Early Morning Conversation

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Ring-ring (click)

Jeanne: Hello?

Mark: Wake up sleepy head.

J: Don’t wanna.

M: Not even to talk to me?

J: Okay, but only because it’s you. What time is it anyway?

M: 5:30

J: (Groan) Only the insane are up this early!

M: Or the really horny.

J: Ah. Does that explain such a rude awakening?

M: It does. (pause) What are you wearing?

J: My very short silver-satin nightie.

M: Anything else?

J: Nope. And I’m freshly groomed. Not a strand of hair to be found from my feet to my shoulders.

M: Good girl!

J: Can you hold on a minute? I need to pee.

M: No, take me with you.

J: GRRR you know I can’t pee when you listen.

M: Sure you can.

J: Fine! (Sounds of reluctant peeing, flushing and washing of hands is heard) Hold on a minute, I want to switch to the headset. Okay, I’m back. (rustling of fabric)

M: Did you go back to bed?

J: Yes, it’s cold! So where are you? I suppose you’re up and dressed already!

M: No, I’m not dressed.

J: Where are you? You’d better not be giving me shit about still being in bed at this awful hour if you’re still there too!

M: Nope, not in bed.

J: Now you’re just teasing me! Are you on the couch or in your favorite chair?

M: I’m on the couch.

J: Hmm, I can almost picture you sitting there.

M: I can picture you in bed, but in my mind you’re naked. I want you to take off that nightie.

J: But I just got all cozy and warm again!

M: Come on, just do it!

J: Yes sir! (sounds of fabric rustling) There! I’m naked now. Are you happy?

M: Not quite yet, but we’re getting there.

J: (Sighs)

M: What was that for?

J: I just miss you, and I wish you were here.

M: I know. Soon.

J: So, what’s on your agenda today?

M: I’m planning on working on stuff around the house. I’m going to open up the pool today. It’s getting warm enough here now.

J: Sounds like fun!

M: What are your plans for the weekend?

J: Just the usual chores. I may re-do the floor in the powder tuzla ukraynalı escort room this weekend. Or not. Depends on how lazy I want to be. It’ll be the same tile as the rest of the first floor.

M: The queen of home-improvement!

J: That would be me! (Chuckles)

M: What are you doing right now?

J: Guess!

M: I’d say that you’re playing with your clit.

J: I’d say you’re right! What are you doing, all naked in your living room?

M: Your turn to guess!

J: Hum, I’d say from past experience that you’re stroking your cock.

M: Give the girl a prize!

J: You’ve got the only prize I want! Too bad I can’t collect on it right now.

M: Well, maybe we can give you a consolation prize.

J: And what might that be?

M: A mind-bending, body-shattering, take-you-to-the-moon orgasm?

J: That might console me!

M: Are you still playing with your clit?

J: Yeah.

M: Tell me.

J: I’m so wet. Your voice does it to me every time. My middle finger is right on my clit, lightly rubbing in circles. It feels so good.

M: What’s your other hand doing?

J: Pinching my nipple. Squeezing my breast. They get so tender and achy sometimes. I wish I could feel your strong hands cupping them!

M: You will, I promise.

J: Hummmm, I can’t wait. What are you doing?

M: Listening to you.

J: That’s all? I find that hard to believe.

M: And stroking my cock. There’s a drop of pre-cum on the tip.

J: I wish I could lick it off. (Sucking sounds can be heard)

M: What are you doing? That sounds nasty!

J: (pop) Sucking on my finger. Do you like it?

M: Oh yeah. Do it again.

J: (more sucking noises) Mmmm. I wish I could get this much of your cock in my mouth! But then that would mean you had a really small dick, and that wouldn’t make me happy at all! (laughs)
M: No, that wouldn’t. You like my big cock, don’t you?

J: You betcha! As much as I like sucking on it, I love it inside me more. When you first slide it into me is one of the most exquisite sensations! There are tuzla rus escort no words to describe it.

M: Try.

J: Well, it’s like I walk around all day with this chasm inside me, and there is only one thing on this planet that can fill it. A dildo just doesn’t quite do it. A living, pulsing cock attached to a man that wants nothing more than to give me pleasure is the only solution. There are times when I crave it! When I can almost, almost feel the head of your cock just between my pussy lips. The times when I am so horny that it’s all I can do to get through the day! To get home and get naked and to be able to pretend that it’s your hands sliding over my skin. That it’s your fingers slipping inside my wet pussy. Your cock plundering my depths! And when I can actually feel that cock sliding into me, filling me I feel like I’ll go mad every time you slide it back out! It feels like the universe stands still in anticipation of it sliding back in. That I am truly only alive when it’s inside me! That the only thing that anchors me to this world is the feel of your weight on top of me! And when I come with you inside me, and I feel my muscles contract around your cock, I know that for those few moments I am whole.

M: Wow! I’ve never heard it described quite that way!

J: Sorry, I went a little overboard there!

M: No, it was good. It made my cock even harder.

J: Oh, good! Hard is good! Hard is very good!

M: Yeah, but hard enveloped in warm pussy is even better! J: Yes it is!

M: I think you need to get the dildo. Even though it isn’t quite the same!

J: I think that’s a good idea. (sounds of fabric rustling and a drawer opening and closing can be heard) BRRR! Damn but it’s cold! (more rustling of fabric) AHH!

M: Back under the covers? Nice and cozy?

J: Yup! Ah, that’s nice.

M: What’s nice?

J: I got right back into the same warm spot!

M: Is it in yet?

J: Almost–oh yeah–mmm–that’s good.

M: Sounds like it. Slide it all the way in for me.

J: Yeah, oh yeah. Oh! Ah! It’s in all the way.

M: Good. Slide it out, just the way you escort bayan like me to do it.

J: (moaning) Oh Mark. Oh that feels so good!

M: Do it some more. A little faster now.

J: (moans)

M: I think it’s time.

J: Time?

M: Time for the vibrator.

J: Really. Already?

M: Yeah, you’ve made me so hot and I’m really close to coming.

J: Okay, hang on a second. (fabric rustling) Are you ready?

M: Oh yeah. (mechanical vibrating can be heard)

J: Can you hear it?

M: Yes.

J: Here I go. (the tone changes) Ah, oh Mark! (heavy breathing and moaning) It feels so good! I wish I could place your hand on my belly so you could feel the spasms! Umm! Ahh! Ohh!

M: (Moaning) I want you to come for me. Will you come for me?

J: Yes, oh yes! Almost there! Are you?

M: Oh yeah, whenever you’re ready. Come for me now.

J: OH, OH, OH, I’m coming! UNGGHHHNN! (gasps) UNGGGHHHN! (panting)

M: Oh yeah! (moans)

J: (heavy breathing)

M: (heavy breathing) That sounded like a good one!

J: Good doesn’t even come close! Yours sounded good too.

M: It was. I wish I could have seen your face.

J: Sure, it was probably bright red!

M: I’m sure it would have been beautiful.

J: You’re sweet.

M: I love making you come.

J: I love it when you make me come!

M: (Sigh) What time do you have to be up?

J: It’s Saturday silly, I can sleep in!

M: I wish I could.

J: You’d never be able to! Admit it! You’re an early bird whether you like it or not!

M: Okay, I admit it! I’d just rather get it over with!

J: And I want to delay the start of it as long as possible!

M: Well, speaking of getting it over with, I’d better get to it. And let you get back to sleep.

J: Yeah, I could stand to bask in the afterglow for a while and dream of you. Of the things we could do together.

M: Careful now, you might get me all hard again!

J: Would that be a bad thing?

M: Not if I was there and could fuck you again. But I really need to get started before it gets too hot to do what I need to do.

J: Okay, I’ll let you go then. (sigh)

M: You finish your night’s sleep and have good dreams.

J: I will. Have a good day.

M: You too. Be good.

J: I’ll try.

M: Bye.

J: Bye.


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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