Emil has “Special Needs” Ch. 02

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“My brother has a crush on you”, Michael casually mentioned to Lara, while they were sitting inside Campus Café, taking a short break between classes. It was now nearing the second week of December, and everyone was busy writing papers, finishing up projects, and cramming for the finals that were fast approaching.

“Oh, well, I really like Emil. He’s sweet”, Lara replied sincerely.

Michael started again, “In fact, he’s been asking when you’ll be back to visit… he’s been asking every day since Thanksgiving, as a matter of fact.” Michael didn’t really expect Lara to say much in response, figuring she would automatically but diplomatically dismiss the idea of visiting his family again.

“Oh, I’d really like to see him again, too”, Lara indicated, with a sweet lilt to her voice.

“You would, really?” Michael was surprised, almost shocked.

“Yeah, I would. He’s such a cutie pie”, she indicated with a slight smile.

In the back of his mind, Michael was wondering if Lara realized how much Emil actually liked her. Two full weeks of asking his parents when Lara would be back was just the beginning of Emil’s tendency to fixate on things.

“Well, to be honest, I’ve been thinking about him as well, quite a bit, to tell you the truth”, Lara admitted, suddenly smiling bashfully and looking down at the floor.

Michael was now quite confused. He questioned, “Did Lara truly ‘like’ Emil in that way?” At first, he thought it was kind of silly. “How could a ‘normal’ intelligent girl like Lara go for someone “special” like his brother? It didn’t make any sense.”

“To be honest, I’d like to see him, too”, she offered, while Michael was still trying to process the whole idea.

Lara sensed Michael’s confusion by noticing his furrowed eyebrows. “Michael, are you alright?” she asked with concern in her voice.

He suddenly snapped out of his pensive zone, “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine”, he reassured her, “and actually, if you’d like to see Emil again, you already know I’m going back home for Christmas again”, Michael managed.

“Well, I’m going back to Indiana, too, but only for a week, not for a whole couple of weeks like you.” She paused for a few seconds. “I could go back upstate with you first, and then take a flight home to my folks, like, on the 21st or something. I’d have to change my flight plans around a little, and that would probably cost an arm and a leg at this point…but…” said Lara, apparently working out some calculations in her head. Michael sensed she was suddenly rethinking her idea to visit his family, as he observed a concerned and confused look on her face.

He spoke up, “Well, if you think you could make it work, let me know, and I’ll call my parents to tell them…” he paused for a few seconds, “… and I’ll tell Emil, too”, he said with a wink.

“Ok, I’ll let you know”, said Lara with a sweet smile, a smile Michael had never seen before. For the time being, however, both Michael and Lara, and the rest of the school for that matter, were too busy preparing for finals to be thinking about much else.


Kate had never seen her youngest son so happy and excited before. In fact, he was glowing.

Ever since Emil found out Lara would be coming out for another visit, he was so enthusiastic about everything all of a sudden. For one, he asked if he could go skating with his cousins again, for the first time in over two years. He also volunteered to help Kate with the cooking and cleaning around the house, as well as running errands in town, just like he used to when he was a little boy.

“Oh honey, our baby is so happy! He must really like Lara”, Kate shared with her husband, upon finding out Michael would be bringing her back to visit them, if only for a few days.

“Yeah, but I wonder if it’s mutual”, Emil, Sr. replied with his usual cynic’s realism.

“Well, it’s just puppy love, Cheri, and it was bound to happen sooner or later. He’s a young man now”, stated Kate with acceptance, as she suddenly recalled the times she found dirty magazines in Emil’s room, and the handful of occasions she saw him masturbating in front of the TV late at night. “And I find Lara a really nice young girl. I know she wouldn’t do anything to hurt him.”

“Not intentionally…” retorted her husband.

“Well, if his heart gets broken, it wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened in the world. Honey, just let him experience it. It’s good for him to go through these things in life. They’re learning experiences”, indicated Kate in her infinite wisdom, not worried in the least about her youngest son in this regard. On the contrary, she was happy that his first real crush was on a nice girl like Lara.

To be honest, however, she thought Lara would have preferred Michael, him being her intellectual equal and all. But then again, Kate reminded herself that love was a strange, mysterious thing. The most accurate computer could match two attractive people bursa escort together who seemed perfect for one another; they could have similar interests, upbringings, intelligence, and education. But if there wasn’t that special chemistry, that special spark, that special something…then forget it.

Emil was beside himself with anticipation. He had never been so excited about anything in his whole life before. Lara had been on his mind since that first night they met in the kitchen. In fact, every night since then, he had been picturing her being intimate with him within the confines of his bedroom. Thanks to late night cable, Netflix, Dad’s magazines, and Michael’s DVD’s, Emil had seen his fair share of porn. He envisioned Lara riding his cock like a wild cowgirl, just like he had seen in those Cinemax movies. He imagined her pink pussy lips tightly wrapped around his hard dick, which would be throbbing and pointing straight up for her to sit down on. He pictured her head bobbing up and down on his cock, slowly at first, and then speeding up, just like on the DVD he once found inside his brother’s computer. He imagined Lara’s tits jiggling around like crazy, while she slid up and down his willing prick. Whoa, what a boner!

Emil was at the ice skating rink with a boner in his pants. He told his cousin, Tom, that he had to go to the bathroom, and fast!

“The bathroom’s near the entrance, where we first came in and rented our skates, Emil.

I’ll take you”, his cousin offered.

“No, I know where to go”, Emil quickly replied.

Emil, still in his skates, quickly waddled over to the men’s bathroom, which had a few empty stalls. He stepped into one, pulled down his pants and shorts, and proceeded to jack off with visions of Lara in various poses and positions. He pictured her taking off her shirt and bra, exposing her beautiful tits to him, while they were sitting on his bed. Her nipples looked especially inviting. He would take a pale pink bud into his mouth, closing his eyes while sucking on it like a baby. He would tease her like the naughty boy he was, while she moaned to every flick of his tongue. The pale bud would be very soft at first, but would gradually harden with every stroke. He would look up at her, and her eyes would be glazed with ecstasy. She would then take off her pants and then panties, and she would show him her pussy, which was already dripping wet with her juices…

Ooh! He was now cumming…copious streams of white, warm cum now shooting out into the toilet. After everything went black for a few seconds, Emil felt relief, and slowly opened his eyes. He then wiped up, zipped up, and made his way back out onto the ice, where his cousins were waiting for him.


On the ride back to his parents’ home, Michael was sitting behind the wheel, but his mind was not exactly on the road. Rather, it was on his baby brother and the diminutive girl sitting in his passenger seat, whom he considered his baby sister, although chronically, she was actually only a few months younger than him.

Lara was sitting comfortably with her legs crossed inside Michael’s big SUV, made all the cozier by his heated leather seats. She was wearing white suede boots, faded blue jeans, a white turtle-neck and a warm pink knit sweater. Michael’s first thought when he picked her up that morning was that she looked like cotton candy. But he didn’t say that.

“Hi! You look nice and warm…ready for Upstate?” he hollered out to her, pulling into the driveway of her apartment building.

“Yep, sure am!” Lara yelled back enthusiastically, quickly opening the door to Michael’s huge gas guzzler and hopping in. She then immediately took off her mittens upon feeling the warmth of the car’s interior.

After they were already on the highway, Michael started up, “So you’re staying the first three nights, right? Is that the plan?” Michael wanted to make sure.

“Yep, that’s the plan”, Lara quickly confirmed with a happy grin on her face.

“Boy! Is my bro looking forward to seeing you!” he declared quite honestly.

“Well, me too, to be honest; I’m very excited, actually. Emil reminds me of the kids I used to help during my high school days at ARC. They were all so sweet. Every time I interacted with them, I was reminded of God. I really do believe God communicates with the rest of us through people with special needs.”

“You do?” asked Michael, quite taken aback.

“Yes. I believe someone like your brother is truly close to God. The rest of us are constantly bogged down with the hum-drum details of life, like money, work, school, grades, house payments, car payments, things like that; whereas Emil, I’m willing to bet, won’t ever have to worry about those things.”

“Well, since you brought it up, I have been thinking about those things, yes, but in regards to Emil, himself. Like, what will become of him years down the line, when my folks are too old and can’t bursa escort bayan take care of him anymore? Where’ll he live, and who’ll take care of his special needs?”

Lara was suddenly quiet.

“Did I get too serious for you?” Michael asked, with concern in his voice.

“Uh, no, not at all; I was just thinking about what you just said. You’re right. Emil does have special needs that must be seriously considered for the future. His needs must be filled by people who are specially trained to care for people like him”, Lara answered thoughtfully, staring out the window.

“Yeah, I’m glad you understand. Having worked with kids like him, I figured you’d appreciate the special concerns we, as his family, would have for him, especially now that he’s technically considered an adult.” Michael sounded so serious, so unlike the easy-going pal Lara was used to during their group’s normal hangout sessions in the village. During the school year, the group were just out and about, having fun as normal college students. They would simply be seeking relief from the usual stress of their classes. Now, Lara was seeing a different side to Michael.

Complete silence in the car. The two young people simply observed the newly-fallen snow beautifully covering the trees and grass on the way to Michael’s house. Everything outside looked so calm, fresh, and clean. The scenery was definitely conducive to introspective thinking.

It remained silent in the car for the remainder of the ride.


It was the first night of Lara’s stay at the Beauchamps this second time around, and she had effortlessly settled into the same guestroom she had used only a few weeks ago. Only this time, she had the room all to herself, which meant she could sleep in the nude, as she was accustomed to doing.

But downstairs, sitting in the Beauchamp’s family room, she was getting a little chilly. However, instead of asking someone to turn up the heat, Lara simply tucked her feet under her while sitting on the leather couch. She was wearing socks, but the coldness of the hardwood floor was too much for her, and she was used to improvising anyway. Her mother had always taught her to not ask for too much when she was a guest at other people’s homes, lest she wear out her welcome and fail to get invited back.

Like before, after dinner, the young people had gathered in the den, surfing for good movies everybody could enjoy. This time around, it was the two young Beauchamp men, their two cousins, Tom and Meredith, and Lara. Tom was a college student majoring in Chemical Engineering, and he was close to Michael and Lara in age. Meredith was a junior in high school.

The four cousins had actually grown up together, since their mothers were sisters who had always been very close. Like Michael, Tom had always been protective of Emil, whom he considered the little brother he never had.

Lara was sitting next to Emil, and again could smell the musky scent on him, which she breathed in with exquisite delight. He was sitting so close to her, that she could almost feel his body warmth right there. When no one was looking, Lara would sneak a peek at Emil’s body. For instance, she looked at his hands. Hands on a guy had always been somewhat of a fetish for Lara. She loved looking at the hands and all the veins protruding from the skin on the back; she found the veins gave a masculine look to a man’s hands. What’s more, she loved comparing a male’s hands to hers, which seemed so small and delicate next to his. She also enjoyed a man’s hairy arms and legs, even ones that were only slightly muscular, because, next to hers, they always looked so strong. Finally, Lara secretly drooled over a young man’s Adam’s apple, which gave him a decidedly masculine look; it was so sexy…

It was now getting close to the twelve thirty mark, and the second epic movie the young group was watching was finally coming to an end. Everyone seemed to be getting sleepy, evidenced by the yawns which started at one end of the couch and quickly spread to the other. Since no one voiced any objections at putting an end to the night’s viewing pleasure (after the two full-length movies), Meredith finally declared she was spent, and her brother was only too happy to agree; both thought they should get back to their parents house. It would only be a fifteen minute drive home, so they started bundling up and getting ready to head out, vowing to return the next day, perhaps in the late morning.

Soon they were gone, bypassing goodbyes to Mr. and Mrs. Beauchamp, since the older couple was already passed out in their bedroom.

“Coming up, you guys?” Michael called to Lara and Emil, who were still seated comfortably on the huge sofa. Michael himself was done for the night, eager to head upstairs and get back to his own room, his own bed, and his own pillow.

“Yeah, I guess I’ll be turning in, too. I’m right behind you, Mike”, replied Lara, slowly escort bursa getting herself up off the cozy couch. Michael was already up the stairs.

“Don’t go…” Emil quietly spoke up. Lara turned around as she was stepping out of the room, almost slipping on the shiny slick floor.

“What is it, Emil?”

“I don’t want you to go”, he gently replied. “Please, Lara, stay here…”

Lara was really tired, but since he had said, “please”, she figured it couldn’t hurt to put off her sleep for a few more minutes. Besides, she didn’t have to wake up early in the morning, so what the hell…

She slowly walked back to the couch, and as before, tucked her feet under her. “Aren’t you cold, Emil?” she asked.


“Well I am, but I didn’t want to be rude and ask your mom to turn up the thermostat.” She scooted closer to Emil to warm herself up a bit.

“Mm… you’re nice and warm…” she declared, glad Emil was willing to share his body heat with her.

“So are you, Lara”, he answered gently, looking deep into her eyes.

Oh my God, Lara thought to herself, she could drown in those baby blues of his. She didn’t tell him what she was thinking, though, instead letting out a giggle.

The TV was still on, only instead of a movie, it was now playing an old black and white show of some sort. Neither of the two was paying particular attention anyway, even though their eyes were looking to the direction of the screen.

Emil soon took it upon himself to turn off the two lamps at either end of the couch, instantly creating a calming atmosphere for himself and the pretty girl he was sitting next to. Now that she was cuddling up close to him, Lara, he discovered, smelled like fresh body wash and shampoo.

Lara had taken a shower right before dinnertime, eager to look refreshed for meeting the two cousins who would be joining the family that evening. And instead of wearing her long, wavy hair up in a ponytail like she usually did for convenience, she had let it down that evening, only wearing a couple of barrettes on top to keep her hair out of her face. All in all, she took the time to doll herself up a bit, since she didn’t have to worry about studying, working, or dealing with any pressing matter for the next few days. She would simply enjoy herself as an invited house guest, indulging and pampering herself for a change. She even wore her heart-shaped black earrings, and put on a dainty little velvet choker to play up her outfit, which consisted of a black lacy long sleeve blouse, snug-fitting jeans, and black dress shoes.

Earlier in the evening, at the dinner table, she had of course insisted on sitting next to Emil, who incidentally couldn’t keep his eyes off her. He had even occasionally stared at her ample cleavage, for first time getting the chance to admire the impressive size of her bust. Many times throughout the meal, Lara grabbed Emil’s hand when she was telling his family how nice and helpful he was to her. For example, after she arrived, since he had been waiting for her, he readily helped carry her bags into the house and up into her room. Also, he went into the linen closet and got her clean towels for the duration of her stay. He also fetched her a hot cup of coffee from the kitchen when she said she was thirsty for something warm.

Now sitting side by side on the couch, all alone in the den, Lara was able to take in Emil’s personal scent a lot better, and it was driving her absolutely crazy. So was brushing up against his arms and legs, and looking deep into his eyes; close up.

Emil took the opportunity to stroke Lara’s hair, her cheek, and then later, her long neck. Like his mother, Lara felt so much softer than the males in his family- his dad, brother, and cousin. Again, Emil was staring down Lara’s low-cut blouse, wondering how her breasts looked fully exposed. He wondered if she had pale areolas or dark ones. He wondered if her nipples protruded prominently or were soft and gentle.

“I sure like you, Lara”, he declared to her openly.

“Aw, I like you too, Emil”, she responded with equal sincerity.

They were looking into each other’s eyes in the dimness of the quiet room, and the TV had now been muted. Suddenly, Emil couldn’t hold back any longer. His face approached hers and there on the couch, he stole a kiss from his first real crush.

They kissed slowly, softly, at first. But in no time, Emil’s tongue ventured out and probed into Lara’s moist, waiting mouth. Mm, it felt so right for the both of them. Lara let out a slight gasp as Emil’s tongue started exploring hers. She was surprised he knew how to French kiss, assuming she was his first actual partner. She was, in fact, but she didn’t know he had partaken in numerous erotic magazines and movies leading up to this exquisite encounter.

For a while now, Emil’s dick was rock hard, but he was enough of a gentleman not to expose himself yet, or to rub himself against her, at least not yet.

While their tongues were frolicking together in a most playful manner, Emil’s hands were slowly caressing Lara’s thigh, an act of which she wholeheartedly approved; because soon after, she started caressing his thigh as well, at the same time noticing his breath speeding up.

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