on top his cock would push against her g-spot. He knew that was what she wanted and when she climbed on top, he moaned.

“Fuck me.” Nathan hissed those words and watched as Brianna gripped his cock and pushed him inside her. He was right. The angle pushed the tip of his cock against the firm spongy area inside her pussy. Brianna leaned forward and began to rock the chair. Nathan stopped moving and gasped. He did not even have to move. Each time the chair rocked his cock slid deeper into her pussy. Brianna sped up the rocking motion until she began panting and crying out.

“Cum for me baby. Let me feel it.” Brianna shook her head. Nathan looked confused until she explained.

“You cum first. I want to cum in a different position. I promise you’ll love it.” Nathan groaned. They never played power games escort bursa during sex. It was a give and take and both of them were equally happy to pleasure each other. Nathan watched her breasts sway in rhythm to the rocking chair. He had been holding back, but knew that she wanted many short sex sessions as opposed to one long drawn out session. He held the sides of the sex chair and gasped. He came hard inside her, flooding her pussy with his cum.

“Mmm. Good. Sit straddling the chair. Facing this way.” Nathan got into position and watched as she lowered herself back onto his cock facing away. She was up against the high curve of the chair and as he leaned back on the flat part of the chair, he felt his cock go even deeper.

“This is amazing. God I could play with this all night.”

“That’s what I want baby.” Brianna arched her back a bit and sank deeper onto Nathan’s cock. Her g-spot was swollen and it was only a matter of time before she gushed. Nathan ran his hands up and down her back, massaging her butt. The room smelled like sex, but neither one of them cared. Brianna always came hard when it was a slow fuck.

“Ohh.” Brianna shut her eyes tight and felt her body convulse. Wetness covered her belly and dripped down onto Nathan. Nathan knew she had cum from the pulsing of her pussy. He felt hot liquid drip down onto his thighs and for a moment was confused until he heard Brianna’s gasps. She laid her head on the chair and gasped. Nathan knew to stay completely still. Anything would set her off again and she needed recovery time. A few moments later, she spoke.

“Wow.” Brianna stood up and turned around. The chair was wet from her juices and there was a small puddle under it as well.

“My little nympho had a wet orgasm. It felt fantastic I bet.” Brianna nodded.

“Let’s go watch the video then we can play some more. I think I could write a book on this.”

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