Mirror, Mirror on My Stand

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Mirror, mirror on my stand who’s the lewdest in the land?

One of the more delightful aspects to posting a few pictures of my assets here on Lit -not to mention a couple of my panties with me still inside of them – is that you receive a lot of Messages. You get a few ‘Hi! How are you?’s: need I say more about those? The majority of messages are fairly trivial, as if the senders have long since despaired of ever being sent a reply whilst continuing to live in hope, some are quirky and a few really do catch the eye. These often give hints or even make suggestions about how they would like to see me. Most requests: are well beyond my meagre wardrobe, would make it far too easy for me to be recognised or would be taken down by the moderators the instant they spotted them. So the vast majority of these hints are ignored. A few do, however, sow a wicked seed in my fertile imagination; here’s one that really blossomed.

Last night, perhaps rather rashly, I had not only half promised to masturbate but also hinted that I might put on a bit of a show when I did so. Just mulling over that half pledge and considering how I might best fulfil it was enough to make sure that by the time bedtime came around I had that ‘lead butterflies in the bottom of the tummy’ sensation and was suffering with frequent urges to mash my clit by squeezing my plump thighs together. On the off chance, immediately after I had made that reckless suggestion, I had put my favourite vibrator on to charge, it’s a purple Lelo with a longer finger and a shorter thumb and you can set the two arms independently: so satisfying. Consequently, once undressed and ready for bed, all I had to do to both keep my word and prepare to indulge myself was to set a firm chair down opposite to my dressing mirror. Actually, by then I was quite eager so I kicked off my slippers, tugged off my socks, dropped both sets of pants down together and stepped out of them, slipped my top over my head and unclipped my bra, allowing my breasts to tumble with a satisfying bounce and then spring bursa escort free like a pair of fat playful puppies.

Now naked I sat down on the chair and examined myself in the mirror as I spread my legs wide, wriggling on my bottom and shuffling forwards until I had a clear view not only right the way down my hairy muff but even of that little patch of rumpled pinkness below that. That pose is so lewd that watching myself settle into it even makes me shiver and it sets those lead butterflies off performing aerial acrobatics. Mentioning mirrors, this is a good moment to describe myself. I’m no skinny Lizzy but not a galumphing Gertie either, anyway if you want to see my bare bouncy bust, plump white thighs, well rounded bottom or hairy bush or, for that matter, ogle my white panties simply log in to Lit and find my posts; though if you become inspired to message me please make it a bit more than ‘Hi! How are you?’ So, apart from what you can see for yourself in my posts, I’ve a round face, eyes that are more blue than grey, long brown hair, when it’s not up in a bun, a big cheesy grin with a slightly nicked front tooth and plump cheeks with rather over etched laughter lines.

Having settled on my chair and exposed myself so wantonly, I pinched a nipple between each finger and thumb and began to squeeze and twist them both a little whilst I watched my own reactions and responses. It’s as if my nipples have a direct line to my muff, all manner of little muscles start to tense and in no time I’m watching me with stiff dark pink nipples as I really squirm about in my seat: I shudder to think what that does to a partner because even I find seeing myself wriggle around like that obscenely erotic. I managed to keep this up without slipping a hand down between my thighs until my breathing was ragged and I was chewing my bottom lip in an effort not to make too much noise. I currently live alone but still I don’t want to broadcast to my neighbours that I’m slowly but steadily working myself up to a massive climax.

Teasing my nipples bursa escort bayan like that built up my urge to close my legs together until it became positively overwhelming but I was determined to see this through. To watch myself masturbate to orgasm whilst keeping my legs splayed wide apart. I gripped a knee with one hand and ran the other down over my belly, lower still through my curly hairiness, parted my swollen lips – with the mirror there to watch myself in I can make that look so lascivious and, by the time I was finished, I could almost see inside of me – allowed two fingers to penetrate my dark red warm moistness and then wriggled them a little This both served to coat those two inquisitive probes with my own stickiness and felt mind-numbingly wonderful, setting my hips shuffling rhythmically over the seat: that’s embarrassing, watching myself, pathetically frustrated, attempting to hump air like that but somehow the indignity of it makes me feel even wetter. Before I really started to come, and my fingers soon had me shudderingly close, I withdrew those two sticky explorers; making a slight but distinctly audible slurp that set me off giggling with embarrassment, and then used them to coat my clit with my own slipperyness. The feel of that frictionless glide over such deliciously sensitive flesh making me gasp aloud; I was so easily aroused and so dangerously close to coming right then. Mindful of the strength of my reactions and my desire to hold back for at least a little longer so my orgasm was given a chance to really build, I set the long finger of the Lelo to a low buzz and placed it near, not over, my clit. God did that toy make me writhe about on my chair, I was quite the spectacle, I would have been totally ashamed of myself if it hadn’t been making me feel so incredibly needy too: I so wanted to turn it up and get on with things but a pledge is a pledge. Instead, by using my other hand to resume teasing and tweaking my nipples, I set myself pulling outlandishly tortured faces as I literally bounced up and escort bursa down on my bottom with frustration.

Sadly I’m not good with temptation and it was only a very few minutes before I turned up the finger, switched on the thumb, thrust the longer phallus into my slippery wetness until it was deep enough to bring the shorter thumb into firm contact with my aching pulsing clit and began to work that wonderful toy. It was as much a twisting as a thrusting, but anyhow I worked it so that the thumb never lost contact with my delicate little swollen bud of pleasure whilst the finger played over all the right spots that lie inside of me. Then came the most difficult of the demands I was making on myself, rather than closing my eyes to concentrate better on that day-dreamy hunk who was pounding all that bliss into me, I forced myself to watch all those weird yet ecstatic faces that I was pulling. My orgasm was intense, shatteringly intense, slammed into me like a giant wind whipped wave eroding away the base of a cliff, I doubled forwards shaking, almost sobbing and my face? What a picture! Screwed up with agonising ecstasy. The second orgasm, which followed hard upon the heels of the first was pretty good too, not as mind numbingly crushing, longer and gentler, not a real bottom bouncer but a wriggle and loud sigh inducer. This time I looked serene, blissful, that classic ‘O’ face that glows with pleasure. And even then I was not done! Whilst winding down from those dizzying peaks of ecstasy I enjoyed a couple more minor orgasms helped along by starting to play with my nipples once again.

I’ll share a secret with you all. One day I want to be made to come like that, only after being teased for longer, far longer, so that when I come I shall come much, much harder. And, in addition, right when my initial orgasm is about to make its almighty crashing crescendo each of my nipples is sucked up into a greedy mouth and tantalised with lips and tongue. I know that as I come I will scream the house down because the top of my head will be blown clean off: I’ve tried a hundred times to roll my own nipples whilst I come really hard like I did last night but it’s always too intense and somehow I always manage to release my grip a fraction before my orgasm rips me apart.

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