Good Neighbours

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Denise was an 18-year old blonde who was enjoying her last summer of freedom. In September she was due to start training to become an office administrator. She already had a job lined up when her training started and she was slowly getting ready for life as an adult. Using the inheritance from her grandfather, she’d bought a used car and rented an apartment. She’d spent the last few weeks buying second hand furniture to furnish her place and now she’d moved all her stuff.

It was exciting to see her parents drive off after they’d dropped off the last box of her stuff. She still had a few weeks to go before she started work and she was planning to spend them getting her place in order, shopping for work clothes, and generally getting used to being on her own. Her parents lived only 15 minutes away so she could always pop home if she got lonely, but she was having the time of her life.

She lived on the second floor and in the courtyard there was a pool for the tenants to use. After her parents drove off, she went upstairs and changed into a blue bikini that she’d found on sale the day before. She grabbed a towel and went downstairs. All that carrying had made her sweaty and she fancied a long, cool swim before she started tackling all that unpacking. She dove in and the water felt great against her hot skin. She swam lengths for nearly half an hour before hoisting herself out of the pool.

As she got on her feet she noticed a man coming towards her from the car park. She recognised him as the guy who rented the apartment next door to hers. He walked over to her and greeted her.

“Hi Denise,” he said with his eyes wandering the length of her body, from her sweet face, past her firm breasts in the C-cup bikini bra, past her thin waist, on to her rounded hips and the wet material that indicated a very trimmed bush, and along her curvy thighs to her feet. “Have you moved in for real now?”

“I sure have,” Denise said and reached for her towel. “I’m now an independent woman.”

“I like the sound of that,” he laughed. “As long as it doesn’t mean lots of parties that disturb my sleep every night.”

“I can promise you that,” Denise laughed along, eager to be a good neighbour. “In fact, I have a lot of work ahead of me, getting the apartment in order before I start working.”

“Just quiet nights in with your boyfriend then?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend, so it’ll be quiet nights on my own.”

“No boyfriend, eh? I would have thought that you’d have a hoard of boys lining up to date you.”

“I was never interested in the schoolboys I was allowed to date when I was in school. I’m looking for someone more mature, but I can’t see that I’ll have time to date in the near future.”

“Well, if you need a helping hand in your apartment, just call on good old Luke next door. I’m pretty handy with most things.”

Luke winked at Denise and headed upstairs. She looked at him as he climbed the stairs to the second floor and she felt a tingle in the pit of her stomach. Luke was quite a bit older than her, at least in his 30s, but he was very attractive and Denise loved the way he’d looked at her. She was still a virgin because even though she’d been curious about sex and dying to get some experience, she’d still never dated a guy that she felt that she wanted to sleep with. Luke, on the other hand, was just such a guy. She wondered if he’d be interested in her, or if he just saw her as a silly little girl next door. She decided it was time she tried her hand out at flirting.

Later that evening she was unpacking her kitchen boxes when there was a knock on the door. She opened it and Luke was there, a pizza box in one hand and a six-pack in the other. He was wearing cut off jeans and an old t-shirt.

“I thought you probably wouldn’t have time to cook so I ordered a pizza,” he smiled as she let him in. “Want a break and something to eat?”

“I’d love it,” she smiled, happy that she was wearing a tight tank top and her shortest shorts. “I’ll just go and wash my hands.”

She ran off to the bathroom and cleaned her hands and splashed some water in her face. She didn’t have time to do anything about the messy blonde hair in the ponytail, but she tied a knot in her tank top, baring her tanned stomach, before she walked back into the living room. Luke was sitting on the couch, a slice of pizza in his hand and a smile on his face. Denise’s eyes went to his crotch area that was in unobstructed view and she wondered what it would feel like to cup the kocaeli escort bulge. As she walked past her bag on the table she knocked it over and Luke reached forward to help her pick her things up. She whispered a thank you when he handed over her birth control pills and then she sat down with a smile and grabbed some pizza.

They had a great time. Denise wasn’t used to alcohol and she got a bit tipsy from the beer, but Luke was a perfect gentleman. Well, his hand did come to rest on her thigh a lot and every time she leaned forward he enjoyed the view of her cleavage, but he made no advances. Denise felt more confident with the alcohol and returned his little touches. She felt how her nipples were growing erect inside her bra and she was getting uncomfortable.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she said and smiled at Luke. “But I really need to get more comfortable.”

With those words she reached around and unhooked her bra, before pulling it off. Luke’s eyes were fixed on her breasts as they bounced free inside the tank top. The size of her nipples became obvious, as did how firm the young tits were.

“That’s better,” she sighed with relief. “You have no idea how uncomfortable those things can be.”

Luke muttered that he didn’t and they kept talking and laughing for a while. By the time Luke got up to leave they were sitting so close their legs touched and he’d had his arm around her for a long time. She walked him to the door and he pecked her on the cheek. His hand brushed past her breast as he left and she closed the door with a giant shiver. If he’d tried to have sex with her tonight she would’ve let him. What was wrong with him? He’d seen her pills, he hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off her tits, and she’d signalled to him that she was for the taking.

She was still horny as she went to bed so she stripped naked and started playing with her pussy. With one finger on her clit and the other finger sliding in and out of her wet hole she brought herself to a climax. She then licked her finger and went to sleep, dreaming of Luke.

The next day was even hotter and Denise decided to work in shorts and a bikini top. With a chest her size it wasn’t all that comfortable, but she knew that she looked good in it. She was downstairs picking up her mail when Luke walked past in his work clothes. He cast an appreciative glance at her.

“Getting an early start again?”

“Yeah, I thought I’d try to sort out the kitchen this morning.”

“That sounds like a plan.”

“Yeah, and I was wondering if I could treat you to a meal tonight to thank you for the pizza last night?”

“Are you sure you have time for that?”

“Yeah, it’ll give me a chance to practise my cooking, so don’t expect anything fancy.”

“I look forward to it. Shall I bring something to drink?”

“Yeah, that’d be great. Will 7 be good for you?”

“You bet!”

Luke’s lips caressed her cheek and then he went off. Denise realised that she had to do some shopping because she only had a few bottles of pop in the apartment.

At 7 she was dressed in a cotton dress that left no room for a bra and the pasta dish was smelling great from the oven. She’d worked hard all day and the open plan kitchen, dining room, living room looked great now. It was all clean and tidy and all the boxes had been shoved into the closet and stacked in one corner of the bedroom. The bedroom still only had her brand new double bed set up, but the bed had brand new sheets and it was all clean. She smiled as she heard a knock on the door.

“Door’s open,” she shouted and walked towards it as Luke entered with two bottles of wine.

“I didn’t know what you were making so I brought both red and white wine.”

“I’m making pasta, but I’m not fussy, I’ll drink either.”

“Maybe we’ll drink both,” he laughed. “Listen, I got something from work today. They were throwing them out, but then I remembered that you had a breakfast bar in your kitchen.”

He walked out and came back with two stools.

“They need to be re-upholstered, but I think they’d go really well here.”

“Oh thank you!” Denise wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. “I’ve been looking for some stools, but I couldn’t find any that I could afford.”

“Well, you can afford free, can’t you?” Luke laughed.

“I sure can. Come on in, the food is ready to be eaten.”

They drank the red wine with the food, and once again Denise felt light headed, but she wasn’t drunk. She flirted shamelessly kocaeli escort bayan and made sure to lean forward a lot to show her cleavage. For dessert she announced that she had some ice cream and Luke sat down on her couch as she served it. She joined him and handed him a bowl and they ate in silence. All of a sudden Denise spilling a spoonful of ice cream on her chest.

“Oh damn,” she said, annoyed with herself for spilling her food in front of Luke.

“Allow me,” he said as she reached for a napkin. He leaned forward and kissed the ice cream off the top of Denise’s breast. He then licked the train that the ice cream had made, kissed her throat, her neck and then moved up to her lips. He parted her lips with his tongue and slowly invaded her mouth. When they finally broke their kissed they were both panting for air and their eyes locked.

“I’m sorry,” he said, his brown eyes almost black with desire. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Oh yes you should,” she said and bit her lip. She put her bowl and Luke’s on the table and then she got up on her knees. She looked at him and he smiled wryly and she straddled him. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her face down to his and they kissed again, more violently this time. Denise could feel her pussy getting wet and started grinding it against his growing bulge. This was so right. Surely he couldn’t walk out on her tonight.

Luke’s arms worked their way up her back and slowly pulled down the zip. He let go of her and pulled the dress off her upper body, revealing her tits, crowned with their beautiful pink nipples. He cupped the round tits and sucked a nipple into his mouth while teasing the other one with his fingers. Denise moaned as he sucked her and just as she thought he’d stop, he changed tits and did it all over again. She ran her fingers through his hair and gasped for breath when he bit her nipple lightly.

“Baby,” he whispered as he stopped for air. “If you don’t want to go all the way, you have to tell me now or I won’t be able to stop.”

“I want you,” she moaned and their lips met.

“You want me so much you’ll fuck me?”

“Oh yesssss, I want to fuck you. But there’s something you should know…”

“What is that, baby?”

“I’m a virgin.”

“But I saw your birth control pills…”

“They were only for period cramps.”

“Are you sure you want me to take your virginity?”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything. Now please, fuck me Luke!”

He stood up and carried her into the bedroom. He put her down and peeled off her clothes. He ran his finger along her slit and her trimmed blonde bush. Then he slowly unbuttoned his shirt, showing off a thin mat of brown curls that thinned into the waist of his jeans. He soon kicked his shoes off and then pulled off his jeans. His boxers stood out like a tent and he took them off, revealing to Denise his thick 8 inches of glorious cock. She gasped as she saw the size of his tool.

“You’re so big.” Her cunt was tight around her one finger.

“Don’t worry about the size of my cock, baby,” he laughed. “When you’re turned on your cunt will take any size of cock it’s offered, and I won’t enter you until I know you’re ready for it.”

His words settled her as he motioned for her to lie down on the bed. He followed her and lay next to her. He kissed her and held her tight, his cock resting against her thigh. Then he started kissing his way down her lightly tanned body, running his tongue along the white lines where the bikini bra had covered her breasts. He stopped to play with her white mounds, sucking and nibbling at her nipples, before he finally continued downwards. He circled her bellybutton with his tongue and teased her. Then he repositioned himself between Denise’s legs and parted them wide, opening her wet pussy up like dewy flower petals.

Luke breathed in the sweet smell of a horny woman and watched her lubricating juices run down her slit towards her ass. Then he kissed her in the most intimate way, his lips against her pussy lips and his tongue invading her wet hole. Denise gasped with pleasure as she felt for the first time what a man’s tongue could do to her. He wrapped his lips around her engorged clit and sucked on it, brushing across it with his tongue, teasing it, punishing it. Then he moved to her cunt again, flicking his tongue in and out of her virgin hole until she begged him to put her out of her misery. Once more he homed in on her clit and with a finger kocaeli escort he slowly started fucking her. This proved to be too much for Denise and she came with a giant shudder, her pussy squirting its cum into Luke’s hand.

He got up with a smile on his face and drank her juices from his hand. Then he lowered himself on top of Denise and kissed her slowly and deeply, giving her time to taste her own juices on his lips. He cupped her tits and played with them as his hips got into position between her soft thighs. His cock sat against her pussy and he rubbed it along her wet slit, lubricating himself with her sweet juices and teasing her clit again. Before long she was moaning and wrapping her legs around him.

“Fuck me, Luke,” she begged him. “Just fuck me now. I need to feel you inside me.”

“I will, baby,” he said and kissed her deeply. “Now it’s going to hurt, but trust me, the pain will go away and it’ll be wonderful. Do you trust me?”

“Fucking yes!”

He kissed her yet again and reached down for his cock with one hand. He placed his glistening cock head against her opening and started applying pressure. It wasn’t long before he tore through her wall and she yelped in surprise. He stopped but her hips were gyrating, telling him that she wanted more. He smiled and continued penetrating her. Once he got to a stop Denise sighed out loud in contentment.

“Your cock is so good in my cunt, don’t ever take it out!”

He chuckled at her protests as he started withdrawing. Then he thrust himself back in again, faster this time, grinding his pubic bone against her clit. He repeated his action again and again. Each thrust was met by her hips, welcoming him deep inside her cunt. She gyrated her hips and he grinded his cock, making sure they both felt everything. He started moving faster, slamming into her. He went even faster. There was a slurpy fuck sound all over the room. The bed squealed along with their pants and Denise started kneading her tits and biting her lip. She didn’t have far to go. Finally she cried out loud as her cunt convulsed around his thick shaft and then he couldn’t hold back any longer either. She came in violent shivers and he groaned out loud as he shot his huge load into her womb.

Afterwards they lay next to each other, kissing each other, playing with Denise’s tits. She reached down to scoop up some of the cum that was escaping her cunt and then she licked it up with a smile.

“I want to taste your cock,” she said with a mischievous smile.

“I’m not stopping you,” he replied with a satisfied smile.

She crawled down to his limp dick and started licking her own juices off it. Soon he was as hard as he’d been before. She sucked him deep into her mouth and toyed with his shaft as if it were a lollipop. Then she held it in her hand and moved her hand up and down as she started sucking his balls. She sucked and licked his balls for a while, teasing the sensitive area between them with her tongue. Then she got hungry for cock again and started sucking him. His precum was generous and every time she looked up there seemed to be a string between his cock and her mouth.

“Baby,” he panted. “You’re a wonderful cock sucker, but I want your cunt again. Straddle me and I’ll teach you how to ride my cock.”

Denise was only too happy to comply. She straddled Luke’s hips and he guided his cock inside her hole as she sat down. They both moaned with pleasure as Luke pulled her down to him. Her tits landed like ripe fruit on his chest before their lips met and their tongues entwined. But soon he pushed her up again. He cupped her bouncing tits as he told her how to ride him. She cried out in passion as his cock filled her tight cunt completely. They panted louder and louder and Luke licked his finger before reaching down to massage her clit that was poking out like a red berry from her pussy lips.

Their union was even louder than before. The room was full of the sound of naked skin slamming into more naked skin and the wet sounds of their union. Denise’s moans got louder and louder and Luke squeezed her tits hard. Then once more her cunt grabbed his shaft tight, sending them both off on mind blowing orgasm trips. Her cunt milked his cock as they both cried out loud in passion.

They were both dripping with sweat when Luke carried Denise into the shower. There he fucked her slowly against the tiles with the water running down their bodies. It was a slow build-up, but a powerful climax nevertheless. When he pulled out, he made sure to clean Denise’s pussy and then he carried her back to bed. He kissed her goodnight.

“That was awesome, baby,” he said between kisses. “I have to go now. My wife comes home from her parents’ first thing tomorrow morning and I need to be home then.”

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