Fun In A Hot Tub

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It all began one morning while I was sitting in our hot tub. I was enjoying the feel of bubbles caressing my skin, tickling my pussy. I was getting VERY wet.

The phone began ringing so I answered. The voice was one I thought I should recognize, and finally realized it was an old girl friend of mine, Serena. I hadn’t seen her in ages! She wondered what I was doing so I explained that I had been relaxing in the tub. I asked her if she would like to come over for a coffee and yak; she said sure. I got dressed and while I was waiting, I thought about her.

Serena is just over 5 feet tall, with blondish hair, a pretty figure, and very large breasts. We had always gotten along great and could talk easily. When she arrived we gave each other a friendly hug and kiss. We took our mugs out to the sunroom to catch up on what had been happening in each other’s lives.

After about three coffees I asked her if she would like to join me in the hot tub for a while. She explained that she had no bathing suit, and I replied that neither did I! Serena decided that was ok then and we both stripped and settled in the scrumptious, soothing water.

I had added vanilla scent and the smell was engulfing us. The bubbles felt SO good flowing over our bodies, and it escort izmit seemed to be having the desired effect on both of us.

We relaxed, dawdled about, and the conversation turned to a sexual nature – what we had tried new in the world of sex – and which toys we had. We turned up the bubbles and decided that we would be in heaven if only we could be stroked and touched like this all the time. The bubbles tickled as they ran over my cunt and around my hard nipples. I was slowly stroking my pussy under-water and noticed that she was doing the same! Grinning, I asked, “Would you like a bit of help?”

A bit shocked, she didn’t quite know how to respond. I cautiously reached over to gently rub her pouting, neatly trimmed bush and she seemed to enjoy so much! I kept rubbing gently, up and down, and then ever-so-slowly inserted my finger into her cunt, pleased and very turned on with her low moans and sexy voicings. Next I eased my mouth to sample her large round breasts, and began to lick and suck on her nipples till they stood straight out, erect and pleading for more.

Serena had previously told me that her boyfriend just wasn’t very gentle with her; that he just wanted a quickie fuck or a fast blowjob. She said that while she really enjoyed sucking him, izmit darıca escort most times she wished he gave her pussy some licking attention, too! She told me that she just LOVED to be kissed and sucked, especially her cunt. However, her boy friend didn’t do this very often….

While she told me this, I was gently stroking my fingers in and out of her now-wet pussy, causing her to stop talking every once in a while to just moan with more vigor! She asked if she could try this on me and I wanted that so much! I was getting really wet watching her and feeling her cunt. She tentatively moved her hand to my shaved clit and started to slowly tease me. When Serena slipped her finger into my wetness I knew this was the best! Water and bubbles and someone stroking me all at once!

We just lay there for a while playing with each other’s clits, soaking our fingers deep within the passages and slowly rotating in tiny circles.

Finally, I told her that it was time to get out, as we had been there for quite a while. She sat on the edge of the hot tub to grab a towel and I took the opportunity to grab her and started licking her moist fragrant pussy. Serena slowly laid back on her towel giving me better access to her slippery clit. As izmit rus escort my tongue thrust into her pussy she began groaning and pushing against me, wanting more. After circling and pulling on her clit with my lips, I slowly licked all sucked all around as

I gently caressed her little nub with long, sensuous licks of my tongue. I slid out of the tub to lie beside her I inserted my fingers into her waiting depths to fondle her some more and felt her begin to thrust against my hand. Her moans were getting louder and hungrier as I fingered her faster and faster. Serena then began to lick my dripping pussy and suck on MY clit.

Ooooohhhh! that lovely tongue felt so good with those long wet licks and plunges into my drenched cunt! I was getting hotter wanting more. She started to thrust her fingers into my pussy at the same rhythm as she was being licked. Our pussies were both dripping with juice and starting to throb with a frantic desire to cum!

I pried open her pussy lips further and plunged my tongue into her sopping hole to give it a proper tongue-lashing and felt her pulse and cum for me. She was screaming, “Oh, yes! Yesssssss!!!!” And by this time, her tongue was probing further, deeper into my cunt! I began to cum, moaning loudly, “Yes, baby! Yesssssssssss! Suck me, lick me, eat me!!!!!”

We lay side by side for awhile just to catch our breath and then got dressed again. We weren’t sure if this was only a once-thing…or whether we might suck and fuck again.

But, then…you never know!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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